Limited-Time PlayStation Card Offer: 12-Month Plus Subscription & $50 PSN Code

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Limited-Time PlayStation Card Offer: 12-Month Plus Subscription & $50 PSN Code

PlayStation Card

Hello PlayStation Nation! I hope you’re a fan of PlayStation Plus and free video games, because you may have just hit the mother lode. We’ve been working tirelessly with our friends at Capital One to put together a special PlayStation Card offer for our community, and I’m excited to finally share the details. For a limited time, new cardholders will get a 12 month subscription to PlayStation Plus AND a $50 PlayStation Network code after first purchase (and yes, before you ask, the 12 month PlayStation Plus subscription extends the membership further if you are already a Plus member).

As you might recall, last year we launched the PlayStation Card – a credit card designed specifically for our PlayStation community. With it cardholders get:

  • 10x points on ALL PlayStation Network purchases
  • 3x points on ALL PlayStation and Sony purchases at Sony stores and
  • 3x points at quick service restaurants, movie theaters and on your mobile phone bill
  • 1x points on all other purchases

And now, on top of the points you can earn, new cardholders will receive a 12 month PlayStation Plus subscription and a $50 PSN Code after first PlayStation Card purchase. With PlayStation Plus, you get:

  • An Instant Game Collection, which grants you access to a library of blockbuster games like inFAMOUS 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Borderlands, and many more.
  • Exclusive early access to select game betas and demos
  • 1GB of cloud storage to save games online
  • Full game trials
  • Discounts on select PlayStation Store purchases
  • Automatic PS3 updates

And, once you receive the $50 PlayStation Network code with this offer, you can spend those fifty bucks however you please on the PlayStation Network!

When you combine the discounts you can take advantage of as a PlayStation Plus member, the $50 PSN code you can get to spend on the PlayStation Network, and the 10x points you earn from using your PlayStation Card in the PlayStation Store, you’re looking at some serious benefits.

This is the first time we’ve been able to put together such a special offer, and it’s our way of saying “thank you” for being such an awesome community!

Go here to apply and get more information about the PlayStation Card.

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  • ok sony. its been 4 days when shall i receive my gifts? soon hopefully. thanks..

  • Ok. So if i’m understanding this right, you make your first purchase and receive an email with details. Done and done. So the email says I have to link my PS card to the Sony Rewards site. Has anyone else had this problem? I’ve tried numerous times to do this. When you sign into the Sony Rewards site, a screen pops up that says link your Sony Card. When I enter the card information, it says processing and just hangs there… forever. It never completes the linking process. I’ve tried several times to no avail. Just says processing. I know that it isn’t, or should I say shouldn’t be a long process of linking the card. I’ve even let it just sit on the screen and walked away doing something else, an hour later I come back, still says processing. When I close it out, no card is linked. Tried to find a number for Sony’s customer service and couldn’t find one. Guess I’ll have to email them to get an answer, but far as I know, you can’t take advantage of the offer if you don’t link your card to your Sony Rewards account. And it’s not letting you do that. What gives?

  • not sure what the problem is because i went to link my card and it said it was already linked to my sony/ewards account.. im just waiting (hard to do) for my codes..

  • UPDATE: Called customer service and figured out that all my info wasn’t on the Sony Rewards site, so it couldn’t link it. Apparently it looks at your address information to verify with the card, and I hadn’t entered any address info on the Rewards site. Got it straight.

    @Kenishiwah, if you got the email stating that you qualify for it, just go to the Rewards site and look the items under Browse Rewards and Play. Look for the PS Plus and $50 Network card and add them to your cart. It should take a second and it’ll verify that these items are free. Then checkout and once done, you’ll be able to see a link that says something to the effect of, get the code. Click it and you’ll have a code you can enter on your PS3 in the Redeem Codes section. Click the link for both the Plus sub and $50 and you can then enter them in your account. Just remember that when you redeem the code for the Plus sub, it’ll automatically set you up for automatic renewal. Go into your settings to turn it off if you don’t want that.

  • thanks, i just tried that and unfortunately it didnt work i would have to pay the 100 bucks to get it.. but i am in the process of emailing a customer service rep about it.. patients is a virtue i guess huh.. ^^

  • UPDATE: i talked to a customer service rep at sony and he said my promo went thorugh on his side but not on my side for some reason. so he escalated my issue to the head rep guy i guess you can call him(lol) and he should be calling me by tuesday. wish i had my codes then but i guess that works as long as i get my codes haha..

  • i wanna know if im still qualified for the 1yr ps plus… i just got my card last week but ive been enrolled since the offer came..

  • @firblesx, if you’re talking about being enrolled as far as the card goes, i think the offer is for new cardmembers only, so if you’ve had the card already, i don’t think you qualify (I’d check with customer service just to confirm). If you’re talking about being enrolled in PS Plus, then it doesn’t matter if you’re already a member or not. You’ll still get the 1 year sub and it’ll stack on top of your sub that you already have.

  • what i mean was when they offer the card with free 1 yr playstation plus.. thats the time i applied for the card and it take a week for approval + the days they need to shipped my new credit card.. now i got it i didnt saw the offer anymore.. does it mean i lost the benefit of having a free year of playstation plus?

    .. then that means ill just use the 5000 points to renew my ps plus. :(

  • well either way if you are approved for one or both hopefully you get yours when they say you will after you do what you need to in order to get it. unlike mesofar, i havent gotten the codes for either, and it doesnt seem like to me they are trying to help me out. that may not be the case but i sure would like my codes. hope it works out to your benefit .

  • Can we not do this if we already have a playstation card? Or at least get the rewards?

  • i dont think you can get these promos if you already have a playstation card..

  • Sony Rewards is starting to make me real angry. Signed up for card, received the card, linked the card, and purchased with the card. The points showed up on Sony Rewards but I still don’t have my free ps+ sub or gift card. Sony Rewards customer service told me to wait 2 days to hear from head office and I have yet to hear anything. Whenever I call Sony Rewards back looking for an update they just say there is nothing more for them to do and they don’t have a number to contact the head office. Very frustrating since I want into ps+ again and want to buy a bunch of the discounted games this month before they expire. If anyone at Sony is listening, please contact me to make it right. I don’t understand why everything has to be so complicated.

  • thats my exact situation right now and they dont seem to care that people arent getting those promos. sony is beginning to suck big time for me right now so much that i want to go to microsoft and stop messing around with sony. even though i know just one person who stops buying sony products wont make a difference..

  • When I talked to customer service today I asked when should I call back again if I don’t hear anything… She said two more days! Obviously something happened that they need to troubleshoot but it’s pretty clear I signed up for everything correctly and they could easily get from Capital One the date I signed up to know I am eligible for subscription and card… Heck, Even calling Capital One, they said everything checks out on their side. I just don’t understand why Sony Rewards can’t get me the free stuff when it’s obvious it’s all legit and worry about the troubleshooting later…. I did get them to escalate the ticket today, so hopefully they’ll contact me sooner.

  • ya they “escalated” mine also but never calle dme back. they were supposed to the 16th of this month.. nothing

  • update: i used my new ps credit card on monday then i got an email saying im qualified for a $50 ps card to redeem.. so i just i got it….

    but what sucks was i dont get the “1 yr ps plus” offer so instead i just used my “$50” to purchase my ps plus. :/

  • so finally after a week and a half of waiting and hearing the same old crap they said this “Our records indicate you signed up for a no point offer. However, we have made an accommodation and credited your account 5,000 points, which can be used to redeem a $50.00 PSN code. ” which is dumb because i got approved the 30th. this site said 12 months free ps plus and 50$ psn . and they have the nerve to tell me i didnt sign up under that..

  • This sounds like a good deal. My PS Plus membership ran out earlier this month and a free year seems like a good incentive to apply for this card. After I fill out the application though I get the error message: “We’re sorry. Your application either timed out or could not be processed.” I closed everything out and re-attempted this 4 times. By the 4th time I was filling it out quick so I don’t think it was timing out. Anyone else had this problem? Is the offer still valid?

  • @Whutt2000 – Thank you! I had been waiting over a month, and nothing. Was told by customer service rep to wait for the 1st statement, which still hasn’t arrived. Following your instructions, it worked.

    @Kenishiwah – although it looks like they will charge you, once you go to checkout, it will show you will be charged nothing, represented by the RED letters/numbers.

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