Frobisher Says! is Free for PS Vita October 23rd

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Frobisher Says! is Free for PS Vita October 23rd


As we continue to create more exciting applications and services for you to enjoy on your PS Vita, we‘re looking forward to introducing you to an interactive game we’ve crafted with you in mind – Frobisher Says!. This quirky party game, available exclusively on PS Vita, will make its debut on October 23rd.

Obey the rowdy and childish demands of a peculiar little man named Frobisher. You may find yourself poking otters with sticks, delivering puddings, drawing on eggs or smiling at ladies. With Frobisher, anything is possible.

The application is composed of more than 50 fast-paced minigames, each unique in style and designed specifically to change alongside the art as the games move along. Frobisher Says! is intended for you to use the full range of features the PS Vita has to offer, such as front and rear touchscreen, six axis motion sensor to manipulate the game’s environment, and the front and rear cameras to create augmented reality.

Up to eight players can play these crazily entertaining games in addition to the single-player mode. Be sure to check out Frobisher Says! when it becomes available as a free download on the PlayStation Store next Tuesday, October 23th.

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  • @50 Actually, the game is pretty fun (if you like fast-paced mini-games). I downloaded it a month or so back from the EU store, and I’ve really been enjoying it. Nice that it’s finally releasing in NA.

  • Cool no better price than free, loving the attention we are getting

  • Is play station all stars only online?

  • I got the beta demo thingee and i can only do online battles other than the tutorial which is stupid.

  • It has been out in India for months.Game is ok you can have a lot of fun playing this stupid game but it is a new experience so it’s good!

  • I’m another one who is gonna nag for trophy support. Its not like I can’t enjoy games without them, but it has become such a standard thing for me now that I look for them to make my experience whole. Its not that I don’t play a game if it doesn’t have trophy support, but they really motivate players to go above and beyond the normal short attention span of a game they got. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who feels this way, and I’m glad to see our requests are being heard.

  • nice to see the vita U.S.A as still no ( wake up club ) / (T@g) or even a calender.

  • Cool, thanks for bringing Frobisher stateside!

    I was wondering if we’d ever get to see it in the US, and as an occasional fan of quirky British humor, I thought it seemed like a fun little game. I’ll be sure to download it on the 23rd.

  • Now I wait for Ecolibrium.

    T@g is cool but I can seriously live without digital tags, as I actually do graffiti and from what I have seen the tagging in T@g is fairly limited.. more of just a show off of “I was here.” type of thing.

    Ecolibrium is what I really want, Frobisher was my second most interesting pick so I am glad to finally get to play it today!

    I will see you all on Frobisher later today, I suppose.

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