PlayStation Plus Update: Starhawk Campaign Free, Hell Yeah and Tokyo Jungle Discounts

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PlayStation Plus Update: Starhawk Campaign Free, Hell Yeah and Tokyo Jungle Discounts

Plus continues to get better and better with online game save storage increasing to 1GB last week as well as new details on Plus for PS Vita. Now its time for Starhawk’s single player campaign to join the Plus lineup of amazing free content for members. With this, and other great deals on new release titles, it’s easy to see why Plus members continue to enjoy the best deal in gaming. But enough talk, have at you!

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September 25th PlayStation Plus Update

Starhawk (Single Player Campaign Only) and All Add-Ons
Free for PlayStation Plus Members
Starhawk is arriving for download on PSN with tomorrow’s PlayStation Store Update and it’s coming with options: You can download the Single Player Campaign, or if multiplayer is more your speed, you can elect to download just that mode. And of course, you can also snag the entire game with all modes included. Plus members get the complete single player campaign free with their membership as well as several bits of Add-On content. If you like what you play, don’t forget to pick up the multiplayer mode! It’s also a great time to get in on the MLG Starhawk $20,000 tournament happening soon. Head over to the Starhawk MLG site for all the rules and details!

In addition, we’re throwing in all the Starhawk Add-ons for Plus members! That includes every multiplayer skin, every vehicle paint scheme, the new Grizzly Exo-Rig and the Pod Cannon, even the game’s bombastic soundtrack; it’s all free for Plus members. Watch for tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update to see the complete item breakdown.

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit
20% discount for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $14.99, PS Plus Price: $11.99)
If you haven’t had your eye on this new PSN release, you need to check out the above trailer. You’re an angry rabbit with a thirst for vengeance, a super sawing jetpack driller and some seriously badass weapons. Explore, jump, shoot, loot, upgrade, drill and destroy Hell’s monsters. ALL OF THEM. Get it with a first week discount through PlayStation Plus.

Tokyo Jungle
20% discount for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $14.99, PS Plus Price: $11.99)
It’s the experience gaming site Polygon hailed as the game that has “inspired more breathless updates to friends and coworkers than any game in recent memory…”. It’s that crazy, and it’s that good. With more than 50 playable animals to choose from, unleash your inner beast to hunt your way to the top of Tokyo’s post-apocalyptic food chain. Whether in Story or Survival Mode, you never know where your next meal will come from or the dangers you’ll face, so be prepared for anything and everything.

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PlayStation Plus 9-24-2012

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23 Author Replies

  • Great PS+ update! Especially excited for the free Starhawk DLC. Thanks for the great game and the support for it, Lightbox!

  • May I suggest something?
    Would it be possible for you guys to mention for how long these discounts are is going to be available? (Starhawk Single Player Campaign Only and All Add-Ons Free for PlayStation Plus Members, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit 20% discount for PlayStation Plus Members, Tokyo Jungle 20% discount for PlayStation Plus Members).
    I understand that you want people to purchase this as soon as possible but sometimes it’s a bit frustrating not knowing how many days we have to purchase this. Thanks!

  • Morgan, if possilble, please include on these PS+ Monday posts the games that will be rotated out from Instant Game Collection. I really miss this kind of information.

    Thank you!

    • Good point, will do. For the time being though, nothing is leaving the free offerings on Plus this week. Starhawk is an added bonus.

  • morgan can you PLEASE give us the price for one piece pirate warriors?

  • And just to explain why I find this kind of information relevant: unlike a lot of PS+ users here, I don’t have the money to keep being a PS+ user, so I have to make it worth when I purchase a 3-month card.

    Thus it’s very important to me to know which games I could lose if I don’t sign PS+ on a specific month, so I can spend wisely my so-hard-to-buy PS+ card.

    Hope I get myself clear with my English. Thank you!

  • @93–It’s really a win-win situation, as from what I understand: the free Starhawk SP campaign is a bonus for Plus subs, as it doesn’t take up a spot in the monthly IGC offerings, those who really like it get a good deal on buying the MP, and Sony gets a bit more revenue from an exclusive title they probably had higher hopes for.

  • pretty please Dx

  • Oh I forgot another suggestion..
    Could you guys make a post each Monday to remind all Playstation fans which offers and games are not going to be available on Tuesday after the store updates?
    It would work great as a reminder and it could be titled: “Last Call Mondays”
    ^_^ Thanks!

  • I don’t say thank you very often ! But thank you for borderlands ! this game is assume ! I downloaded the demo but didn’t give it a chance . But now that it’s free i had to try . I LOVE IT ! thank you !!!Now i have to get border lands 2 !!!

  • you got two thank you’s out of me ! lol ! you should give your self a pat on the back !

  • @Joeltron3030 #96 I dont think you understand what I was saying. I was saying I’m glad Starhawk is a bonus to the instant game collection. Those games only rotate every now and then, and didn’t want a half-game to take place in the next rotation. I’m aware you dont have to download those games right away, I think everyone is

  • Hey Morgan just renewed my plus for another year, I already have Starhawk and I can confirm that the multiplayer is way better than the single player campaign so at leat give a discout on the multiplayer too at least 20%.
    Also, can you suggest giving discounts(or just giving) to games like Planet Minigolf, Akimi Village, Tales about a blob, Dungeon & Dragons Daggerdale, Record Of Agarest War, and what about some discounts on PSone and PS2 games.

    One more thing when Plus comes to PS Vita PSP games and minis will be included in the instant collection?


  • I was buying Tokyo Jungle at any price, but the discount is much appreciated. One major question: Will the Japanese DLC be available tommorow for Tokyo Jungle? Or at any point in the near future?

  • I am definitely buying Tokyo Jungle after that GB quick look. And thanks for the Starhawk DLC!

  • Great update. For me, tomorrow is for buying the digital LBPV. I’m going to go to GameStop to see the new PS3, even though I will never buy another PS3 until you sell a pretty color like you do in JPN.

  • @104 i doubt he knows that. i’m hoping Namco/Koei stops being lazy and makes a post about the One Piece game on here by tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully detailing the price and why we should care about the game.

  • @113 i didn’t know Tokyo Jungle had dlc. Doesn’t look like the type of game that would need that. lol. But i hope it is available tomorrow with a discount for Plus members.

    @115 forgot the new ps3 model comes out tomorrow. might check it out as well.

  • @102

    There’s actually a way you can tell how long you have to purchase it. Typically when something shows up in the “expiring soon” section in PS+, it’s going to go away by that coming Tuesday. Now, it might not apply to everything, but it’s been a very good indicator of how long I have to buy something before it’s no longer available in PS+.

    If there’s a surefire way to tell like with a date or something, sure, that’s a much better indicator, but until then, checking the “Expiring soon” section seems to let me know of things a week in advance.

  • More proof that Sony is only using ps plus to try to grab market share from microsoft in the North American market. This month in Japan, Tokyo Jungle is 40% off with ps plus, bringing is price down to an unbelievable 2300 yen, or in dollars about 30 bucks. Sony Japan makes me wanna barf.

  • @ freshprince I see what you are saying I just don’t understand everyone’s fixation on the Instant Game Collection and whats being rotated in or out. They never put a limit on how many games they would give us, so why worry that a certain game might “take up a spot” in the collection. You’re basically just saying “I don’t like that I want another free game”. I would have been fine with this taking up a spot in the collection and I’m sure some others would as well.

  • @113 yes there are about 12 DLC animals, including a Dilophasaurus, Peking Man and Japanese Salaryman.

    Also there are DLC acessories for animals (not sure which animals exactly) but they include things like Mui Mui, Patapon, and other Sony character-based acessories.

  • er @117 last comment lol

  • @Joeltron3030 There is a limit on the Instant game collection, in North America it’s 12 games, 3 games change every month. Others dont change to like 3 months, and big titles like Infamous and LBP change every year. Thats the rotation. Of course I dont want Starhawk to be part of the collection, who doesnt want more games? Again it’s only half of a game. And it’s not apart of the collection, so that should make everyone happy!

  • @119, isn’t the yen to dollar comparison a red herring, & more an indicator of our comparative monetary policies rather than real value? Meaning, how much is the average worker paid per hour in yen vs American worker paid in dollars. So, if the average American has to work 1 hour to pay for lunch @ McDonalds in America, how long does the average Japanese worker have to work for lunch @ a Tokyo McDonalds? You can’t fairly complain that an American has to work 2 hours to convert enough dollars to buy that lunch in Tokyo. Unless you’re that American, visiting Japan.

  • Getting all the add-ons are awesome. I’d love to see more of that.

  • Just convinced another friend to subscribe to Plus. Now he is amazed and thanked me for “turning” him.
    Now I know it’s not just my Sony bias. PSN PLUS is the best fidelity program there is. Good Job!!!

    Can’t wait for the Vita support. By the way, will that be another fee?

    Thanks, my best…

  • @126, PS Plus membership covers both PS3 and Vita (when support becomes available in november). So if you are already a Plus member, you will get all the benefits when Vita supports Plus.

  • hey thanks for the update! cant wait for this!
    ps+ update really awsome! cant wait!

  • does any one know how big of a download borderlands 2 is ?


    If I download the free SP, then buy the separate MP, will it combine into one game on the XMB?

    Also, will I be able to get a Platinum trophy if I have the SP and MP separate, or do I need the “complete edition”?


  • Woohoo! Starhawk is a PERFECT example of why PS+ is a perfect fir for me. with 6 kids my time is very tightly stretched and I have very little money flow. So when games like Starhawk (and Costume Quest, HamsterBall, Walking Dead, LBP2, Ratchet/clank: All 4 One and various PS1 classics, etc.) pique my interest I usually need to pass, but now I can explore these titles, and more, on my time and budget. My silly opinion of course.

    Anyway keep up the GREAT work Sony!!!! Fan for life.

  • Hey Morgan,

    Great update. At the beginning of the month, when I saw the comparison between the EU update and the US update, I was about to give up defending US PS+ (and you know I have been defending it month after month). Up until yesterday, EU PS+ still trumps with a free Machinarium, but then this update comes along and blows that right out of the water. Not only do we get Starhawk, we get all Add-Ons that comes with it! Man, this post just made my day. PS+ ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuullllleeeesssss.

  • I’m with #130 about this one. I have had the disc version of Starhawk since Day 0 (before the day it was released) and I was wondering if I decide to download the Single Player Campaign will I get a brand new set of trophies to obtain or will it not get any trophies since it’s the same campaign as the disc version.

  • how will the ps+ vita affect the ps+ ps3 , will the ps+ ps3 remain the same.

  • Ello Morgan,

    I have couple of question?

    1. Why only the campaigne mode for FREE for Starhawk? Why not the full game and charge for the DLC?
    2. What the point of having FREE DLC if it can’t be use unless you purchase the multiplayer mode? “Nice marketing strategies by the way.”
    3. Will these half games be replacing the FULL FREE games?
    If so, then I will not purchase PS PLUS in the near future as I was planning too. Now I’m going wait and see. I thought the whole point for PS PLUS members was to give them free FULL games not half of games, like The Dead Walking & now Starhawk.

  • ops …. I meant “The Walking Dead”

  • i wan extremely interested in Tokyo Jungle but not enough to buy it…. then the discount comes and i’m totally gonna get it!

    i thought ps+ was supposed to save me money… lol

  • Any chance of Dead Red Redemption become free in PSN Plus US, like it became free in PSN Plus UK?

  • you give someone silver and they want to know why not gold ! Take what you get and be happy about it ! Do you think that sony makes money off of giving you every thing you want ? Take borderlands for insistence . I wouldn’t of thought to get border lands 2 if they didn’t give me borderlands to play ! so why cry about it. just be happy you saved some money ! And telling sony you won’t get ps pluse won’t work ether ! Beleave me i tried that with my parents when i was 5 . And it didn’t work !

  • @usccm I guess you didn’t notice Europe is getting Starhawk too.

    Anyways, I’m intrigued by Morgan’s comment that they’re looking into rewarding people based on how long they’ve been members. That would be awesome!

  • unless we get some great full games in october in october i will not renew my subscription. i just about had enough with plus it is not worth it for me.

  • I have been excited about this since last week. One question though. If you are. Ps+ member and buy the multiplayer, what exactly happens if your membership runs out? Do you need to buy the single player campaign later? I am sure someone already asked and answered this, but there are over 140 posts as I type this… And for once I am too impatient to look through them all! Great job Sony!

  • Hello:

    Could you please respond to this one? I’ve been asking if you have plans to lower the price on Siren, it’s been 39.99 for more than 2 years. Even the U.K. Store has it at £10.99 (around15 bucks).
    Could you please do this.

    Thank you very much, great update this week.

  • I bought Starhawk day 1 as well and loved it. I worked all week straight just on the game to platinum it. Single player is ok but its mainly gearing you up for online mutiplayer. It gets much better online and all the patches fixed most spawn camping issues to make online better and not a spawn camping rage fest of breaking the controller cause you would be killed once you landed and busted out your capsule. Its been patched good now. I just wish the developer had it digital day one cause now its off to lose money selling my disc copy for the digital.

  • looks like i just gotta cross my fingers and hope that october isnt as bad as september for ps+ the only good thing i got from + this month was the 1gb save….so im not gonna complain on that but not even any indie games worth noting. i mean come on europe got red dead redemption and motorstorm apocalypse

  • Nice update.

  • wtfff!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 am and still no update i need to get tokyo jungle!!!! b4 i go to sleep :/

  • lol first you give us 2/5ths of the Walking Dead, and now the single player campaign to a multiplayer-centric game. This is really getting ridiculous. :( Is there any way I can get a refund on my remaining PS+ subscription?

  • Nice Starhawk is still brand spanking new. Seems like just yesterday that we were beta testing it. Nice addition to the instant collection! (Still enjoying Borderlands+ DLCs)

  • Discounts on two games I want. Damn you! Trying not to spend money.

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