LittleBigPlanet Karting Out Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

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LittleBigPlanet Karting Out Today, Watch the Launch Trailer

Sack it to Me: LittleBigPlanet Karting

You heard correctly:LittleBigPlanet Karting is finally launching today! All of us at United Front Games and Sony San Diego Studio have been hard at work on this game for nearly two years, so we’re very excited to finally see our fans get their hands on Sackboy’s new karting adventure.

In LittleBigPlanet Karting, visitors known as the Hoard have arrived from far, far away on speedy go-karts and seek to steal Craftworld’s most precious prizes. Now it’s up to you to hop in a kart, beat back these otherworldly invaders, and reclaim Craftworld once and for all! Before you take the wheel, though, we have some launch goodies to share with you.

In celebration of LittleBigPlanet Karting’s launch, we have a brand new trailer we’re ready to show off. From a new single player journey, to racing and battling online in the multiplayer mode, to creating and customizing your own levels with an expanded set of unique creation tools, it’s clear that LittleBigPlanet Karting offers players a virtually endless set of gameplay possibilities. Not to mention, for the first time ever in LittleBigPlanet’s history, Craftworld is now expertly re-created in a stunning 3D world. Don’t take our word for it though; check out the trailer to see for yourself.

No LittleBigPlanet game is complete without a rare week-one shirt, and LittleBigPlanet Karting is no different! This time around, we’ve opted for a design that celebrates LittleBigPlanet Karting’s Canadian heritage, designed by Karting’s Canadian based developer United Front Games.

LittleBigPlanet Karting: Day One Rare Costume

This jersey will be available for one week only (starting today) at $4.99, so don’t forget to snag yours before the opportunity is gone for good!

LittleBigPlanet Karting: Target Racer

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, you might want to consider a trip to Target. The North American retailer is offering a special exclusive free gift with your purchase. When you buy LittleBigPlanet Karting at your local Target (or online!), you will receive a Target-branded racer costume and kart as a free download and then you’ll be off to the races sporting Target’s iconic red bullseye. Remember, this DLC is exclusive to Target only – you won’t see it anywhere else!

That’s all from us today. We’ll see you all online and we can’t wait to see all of your amazing creations once you start experimenting with all of the create tools. LittleBigPlanet Karting is available now across North America. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

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3 Author Replies

  • Sadly this game won’t do well since it’s not being advertised like 99% of all PS3 exclusives. I’ll be picking up two copies though to play with my kids.

  • I am not trying to be a jerk but all I want is ModNation Racers 2 Please. ModNation is one of the best kart racing games ever and I just want to race and level up and race and mod and level up. Also can you please put the first ModNation Racers on PS+ so that more people can get online thank you

  • I second #3, mnr 2 please,,,mnr was / is a great game,,, LBP1 and LBP2 are both great games, I plowed hundreds and hundreds of hours into,,,I was so excited to get into the Beta for LBP Karting and I was so disappointed.

    ModNation Racers 2 FTW

  • Hard to believe you could create something as unique as LBP, then almost immediately fall into the trap of sequels (i.e. making LBP2, in spite of assuring us that you wouldn’t) and churning out your second kart racer in just a few years. Here’s to hoping your studio finds its way creatively again.

  • I got the game and enjoy what I’ve played of the story so far, but was wondering if you could give any information on when costume DLC will be available. I’ve built up a big library of costumes for LBP2 that I’d love to use in Karting as soon as possible.

  • Being HUGE fans of both MNR and LBP, my son and I were so excited for this game! We picked up our preorder this morning and, although I hate to say it, we both have been largely disappointed. This game had so much potential and it could have been an amazing title but it comes off as just… “meh.” The racing is OK, I guess, but it seems rather boring when compared to the awesome racing from MNR. I think what makes it so boring is the lack of a real boosting mechanic and the lack of a solid defense mechanism. You only boost after drifting, which can be right into a wall or some other object, and the game forces you to hang on to a power-up to defend yourself, which you can only use once, leaving you vulnerable to multiple attacks. This makes the game overly frustrating. Normally, my son will spend days with a new game but he grew tired of it after about an hour and hasn’t had any desire to go back to it and I have to say that I share his feelings. What a waste of an amazing opportunity. Can I have a refund? I will gladly give you back the Kevin Butler kart!

  • BTW Please bring on MNR2!

  • I’m not sure why the game got SUCH a low score on IGN, I was surprised. But I’m still going to buy this game and support UFG’s efforts. And as a LBP1/2 fan I have to see how this game is.

    It’s just too bad how LBPK has probably lost thousands of sales because many gamers religiously follow IGN’s reviews… I’m sure it’s a fun game.

    By the way if any of the developers read these comments, I have a suggestion. I read in another review how the load screens etc. are identical to LBP2/V and don’t give the game much of its own identity. I agree with that. While playing the beta I didn’t particularly enjoy looking at the same load screens that I had to watch in LBP2. Why not switch it up a bit?

  • @7 it’s that bad for you guys, eh? Well hopefully they’ll listen carefully to fans then and add a patch later on. I have to admit I also enjoyed the boost meter on MNR. They could’ve easily incorporated it by adding rocket launchers to the back of the kart while pushing L1.

  • @5
    This ISN’T a MediaMolecule game, this a United Front Games (Modnation) game.
    MediaMolecule only created the IP, LBP/LBP2.
    As for LBP2, it was a welcomed addition that added many essential features to the game and the ONLY sequel to LBP. MM has stated that they are shifting away from LBP and moving onto different projects- new IPs.

  • #9
    It’s not just an IGN review, it’s a GREG MILLER review!
    The face of IGN.

  • @The5rozos

    Unfortunately, yes. How bad is it? My son chose to do homework instead of play it!

  • @12 That makes it worse! For UFG and LBPK, at least. I thought the score would be higher considering Greg Miller comes off as quite the Sony/PS3 fanboy.

    @13 That really sucks dude. Did you guys at least try finishing all the story levels? I hope my little cousin likes it, I told him a new LBP game is coming out and that we’re going to have fun playing it. I’m sure we will either way since he gets entertained easily.

  • Bummer, I want thaat Target stuff. :( No target near mw though, and I won’t wait for shipping.

    @5: lol, Ignorance.

  • Seems to be a common theme here. PLEASE GIVE US MNR2!

    Not that LBPK is bad, it’s just not a substitute for MNR period. Hope SONY sees that and gives MNR2 the green light now that developing LBPK is out of the way.

  • will anymore dlc be released for lbp vita and karting today? I know you guys had to rebuild all the costumes but it has been a while now since the release of LBP Vita and i thought for sure you guys would have released some more dlc by now.. thanks.

  • *ALSO LBP Karting beta vest?

  • I played the beta and was shocked by how boring it was. The level design and weapons are incredibly plain because they had to stick to the little big planet design. Gameplay was changed to be simpler, but this failed because all it did was get rid of interesting gameplay elements. It seemed like all of the passion that was put into Modnation racers was taken away and then they changed the name of the game to little big planet karting.

    Hopefully Sony sees this and gives United Front Games a chance to develop Modnation 2.

  • You couldn’t have mixed two things i have little interest in more than LBP and mario kart rip offs. Not surprised at all to see IGN’s score.

  • MOD NATION RACERS 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Most gamers that own LBP, will pick up this game. Hope It does well for the holidays, the ps3/Vita need a solid cart racing game….

  • Well, i downloaded it this morning and its not a bad game at all. Its reallyt fun. Im on the second planet and the racing and searching for bubbles is really fun. Radio control cars, challenging rally stages are cool too and not to mention the VS Battles.

    Remember… dont follow only 1 webpage for reviews… Check out metacritic. The game has an 8 when tallying all the reviews. Try it out. Im almost 30… and i liked it.

  • This is the worst and most disappointing title in the LBP series. As much as it hurts me to say this, but this (most likely last) title in the LBP series, killed the game for sure. It could have been so much more, but they didn’t put any effort in this title. I was already let down by the beta, but was hoping that UFG would listen to complaints and ideas before the release. This is just a dull game with no imagination or creativity at all (which was always the whole idea behind LittleBigPlanet games) . Even the LBPK release T-Shirt is as boring as the game. Seems like they tried to make some fast money on a dying series. Too bad it had to end like this, I used to be a HUGE fan of LBP :(

  • @24 I feel ya, but I don’t think one ‘mediocre’ equals the definite end of a franchise. For instance, there are games that really didn’t do well or aren’t praised much such as Metroid Other M and Super Mario Sunshine. Heck there have been some horrible horrible COD titles, and look how strong the games are going now.

    I was also really let down by the beta, but if there’s anything I hate it’s when people judge a game before playing it! Everyone says this sucks and that sucks about the LBPK beta… And I agree, it did. But that was an unfinished 5% of the final game for crying out loud.

  • So my words of advice is to not be so pessimistic and all doom and gloom about LBP. I’ve seen tons of interviews with the developers and they really did seem passionate about making this game. So at least give them that credit instead of saying they were trying to make fast money. Making fast money would be COD: Declassified for Vita or the glitchy Skyrim for PS3. I’m far from being a blind LBP/Sony fanboy but I’m also all for being optimistic before trying something out. It’s all about your outlook. So try renting the full game, see if you like it or not, and go from there before making such bold statements about how horrible it is. :) I’m a huge fan of LBP too and have invested a lot of time and money into the games, but I’m waiting until after I play Karting to give my full judgement.

    This goes for the rest of you demanding a MNR2 or hating on the beta. I’m sure 99% of you haven’t even touched the full retail game of Littlebigplanet Karting…

  • @25/26 I DID play the game this morning, so please don’t assume I made this statement without having played the game!!!!

  • @ Community Coordinator Michael Buffaloe – this question is aimed directly at you –
    Is the “Target Red Racer” only available for a limited time? Or will this always be available as long as its purchased from Target?

    • Hello good sir!

      Current plans: the Target Racer will only be available for a limited time after launch. This of course could change, but we don’t want to make promises we can’t keep :)

  • @27 My bad!! I didn’t know that.

  • I am blown away by the IGN review …. having picked this up today I am part way into world 1 … which is 17 levels in total & the whole game offers 71 levels …. would be hard to imagine anyone has played them all at this early stage in the game. I haven’t yet raced against other human players, as I am wanting to collect the prize bubbles in story mode … so I can’t speak to the online component yet, but what I have played thus far has been pretty darn impressive … the audio is suited to the levels, they are diverse, vibrant …. I preordered & DLd my bonus content & wow – I already have 70+ skins, multiple karts & items for customization …. I am very pleased with what I’ve seen so far …. I also own all the LBP Games & MNR … so am quite familiar with the franchise . I’m not clear on what IGN found would have warranted a rating of 5 … but I for 1, would heartily disagree. my son will be home from school soon & I know he’s going to have a blast … fantastic customization ….

    • Good to hear you’re enjoying it! In my experience, many folks feel the same way you do. Everyone has their own tastes of course, but I think the great majority of the folks who play Karting will definitely enjoy it :)

  • why is ps3 trying to get people to buy digital games. you then own nothing. resale value nothing. you can’t take to your friends house to play. gaming companies need to stop being so greedy. as far as lbpk why was this game made. they should of come up with a better idea. go back to the drawing board and try to be more creative. i will wait for this to drop in price $15 at most. that should be around thanks giving. stop supporting digital downloads.

  • @31, I own 2 ps3 In 2 different households. I also Have a Vita, my son has a pspGo and my daughter also has a PspGo, so digital download works better for me. I can access my ps3 purchases on my 2 ps3’s with only 1 purchase. I can also access my psp content on my Vita & psp, again with only 1 purchase. So I love me some digital downloads…..

  • @ Michael Buffaloe

    How come the EU get the race kart and driver with regular pre-orders and we have to get the game from target to get it? Is it going to be released separately later on? At least how about one that isn’t target labeled.

    • Different regions have different retailers with different preferences, so we have to tailor our pre-order bonuses to each region to a degree. I agree that it isn’t ideal for you guys – it sucks having to chase down your favorite bonus – but it’s a reality of pre-order bonuses.

      As to whether it’ll be released later – I can’t make any promises, but I can say that we are aware of the interest in it and we’ll be taking it into account.

  • i picked up my copy today and im loving it so far,after playing beta it was a buy for me also gonna be getting the vikings game today too!

  • I wouldn’t put too much stock in that IGN review. It’s terribly misinforming.

  • This is going COMPLETELY under the radar!!! ADVERTISE THIS!!!

  • Greg Miller is 100% correct. Ignore ArgorokX, he’s just trolling.

  • #37, it’s opinions, people, and while Greg Miller is a video game journalist, it is after all, just one man’s opinion.
    I for one have thought since playing Mod Nation Racers, that a LittleBigPlanet kart game would be cool and make sense. While I have only played the beta, which isn’t a demo, by the way, I’d hope there is a demo for this so people can try it out. Seems like a natural fit to me, and it isn’t like they cannot take feedback into consideration.

    There! A positive take! That’s not too common around here.

  • I’m playing the game right now. Much of what Greg Miller said is incorrect. You can’t have an opinion on facts. Why are you so gungho on hating this game, ponce? It’s like you’ve made it your life’s mission.

  • @36: There was the great fanmade ad on during The Cleveland Show this week. Animation Domination is a pretty big place to put an ad. There were more ads for Halo, but MS makes fewer games, has more money, and is better at marketing anyway.

  • Another piece of garbage that will flop just like Twisted Metal Resistance 3 and Starhawk, too bad…

  • Because it’s a boring game, ArgorokX. I’m sorry, you’re so gung-ho on loving it and that you’ve made it your life mission to wallow in mediocrity, simply because you like the creation tools.

  • #42 is proof of another entitled, spoiled gamer. So many people trash so many games for various reasons. Is it really that bad? Does it cause pins to shoot from the controller and injure you while you play? Does it show you images of your pet dog getting sprayed with a firehose? This is entertainment, which I’m sure to many is entertaining. It’s what teams of people spent years creating. Having an opinion is one thing, but coming back to trash a specific title is just proof in the realm of gaming that so many people nowadays just aren’t appreciative of the wealth of what’s afforded to us.

  • No, I don’t appreciate Sony’s bid for money by slapping their Sack all over a good franchise like MNR in a bid to gain money, while the final product falls short of its potential, all while throwing UFG under the wheels.

  • You’re not even going to play the final product, Ponce, so how can you judge its potential? You didn’t even give the beta a fair shake.

  • I played the beta up until two days before expiration. I did give it a fair shot, but the more I played, the more it felt like the game was trying to make me no enjoy it. The IGN review says to me that nothing much as changed since the beta, as all the flaws I had with it remain present.

  • Good job #46, on NOT giving a game a fair shot. Please look up the purpose of a beta, and then the definition of the word opinion. Then when you say you give a game a fair shot, think about that which you just learned.
    I respond only because this problem is pervasive across gaming, so don’t take it personal!

  • We can’t get online, any idea why? We can on LBP2 but not LBPK. What do we do???

  • Beta- “Preliminary; prerelease. Refers to an incomplete version of a product released for initial testing.”

    Opinion- “A belief that a person has formed about a topic or issue.”

    It is my opinion that the final product mirrors the beta.

  • i love little big planet! and this game looks really awesome! however, seeing that Greg Miller review on IGN gave me a bit of a head ache. although all he did through out the whole video was compare apples to oranges, and gave an over enfaces on small points (probably to fill the video time). meanwhile, many other sites gave the game AWESOME review.

    although out of curiosity, will there be a patch to fix these errors?

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