Puppeteer: Blending the Best of East and West

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Puppeteer: Blending the Best of East and West

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In last week’s behind the scenes Puppeteer interview, we talked to creator Gavin Moore about the origins of the title and got some lovely insight into what makes a great kids game really sing. In the second part of the interview, Gavin touched on the game’s size, its roots in classic platformers of yesteryear and what the development team’s vibrant cultural mix brings to the project.

Read on for more on Sony Japan Studio’s tantalizing platformer, and look for a new update on development — penned by Gavin himself — next week.

Fred Dutton, PlayStation.Blog Europe Manager: So, is Puppeteer a Japanese game or a Western game?
Gavin Moore, Puppeteer Creator: It’s really interesting actually. I’ve seen people have arguments in the office about this – “It’s Western,” “No, it’s Japanese” and so on. The Western people tend to say it’s Japanese, and the Japanese people tend to say it’s Western. It’s a game, guys – it doesn’t matter!

But I’d say it’s in the middle. Most of the team are Japanese – probably 95%. But obviously, as the director, the guy in charge, with all that Englishness in me – pushing all that weird stuff into their culture, and grabbing all their culture – which I love – and mixing it up, we’ve made this thing that sits in the middle.

I think it will definitely resonate in the West, but I think it will have some die-hard, hardcore fans in Japan who will really get it.

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PSB: A common criticism levelled at platformers is that they don’t present as much value for money as full 3D adventures. How big is Puppeteer?
Gavin Moore: If you were to run through it, it’s going to take you 15 hours, plus. And that’s charging through it without searching for any of the secret stuff, or finding all the heads.

PSB: How many heads to find are there in total?
Gavin Moore: A lot! Pick a three-figured number and go from there.

PSB: Do you have a favorite?
Gavin Moore: Hmmm… yes, two actually. I like the Rocket Head and I like the Revolver Head.

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PSB: You don’t see too many big-budget side-scrolling platformers these days. Why did you decide to go with that genre?
Gavin Moore: It’s an artform that we’ve kind of lost as game creators. I’ve loved them and played them ever since I was a kid. As soon as we made the jump to 3D with PS1, everyone wanted to have characters that ran into the screen. We pushed 2D aside.

If you love gaming you should be trying to get your hands on everything and trying everything. I know people don’t have a lot of money at the minute, but if it’s your hobby you shouldn’t be blinkered – you should try everything. We’ll have a demo out there so you’ll be able to download that and see if it’s something you’ll enjoy.

PSB: Which vintage platformers most directly influence the game?
Gavin Moore: Everybody picked up on Dynamite Heddy. Big Mario fan from the beginning – I wasted my life as a kid on those. And I loved 2D side-scrolling shoot ‘em ups. Do you remember Parodius by Konami? Those weird characters? You could be a surfer on a surfboard firing syringes at can-can girls, and pirate cats and penguin boats, or whatever. That and Dynamite Heddy are kind of what Puppeteer is. Merge those two together and Puppeteer is what you’re going to get, I hope.

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  • wow sound like a good game to keep u busy for a while

  • I’m excited for this game. Please get to work immediately on Remote Play too. If I buy day one I want to know I can use remote play whenever. Thank you.

  • I wish it was releasing now. I need it. D;

  • Can’t wait for this game as Rayman Origins is one of my favorite games this generation, I wish there were more 2D platformers like Rayman Origins and LBP. I know you mentioned there would be secrets, but will there be collectibles as well for the completionist? In addition, are there any other gameplay aspects you are implementing to extend the replay value? Thanks.

  • Can’t wait for this game, looks fabulous!

  • 15 plus hours is awesome. How does saving work in this game? Most lengthy 2D platformers have some sort of “overworld” or “world map” but I get the feeling that this game won’t. So will it be a save anywhere/anytime kind of thing?

  • Fifteen hours of gameplay, plus secrets and hundreds of heads to find and to use? WHY isn’t this game coming out this fall? You have me wanting this game even more. Please tell me it is coming out early next year. And if you can could you share what some of the heads we have seen so far can do. Like the sword, lion, mushroom and banana for example.But if it’s a secret you can’t share yet then I will just wait patiently until you can share more about it.

  • Or can you elaborate on the Rocket and Revolver heads since you mentioned them. Can you at least give us a hint? Does the Rocket head help you fly like a rocket and the revolver give you ammo to shoot at your enemies? Or am I way off?

  • Cross Buy with the Vita and im In!!!

  • great :D

  • I won’t lie, I want this quite a bit. It looks unique with a bit of whimsy without being too child-like. Sort of how I love the movie The Road To El Dorado despite being in my early twenties, but it’s a movie made for children. I feel like this game will have the same sort of feel. It will mostly be aimed and marketed at kids, but it will do well with the “big kids” at heart.

  • Give me Give me give me, Mine mine mine! Special Edition better be made available Or i’ll forced to turn to the dark side! Thank You

  • Its a very unique title, cant wait to hear more about it because it is still abstract.

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  • Go to Google

    Search ‘Let’s Get Patapon 3 PSVita Compatible’

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  • No pressure, but this game has the potential to be the best game of the generation.

  • I hate that platformers have gotten that inferior stigma. The genre still has plenty to offer. Plenty of developers are doing some interesting, innovative stuff with both gameplay and aesthetics. Most of my favorite games this generation have been 2D (or 2.5D) platformers. Rayman Origins tops that list. LBP isn’t far behind. Trine is my favorite game on PSN. Puppeteer easily looks like it could join those ranks.

  • As a huge fan of platformers like Donkey Kong Country Returns, Rayman origins, LittleBigPlanet 2 and many more, this game looks like a must have!! however when will it be launched?

  • first!

  • After Rayman Origins I have been left craving for more quality 2d platformers and this one looks like its going to be something big.

    Day one!

  • This game is looking great! Keep platformer sidescrollers alive!

  • Cool, I pre-ordered it for $47.99. Looks way more fun than Little Big Planet (not that LBP is bad at all).

  • Oh and bring this to PS Vita please!

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