PlayStation Plus Update: King of Fighters XIII Free For Members

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PlayStation Plus Update: King of Fighters XIII Free For Members

Once again, we’re here to brighten your Monday with the weekly update on incoming Plus content this week. So far in October, NFL Blitz joined the Instant Game Collection and Plus members received some discounts on Alex Kidd and Spelunker. This week, please join us in thanking our friends at Atlus for delivering the legendary King of Fighters XIII, free for Plus members! These updates will take effect with the October 9th (that’s tomorrow!) PlayStation Store update.

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October 9th PlayStation Plus Update

King of Fighters XIII

Free for PlayStation Plus Members
Select Add-Ons (An additional 30% off the PSN Sale Price)

King of Fighters XIII captured the attention of the fighting game community at this year’s amazingly salty EVO 2012 fighting game tournament. That said, we’re happy to get this deep fighter in to the hands of Plus members everywhere! With tons of play modes, a refined, faster paced engine, over 30 beautifully rendered and animated characters, all with great online play; this is one fighter you won’t want to miss. You’ll also find select Add-ons, including extra characters Mr. Karate, on sale for 30% off the PSN sale price, which is 50% off the regular store price. If you want to see how crazy the game can get, check out the final match in this year’s tournament. Epic stuff.

The Revenge of Shinobi

80% Discount for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $1.00)

SEGA’s got more gaming to deliver this week with The Revenge of Shinobi available to Plus members for just $1. The Genesis original holds up with the gameplay and music you remember (as well as the crazy difficulty). With save anywhere capabilities, Trophy support, and graphical touch ups for an HD close-up, it’s an accessible classic that everyone should play.

Derrick the Deathfin (New PSN Release)

30% Discount (Regular Price: $7.99, PS Plus Price: $5.59)

You may have seen the PlayStation.Blog post revealing this PSN exclusive, and Plus members will be able to jump on a release week discount for this unique underwater papercraft action game (yes, that’s accurate). Packing an amazing artistic design, 32 handcrafted levels, and diverse gameplay, it’s a steal at just over $5.

Finally, we’ve got another poll for you. This time, we’re curious to know what you would be most interested to see in PS Plus on PS Vita. The service is scheduled to arrive this November, and we’ll have more concrete information as we lead up to launch. And remember, it’s all one Plus subscription whether you get Plus now, or later. Don’t forget to also rank this post in the upper right corner too; we use all that data.

[poll id=”22″]

That’s it for this week. Make sure you check out tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update post to see all the details for this week’s Plus update, and come back next week when we’ll have more great Plus news to share (including another free game for October 16th). See you in the comments, where I’m sure you’ll let us know what you think!

PlayStation Plus Update 10-9-2012

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23 Author Replies

  • Excelent update a lot better that blitz, I am really happy now thank you Sony.

  • Thanks Sony! Derrick the Deathfin and Revenge of Shinobi will be mine tomorrow. Thanks again for the $50 PSN card and additional 1 year PS+ membership with the Playstation Card promotion! Just received both via email today!!

    • nice! Make sure you’re responsible with the credit card usage of course and be fiscally smart about your debt =) Those thing can sneak up on you, lol

  • Please don’t try to pass PSP games as part of the Vita side of PS+.


  • Pretty awesome update, surprising that KOF is becoming a free game always liked the character Mai. :3

  • Can we get some full PSP titles with that Vita-only option?

  • @45 perhaps you should take your own advice. I said that last week’s update stated they were taking away 2 games this week and only added one. Perhaps they changed their mind, but there isn’t an established rule about one game per week in Plus…

  • Great update as always! Keep it up!

    Also, regarding Plus on Vita, I think what would be best is maybe 6 titles in the Instant Game Collection instead of 12. Start with 3 PS Vita full games and 3 PSN Vita Games, and rotate them like you do on PS3. And maybe in a couple of years after the Vita library has grown tremendously, expand the Instant Game Collection to 12 games instead of 6. Then, release a couple top tier PSP titles every month like you did a few months ago with Hot Shots 2 and that Track and Field game. I believe that would be the best approach for Plus on PS Vita.

  • OMG not another fighting game. Man I hate fighting games I’m so sick of them and all these first person shooters. Why not get Skyrim, GT5, Nascar games, Horror games more on psn and on plus for free. I’m so sick of wasting money on plus for just cloud storage. Almost weeky I dread hearing what the free games will be on plus. Its 99% of the time stupid shooters or fighting games or discounts on them. Where is our racing games for FREE for us racing fans. Its like plus is suited for fighting gamers and thats it. I like first person shooters but not 24/7. Its growing old. Bring Skyrim and Nascar 2011 and such to plus for free for hecks sake. Stop spoiling just one set base of gamers. I’m thinking real hard about not resubbing come december. I am disappointed weeky now. No value to having plus these past 2 months to me so far. As for vita it better have free full games on plus and not fighters 24/7. If you give out only mini’s and ps1 classic’s I won’t buy a vita. Leave those games to psp and give vita….. VITA games for free on plus or its no point.

  • Good update, and I’m glad you posted the EVO video. I was unsure of KOF, but that showed me that it’s the kind of fighting game I like to play, so I’ll definitely give it a shot and dust off my fight stick. If nothing else, it’ll probably get me back into SFIII.

    As an unrelated suggestion, I really wish you guys would add the ability to just change the XMB font color. There are a lot of really bright themes that you just can’t see the text on at all and it’d be cool to just switch it to black when you’re on the main menu so I don’t have to turn the brightness of the background way down til it looks like crap or just pick a different theme.

    The Afrika theme is a great example of that. Awesome theme that’s practically unusable simply because you can’t turn the text black.

  • Morgan,

    I really want to fall in love with PS Plus again, but I feel like the program just isn’t fun anymore. With past holidays, you guys followed a theme. In October of the past two years, you released Dead Nation, Costume Quest, and Burn Zombie Burn, along with other games, themes, and avatars that fit the Halloween/October season. This year? Nothing fits October. Football starts in September, so NFL Blitz doesn’t fit into an October theme.

    I took a peak over at EU PS Plus, and they got Hell Yeah (Undead rabbit), Resident Evil 5 (Can you get more of a Halloween thematic release than that?) and Bulletstorm (Sci-fi shooter.). Now we’re getting yet another fighter.? To be honest, I’m tired of fighting games. I look at EU’s offerings for this month, and I am literally saddened. I liked when you guys followed themes and holidays.

    I doubt you reply to this, Morgan, but please tell me you can’t sympathize.

    • EU announces their content by the month, so naturally, they’ll have to break out the Halloween conversations at the start of the month. Stay tuned for more fun Halloween details on PSN as we get closer to the actual holiday.

  • Scratch that, read the second poll option as Vita+PS3 compatible for whatever reason.

    That said, I’d definitely want the bulk of the free content to be Vita-specific, but I would also like to see full PSP titles thrown in as freebies/discounted as well, something that should have been in place ages ago.

  • Hey Morgan i thought we were gonna get some great game this week. Another Fighting game. I dont even play the ones Plus has given in the past. Every week you make it sound like some great game is coming and instead we get some lame game. If it wasnt for the online storage i would have given up on plus! Plus can do better.

    • well; game preferences are subjective right? As you can see, many people are psyched for KoFXIII, while others, they might prefer a different game. What are you preferred genres?

  • Not a fan of fighters but glad to see more of a mix on plus. A few questions.

    1 Will dokuro get a plus discount next week?

    2. Any chance for a dead space 1/2 bundle with plus discount maybe 20 bucks?

    3. Any chance a discount on ac3 bundle for plus? maybe 110 bucks?

    Overall very satisfied with plus since I paid closer attention. Just a shame I missed so many IGC games for nearly 2 years I didn’t pay attention to free stuff on plus. Can’t wait for vita plus.

    4. Will there be 12 in the IGC day one of vita plus launch

    Thanks. Look forward to next week. Hope walking dead is released next week since it doesn’t look like it’ll happen tomorrow.

  • has there been any word on US getting RE5 gold and bullet storm like EU did.

    blitz and KOF are both nice but would also love to see these come to the US PS+

  • I do not like the title, but it was worth.

  • Seriously? EU gets BulletStorm and RE 5 and we get NFL Blitz and KOF? I have been a plus subscriber for almost two years now and I defended it even through the “hey, here’s some old Sega genesis games” wasteland about a year and a half ago but this is really hard to wrap my head around. Do I really need to sign up for an EU Plus account if I want the good content?

  • *grabs credit card* turns on ps3..adding ps plus back! i lost it for 24 hours and now i see what ill be missing if i dont put it back on! KOF XIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks Morgan. Still loving the weekly updates.

    I won’t personally get a lot of use out of a fighting game, but I can’t win every week, and I know some folks will love it. I can celebrate the variety at least, and I’ll certainly give it a shot. I’d be interested to see the results of a poll asking what genre plus users like/want the most. Still hoping for something scary this month. =)

    As far as the poll goes, I voted for free PS Vita-only games. That’s certainly what I would like to see the most of going forward as the Vita catalogue grows. I’m by no means opposed to including occasional good PSP discounts or a quality free mini, but I would personally hope the focus remained on Vita content.

  • Congratulations to this PSN users. Here in Brazil we have neither the service.

  • If your gonna cry and moap about what the EU store has, go buy ps plus for EU…wont kill you. @66

  • I know this has nothing to do with the update (but in a way, it does), but can we get the Halloween avatars from last year (or new ones? I don’t have any, but would love to have some) a little earlier? I think last year you gave them out like a week before the actual holidays, like Christmas and Halloween. It’s a shame we only get to use them a week before. It’s October now, time to set the mood for Halloween :)

  • I was really close to buying KOF lol

    I cant wait til tomorrow, thank you!

  • I know not everything is for everyone, but this is the worst PS+ update so far for me. I don’t care about fighting games. I have some fond memories of Shinobi, so I’ll probably pick that up, though. Not complaining, just giving some feedback. Cheers!

  • Free Vita games would be I think the choice for the community as to this weeks PlayStation plus update at least it is better than last weeks! A free fighting game is always cool and the discounted to Derrick is awesome :-) hopefully we get some retail games next week as you’re taking away for retail games

  • Can’t wait to download this . I’m a big fighter fan and I always wanted to try this game out , now’s my chance. Thanks Playstation.

  • I’ve been waiting for a reason to resubscribe for almost two months. I’m just not seeing it. Would it be so hard to throw a retail third person action/adventure game our way here and there? KoF wouldn’t be bad if it was alongside something else, but on it’s own and following up something as awful as blitz it just rings of lackluster. It’s gotta be tough on Morgan trying to sound excited for this stuff week after week.

    • It’s actually really easy! Everyone has different game preferences, and I think you’ll be seeing some good stuff thta might align to your preferred genres down the road.

  • Also it would be cool to see some classic psp titles free for plus on vita like ys or persona.

  • Awesome to know that KOF will be free!! Also what I’m waiting is the other episodes of The Walking Dead!!

  • Wow another crappy old game (one year old, so better than some I guess).

    I didn’t think it was possible, but Plus continues to decline.

    Pre-order discounts and Game save space upgrade are nice things recently.

    But the regular content… ouch.

    A mediocre at best fighting game (cause everyone plays fighting games, just like FPS and sidescrollers… where are the rpg, strategy, etc… games?) Hopefully fighting game fans will be happy at least.

    Also didn’t the ‘leaving soon’ section last week say 2 of the IGC were about to leave on tuesday? Why only one replacement?

    Yes there’s another game coming on the 16th, but why are 2 leaving this week instead of one this week and one that week?

    Anyway, another terrible Plus update. If you compare it to the EU, it’s beyond thunderdome… er terrible.

    I’m actually tempted to go renew my Gold on the inferior console because Plus feels like more and more of a rip off every passing week. (from a day one Plus member).

    Not actually going to do it, but that’s how you’re Plus updates make me feel. Please improve Plus to at least the standard of the EU version.

  • Here in Brazil the games will cost 1/3 of the average wage of the majority population. Only psn games to have reasonable prices.

  • @60 our instant game collection was more then enough to compensate for alot of titles we didnt get. i can understand a free scary game because it is October, but we did get alot of those last year, and most recently The Walking Dead..

    yall have got to stop crying about what we dont get, because we do get alot already for it.

    id rather get free full games at the discretion of the company vs paying 50 a year for optimal internet service with my console…u see where im getting with this..

    ps plus is great. and i think most of you who complain have’ even beat any of the 20+ games we got free. i know i haven’t.

  • When my Plus Expires im not gonna renew it!!!! Plus isnt worth 4-6 dollars every month for games your gonna play once and never play again. Plus hasnt given away good themes or avators in a long time. So far only one good game this month and that was starhaw. Actually thats the best game ive seen in months!!

  • Since I can’t edit my post I’ll just add.

    This update makes last week’s NFL Blitz (which many many people had freezing issues with/couldn’t get to work) look like winning the lottery.

    Get off your lazy butts (not Morgan, the people in charge of the Plus content) and listen to the customers already.

    Or go talk to the EU team to learn how to do it right.

  • @81

    Quote: ” ps plus is great. and i think most of you who complain have’ even beat any of the 20+ games we got free. i know i haven’t.”

    I’ve beaten half the games before they were given as ‘free’ plus and most of the rest I wouldn’t want to play/beat/tried and hate.

  • well what about re-releasing some games that were on PS+? I know everyone is gonna say: we want new , we want new but maybe if we went back released some of the content that made PS+ so huge, that would help some users see how good of a deal it is!!

  • Great update. However, it was listed that 2 games would be leaving the instant game collection this week. Is only one game being removed instead?

    Also please do not give us free psp games that work on the Vita instead of actual Vita games. I’m sure tons of subscribers including me would be very disappointed if you did this.

  • Well, I have to say I am not impressed with this month so far. I understand that you have to try to appeal to the largest group of people, but come on. The first month was great and we have had hit and miss since then. I hate to bring up the Europe plus updates but it does feel a little jaded when it comes to retail games. I know that it is not just Sony picking and choosing who gets what, but the game manufactures agreeing to the free games offered where. Just saying not feeling the love lately, for the US plus members.

  • Another freakin’ fighting game, ughhhhhhh. We just had 2 fighting games last month! Although I’m glad it’s not some cheap side-scrolling crap. But this is likely a game, I’m never gonna play.Please get some variety. I wish I could change my region to EU. I’m tired of complaining too

  • This is more like it! Awesome Update!

  • I see what they are doing. These games aren’t really being free cool plus givaways as a plus membership thank you we all payed for the giveaways for other regions. I already payed for RE5 gold edition and bulletstorm a month or so to go. I also bought both dead spaces on sale digital on our usa psn not long ago as well and red dead redemption to. Now guess what games are free on plus on the EU store? All the games us americans PAYED FOR already digitally here in the last two months and so they use each region to gain profits from us to give them away free on plus in other regions. Give a game for free in EU but make sure to put it on plus SALE in the usa a month before to gain the money before handing it out free in EU. What a scam I’ve noticed. Its not free and a deal for gamers in general, we already paid for that region to get it free. If they bring all of EU games here for free what about us that bought them already? We get nothing. Im thinking about canceling plus now. I’m on to these region game tatics they use.

  • I promise this is not another one of those “EU is better than US” comments…

    but, why does the European PSN blog about PS+ list future releases, while the US does not?

    For instance:
    Today’s post for US says:
    “…and come back next week when we’ll have more great Plus news to share (including another free game for October 16th).”

    And EU says:
    “…For more details on those, please keep an eye on our weekly Store update posts, but here are a few to get you started:

    3rd October: Spelunker HD – 50% off the full game and 50% off various DLC packs for two weeks
    10th October: Derrick the Deathfin – 30% off
    17th October: Dogfight 1942 – 50% off a bundle including the full game and two DLC packs
    24th October: Hell Yeah! Wrath of Dead Rabbit – 20% off DLC packs”

    Am I just imagining that they’re getting far more information than we are? As far as I remember, we don’t get detailed future discount information. People are always complaining “oh no, it’s on sale now- i just bought it yesterday at full price”.

  • I’d also like to add that even though I voted for free PS Vita games for plus, I’d still really appreciate a lot of various discounts as well. There are plenty of full games like Rayman and Disgaea and games like Plants vs Zombies that I would certainly pick up with a discount.

    The current PS+ system is great for me. Some games are free and some are discounted.

  • WOW, That KOF Vid was awesome. Great skills. Thanks for the great addition to Plus Morgan and Staff.

  • @84 i just dont have that much time in my world to work through all those games. but more power to you, i hope u win this struggle

  • I’m a fighting game addict so I bought KoFXIII when it came out day one. But I like the fact that I can now get a free digital copy of the game as a back up if my physical copy happens to meet an unfortunate demise.

  • i dont like sports or fighting games lol=/

  • Hmmm I thought there would be more votes for discounts on Vita content. Unlike free games, you can actually keep discounted playstation plus content after your subscription expires.

    Which reminds me, Morgan will there ever be a way for us with PS Plus to purchase games that are free for playstation plus? That way if we want to buy a game that may be on sale, we can do so and still keep it if our subscription expires.

  • Hi Morgan
    Great update for Plus But you know that there are many games to come this week, such as Retro City Rampage and a lot so I hope more discounts for subscribers, Inc. for the upcoming games this week, please and thank you for the good work ^_^.

  • and then they gave us Borderlands and Infamous 2…both open world games…i seriously dont know what y’all want from Morgan.

    i got your back Morgan, im here everyday!

  • @52 Crusaderforever

    how long after your initial purchase before you got your codes for the ps plus and 50 dollar psn credit? I ask because I just got my card saturday and today made my first purchase.

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