PlayStation All-Stars Come To Life in New Short Film From Creators of “Michael”

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PlayStation All-Stars Come To Life in New Short Film From Creators of “Michael”

Over the past few days we’ve released three short teasers filled with clues and a suspicious 10/23/12 date. As expected, nothing gets past the faithful members of the PlayStation Nation, as you quickly pieced together that these teasers are about PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale.

Last year, we released “Michael,” a campaign which paid homage to you, the gamer. We like to think of PlayStation All-Stars as a continuation of that as it was made as a tribute to gamers, tapping into PlayStation’s legendary history and featuring some of the your most beloved franchises in our first ever cross-over fighting game.

We’ve created this short live-action film called “The All-Star” to celebrate PlayStation All-Stars’ upcoming launch. The film will debut tonight on YouTube at Midnight EST (9:00PM PST), but we wanted to give the PlayStation Nation an advanced screening. Check it out below:

“The All-Star” contains an epic battle with four of the most iconic PlayStation characters, but the real star of the film is you, the gamer. We’ve hidden references from each of the storied franchises featured in the game — and a few extras to keep you on your toes. Take to the comments to share your favorites!

Be sure to pre-order your copy of PlayStation All-Stars, which launches for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on November 20th. If you can’t wait until then, put your skills to the test in the PlayStation All-Stars public beta, which is available now for PS Plus members and opens to all PSN users tomorrow.

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  • And it appears that Sony continues neglecting Gabe Logan, who’s more iconic than Sackboy and Cole.

    Syphon Filter is one of the most know PS franchise, and Sony not even includes a stage of it in PSASBR.


    I miss the Sony I knew and loved. I really do.

  • DOH! lol

  • @50, yeah it was kind of odd the way they said it, got my hopes up for a minute!

    So…. Is this the surprise for 10/23? That isn’t sarcasm, I really want to know.

  • I would have liked Hana Vachel (Fear Effect), Pyramid Head, Lara Croft and Clyde (Grand Theft Auto 3). I saw some keys in that commercial, and they put a lot of emphasis on the keys too, a Kingdom Hearts in the DLC?

  • I don’t know if anyone did it already but, I did decode the letter she is typing and it states:

    Dear Copernicus
    We have received your letter and regret to inform you Captain

    Just throwing that out there……

  • This is the full length version? Seemed liked another teaser. The Michael video was better.

  • Well Its ok so far,I have been playing the beta.Its a good game,Sony needs to work on a better teaser.but make a big one were all or half the characters duke it out.Now that sounds cool,only thing is you guys should have thought about that after the michael video you guys made,if you know you guys was going to make this game.To all the people who want Cloud and Lighting and other FF characters Like I do,relax there still working on the game, you know there going to add more characters,or make them DLC.You never know,and people come on give the game a chance.There trying there best just give Sony some support.If You don’t like it you don’t like it at lease there trying to make a cool game

  • They should have added Paul Phoenix, USC football player, Ghost, Enzio and Agent 47 too. DLC I hope

  • I guess Nate can RIP. I mean that is why the girl comes out with his gun right? :-( On another note Kratos looked so wierd. Its cool though, not that someone could pull off Kratos.

  • Finally, hopefully you guys will actually advertise something this year! I hope we see some PS Vita ads soon.

  • That creepy Sackboy puppet will haunt my dreams tonight…

  • So……………………

    There is at least another video coming right? I mean i’m a huge PlayStation fan, but that short live action video was….very weak to say the least.

    I’m hoping for something that is absolutely going to blow me away. Because this needs to be the focal point of the PS3 this holiday and having lackluster videos like the “All-Stars” isn’t going to cut it.

  • Pre-ordered months ago. I really hope Superbot will consider level DLC in addition to character packs. This final stretch to the new year is going to be great for gamers!

  • @23: Because I feel it is a disgrace. I don’t care if people agree. I’ve said my peace in other posts elsewhere on the internet, no need to get into it again. It all ends with the same thing. Me being annoyed at the horrible decisions revolving around this game, which is a disgrace.

  • I love these movie ads. This is good marketing, Sony. Look at all the views the Michael ad got. This one will be huge also. Great stuff.

  • Pretty neat, but nothing surprising or new for those who’ve been following the development of this game. Debuting on YouTube? It should have debuted on Monday Night Football or Monday Night RAW. Its the people who DON’T know anything about a product that you want to see your commercial.

    Also, Sony dropped the ball with the new PS3 super slim. Bundling it with games for $270 and up is NOT what Sony needed to do this holiday season. They SHOULD have released the one with 12 GB of internal flash memory for $199. That’s the magic number. That’s why the 360 consistently outsells the PS3 in the US – they DO have one SKU under $200 – a crappy 4 GB model which players get duped into buying only to be forced to buy a ridiculously overpriced, proprietary HDD down the road, but still it gives the customer the illusion of saving money.

    With Nintendo launching a new console and Micro$oft’s golden goose Halo 4, the PS3 is doomed for another 3rd place finish this Christmas in North America I’m afraid.

  • Amazing video, you guys make such great cosplay… looking forward to PS ALL STARS BR

  • Either this is not the entire video, or they have multiple versions. The footage from ‘The Reload’ is not in this one.

  • What a snooze. More important things to spend money on than arthouse fluff:

    1.) Vita games and features (like the missing remote-play). A MH is needed to save the system in Japan, like three months ago.
    2.) An actual new IP. Most people who know, care and will buy PSAS are already informed and ready for purchase.
    3.) Saving some money for a price reduction on the new super-slim. Or just concede the holidays to your competitors I guess.

  • PLAYSTATION is my favorite brand, but this is why many of the reasons playstation is in 3rd place. Very small roster for playstation all star dissapionting

  • The stupidity on this blog post is overwhelming.

    This commercial was great. I loved it. Honestly, anyone who had anything bad to say should probably just go play in a furnace and do society a favor.

  • A tribute to the gamers? What gamers? The people that joined the Playstation family during PS2? You left out all of the first Playstation franchises I owned as a little kid, Spyro, Lara Croft, Crash, Rayman. Sony, you failed this one, sorry.

  • The marketing for this game has been spot on so far.
    (1) release bits of the multiplay for fans to discus….Its worked
    (2) keep single player story close to the vest…Really, you need to keep this a secret, gamers need to experience this themselves, not see a vid of it on the net 2 months before the game releases…Its worked
    (3) put together a solid roster for fans of sony titles and mention nothing of DLC..( cause we all now that this game will be flodded wth it )…It worked
    (4) releasea demo close to release to give fans a taste of what the meat of the game is, its Multiplayer…Its worked.
    This game will be one of the most played games on PSN this holiday season, for just 1 reason, EVERYONE CANT STOP TALKING ABOUT IT……

  • @21, yea nothing says Sony Playstation more than Cloud and Snake. Snake who first appeared on the MSX(A microsoft thing) and got most famous in a game that was on both PC and PS. Cloud too was on PC. Plus for this commercial it’s probably much cheaper to use Sony peeps since they don’t have to ask or pay permission to use them.

    In other news, both Nathan Drake and Cole know that Kratos is OP too.

  • Okay first and foremost I enjoyed the trailer it was pretty cool…but I’m not entirely convinced here. I have followed this game just a bit to see if I might pick it up because I prefer Playstation overall but I don’t know yet. And I agree with #71 you have a point there the PS and PS2 are not getting as much love as the PS3 and they paved the way.


  • It supposed that today the public beta will be able for non PS Puls members, but i have already check the psn and it was not.

  • @77 You have to wait for the store update first. That will be sometime in the afternoon.

  • oooooh, thanks

  • NICE !!!! let the royale begin i was hoping the fat princess of blue kingdom be a character swap both princesses are friends i played the beta i’m impressed i love this game i do know the fat princess alot besides everybody see everybody soon when it hit stores to the game director good job !!! and everybody out there good hunting.

  • Ha freaking loved it ;-)

  • @20 ikr!!! i seen a commercial for every video game coming out soon (need for speed, AC3, and call of duty) maybe next sunday or sometime in Nov. they really need to promote this game hardcore

  • @73 i really hope ur right..i want this game to take off and become a monster hit…Sony really needs it lol

  • Commercial was a bit subpar for Sony, but the game is fantastic! Can’t wait!

  • This is just my opinion but I thought that the 3 teasers leading up to this were actually better than the commercial as a whole.

    Also, is the guy at the end Michael from the original “Michael” commercial?

  • That was crappy.

  • That was epic. Watching Cole, Sackboy and Drake gang up on Kratos and him getting pissed was awesome. Even better was the points leading up to it. Watching the janitor clean up teh mess made by Fat Princess and Sweet Tooth, watch Drake get ready for battle mas he walked down the hall. People on this site are a joke. This was awesome. We have to listen to people complain about Sony not advertising and when they do we have to listen to people talk our ears off about how bad they think it is. Sony used Kevin Butler to advertise their games and people complained non stop to take him off and as soon as they do people start complaining how Sony isn’t advertising anymore. You guys don’t know what you want. You just aren’t happy unless you are b***hing about something. You think they could have done it better but don’t have a clue how it could have. It’s always easy to critize when you don’t have a clue how to do it better.

  • @ IzoGray. It because gaming has become more mainstream. Before gamers were an elite bunch who had respect and love for gaming. But now we have let in all the idiots, the cheaters, the thieves, whiners and liars into our group it has made gaming almost unbearable. Many of these post are just idiotic. People just write and don’t even bother to read if what they said makes any sense.

  • Seems like some guys need to take a deep breath here. Taking things way to seriously. I thought it was cool for what it was.

  • I downloaded the demo and confirmed the obvious, this game is very bad, the combos are very limited, very different from Nintendo’s Smash series.

  • Is this game gonna be released digitally on PSN? If so, is it gonna be on day one?

  • Can’t wait for the beta to become completely public.Trailer was kinda cool.”Remember what we did to zeus?” Pretty cool.

  • I’ve already had the private beta for PAS, but now i have to play it on my Ps Vita.For this game the real suprise is going to be with the DLC & how much Sony thinks outside the box for DLC. I believe that is what will propel this game past SuperSmash Bros since that’s what it’s being compared to.

  • I know you’ve heard this a thousand times, and its probably considered to you guys as “spam” by now but…
    YOU NEED CRASH!!! (and spyro)

  • I’ve been getting my tail WHOOPED! constantly since Closed Beta! Hehe! :P

  • When in the hell will the ps store update? 2.03 pm NA(pacific) and still nothing.Getting annoying.

  • ^ right ??

  • I love PS All Stars Battle Royale, but I’m disappointed that they came out and said that all of the characters they revealed are the only ones available in the game. I would have preferred that if they were keeping it down to that limited amount, to keep at least half of the characters as secrets for us to unlock them and feel surprised or get that old feeling when you would unlock hidden players or other content of the game. I hope I’m wrong, but I read that a while ago about this game. I still have it pre-ordered, but it disappoints me for the group in charge to just throw everything out there and to say, “OK guys, that’s it.”

    BTW, I would have thought that there would be many more characters!

  • 3:06pm still nothing.

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