PlayStation Mobile Launches Today With Super Crate Box, Loot the Land and More

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PlayStation Mobile Launches Today With Super Crate Box, Loot the Land and More

Need more information on PlayStation Mobile? Want to know more about supported tablets and phones? Head here.

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As you may remember from our previous post about PlayStation Mobile, PlayStation’s brand new mobile games platform for select mobile devices has been in the works, and you can try it out yourselves starting today! PlayStation Mobile allows you to get PlayStation-like experiences on a variety of platforms such as PS Vita and PlayStation Certified devices such as select Android phones and a variety of tablets. Downloading content, including games, on PlayStation Mobile is easy for gamers with a SEN account. Simply use your PSN Wallet to purchase PlayStation Mobile content.

PlayStation Mobile: Super Crate Box

While we’ll be constantly expanding our content offerings for the platform, we’re excited for you to check out our initial line-up of launch titles, including Loot The Land, Beats Slider, and Super Crate Box. Let us know which titles are your favorites.

For PS Vita users, as long as you have Internet access, you can use your PSN Wallet to download the full range of PlayStation Mobile content. Simply visit the PlayStation Mobile section within the PlayStation Store on PS Vita and take your pick from the list of available titles. If you purchased PlayStation Mobile content on another PlayStation Certified device, go to [Options] > [Download List] to select the title and download it directly to your PS Vita. With PlayStation Mobile, PS Vita owners are getting yet another way to access PlayStation content on the go!

PlayStation Mobile: Loot the LandPlayStation Mobile: BeatsSlider

For owners of select PlayStation Certified Sony smartphones and tablets powered by Android, you can find instructions to access PlayStation Mobile content here.

Here at PlayStation, we’re always looking for ways to improve your PlayStation gaming experiences, and we can’t wait for you to get up and running on PlayStation Mobile so we can hear your feedback. Be sure to check out PlayStation Mobile starting today, and let us know what you think in the comments and in the official PlayStation community forums.

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  • Mr. Sullivan, the program is launched now, so there are two questions I have, which I see no reason you will not be able to answer.

    First, will these games be able to be updated easily, a la Google Play and iOS App Store?

    Second, what will the release schedule be on this? A weekly drop, like the PS Store, or whenever the come out, like Google Play and the App Store/

  • it came out last night which i was amazed. great job playstation.

  • Great. I have already downloaded Aqua Kitty &Loot Th Land…Enjoying those as we speak. My son will be happy when picks up my Vita after school today.. Thanks Guys/Gals…Keep on Gaming.

  • Really disappointed about the 20 MB non-wifi cap. Most games are 20 MB +, and I don’t have wifi at home, so it will be a challenge for me to download anything from the store. And all of this, while having a 6 GB data plan with my mobile carrier.

  • Reference #47… I’m so glad that the response I got was honest about looking at other venues and not just the vita but I’m still concerned about the games I and other tablet users had available and now with this update those games have long disappeared… Was this an oversight or are those games coming back?


  • Will Playstation 1 titles no longer be available to buy or download? I no longer see them on the store.

  • When will the US get Ecolibrium? It’s already out in Europe, when is our release date?

  • @45 Perhaps it isn’t a big deal IYHO, but if I’m at the beach in a rented cabin with no Wi-Fi available, or riding shotgun on the road to anywhere, and it decides to check – and disallows me… that’s a problem. I’m all for protecting developers from getting screwed, but there HAS to be a way that doesn’t screw or even inconvenience the consumer. Am I wrong? Perhaps if it were the 10th consecutive time the app was unable to verify the authenticity of the license that it refused to start – but even then I can easily picture cases where perfectly legitimate consumers are inconvenienced to protect against a small potential for problem.

  • (continued wall o’ text)
    I know there are all kinds of statistics that talk about the lost revenue to piracy, but what isn’t spoken about in those statistics is how much of that ‘lost revenue’ is phantom revenue? Can every one of those pirated games be directly translated into this person would have bought this game if he didn’t steal it? No. So those numbers are skewed. How many people (such as myself) have refused to buy a game over perceived Machiavellian DRM? Where is the statistic about that lost revenue? How many people have pirated a game because there was no demo available, decided they liked the game, and bought it? Are those dollars subtracted from the original lost revenue statistic? I think not. Again, I’m anti-piracy – but I think the legitimate consumer’s rights are getting trampled over the pursuit of imaginary money.

  • you know? you should allow to certificate other mobiles that don’t come from Sony (I know you’re working with HTC too, but you need to add more brands), Sony will still get money from the service and the games sold, and more users would be able to enjoy those great games you’re offering :)

  • @15 remanutd5
    I wanted to love the new Xperia line up, I had the Xperia Play since day 1. However after experiencing an unlocked full Google Nexus device vs a clunky skinned/customized outdated Android version usually on weaker hardware I don’t think I could return to the Xperia line unless they roll out a Nexus device.

    I waited as long as I could for an Xperia Play 2 and even tried waiting for the latest Xperia line checking out the Ion and the Xperia T but Sony moves way to slow in the mobile market and then decided to lock down with AT&T.

    PSM should have launched day 1 with the Xperia Play now it’s nearly 2 years old that is ancient in the mobile market.

  • This feels so disconnected from the player base you are trying to get. Honestly, anyone with Steam or an iOS device can get some of these titles and for cheaper. No trophy support, no integration with PS3. These are the people you are selling to, by making this service a separate entity you are limiting the potential for customers. The integration with Vita is appreciated but was to be expected to say the least. The only thing I feel that would make this service worthwhile is if PS+ members get something out of it. Sony needs to do a better job of making all their devices and services integrate in a seamless manner.

    Don’t get me wrong, as a Vita owner I’m happy that I have this option, but this is a little bit late to the party. Xperia play could have benefit from this on that release or even Vita on release. If you are trying to justify selling games that essentially could be be played/made available on a PSP just by having the inclusion of a touch screen, this is the wrong way to go about it. Make PS mobile available to PSP users too, for direct downloads, no cloud or streaming. Open yourselves up to more potential customers, give your users more options that carry through the whole Sony experience.

  • 1. You need to remove the wifi check. That is ridiculous. If I don’t need to do that on my the regular Android market or iOS, then I shouldn’t have to here. Otherwise, what the hell is the point of buying it on PlayStation Mobile which will make me unable to play at random times if I’m not near wifi? Being able to play on Vita too isn’t enough.

    2. I can’t connect to the PlayStation Store at all now. (I live in Canada, not sure if that matters) I can’t connect on my PlayStation Vita. I can’t connect on my Sony Tablet S. I can’t connect on my PlayStation 3. Get it together Sony.

    3. If you did in fact remove the content that was on the prior version of the PlayStation Store for PlayStation Certified content then you need to fix that and put it all back. If it’s not in the download list that’s even worse. I can’t check, so I don’t know but it sounds awful.

  • @62: The PSP isn’t going to get it. Why would it? Sheesh.

  • I also want to add my feedback that I think the PSM app should allow for easy Bluetooth pairing of the DualShock 3 and since the device needs to be certified this should be a requirement of the hardware.

    Furthermore I don’t think having an unlocked bootloader and root privileges should affect a devices ability to use PSM and play it’s games.

  • You need to get SilverTree up in here. The Cordy games are awesome. Or just get them on PS Vita natively.

    @60: Dude. The entire point of PlayStation Mobile is to lock down Android development so it’s easier to get everything working properly on all the PS Certified devices. Compared to getting your game to work with every single Android device in the entire market (yeah, good luck).

    What you suggest defeats the purpose of that. They’ll add more I’m sure, but not if it won’t stay simpler for developers.

  • Did you guys seriously just screw over your customers by removing games from your store when PSM launched?


  • Will games go on sale or have price drops at some point? I hate to buy things at full price and then see the price come down later. I would understand if you can’t tell me, but it would really help if you could share your plans in this regard.

  • Paul Sullivan# Then why the hell are you not posting that list with the games on the BLOG???? What is it that is so hard? You could atleast show some support to these indie devs.

  • 68# Everything goes down in prices. consoles,Retail games,Psn games and PSM games.

  • Use this Opportunity of PS Mobile not only for Games but for APPS TOO!!! Imagine the Vita with all the android APPS!

  • I will wait for trophy support, but PS mobile games sounds promising.

  • @63: I also can’t access the PS Store on my Vita, and I live in the US, so maybe it is a regional thing? I came on here because I figured that someone else would have this problem, or perhaps they’d have an announcement of the Store going down for renovations or something. Shame. I really wanted to pick up New Little King’s Story.

  • Rebel works flawlessly on my Xperia Play and it seems to be a pretty neat game. I don’t see how a lack of trophy support is a deal breaker for anyone; can’t you enjoy a game without it patting you on the back for performing well? A good game gives me a rush and a little box saying “Achievement Unlocked – Level 2!” does little to add anything but I guess gaming and the gamer has changed a lot this generation. Anyways, great work and neat games; the only question I have is: are games automatically moved to SD?

  • Also, will we ever be able to simply buy a $2.00 game with $2.00 off our credit cards or will we be forever stuck with this playstation wallet $5.00 minimum garbage? I find the practice to be highly unethical.

  • can’t find the ps mobile section D:

  • Never mind xD

  • @75: Pa-lease. Just wait until you want enough to go over $5.00 and it’s to the damn penny.

    Unlike both of the other consoles. Where you buy points or money in bulk and end up with money or points left over that will never be used. Ever.

    That never happens on PlayStation. I would like the minimum to not exist, but it’s not that big of a deal. And certainly not unethical. I don’t think you know what that word really means if you think that.

  • Will there be PS Mobile games that make use of the rear touch? Can’t wait until trophies and PSN is implemented.

  • Also please bring PS Mobile to iOS and more Android Devices!

  • So will this update every Wednesday or whenever a game is ready?

  • What distinguishes this new PS Mobile games from the crappy Minis on the store now? :/

  • How do we know if our phones are “certified”? I have an Android phone (Droid X2), but have no idea. Is there a list somewhere? I searched “Playstation Mobile” on google play from my phone and got no results.

  • Damn; no love for my Nexus 7. :-(

  • @78 unethical (Macmillan) – morally wrong, or against accepted standards of behaviour, especially in a particular profession.

    You said it yourself, the concept leaves small amounts of wallet funds unusable therefore Sony is making a profit without us receiving a product or an acceptable standard of service. This is not standard behavior by companies as you yourself mentioned when comparing other similar services. Do you know what unethical means now?

  • @ 85, if you need to quibble over a couple dollars of funds left in the wallet, perhaps you shouldn’t be spending your money on games in the first place.

  • @86 thank you for your vocal support of shady business practices. Since you can afford to ignore them they should certainly remain intact.

  • You can stay on your soapbox as long as you’d like. In the end, you’re making a mountain out of a molehill.

  • A mountain out of a molehill? I simply stated my distaste for the practice and then came under attack for both the wording of my post and the idea behind it. I rebuke the rebutters and am then accused of that? Perhaps you should calm down and let a different opinion stand unless you can clearly refute it.

  • I don’t see PLaystation MObile on my Vita. What can be wrong? Is it available all over the world or only US, because i live in Russia. I want to play those games too, while there is a lack of hardcore games on Vita.

  • @90 The service is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan and Australia :(

  • The phones that are supported are too tiny. Sales won’t do much unless yah expand.

  • I just tried right now. The PS store on my Vita works as always, it’s easy to find the PSM section and they didn’t take away any categories like the PS1 or minis or whatever.

    Maybe they were updating the strore earlier so you just happened to hit that bubble.

  • Are we likely to get classic PSone titles?

  • I guess this is a no go on the windows Nokia phones….Does anyone know if it will come out for those phones eventually?

  • Would love to see the following for the Xperia PLAY:

    1. Merge the Playstation Pocket with the PSM

    2. This a BIG issue with me………. BRING the PS1 Games back and make them available to ALL certified devices…. please please.

  • @91 Such a shame… Hope it will appear globaly very soon.

  • So I still don’t know if the games have trophies or not ill buy them if the have trophys if not I won’t I don’t game for nothing I play video games to achieve something that’s why I like trophys.

  • Fruit Ninja and Magic Piano for PS Mobile, yes? Okay, Sony. Get on it.

  • Well since there is still no US release of the Vita “Wake-up Club” app.

    I put a call out to Playstation Mini developers

    Please consider developing and selling a Playstation Mobile app that is an alarm clock app? Maybe have it let you set your own sleep mode and snooze mode so it can also play your mp3 music out of your music folder as a sleep function before you go to bed and then lets you select any one song or a playlist of songs for your wake up alarm sounds. Plus a customizable snooze option so you can set how long to snooze. Maybe make a puzzle game type alarm too so when the alarm sounds you have to wake up enough to solve the puzzle to turn it off etc….

    Anyways Sony please release Wake-up Club in the US or please Playstation Mobile developers fill the void.

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