Lights, Camera, DLC! Escape Plan: Director’s Cut DLC arrives on PSN

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Lights, Camera, DLC! Escape Plan: Director’s Cut DLC arrives on PSN

Escape Plan DLC: Director's Cut

Escape Plan‘s Director’s Cut DLC for PS Vita is out today, with new content for everyone! Patch 1.04 also goes live with the new direct controls, and we’re adding new visual stimulation for you costume fans.

Escape Plan DLC: Director's Cut

After working on the project for over a year we decided to bring back some of our favorite level designs, and needless to say, we love a challenge! This is why the Director’s Cut pack is filled with the most devious and evil tricks that Bakuki ever conceived. Including the Slap-a-ma-tron 9001, and a butt-ton of mind-bending puzzles.

Continuing tradition, we have added four new costumes to the dressing room. Dress Lil and Laarg in a new spectrum of costumes such as Timeless and Lost Clause, with Halloweeners and I’m with Cupid unlocked by playing through the 21 Director’s Cut levels.

We’ve also added a new poke control to allow the player to stop the selected character with the ease of a button, as well as adding the directional pad to start the character’s march. Using your feedback we’ve done our best to get the game to be yours as much as it is ours. Let us know what you think!

Everyone will get the Timeless and Lost Clause costumes with Patch 1.04, as well as the new controls. However, only Director’s Cut buyers will get access to the new levels, trophies and remaining costumes.

Escape Plan DLC: Director's CutEscape Plan DLC: Director's Cut

Escape Plan Director’s Cut will be available in the PlayStation Store for $4.99 with today’s update.

For those who haven’t experienced the touching adventure of Lil and Laarg, you can play through 16 of the zany levels of the original game by downloading the Escape Plan Demo currently available on PSN. Be sure to try it out and, as always, provide feedback in the comments below. We love hearing it!

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7 Author Replies

  • These guys should make an appearance in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale some day as background characters or something.

    • We agree, Lil and Laarg have a ton of sweet animations that would be perfect for All-Stars Battle Royale. The Laarg Butt-smash finishing move would be epic!

  • Escape Plan is a great game!

    With so many (3) add-on packs, are there any plays to sell as a bundle?

    • We actually did 4 Add-Ons, as we gave away the first one for free; Bakuki’s Lair. We’re hoping to make it easier for people to get the full game and all add-ons in the future.

  • Awesome news I love this game thank you guys for the amazing work :-)

  • @ d squad3 I agree

  • Awe, no first-month-buy discount for this DLC? The past DLC packs have been sold at a very reduced price through the first month before going for $4.99 after that.

  • @ lajaro I agree, I think they should make a bundle of all the add-ons. I really want them, but I don’t see them worth $4.99 each. Especially since one of them was $.25 at one point. I love the original though.
    @ D-Squad3 They definitely should be in PS All-Stars, along with Kat from Gravity Rush!

  • Thanks for continuing to support this game! I should have expected that the first week discounts on DLC were too good to last! I don’t mind so much, since you guys have delivered a ton of great content for low prices in the past.

    I must admit, it’s a great sales plan. Sucker us in early with great content and low prices, develop loyalty, then raise the price!

  • wow you guys are awesome, Nihilistic should take notes, this is how you support a game, Escape Plan is awesome but i would really love to see Fat Princess with cross platform play on the vita ( that would be beyond awesome!!! )

  • Escape plan is so much fun and I bought all the dlc when it was cheaper, I expected the same this time ^^ almost 5 bucks for a couple of levels…. I’m not so sure in this one, we will see

  • Escape Plan’s crisp black & white art style would look so much cleaner with 4xMSAA and higher res pre-baked shadows. The framerate already chugs occasionally so I suspect the Unity engine’s inefficiency is preventing you from making these improvements to a game with a relatively simple graphics make-up.

    The game’s file size (now 2309MB v1.04) is enormous for a game with heavily reused assets. I can’t think of any reason why it should be so large, it’s over 1GB larger than LittleBigPlanet Vita! This issue is compounded by Vita’s memory card sizes and pricing.

    The load times are a bit lengthy too, but now I feel mean. :(

  • Everyone will be pleased to know there’s been…

    Over 3.5 millions rooms escaped
    Over 2.8 million Lil deaths
    Over 2.1 million Laarg deaths
    Over 1.1 million Minion deaths
    Over 2.3 million Sheep deaths
    and 4.8 million farts in Escape Plan!

  • I wish this was release at retail. It’s too damn big now. Still can’t update the game, and Sony isn’t getting money from me with those memory cards.

    Love the game, and will buy the DLC to support it more, even though I can’t play it until memory cards are dropped in price.

  • It sounds great, but I deleted the game a while ago because it was taking up too much space on my 4 GB card. It’s backed up on my PS3, so whenever I get a bigger card, it’s ready to transfer over! I’ll definitely ask for a bigger card for Christmas, either 16 or 32 GB.

  • Sweet. Escape Plan is one of my favorite Vita games.

  • NOTE TO MORGAN or devs:

    I would love if you could package Escape Plan with all of its DLC into one package deal. I missed out on the 25 cent DLC and after getting a vita, loved the demo, but to be honest, I’m waiting for a deal on the main game at least, if not a bundle package

  • I have tried to get the demo to work on my vita for awhile. I download the game and then open it only to recieve an error message. I haven’t tried since the 1.81 Vita patch though, so maybe I’ll try again. Any tip to getting it to work?

  • I’m also waiting on some discounts to all the vita games before I buy.

  • Developers! Please pressure Sony to Drop The Memory Card Prices!

    There are games I Am Not Buying because I have no space for them, and anything over $60 for a 32GB card is Highway Robbery. Sony is ripping us off, and in turn ripping off the developers who money-conscious customers will not buy from since they don’t have space for the games.

  • Amazing, it’s awesome how closely you guys listen to the community!

  • Could you guys please bring a Fat Princess game to the Vita? Even if it was a direct port from the PS3 it’d be awesome. Fat Princess would be a perfect fit for the Vita.

  • @ D-Squad3 I agree. All stars is one of the big games I’m looking forward to and Escape Plan is by far my favorite game on the vita. I’d love to see at least one character available.

    (and Kat!)

  • This game is the best, but where is early buy discount like the rest of the DLC? I have purchased all till now. It would be cool to have a discount for those who have all DLC till now.

  • played the demo – loved it
    bought the dlc that was on sale for like 10 cents
    but i haven’t bought the game >.>

  • 1453Mb for the update, it’s too big, I have to uninstall other games or videos to have the ability to install that update while I have 1Gb of free space.

  • For the love of GOD please make either a new patch for Fat Princess (which needs help) or a sequel and PLEASE make it cross-play compatible with Vita. I would love you forever.

  • More Fat Princess indeed. Whether it be support for the PS3 version or a sequel. CAKE PLEASE

    • We love Fat Princess! Since it was one of the most fun PS3 games developed by a handful of our team members, we’d love to see her again!

  • I already have this game, and i wanted to download the 1.04 patch, but it seems i cant download it :'(
    I tried to uninstall the game(i lost my savedata too…) and try downloading again from ps store.
    and for the second time, i still can’t download the patch and keep getting error code c0-10932-5.
    what is wrong with this?? can someone help me??

  • OOOHHH!!! REVIVE the Multiplayer of Fat princess giving it Cross Play with the Vita!!! Just port it to the psvita and let ps3 and psv players bash each others! XD its a way to make more money for ur game that deserve all the attention! BTW it must be Cross buy too LOL! But Vita Player that didnt get to buy it for ps3 will surely buy it for vita since its an awesome Multiplayer and thats what ppl are waiting for on the vita :)

    I was a day one buyer of Fat Princess and got the DLC too :)

  • could not download the latest version of escape plan ( 1.04 )… error CO-10932-5.. can someone help..?? thanks..

  • Is There Any Way I Can Download The Latest Patch For Escape Plan (The 1.04 Version)? I’ve Tried It Several Times And It Continues To Say “Error, Could Not Complete Download” , Although I Have The Director’s Cut DLC. I’d Really Appreciate Your Help. (I Have A 32GB Memory Card Btw, So I Doubt Space Is The Problem…)

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