PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

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PlayStation Around The Web: What We Read

With Tokyo Game Show 2012 now in the books, the major gaming shows and conferences season has come to an end. There’s only one thing left to do: play the games we’ve been seeing since E3 (or earlier). The big new release weeks are underway; you’ll see the full list for September 25th in a few hours with this week’s The Drop. As far as TGS coverage goes, I’ve linked out to a number of stories below.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of September 17th, 2012)

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  • The Vita had a lot of impressive announcements and reveals this year. Glad it’s finally picking up steam.

    I’m very happy to be an early adopter. My only disappointment being the price of the memory cards. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I would gladly buy more digital content if I could fit it on a more affordable card.

  • agreed Arsenic13, I got an 8 gig card that came with my Vita & its currently below 1 gig of remaining space but even so i’d prefer to get games on a cartridge over digital cuz the saved data is within the game itself which sux =/

  • I SOOO CAN’T WAIT FOR DEAD OR ALIVE 5! Can’t wait to unlock VF’s Sarah Bryant and (try to) own everyone in online matches.

  • @1 not enough JAPANESE Vita games though. And PSP connectivity doesnt count

  • @Jack Trentton: not enough true gamers in the world. Plus want doesnt mean getting

  • Psvita saves are saved “inside” the game file itself? So if you have to delete a digital game to make room for another, you lose saves since they were “inside” the game?

  • Got tons of games coming my way over the next few weeks:
    -Dead or Alive 5 (Collector’s Edition)
    -Resident Evil 6 (got it 20% off at through a 3 day sale)
    -Sonic Adventure 2 HD
    -Nights into Dreams HD (may get it another time)
    -Hell Yeah! (may get it another time)
    -Street Fighter X Tekken Vita (Glad i waited for the Vita version) Actually asked one of my parents for this as an early bday gift, said to order from with $1 Release date shipping (HINT HINT ANYONE)

  • I think the dead or alive series is better than the tekken series so I would like to see a versus series on that one

  • please patch the ps3 so it can see vita trophies as well as vita friends online. This functionality shouldve been day one.

  • w8????????
    Did Jack Trentton just leak the Dust 514 release date? he said next month….

  • So Sony, how much did you bribe and pay to make those site write good stuff about you?

  • hey this week is going to be really awsome on playstation!
    also for us ps+ members!
    playstation rules!
    ps+ is really awsome! cant wait for content in the next coming months!

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