Resident Evil 6 Reviewed in November PlayStation: The Official Magazine

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Resident Evil 6 Reviewed in November PlayStation: The Official Magazine

PlayStation: The Official Magazine — November 2012 Cover

Blockbuster reviews highlight PTOM’s November issue as we get the world-exclusive first crack at Resident Evil 6 for our cover feature. Executive editor Mikel Reparaz dives in deep to determine whether the newest installment in the survival horror series still delivers the scares with its move towards more action. One thing is for sure — RE6 and its multiple storyline format doesn’t skimp on play value with more than 30 hours of zombie-battling goodness.

We’ve also got the PS3-exclusive review of Borderlands 2. The first Borderlands game was pleasant surprise when it hit in 2010, but it fell a bit short when it came to gameplay polish and presentation. 2K Games and developer Gearbox Software pulled out all the stops for the sequel and review editor Scott Butterworth’s reaction can be summed up in one word: wow. Clear your schedules as this legitimate Game of the Year contender looks to consume an obscene amount of your gaming time.

Another 2K game that’s been running a bit under the radar is XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Developer Firaxis’ reboot of the classic ’90s PC strategy game feels surprisingly fresh and involving. The strategy genre may not register at the top of most gamer’s must-play lists, but our preview feature details why XCOM is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Elsewhere in the issue, there’s Sony’s next wave of PS3 and PS Vita games including Puppeteer, Until Dawn, Tearaway, and Killzone: Mercenary. Big hands-on previews include Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, GRID 2, and PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, while we’ve got more final review verdicts on games like Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, and Madden NFL 13.

It’s all in the November issue of PTOM hitting physical and digital newsstands on Tuesday, September 25th. (Or to subscribe, click here.)

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  • That ain’t survival horror silly.

  • Resident Evil hasn’t been survival horror for a while. More of an action game. Dark Souls is even more survival horror than RE lately.

  • Survival horror ? As a RE fan I like the demo and will buy the game but after RE5 the series is no longer Survival horror.

  • Hi!

    Please, is it possible to buy Playstation Magazine outside the US? At least a digital copy.

    Our Playstation Magazine here in Brazil don’t have so much content, half of the magazine here is just walkthrough to the newest games, which I think is really unecessary.


    • Looks like edyrfaciola might have already helped you out. But yes, print subscriptions can be purchased even if you’re all the way in Brazil (but it does take a bit of time to reach you).

      Unfortunately, there are territorial restrictions for our digital edition. I will make inquiries on whether that can change but as I understand it there are licensing issues that prevent this.

  • Calling RE6 survival horror is an insult to the genre in my opinion…

    • Man, you guys are touchy! Next time I will try to fit “an action game with some scary bits” on the cover. Sorta just roles off the tongue.

  • @4 mzingalli? I think it was last month that the editor announced a digital version which would be just like the print version, so you can do a search on this blog for that post.

  • Killzone: Mercenary

    hell yeah!

  • Sorry read the comment from a Brazilian and answered in Portuguese, for non Brazilians i said you can subscribe following the link

  • I got excited when I saw Survival Horror and then I saw RE6, bummer

  • Calling Resident Evil to whatever Resident Evil 6 is, it’s an insult anyway. So I guess it’s fine to trick people with “survival horror” things. The genre is dead :(

  • Will we play it first, if I remember the first demo was to XBOX360 and now to PS3, release date are the same… Will this game be split screen only, or will be compatible with the simulview technology?

  • I bought this yesterday. Sony you have pick a good cover for this months issue, i did not have to know what else was in the magazine the resident evil cover was a must buy for me. Also amazing article too.

  • hey love the cover! nice job!
    looks very good!
    thats why i love playstation! im a real reader!
    thanks playstation! cant wait to try the demo! of this action packed game!

  • Now for sony to release RE6 and NBA2k13 on psn with retailer perorder bonuses.

    @Bcrazyman you must be really crazy lol the RE6 demo been out from last week.

  • PLEASE release RE6 on the PS Store you guys. I’m begging you! If you do, I’ll buy it ASAP. If not, it’ll be awhile before I own it :/

    • Just got the Press release today that confirms that RE6 will be available for PSN download purchase on Oct 2 for $59.99.

  • love the art cover :P

    still they should have included Ada in a bigger pic!

  • November issue? the game is out on October 2 so why the November issue or is that just a typo?

    • Magazines have been doing that forever. The issue month is always a month or two earlier than the actually newsstand release window. The rational I was always given is that it encourages retailers to keep issues displayed longer resulting in more sales.

  • @17 DopeMunky3: Magazine issues are very often post-dated, closer to the time when they are supposed to be removed from shelves, as opposed to their publish date. It makes them appear current longer. Kinda like how right now you can go buy a 2013 model year car. In 2018 you’ll have owned it for 6 years but it only gives the impression of 5. It’s marketing.

  • RE6 (boring)

  • Lol at RE being called survival horror!!!!! XD

  • I tried the demo about 2 hrs ago. Will be getting it day 1 :).

  • @AutomaticOcelot Oh! Thanks for clarifying that for me

  • What’s the world coming to? Resident Evil 6 is NOT survival horror, heck Capcom even admitted that they wanted to attract some of the prepubescent CoD crowd. I’ll have to pass. Far more excited for XCom, Dishonored, Playstation All Star and Assassins Creed lll.

    • Yes, RE6 isn’t pure survival horror, but there are still survival horror-ish sections in it. Genre blending is a mainstay in games these days and RE6 is no different.

      That’s a good list of games for you to be excited about though.

  • After playing the demo on PS3, I have zero interest in buying this game.
    Just awful!

  • Amazing how console gamers will buy almost anything these days, re5 was crap and so is 6. It’s nto survival horror, it’s an action game and not a good one at that.

    • All right, all right! Enough with the RE bashing. Here’s something to take your mind off of it: Call of Duty. Begin rants!

  • The residents are evil.
    I just don’t understand the whole logic
    Behind taking away the “find items to progress”
    Gameplay. This is what Survival Horror is when relating to Resident Evil.
    The only thing they did ok with was bringing zombies back,
    But they run, shoot guns, jump, take cover…like soldiers…COD soldiers….
    SHAKING MY HEAD…No Sale…Bad Capcom…BAD!

  • Cool, cool, cool and Cool!

  • @25.. It has to much action not much struggle survival..I think if they make these re games they should take the easy mode and give to mode hard and very hard.. that way the game would be more of a struggle which would balance the action part of the games. I dont assume if Re is for novice players. Lol.

    I think it still a good franchise those. With out the horroe genre would be dead. “no pun intended”

    And Mr burchill do you play madden13 on ps vita. Right im now 8-0 with my tampa bay buc?

    vp-psn legioniarre group

    • Sad to say I haven’t given Madden 13 a shot on Vita. I’m being distracted by PS3 sports games at the moment: Madden, NBA 2K13, and NHL 13 are going to dominate my time the next few months.


  • @5. You’re right, RE6 is an action game, not a Survival Horror game.
    Survival Horror games sucks. RE6 is wayyy too awesome to be a Survival Horror.
    It does, however, have that dark “on the edge” feeling you had back in the early Resident Evils on PS1.
    But this time around, they have decent control so that you can defend yourself like in RE4/5.

  • Resident Evil 5 & 4 were great.
    They were action games.

    Nobody wants the old controls you had back on the PS1, they did that with Code Veronica X and it sucked.
    Then they created Devil May Cry on that same engine but with better controls and it was a huge success. DMC1 was awesome, and it spawned multiple spin-offs such as God of War and Ninja Garden and they too were massive successes themselves and redefine the genre.

    If you want survival games, go play Dead Space or other games that just isn’t selling well.
    Theses days, you can find Dead Space for 3$ on tablets.

  • This game next week shall be mine! “Dr. Evil laughters”

  • BTW is Dramatic Horror. Do some research please.

  • I do find it funny how a lot of people get really fed up with re when its called a survival horror I do look at it now has an action adventure survival horror Iam a long time re fan back from 1996, god I feel out saying that but re has changed a lot in that time.

    Just look at silent hill now it’s a shadow of its former self because it didn’t try something different.

    Iam looking forward to next Tuesday but in the mean time there is re damnation to check out and retribution it’s a good time to be a resident evil fan.

  • Resident Evil wasn’t scary in the past and now it is as scary as in the past. Resident Evil 1 was scary only in the mansion. And Resident Evil 2 wasn’t scary at all. I mean, how can be scary something where you can use Rocket Launcher, Machine Gun, Shotgun and setera. I can’t understand people who complaining about RE being RE and not Fatal Frame or Silent Hill.

  • @residentSteve

    Retribution is just sick.. I can’t understand how someone can shoot s**t like that =))))).

  • Looking forward to my issue. I resubscribed after missing an issue and having to pick it up digitally. Digital is fine and good put I prefer physical magazines for now.

  • So sad to see this series ruined and turned into a generic action shooter.

    The best modern Resident Evil is Revelations on 3DS. REv puts RE5 and RE6 to shame.

  • to all you people whining about Resident Evil 6 that its not a survivor horror lets be honest these games are awesome & they got more horror than any game in my opinion.
    look in the bright side if you don’t like this game don’t buy it just let everyone who likes the series let them buy it.
    I’m looking forward for this game but i wont have any money because of Call of Duty. anyways i’m more excited for Call of Duty: Black OPS 2, WWE ’13, & other good games for the PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita.

  • @39 “if you don’t like this game don’t buy it”

    So what about the people who like the classic RE style and want that style back and hate the new RE games?

    And why does RE6 have so many freaking QTEs in it. I do not play games with garbage QTEs so I will not be playing this.

    As if the terrible game Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City was not bad and generic enough as an action shooter, then there’s the main series into a non-scary generic action shooter too. RE5 and RE6 should have been spin-offs.

  • It’s an action TPS game.

  • Hey Roger,

    Do you feel like RE6 is more like RE5 or RE4?

    • I haven’t played enough of it myself to be an authority at this point, but I did check with Mikel Reparaz who reviewed the game for us and he feels it’s probably closer to RE5 in tone and feel. But he does say RE6 tries a lot of new things and is definitely an evolution on the formula.

      As an RE fan, I’m looking forward to RE6 because I want to see where the franchise is going. Not everything may be successful or be just the way I want it, but there’s a whole lot of game here and I think it’ll certainly be worth playing.

  • @ Roger

    “But he does say RE6 tries a lot of new things and is definitely an evolution on the formula.”

    How is RE6 an “evolution of the formula”, isn’t RE6 a devolution and or regression of the genre? Unless you think that horrible changes are “evolution”.

    You know, Hallway Fantasy XIII ruined my favorite video game series of all time, Final Fantasy, and a lot of people say that FFXIII is “evolution”, however FFXIII is just a 30+ hour long hallway with nothing to do in it. FFXIII is a bare bones game with no freedom, exploration or gameplay and does not even seem like an RPG. FFXIII is more like a bare bones action game.

    Yeah, I just do not like the way that the word “evolution” is just carelessly thrown around.

  • Question do you think since the Resident Evil Anthology Collection is mostly digital copies of 1-5 do you think they will ever be available for the Ps Vita? Bad Idea?


  • I think the series is moving away from the “Survival Horror” genre. I really thought the series was about survival with it’s limited items and ammunition but it then became an easy shooter about Bio-Terrorism to appeal this generation. It’s sad but I’ll give it a try.

  • Sorry neuropunk looks like re is not for you any more games must change to stay fresh, I must admit I find qtes a pain has I get older I take a couple of goes at them but other than that I love resident evils new direction roll on next Tuesday.

  • I’m looking forward to owning this game. I see nothing wrong with this Masterpiece of a game. if all people do is complain that the game isn’t what it used to be…shut up and play a different game. I don’t want idiot people playing with me anyway. Great job Capcom I really look forward to this.

  • RE6 Looks ok I was really excited about it until I played the demo they messed up the cover system and it really doesnt have any survival horror elements to it at all. I think I will pass on this one and just wait for dead space 3.I think that the dead space series is the only true survival horror games left.
    Hopefully one day we will get a good new RE game that is more like the oldschool ones or the game I have been wishing they would make for years MANHUNT 3 =)

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