Final Fantasy III Coming to PSN Tuesday

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Final Fantasy III Coming to PSN Tuesday

Final Fantasy III on PSN

PlayStation fans are no strangers to the FINAL FANTASY brand, and have continued to be devoted supporters over the series’ 25 year history. Last fall, we brought two additional classic entries in this franchise to the PSN catalog as part of our Winter of RPGs campaign.

This time, I’m here to help close out summer with a bang. The list of numbered FINAL FANTASY titles available on the PlayStation family of consoles has been incredible, but alas, it has also been incomplete. That changes on September 25th, with the release of FINAL FANTASY III on PlayStation Network.

Now, PSP owners will be able to experience a piece of FINAL FANTASY history as they embark on a journey with the four Warriors of Light — Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus — as they battle to save the world from being engulfed in Darkness. A dangerous mission, to be sure; to accomplish their task, they will need an incredible set of skills.

Final Fantasy III on PSNFinal Fantasy III on PSN

FINAL FANTASY III was the first installment in the series to include the now-famous Job System. While this band of heroes starts out as Freelancers, with time, they will each be able to learn one of 23 different jobs! Use the healing spells of the White Mage to protect your party, harness the negative energies of the world as a Dark Knight, or turn the environment itself into a weapon as a Geomancer. These are but three of the many options available — there’s a multitude of incredible of job combinations for your party. Mix and match until you find the combination you like best!

But there’s more! New features for the PSP version include: graphics optimized for the 16:9 screen, an image gallery, an option to switch to the original BGM, and an auto-battle system that doubles the speed of combat.

FINAL FANTASY III debuts on PSN September 25th. Download it, complete your FINAL FANTASY collection, and then start figuring out what you want your Warriors to be when they grow up. Oh, and say hi to Cid for me when you see him!

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  • This was released on the DS a few years ago I have since sold it. bUT if the price is right I might pick it up!! IT BETTER BE VITA COMPATIBLE!! I don’t own a PSP but if it’s on Vita I might pick it up Day 1!!

  • VITA VITA VITA VITA VITA VITA!!! That is all, thank you

  • Sorry to say this to ya but, MARKETING FAIL!!! You cant just say here it is its coming next week! You have to announce the release date in advance more than a month in advance!!!

  • the price is 29.99 or 39.99 PlatinumAura lol so no the price is bad xD

  • EXACTLY WHERE IS TYPE-ZERO!!!! Where are Birth by Sleep and FF7 Crisis Core come on….

  • I’m considering buying this, but I would really prefer Star Ocean 1, Star Ocean 2, and Valkyrie Profile to be released on PSN. Those are the only 3 games I still have on UMD only than I can’t play on my Vita.

    I’ve already finished FF3 through the DS anyway.

  • Now that all numbered FF from 1 to 9 are on PSN, why not make a huge bundle with all of them? Or even a bundle with all FFs in the PSN including 13 and 13-2?

  • Excellent.

    Now if you guys would just release FF 1&2 Anniversary Editions on to the PSN, I would:

    a) Buy them again.

    b) Have the entire series 1-9 on my PSP.

  • Yeah, I’m happy this is being released in America. I didn’t think we would get it since we didn’t get Type-0, for which I’m still crossing my fingers. If this is priced reasonably ($20 or less) I’ll definitely pick it up again, since I love classic Final Fantasies and the characters Akihiko Yoshida designed for the post 2000 version.

    But yeah, I really would love to have the option to buy Final Fantasies I & II for the PSP as well. I know that Final Fantasy Origins is available, but the PSP remastered versions are so much better in every way that I just don’t care about them.

  • Two Things:

    1. If this is over 20 dollars, I am going to punch a baby. (It should be 10, but I dont expect that.) I really want to play it on PSV.

    2. I really want FF Type-0 to come to the US. Localize it, and put it on PSN as a PSP game. Or, port it to Vita. Thats fine too. I just want a localized, handheld verison on Type-0. Ive put tons of hours into the Japanese demo.

  • @45 I said it would be nice to have it ported to a PSN game since it’s not/can’t be a PS1 game.

    Learn to read.

  • Shame on anyone that supports this lazy game. This should be like the other PSP remakes, not the lame DS game ported to PSP years later at inflated prices.

    Shame on you Square Enix for your years of mistreatment of Final Fantasy III

  • Also, Type-0.

  • Where’s Type-0 SE?

  • 3 Serious questions:
    – Why hasn’t Final Fantasy I anniversary and Final Fantasy II anniversary for PSP been released on PSN yet in North America? These need to get here ASAP!! I’ve been waiting forever and JP & EU are playing them.
    – Why hasn’t Final Fantasy Type-0 been localized or even been announced for localization yet? There was rumor of Type-0 HD on Vita but that doesn’t look likely. I wanna really know are you doing a surprise PSN only release like this game? Cause if so I would rather you spoil the surprise so im ready to get it cause moneys getting tight.
    – Can Square Enix PLEASE release Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep & Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on PSN!! I didn’t get a chance to finish Crisis Core and woukd buy in a heart beat. And I had PSP go when KHBBS released so I couldn’t play, you know how much it hurt knowing me out of all my friends was tbe only one who cared to buy games and i was screwed.
    P.S. Hope Final Fantasy X HD on PS3 & PS Vita releases as quick as this did localized :)

  • For the love of the Diety of your choice, where is Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core?!? I’ve been paitently waiting for this on Psp/PsVita for YEARS now! Final Fantasy 3 is a nice addition, but it isn’t even in the same league as Crisis Core. Please, please look into this!

  • Price and is it compatible with the Vita?

  • Woot woot! I hope I can transfer it to the VIta. Also would be nice if they got FFV to transfer to the Vita too :D.

  • Over 60 posts and still no work from a Red poster if it’ll be playable on Vita? Thats worrisome.. almost seems like they’re avoiding answering it. I won’t buy this until I get some confirmation it’ll play on Vita.

  • PSP only or PS3 as well? I’d love to play this in HD resolution on my TV. Would be really nice! ^_^

  • I also wont be buying until there is word on Vita confirmation. But its a pretty sweet game :D. Cant wait to play it again.

  • There’s no way I’m paying $39.99 for a digital copy of a PSP game that should have been out years ago.

  • Please release the psp remastered versions of FF 1 & 2 the North American playstation store. Also please release FF crisis core, Valkyrie Profile, and Kingdom Hearts psp to the North American playstation store as well. I have the mud versions, but would love downloadable versions to play in my vita. There is money to be made!!! Please release them on the network. This would be a day one purchase. Thanks for reading.

  • Great! Now where’s Final Fantasy X?

  • Very COOL, no clue about price and platforms. This leads to only one conclusion – price 30$ or above and only for PSP =)))..

  • come on sony, dont you want our money?!!! release final fantasy 1 and 2 (the anniversary editions) for the vita!!! and why havent you added final fantasy 5 for the vita?? godamit, thats the only ps1 classic i cant transfer from my ps3 to my vita!!!

  • Great! Please also release Final Fantasy 1 and 2 so that I can have Final Fantasy 1-9 on my Vita.

  • Will it be compatible with ps3?

  • Dear Sony: Please put a compilation of Final Fantasy 1 – 9 on ONE Vita card and release it as a collection. I will pay $50 for that, easily, and it would sell a lot of Vitas.

  • Quick question Charles:
    Do you have any information regarding the european launch for FFIII? Thanks!

  • yay now we can experience all the main FF games on the PS family :D

  • here’s still hoping for FFXII to get a release SOON… come on… talking about incomplete, you should at least get taht one up. :/

  • If they expect us to pay $39.99 for this as a digital release, then forget it! I’d rather pay $40 for a physical release…

    “Download it, complete your FINAL FANTASY collection,”
    …That’s only have Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI get a PSP remaster. The PS1 version is by far the worst version. It was a horribly rushed port.

  • @79

    They are releasing the entire FF collection… for 450 dollars, and only in Japan though. If you think they’d give away those 9 games for 50 bucks though, you’ve got far too much faith in Squares generosity.

  • Knowing Square Enix, they’ll probably charge full price for this port of an old game. If its $9.99 i’ll get it, but i’ve played it enough times already on DS that theres no way i’m paying more than that for a psp version.

  • @Ryumaou

    I’d expect 30 bucks, minimum. It just released in Japan as a full 50 dollar game, so there is no way they are gonna make it super cheap here.

  • Well, the game comes out in a few days and they refuse to reveal the price, in spite of plenty of calls to do so. This tells me it’s going to be priced at more than it’s worth (i.e. more than the DS version, or $10 US).

    Given that they didn’t say anything about Vita compatibility, rest assured that it won’t be. That companies are still focusing on PSP development doesn’t bode well for Vita — but, then again, why should they, when Sony themselves hardly support it?

  • Cool, but what about FFI and FFII for PSP (not the classics) ? The EU Store already have them, when will we have them?

  • Wow. This looks great. Might wait till x-mas cause i has no $$$.

  • WOOT! Borrowed the NDS version some time ago, and the iOS version is not a universal app. This, however, seems to be the best version thus far. Shame that the opening FMV likely doesn’t have that dynamic flow it had on the DS.

    Now, just need a remake of the ORIGINAL format (see: FFIV Complete).

  • Ah, yeah, that’s right! The 20th Anniversary editions of FFI and FFII? Though, I’m kinda jelly of Windows Phone 7 users, since their version of FFI has those addictive cheevos.

  • If it’s not Vita compatible right away, I’m sure it will be shortly. It’d be stupid of them to release this now without it being Vita compatible.

    For the people asking about Type-0, we’re not getting it. It’s been almost a year with no word on it, and the PSP is pretty much dead in the US outside of this, a few sports games, and Ragnarok Tactics. Atlus isn’t even bringing over the last PSP Persona game. The only reason we got this is because it’s a port of the iOS release of the DS remake with nothing added in the way of new content, so it was already pretranslated, and the Japanese release even has the English version built into the game. If it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t even be seeing this PSN release.

  • I belive it will cost at most 16.99 since that is the highest cost of the game on Ipad. 15.99 on Iphone and Android. I’m hopeing for it to be 14.99 or less though.
    Game looks supprisingly good on Android.(Much Much better then the ds version.) Haven’t seen it on Iphone and Ipad but belive it probibly looks as good or better then the Android verison.

  • hey very good game cant wait looks very awsome!
    any discount for us ps+ members?
    anyword on that thanks!

  • I’ve been waiting for FF III for a while, as its the only one I’ve never played. But what were they thinking releasing it on the PSP, as the PSP is basically a dead system? Why wouldn’t they release it for Vita, complete with trophies and cross-play compatibility with the PS3? Was it too much extra work, or would that just make too much sense? At any rate, if it’s Vita compatible, I’ll pick it up if the price is right. If it’s too expensive, I’ll wait for it to go on sale, as it will at some point. I’ve waited this long to play it, I can wait a little longer.

  • It would be so much better if it had the same graphics style as FF1/FF2 for PSP had.
    They were updated and looked nice, but they were still within the same kind of style as “classic” Final Fantasy

  • will the game come out to european stores and psn after the japanese release???

  • How much? :o is this different from the ds remake? I sold my copy..

  • Sounds good! Whats the price?

  • YES! YES! YES! PSP is not dead yet! Thank you, Sony!

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