Pick Up Total Recall on Blu-ray, Get the God of War: Ascension Single-Player Demo

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Pick Up Total Recall on Blu-ray, Get the God of War: Ascension Single-Player Demo

Hello God of War fans! Sony Santa Monica is very excited to be teaming up with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to get you some exclusive hands-on time with God of War: Ascension on December 18th. For a limited time, when you purchase the Director’s Cut Total Recall Blu-ray and Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack you will receive the E3 2012 God of War: Ascension Single Player demo.

Both Blu-rays feature the Extended Directors Cut, which includes 20 minutes of new footage not shown in theaters, including an alternate ending and over 1.5 hours of special features and Blu-ray exclusive content. The God of War: Ascension Single Player demo is available with this special offer on the Blu-ray hybrid disc.

The demo includes the new gameplay mechanics and combat systems we showed off earlier this summer, so you can get a taste all of the brutal action before the game launches next March.

Total Recall Blu-ray

Sharpen your blades and stay tuned for more exciting updates on God of War: Ascension!

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  • curious…does it take us further past the huge boss battle. or does it tease and end right there..

  • @1 YungShep

    I am sure it doesn’t take you past it, it is a demo and a lot of times these demos are old builds from old events like E3.

  • Sony I guess I’m picking up total recall you got me :-) lol

  • God Of War is awesome i got to get this now plus the movie is kool

  • OK, I love my PS3 and (almost) all things related, but… God of War demo on Total Recall Bluray? What… just… happened? Give it to us, loyal Plus subscribers!!! :(

  • I have a question about total recall is there a 3-D and and if there is will the 3-D version come with god of war ascension

  • The Demo will stop at the end of the boss like at E3. I got to play the Demo and the Multiplayer at the GameStop Expo in Aug.

  • I have a question about total recall is there a 3-D version and if there is will the 3-D version come with god of war ascension

  • The demo is the exact one we’ve brought to E3 and was playable at PAX, Gamescom, and the Eurogamer Expo. It doesn’t take you past the “boss” (which we’re not saying what that is yet), but it is a vastly improved and polished experience based on what you’ve seen in past videos.

  • This demo SHOULD also be available to all PS+ subscribers as well. Non PS+ users have to buy a mediocre Blu-ray to play it, fine whatever that’s cool, but it should be a perk of paying for PS+

  • This is just the beginning of a series of updates we have incoming SLEEPLESS_Knight, we have no intention of leaving Playstation+ subscribers out of the Pantheon of greatness, in fact, quite the contrary.

    Case in point, our God of War: Ascension Beta which will be available exclusively first to PlayStation Plus subscribers. That’s a value that extends well well beyond this particular single-player demo.



    Sony Santa Monica Community Strategist

  • So we buy the God of War demo and get Total Recall for free? Cool.

  • No Paul Verhoeven, no buy.

  • That GOW sticker is barely visible; they need to make it bigger and maybe also add some quotes about the demo.

  • This demo should be a PS+ perk. And I’m not saying a week before the movie is released, this should happen in the next 30 days or so. Early access to demos and betas should be a bigger part of PS+ IMO.

    Also the quote on the movie should read “Smart, Sexy and Straight to Video.” lol

  • Does EU get this?

  • This particular promotion is specific to buying the Total Recall Blu-Ray, which comes with the God of War: Ascension E3 Single-Player demo.

    You don’t buy a demo and get a blu-ray free =)

  • THE ONLY way this movie will even sell….lmao!!!!

  • I am being con-ed … luckily I do want to watch that remake.

  • The movie is so bad that it shold be “Buy God of War: Ascension Demo and get Total Recall for free”

  • lol Oh man, this is a touch decision, the beta will launch before this releases anyway so I’ll have to think about it.

  • I’ve wanted to watch this remake anyway. I’m in!

  • so this is like the battle of Los Angeles deal

  • Nice!
    I’ll definitely be picking this up.
    Thanks for the heads up Anthony.

  • I have no problem with demos included with mediocre movies, but you better NOT ignore the PSN Plus members on this one!

  • “Smart, Sexy, and Action Packed” -Access Hollywood …

    It’s one of those!

  • Hmm… hoping that there will be different ways to get the demo like the God of War 3 demo that was initially packed in with District 9. Would be a nice PS Plus incentive ;)

  • Is this the ONLY way to play the e3 demo or will it be released soon after for everyone? Because i dont even like this movie, so i dont want to buy just to play the demo.so if it is released to everyone that would be very nice, iam also looking forward to the multiplayer beta.


    People are going to actually buy the movie JUST FOR he demo Meaning they’re planning on buying the demo.
    Heard the movie didn’t even take in anything near the amount of money it took to make it. That;ll help with sales I guess. Good luck

  • I don’t mind cross-promotion, but what the heck does Total Recall have to do with God of War?

  • I think I’ll buy it….althoug when i saw it in the theatre I thought Colin Farrell was not very good. they should have cast another lead.

  • I think that bundling it with Spiderman might’ve been more appropriate also that it would’ve been a good movie.

  • why don’t you make a game in your website and let us play it to get this demo just like heavy rain , it’s much better then paying for a demo -.- ….

    i really hate this >.< , demos made to test the game not to get money ..

  • Will the GOW demo also be available to PS+ subscribers, so we don’t have to buy this terrible movie?

  • im not going to buy a movie just to play a demo of a game thats going to be GOTY..i will RENT the movie and WAIT for the demo to be on PSN..besides i will be too bizzy playing AC3 and PSASBR. I already got this game pre-ordered..so Im just looking forward to the reveal of the 8″ statue :/

  • As good as the new GoW will be, it will NOT win GOTY in the same year that The Last of Us and Beyond are released. Either way it’s a win, win, win scenario for PS3 owners :)

  • OK. So in order for me to play the demo, I need to buy the movie? All right. I better not see the demo hit PSN next week. I’d be like…WWWWWWWWWWWWWWTTTTTTTTTTTTTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF SONY!

  • Just wondering how come Ps Plus members don’t get exclusive demo’s anymore.I thought that was 1 of the perks for being a Plus member & all.

  • Hmmm……uh, nah I don’t think I can do that, lol. If I actually felt the Total Recall remake was worth watching, then maybe. But somehow I just can’t see that being the case. XD

    I just wait for whenever it gets on to PSN, thanks.

  • If only I hadn’t already seen it in Theaters… Well, I was actually really tired and fell asleep a ton of times while in the theater… I guess this Blue-ray promo might be my last chance for redemption! Hehe! :P (Y’all got me with the God of War Demo… I only wish I could get the Movie and Demo Combo on PSN. -_-)

  • What is the exact difference from the $35 Dollar 3 Disk Blue-ray/DVD combo hybrid from the $20 2 Disk Blue-ray?? O_o

  • i was ganna buy the movie anywho so this is a bonus for me :)

  • Why not just add it to the Playstation Store? Damn

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