New Features Invade Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS Vita

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New Features Invade Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable on PS Vita

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable for PS Vita

The Earth Defense Force is back, and I’m here to tell you what to expect when it lands on PS Vita this winter! Earth Defense Force 2017 (“EDF3” in Japan) launched in 2007 as a third-person shooter developed by Sandlot and published by D3Publisher.

In Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable for PS Vita, the core of the game (the 3D arcade action and the system features) remain the same as in EDF2017, but by adding many additional features the game feels completely transformed and remastered. These additions include an online co-op mode, new missions, enemies and weapons, and a new playable character in Pale Wing.

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable for PS Vita - Aerial AttackEarth Defense Force 2017 Portable for PS Vita - Rocket Launcher

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable for PS Vita - Pale Wing

The story is set in the year 2017. The Ravagers — a vile alien race — are coming to Earth, and they have one thing on their minds: the complete destruction of mankind! In Earth Defense Force 2017, you are Earth’s last line of defense. You’ll be dropped into the shoes of a member of the Earth Defense Force. Your mission: stop the Ravagers from conquering Earth.

With the added online play, you can now play a co-op game with up to four players on your PS Vita, without giving up three quarters of your screen. New tactics and strategy are required when playing with friends, bringing a whole new experience to EDF2017 that I think players will love.

Every player can select their weapons, so the key to effective teamwork is to take advantage of each soldier’s attributes. There are also many new weapons that specialize in cooperative gameplay, including tools that assist and revive your fallen allies. You can chat with your friends in multiplayer, so it’s key to keep in contact and make a tactical battle plan. There is also a PvP multiplayer mode where you track your opponent on radar, then make the most of your weapons to go for the win.

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable for PS Vita - PaleWingEarth Defense Force 2017 Portable for PS Vita - Enemy Ship

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable for PS Vita

You can also unlock Pale Wing, the flying female playable character, after certain conditions are met. Pale Wing did not exist in the world of EDF2017, but she came flying from EDF2 into EDF3 Portable to help the troops out against the new threat. This character requires you to play the game differently, with her flying ability and new gear, so be prepared! Pale Wing has her own set of gear, such as the rapier and laser rifle, adding even more variation to the game’s 150+ weapons. You can even have all four players play as Pale Wing in multiplayer to create a complete Pale Wing Unit.

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable is packed with new features. I think fans will be most excited about being able to play online with their friends, as EDF has always been a game that players have enjoyed sharing with others. For those new to the EDF world, welcome! I think you will find an over-the-top action arcade experience that will keep you coming back to your PS Vita for more. We look forward to sharing more of the game with you in the future, as we prepare for a PS Vita-exclusive winter launch. Let us know if you’ve played EDF, and which new features you’re most looking forward to!

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  • I ordered the Japanese version a few days after it was released (Even though I’ve never played EDF and I didn’t even do much research). I just watched a trailer and saw a few screenshots. Despite the fact that I have a habit of buying games without actually knowing much about them I very rarely think I made a bad decision. Like now with EDF. It was enjoyable with the normal footsoldier (Storm 1, I guess), but Pale Wing… I loved it so much I haven’t used Storm 1 even once after I unlocked her. The co-op is awesome, unless you happen to be playing with people who only use rocket launchers or grenades, etc. Getting killed by the enemies isn’t nice, but getting killed by your allies is annoying… But yeah, it’s an awesome game (In my opinion at least).

  • i realized my comment was off topic, but i was told to ask a moderator here on the post by a playstation rep. and this message has nothing to do with those saying that,so dont reply with something dumb and mind your business .

  • @PigChampion ,MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

  • re: 98, I meant if you like Insect Armageddon you’ll LOVE this new EDF 2017 because it’s based on the original Sandlot engine whereas IA is on the new rubbish engine which is nowhere near as good as the original. The gameplay, graphics and physics are completely inferior on EDF IA.

  • @104

    I don’t really understand your comment. If EDF 2017 is based on a different engine but I liked Armageddon then how am I going to like it?

    I played the PS VIta Jap version and didn’t like it at all, I much prefer the new engine. Especially the flying around and how well the coop was! Also the mechs was awesome!

  • sweet might have to check this out or at least some gameplay footage :)

  • I own every EDF game that’s been released, and imported a copy of 2017 for the Vita when it launched in Hong Kong! I can’t wait to pick up the US release, and am even more excited to find out it’s coming this year! I most definitely will be getting this game the moment it launches (and if it sees a boxed release in addition to a PSN one, I’ll be buying two copies just because!)

  • I’m definitely picking this up! I’m quite fond of EDF games and this one’s on the Vita to boot! I’m all for it.

  • Let’s give these ravagers a warm Earth welcome! EDF! EDF! EDF!

    PLEASE tell me the original US dub is carrying over to the Vita.

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