Dishonored: Unleash Supernatural Powers Tomorrow on Blu-ray, PSN

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Dishonored: Unleash Supernatural Powers Tomorrow on Blu-ray, PSN

In one day, we will release Dishonored, our new first-person action game developed by the talented team at Arkane Studios. Dishonored puts you in the role of Corvo Attano, bodyguard of the Empress of Dunwall. A pretty good gig… until you’re falsely accused of killing her, kidnapping her daughter, and subsequently imprisoned and tortured by the sinister Lord Regent. Despite this, you remain the best hope for saving Dunwall, where plague is rampant and the city is on the verge of dystopia.

Early in your adventure, you will receive “The Outsider’s Mark” — a mysterious tattoo on your left hand that grants you supernatural abilities. As you progress through the game, this mark will allow you to unlock new abilities, each of which can be upgraded to a second level for improved functionality.

Below is a look at two of the development team’s favorite abilities:

Devouring Swarm

Dishonored: Unleash Supernatural Powers Tomorrow on Blu-ray, PSN

Devouring Swarm summons a vicious swarm of rats that will consume corpses or attack the nearest living thing. Level two summons a larger, more vicious swarm of rats.

Wind Blast

Dishonored: Unleash Supernatural Powers Tomorrow on Blu-ray, PSN

Wind Blast releases a powerful blast of wind, knocking your enemies off their feet. This power will also douse fires, shatter wooden doors, and reflect projectiles back at the enemy who fired them. Level two increases the power of the blast.

Have questions about the game? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’re looking to play the game tomorrow, don’t forget it’s available as a PSN Day 1 title!

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  • This game is going to be awesome all the videos that I seen looks great. I go by videos because to be honest I don’t listen to reviews

    • Glad you’re excited!

      For folks that haven’t seen some of our other videos, you can check them out Highly recommend Creative Kills, Path to Revenge (a choose your own adventure video), and the Golden Cat playthroughs.

  • I really loved Deus Ex HR, I think by the same creators?

  • And yes I pre-ordered it and have the game paid off I’m very excited to get my hands on it :-)

  • The reason I don’t listen to reviews anymore it’s because journalists are willing to give games a bad rating just to get a hit on their website:-/

  • Any chance the game will be available at midnight?? Please!!

  • GIVE TO MEH! (Does grabby hands at compooter moniter with Steam window open.)

  • @2 Nope, but judging from the reviews, it’s definitely the same caliber!

  • Cant wait to play this but damn it I have to wait. Need to buy my GF’s white vita and liberation and AC3 for myself. God I wish I were rich!

  • Have you guys actually tested this game on the PS3? We all know how well Skyrim was tested, so confirmation you guys kind of made a game that can gain dlc on the PS3 would be great. I like the look, and it looks fun, but that Bethesda name anywhere on a game is pretty taboo when it comes to the PlayStation community.

  • Bethesda will not see another dime from me ever again.

  • The industry needs new IP like dishonored last the us and beyond two souls so to you developers out there taking risks thank you :-)

    • Thank you for the interest. This has been a dream project for the guys at Arkane developing it, and they’re absolutely thrilled with how the community has rallied around the game.

  • Looks neat, but I won’t be buying any bethesda games any time soon, after the way you guys treated PS3 gamers with Skyrim. I’ll keep my 60 bucks and spend it on games made by developers who care about PS3 gamers and not treat them like second rate customers.

  • @10
    Amen to that.

  • The industry needs new IP like dishonored the last of us and beyond two souls so to you developers out there taking risks thank you :-)
    Sorry for the typo

  • @ 9 & 10

    Dishonored is NOT developed by Bethesda they are just publishing it. Reports from many people who got the game early said the game runs smoothly. You guys would be doing yourself a disservice missing out on this great game.

  • @15 Dosen’t matter, your money still goes to these guys.

  • You guys have lost the faith of the PS Nation with the job you did on Skyrim.

    • Because this post is about Dishonored, I’m just going to comment re: Skyrim this one time.

      We have awesome fans on PlayStation 3 and the BGS team continues to work to make DLC possible. When there’s new information to share, we’ll keep you guys informed.

      We’re going to do everything we can to earn your faith back.

  • Seriously! It’s just like New Vegas, which was great and not buggy. It was only published by them and the game was developed coded and programed by an outside developer. Dishonored is the same way Arkane Studios made the game and the majority of the money will go to them, Bethesda only gets a small cut of the profits for making the discs, and i’d be willing to bet by buying it off the PS Store, you cut Bethesda out. You want to talk about someone who doesn’t deserve your money, talk about Activision and all the crap they recycle and shove down your throats, and you guys eat it up more than willingly every year.

    @PS Blog: Any chance the PS Store will see a midnight release? Or will we have to wait until the store update tomorrow?

  • Most anticipated game of the year.

  • Even though Arkane Studios developed the game and the reviews have been OUTSTANDING, I will wait for a few PS3 user reviews. Why? Because THAT’S how bad Bethesda has left a stain to the PS3 community. The Bethesda name alone will make any PS3 wary. And that’s just honest truth. I would have bought Skyrim because I LOVE RPGS but not after seeing numerous PS3 user complaints.

  • WHile i am upset that bethesda had something to do with this game, however small their role might’ve been , i still cannot resist dishonored. I got rid of my skyrim copy because YES bethesda did treat the PSN community as if we werent worth their time, but the situation with this game is different. At least I hope it is.

  • That kind of thinking is what keeps people from experiencing new and exciting things. I stayed away from Demon Souls for that very reason, I bought it a year later because it was cheap and I was bored. I loved that game and I played it for a year and I never did understand why it go a bad rap, it was an amazing game.

  • you know wat…. butters360 is right and i am going to make sure they did this right, no preorder for me, rampage city here i come, and screw you bethesda!!!

  • @21 that kind of thinking will get you far, need more of this guy in here.

  • um demons souls did not get a bad wrap

  • oh yea it did, pre-release critics were giving bad reviews and after release people kept complaining that it was too hard.

  • How the hell do you compare DS to Skyrim? At least DS didn’t glitch and freeze my console multiple times. At least when there was an issue in DS; the developers adressed it with the community and didn’t wait and hide for months to come out.

  • Do you know what the file size will be for the game? Also, is the discount for Plus for when you pre-order it only, or will it extend to purchasing the game tomorrow?

  • /facepalm no one is comparing it to skyrim. it’s being compaired with why people stay away from video games with “bad wraps” and whether they deserve them or not. Skyrim deserved it.

  • Difference is: Demon souls had no bad “wraps” Being too hard was the main selling point of the game..the box even stated it! “PREPARE TO DIE”

    Skyrim fell flat on it’s face on ps3, a real shame because it could have been so much better.

  • Your 2 videos are in the place
    the rat one is in the wind place and the wind one is in the rat place

  • i agree i was pulled in because it was a pain in the neck to play, and like others already stated in this thread, DemonsSouls fixed any bugs or problems not just quickly but also with consistence, and the same can be said of dark souls. from bethesda this isnt th first time or the only platform where you recieve something that is equivalent to a beta.

  • Excited about Dishonored like the rest, but can’t bring myself to take a chance on launch day when Bethesda has treated us poorly. I don’t care how little they had to do with it, seeing their name makes me weary. But I wish Arkane Studios the best in sales and reception, but I can wait.

  • I must have read reviews by the wrong people then, because everything i saw said it was bad, but i can’t find any of them now expect for ppl complaining on forums :/ still i loved that game. and I agree about Skyrim, it really could have been a great game is it had gotten the support it deserved.

  • ok well thanks for the conversation, nice we can voice our opinions and not get run over, hope everyone enjoys their day

  • You’re welcome. That’s how it should be right? I as well hope every enjoys there day. RE6 here I come!

  • Bethesda? No thanks. I will never buy a game from you guy ever, on any system. I don’t understand how a developer/publisher can release a game with a ton of bugs and glitches, making the game unplayable.

  • There’s no reason Dishonored should have problems on the PS3. It’s a UE3 game, and most recent UE3 games run at near-parity with the 360 version. Really excited for this game, btw. I loved Arkane’s other two games and I’ve been looking forward to this for some time. Hope the PSN version is up at midnight, because that’s where I pre-ordered it!

  • How Awesome is that this game comes out on my Birthday.

  • Gamefly sent me a text saturday saying that they shipped it (didn’t know they did that on saturdays) so hopefully i’ll get the game in the mail tomorrow.

    I would have bought the game, but you guys are charging way too much for the digital psn version. Especially when it probably won’t even have a midnight release.

  • move support please

  • Thanks and I hope they do some teams like to choke when it comes to the playoffs. lol

  • I love Bethesda even after what happened with skyrim, i have pre ordered Dishonered and Doom 3 bfg. But now i regret that decision because if there is no midnight release i will be playing this game and Doom 3 11 hours after launch, i know that this is not your decision but maybe developers could talk to sony and make pre ordering games on the psn worth while. 1 have midnight releases for pre orders, and #2 have perks like they have at retailers for those people who pre order games on the psn like extra content. Dishonered has the arkane assasins pack at Gamestop and Bestbuy also has perks. So i wonder if people who pre order games on the psn are getting short changed for supporting sony and the companies who have these Day 1 releases.

  • Also, please get to work on Fallout 4. Skyrim was cute and everything, and i know you have additional dlc planned (which probably won’t come to ps3 anyway >_<), but i am far more interested in the Fallout world than elder scrolls.

    Hopefully you'll look at feedback from Skyrim and do a better job with the ps3 version of Fallout 4.

    It may be problems with how the ps3 allocates its ram space or something, but we DON'T need to see useless crap like plates remain on the ground for some random dungeon. No one cares about that much realism. Remove needless things like that for Fallout 4 and i'm sure the game will run smoother and you'll get far less complaints. :)

  • @43 thats the messed up thing about getting new games digitally off psn. You don’t get a reasonable price, you don’t get pre order bonuses, and you don’t even get a midnight release (even though its possible because some games have done it in other region’s psn). Can’t even trade it in or let a friend borrow it after you’re done.

  • Hi guys question: Are there any preorder bonus items or packs being offered for the PSN version?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @45 why is it when we ask questions about digital downloads they ignore us, sony wants us to support them and we get blown off, i am really disapointed with sony they don’t care about us, these companies think that they are doing us a favor by having theses games on the psn but the truth is we are the ones that support them by buying it digital and they can’t even give you a midnight release not to mention no perks for pre ordering and on top of that Ps+ is turning into a joke EU plus makes us feel like second fiddle. I have been a sony supporter since ps1 and i have been a loyal supporter but im thinking that us customers mean nothing to sony.Sony you guys should start supporting us as we have supported you threw the years or you will lose loyal followers like myself and that hurts to say but it’s true.

  • Sorry guys, the only reason I’m sitting out on this game is because of another certain companies name being tagged on this game for popularity * cough

  • I agree with what has been said in this thread. The fact these games are not available at midnight through digital distribution shows how antiquated the PSN’s digital delivery is.

    Updates one day a week? Ridiculous.

    Having to wait until almost 7pm Eastern time for the store to update, download a 5-10GB download, and then wait for it to install as well, it will be almost 10pm or later before I can play.

    This is unacceptable, the day that Day 1 was announced the community rep said that we would get a list of games releasing at midnight soon, yet we have nothing with 2 releases already done (RE6 and Dishonoured tomorrow).

    The PS Plus discount is nice, but saving $7 to have to wait an extra 24 hours, no physical copy, no DLC or bonuses, and other annoyances really need to be worked out if this is going to be viable.

    The Bethesda rep above doesn’t even know if it will be released at midnight and that’s less than 12 hours alway? Disorganized much?

    Please make this system better and on par with something like Steam or GMG.

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