TGS 2012: Watch the New Puppeteer Trailer

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TGS 2012: Watch the New Puppeteer Trailer

Hi guys, back again to give you an update on Puppeteer. First off, please let me thank you all for your wonderful, supportive comments after our announcement at Gamescom last month. It’s dedicated PlayStation fans like you that make the incredible amount of hard work that goes into making games worthwhile.

You never know what reaction you will get from your work, and it seems that Puppeteer has hit the right nerve with gamers. So, when I got back from Germany, I started getting ready for Tokyo Game Show. We aren’t showing a playable demo on the show floor, but I have put together another trailer for the show. This one is longer and shows a little bit more of the story, without giving too much away and ruining it for you all. Have a look up above.

Puppeteer on PS3Puppeteer on PS3

We are currently casting in London for the voice actors, so I apologize for the voices in the trailer. It’s a little embarrassing because all of the voices are done by me, apart from the narrator.

Actually, I am thinking of doing the Witch’s voice in the final retail version, I just haven’t decided for sure yet. So, I thought I would leave that up to you the fans to decide. If you want me to remain as the Witch in Puppeteer, please just post a comment below and I will tally it up. Witch yes/no will do.

I’ll be in Sao Paolo for the Brazil Game Show — if you’re down in that neck of the woods during the October 11th-14th time frame, come and check it out. Anyway, I’d better get back and finish this game!

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  • Awsome! This and Rain will be great =D

  • This game would be perfect for 3D. I thought you did a great job at doing the voices and didn’t realize it was one person.

    • Hey Everyone, Don’t forget to read what Gavin said above, if you want to vote for him to keep doing the voice of our Witch in Puppeteer, then after your comments, please be sure to either say “Witch Yes” or “Witch No”.

  • This looks awesome! Really takes me back to childhood plays and such. As far as the voice goes, I’ll be honest (while trying to be as polite as possible). I watched the trailer first and read the post afterwords. Before I even read that you had done all the voices, I could tell that the witch had been voiced by a guy. I grew accustomed to it during the trailer, but it wasn’t my favorite. Sorry!!!!!

  • My son will have a ball with this game….Awesome concept.

  • Game is looking great! I also think Mm should feel very flattered.

  • Witch yes.

  • Wow that games look interesting and something different the other game!!! I will keep update at this great stuff!! ;)

  • Witch yes

  • Is there a reason for the main characters head to change? I saw a few different ones in the trailer. Is it a gameplay element or just customization?

    Witch? oh HELL yes! I kinda like how weird it sounds, makes her more original and creepy like a witch should be. I like that is sounds different.

    • Hey Kid, Glad you asked about Kutaro “losing his head” – much more to come on this later, but for now all I can tell you is, you’re gonna love it!

  • yes voice the Witch

  • It would be nice If I could listen to what an Alternative “witch” would sound like but for now, Witch yes.

  • Sorry. triple posted

  • Looks like a fantastic game! Will keep my eye on this one.

    Witch yes

  • I must’ve watched that first trailer a half dozen (half-dozen?) times. I think this is going to be something really special. No need to apologize for those voices man, they’re actually pretty enjoyable.

    Witch Yes

  • Unfortunately i have always felt a dislike towards puppets and circus’ and plays etc. it all just bothers me and seems annoying.

    The game seems interesting i just cant stand the puppetiness.

  • Awesome trailer!! Is this a full priced game or will it be a PSN game? either way I am looking forward to it.

    • Thanks! Glad you liked it! Puppeteer is a full retail (Blu-ray) PS3 game!
      So much more awesome stuff to share with you all in the coming months!

  • Please change all the voice acting, including the Witch. Its the only thing I don’t like about this title at the moment, so I’d rather you aimed for a home run on EVERYTHING and got an awesome voice cast rather than settle for something you’ve gotten attached to due to the passage of time.

  • If he did the Moon Bear King voice also then keep that as well. You may not realize that you are the next Nolan North! (over exaggerated but still I like the voice acting).

  • Truly amazing! Witch Yes! Well done :)

  • This game looks so freaking cool! I can’t wait! PLEASE consider having a collector edition of the puppeteer with the witch included as a figure. Thank You.

  • It looks very unique. Witch Yes

  • Japan Studios hit a big home run @ Gamescon. Too bad I can’t watch TGS streamed here. Anyway, as I was saying, Puppeteer & Rain look like they’re providing a huge shot in the arm for PLaystation gaming.

    I’ll be buying this, for sure.

  • Witch yes!

  • Really like what I’m seeing of the title so far, should be an interesting experience. Hopefully there will be enough story for both kids and older folk to enjoy at the same time.

    And if I’m absolutely honest, I’m not really liking the Witch’s voice as it is now. Maybe its because I spend a lot of time listening to things rather than watching but the witch sounds like a guy (I came to that conclusion before seeing who wrote the article). I mean, it doesn’t always have to be a female playing a female role but in this case I can’t ignore it. Maybe if you used some audio program to slightly tweak it to a higher pitch then I’d be fine. Ugh I wrote more than I meant to

  • Witch Yes!

  • Witch Yes!

  • WITCH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I know Sony is against ports, but this game NEEEEEEDS a PS Vita port.
    I demand one!


    It makes the game feel like an amazing punch and judy show, I love it :D

  • All those voices where yours? Dude you are VERY talented. You definitely need to do the Witch’s voice.I have to give you credit. Gaming has become so mundane and boring to me as of late and this game is just the shot in the arm I needed. I am just sad that it isn’t coming this fall instead of next year. Just make sure it is ready bright and early for us next year

  • It looks like another BRILLIANT PlayStation Exclusive :P COOL;)

  • Witch yes and wonderful job on all of the voices.

  • Yes witch btw I hope game is priced appropriately to give it a try

  • Witch Yes. Actually all the voices YES lol

  • This game looks awesome, so creative and original! Love it!! Without having anything to compare it to, i like the voice of the witch, but probably more so the voice of the king, especially the first line is great! Would need to hear an alternative voice to decide though..

  • its so different and alive the animations and you get the feeling your watching a creepy theatre show as you play WOW i really want this game cant wait great job on this one kudos!!! :D
    I hope you guys fid great voice actors for this similar to the ones in the trailer,really loved it, happy hunting !

  • Witch YES, the laugh is perfect but the speaking voice needs some work, it needs to be a little more witchy.

    The familiar thing ( the one following Kutaro ) didn’t say much but i think he needs a stronger accent. What about Kutaro he didn’t even make a peep so if he doesn’t speak maybe each head he uses should have a different set of sounds.

    I didn’t know Mr. Moore was multi-talented and i think it would be great if he did more voice acting but his job probably keeps him too busy.

    Please consider releasing this game on PSN too for those who prefer the digital format.

    Thanks and good luck with this and future projects.

  • The only voice I didn’t like was the Tiger. The rest, in the original trailer were perfect.

  • I can’t believe I didn’t notice the changing of the heads in the initial trailer. Now I’m curious as to whether they are just aesthetic unlockables, or something more.

    I think you’re selling yourself short on the voice acting. I didn’t even notice it was just a single guy. Everything has a great, creepy, carny/magical quality to it. Voicing the witch is fine by me.

  • witch yes!!! :D

  • Witch Yes!

  • Witch yes!!!

    Also, I am super hyped for this game. Looks great!

  • Is this DLC for littlebigplanet? hehe jk, looks awesome. On a side note: The witch looks like Grunty from banjoo kazoie

  • This game is going to be the best thing in ages!

  • Witch yes

  • Witch yes.

    I’ll be honest i had no idea you did all the voices till i read the blog post haha

  • Witch Yes.-

    This game looks incredible amazing… It was like first sight love for me!

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