Insomniac Games Lights the Fuse

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Insomniac Games Lights the Fuse

Hi everyone! After a long journey navigating the sometimes-challenging waters of new IP development, we’re proud to reveal Fuse. Fuse, formerly known as Overstrike, is a third person, four-player cooperative game that centers around a volatile energy source that has fallen into the wrong hands. The substance, called Fuse, has been acquired by a terrorist organization known as Raven and Overstrike 9 has been hired to track down and stop it from setting off a deadly arms race.

Fuse for PS3Fuse for PS3

You can play with up to three of your friends, and each member of Overstrike 9 has its own signature Fuse-powered weapon. Play as Dalton Brooks, an ex-mercenary who has a Mag-shield that acts as portable cover and unleashes a devastating blast that liquefies opponents. Take on the role of Naya Deveraux, who can cloak to flank enemies and fire out mini-black holes that implode its victims. As Jacob Kimble, you can keep enemies at a distance with the Arc Shot and shoot out charged bolts that chain react and fry enemies. Then there’s Izzy Sinclair, who can either launch out med beacons to heal teammates or fire her Shatter Gun to crystallizes and explode nearby threats. If you’re not sure who you want to play, you can use the LEAP feature to instantly switch to any available character. A good tactic when you’re in a pinch!

Fuse for PS3

As you take down targets with both Fuse and conventional weapons, you’ll earn valuable points than can be used to upgrade your weapons and character abilities. You’ll earn more points on executing cooperative kills and these points and upgrades are beneficial across both campaign and another mode we’ll be revealing at a later time.

I’ve been at Insomniac for more than 13 years and was part of the development of the first Ratchet & Clank for the PS2. It’s never easy developing new gameplay, an engaging storyline, and new technology from scratch. But at Insomniac right now, we’re having a lot of fun both evolving and playing Fuse. I believe the telltale signs of a signature “Insomniac” game are in full force. We’re diligently working on making sure each character and gameplay mechanic is satisfying to play. Our story is filled with intrigue and contains exciting plot twists with a touch of that classic Insomniac humor. And there won’t be a shortage of replay options thanks to our LEAP feature.

We hope you’ll feel the same way when Fuse launches in March 2013!

Fuse for PS3

You can look for more information on the official site, follow Insomniac on Twitter or like the Fuse page on Facebook. We’re excited to show you more of Fuse soon.

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  • Awesome! Can’t wait :D One question though, what happened to Jacob Kimble’s dreads & sunglasses?

    • He got a few tweaks… it was sort of hard to believe he’d be going on missions with a super tie on. Way back in the day he had an afro, haha. Just part of his continued evolution to Fuse.

  • I am….hesitant to see this when it’s out.

    • It’s actually a ton of fun. We can’t wait to get the trailer out there and for folks to get their hands on it. Folks we had in the studio last week had a blast and kept coming back to play it.

  • Finally, it’s been way too long since it’s been announced and we having no info. FINALLY!

  • Sounds cool and Insomniac have never let me down so I will definitely pick it up. I’d love to see a Vita version of this because I hardly have time to play on home consoles anymore. :/

  • Very nice can’t wait!

  • The original trailer looked pretty creative/different. Now it’s looking a bit more generic, here is hoping the writing is good!

  • I just wish insomniac would have stuck with resistance

  • Aw, I hope the dreads & glasses come back as a skin. He looked so bad-ass.

  • Excellent, you guys are my favorite studio. Thanks for delivering excellent games, I can’t wait to pick this one up.

  • Please tell me the very first trailers humor is still present and it was just some character design changes that were tweaked? I was sold then just because I love the writing style and how it lacked a completely serious tone because the characters were just that badass.

    Also, just curious, but why the name change?

    • The humor is definitely still there. We have evolved it a bit, ie, the campy/slapstick stuff is now more of a dry wit. But it’s definitely still got humor and is coming from Ratchet & Clank writer TJ Fixman

  • does this mean no more Resistance games from you guys?

  • Looks very generic, wish you would have stayed with the original style that was in the Overstrike Trailer. And to release it in March does not bother well for this game.

    • Sorry you feel that way – it’s tough to please everyone, but we definitely feel like the game and weapons are better for the new style

  • I love how you guys handled Resistance 2 co-op. I’m very excited for this!

  • Hey Insomniac, Fuse looks pretty interesting and with your knack for creative weapon design, I’m sure it’ll provide some addicting gameplay!

    With you guys getting your feet wet on the Vita in Full Frontal Assault, I’m hoping that there will be some consideration to bring this over to the handheld as well. The idea of ad-hoc/infrastructure co-op on the Vita with cross-play potential sounds great to me and I’m always excited to get my hands on something to play on the Vita.

  • Will there be local co op?

  • I like this art-style a lot more than the previous one. Also, why cant Resistance look this good? :(

  • Why was this previewed on a 360 and not a PS3?

  • It seems like during the time the game was first announced to now it took a entire different look from more of a cartoon like cell shading to now a more realistic look. Why such a huge change? where you guys trying to create a more serious environment with th e game?

    • Not necessarily serious, this is still a crazy story that goes to crazy locations. That said, we did want to ground it so everything has more punch. There is still a lot of humor, charactrer and story in the game

  • Ya I have to agree, I was really drawn in to the world and characters you created in the original trailer. Looking at the screenshots for this game, accompanied by the name change, makes me think that the direction for the game has changed. This looks like a Mass Effect/Gears of War mass up. And reading your comment about changing the humor from campy/slapstick to dry….sounds like someone told you to change everything about Overstike that made it appealing in the first place. This rendition looks like more of the same that we’ve seen this generation, and something I won’t be interested. Really hope I’m wrong.

  • Well I don’t write anything off until I have played it myself, but I am very disappointed that the look has been changed. I have Overstrike preordered but I am a little hesitant on picking this title up now. I may rent it first and see from there if it is worth getting.

    Also March is a dumb release for a new IP. You will be going up against Gears and God of War and that is some strict competition.

    Best of luck to Insomniac and let’s hope this doesn’t disappoint.

  • So much gray @_@

  • Look ok I guess, I’m just kind of tired of generic shooters.

  • Actually, after sumbitting my last comment, and thinking about it some more….it dawns on me that this game is for both 360/PS3. With the big push to draw in the 360 crowd. The original style looked like what Insomniac has been known for (ratchet style) and someone “suggested” that if you want to appeal to the 360 crowd, that you better change things to what 360 gamers look for. That would very much explain the changes and would coincide with the first line in the article ” After a long journey navigating the sometimes-challenging waters of new IP development, we’re proud to reveal Fuse. Fuse, formerly known as Overstrike”

  • Looking forward to seeing Insomniac begging Sony for a second shot at the Resistance series, after this Multplat game no one cares about flops :D

    ….also nice to read Ted Price on negaf finally owning up to royally messing up R:2 with that CoD also-ran BS (in typical oblique corporate speak of course).

  • am I interested? a tad bit I guess. I want more Resistance for ps3..anything resistance that isnt insomniac just isnt resistance. I’d be fine with just some R3 DLC

  • Been waiting forever to hear new info about this game, seems like we’ll be waiting for a long time. :(

    Still wanna see gameplay etc.

    • EA is still trying to get final clearance on the trailer, so that’s hopefully coming soon.

      In addition to that, GT.TV with Geoff Keighley tomorrow night will have lots of gameplay

  • is Resistance 3 coming to playstation plus soon?

  • Since Insomniac is not an exclusive playstation developer anymore it will be a like an Ratchet & Clank game for other platforms?

    • This will be a game with all of what you love about Insomniac, but on multiple platforms.

      We’re still bringing out Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault though, and that game remains exclusive to PS3

  • Really excited about this game I can’t wait to play it. Though a little saddened at the loss of Overstrike for Fuse, but look forward to it none the less. Just something I’ll have to get past like Isomniac going Cross Platform.

    • well, we’re still making Full Frontal Assault! :-)

      and we hope you like the game, we’re having a lot of fun making it

  • Seems like it will be a great game, no matter the name! What is the setting here, the not-too-distant future? I like the alternate history of the Resistance series. I hope this game follows suit by adding a touch of reality and not just a future of plastic and ray guns like other futuristic shooters.

  • Was really excited when this game was fist announced. Now, this game just look generic like every other shooters out there.

    • We think when you see it in action and play it, you’ll realize it’s anything but generic. Lots of love and personality have gone into this game.

  • interesting game and looking good too, am going to follow this game for sure
    co-op shooters are the best shooters, keep up the good work Insomniac

  • hey James can Resistance or Ratchet and Clank come to other platforms?

  • Destructoid and OXM are saying that the game was previewed on the 360.

    Very much so looking forward to FUSE, platinumed every Insomniac game except Resistance 2

  • @33

    No. Sony owns the rights to the Resistance & Ratchet and Clank franchises

  • Will there be a demo for Fuse?

    Will there be underwater combat in the underwater bases?

  • Looks awesome. Can’t wait for it to come out. Are you allowed to say what console is the main dev platform? It’s usually Xbox but I figured you guys would use PS3 since you have more experience with it. I’d really love to know since I have both.

  • Sorry guys, this is far too generic from what I can see. It looks like you’ve lost your spark :(. I was voting for Overstrike more than anything… Just don’t reach to far out from your origins.

    • I don’t think the game is generic at all. It’s uniquely Insomniac, with over-the-top and satisfying weapons, crazy locations and story, fantastic gunplay, great characters and story and a touch of our humor.

      Stay tuned, more to come between trailer and gameplay as we get closer to launch. But this isn’t a standard generic military dudebro shooter.

  • It looks like you had to change the style because everyone would think its a Borderlands rip off….now its looking like a very generic and run of the mill coop shooter T_T

  • I’m always down for some coop action. And I trust you guys (and gals) to make a quality experience, so I will have to check this out. I also like the addition of RPG elements. I’m interested in seeing gameplay and getting a better feel for the game (how much it compares to Borderlands in length, combat variety, open world vs. linear).

  • Yikes… What happened?

  • I trust you guys wont mess this up. As for all the negative comments from everyone here. Wait and see what happens before you dismiss the game.

  • I just picked up the Ratchet and Clank collection. I do not know if I will be getting this, I feel betrayed you guys. The reason I buy Insomniac games is because I support the playstation and let’s face it even though insomniac games are very fun, I feel that if they were multiplatform people would care a LOT less. We want someone to feel on our side. I felt Naughty Dog, Insomniac, and sucker punch were like the three musketeers, not so sure anymore. Bad move.

    • We are still supporting PlayStation with new Ratchet & Clank – most notably Full Frontal Assault which will be out later this year.

  • Will this be worth playing for us single-player gamers, or are you intending it to be essentially multiplayer only?

    • No way! It’s awesome in single-player because you can LEAP between the characters. So it’s sort of like having a party of four characters and jumping between them to use which skills you need / level up the character you like.

      It’s actually really fun, strategic, and instantaneous. The game is fun with four people, but it’s also fun to play alone because you get a lot of variety / strategy in using the different characters.

  • Really? Is this a joke? A co-op military shooter?! They’re a dime a dozen! What did you do, design by committee based on what was “most common and popular”? Ugh…. I expect NEW AND INNOVATIVE things from Insomniac. FUN THINGS… Not co-op military shooter # 236.

    • This is NOT a military shooter. It’s very different, has its own personality, crazy over-the-top weapons, exotic locations, and story and character + humor.

  • “We are still supporting PlayStation with new Ratchet & Clank – most notably Full Frontal Assault which will be out later this year.”James Stevenson

    I understand that, I am also talking about the future IPs on the ps4 etc. Cause if you guys are done being exclusive, I am sorry to say, unless you guys blow my sox off I am done with you. There are better 2ndish 3rdish parties out there Kojima and Square Enix still do some exclusives, although I am not happy with them either I still love their games, and their games sell no where near as many copies on the Xbox compared to ps3 . What kind of party do I call you guys now anyway? Hopefully I can still count on Naughty Dog they are the best 100% exclusive team on the playstation.

    • We haven’t announced any other IPs beyond Fuse. Regardless, we wanted to be able to bring our game to a larger audience.

  • It’s really too bad you’re done with resistance. I hate 3rd person shooters. I do hope the you worked harder on the story for full frontal assault. Because honestly the only thing I remember from all 4 one is I need to leave a planet and battle some huge generic monster every once and a while. And what everyone is saying about this game looking generic is right. I don’t really see how it’s different.

  • I sense a delay on the horizon. There’s no way a game can be coming out in 6 months and we know so little about it.

  • I’ll reserve judgment until I see the final product, but I’ve got to agree with the majority of comments on here. The original trailer made the game look “fun.” Seemed like it had elements of Team Fortress, The Incredibles (Pixar movie), Bulletstorm, and Borderlands all rolled into one. The new images? Gears of War plus Mass Effect plus Warhammer: Space Marine plus every other generic, gray, over-armored, military 3rd-person shooter we’ve seen.

    How about this? Keep the original Overstrike look and feel for the PS3, and release the new Fuse look and feel for the Xbox 360, and see which one sells better. I know that Resistance sales were disappointing, but you can’t make money being the 4th or 5th best first-person shooter on a platform. And despite R&C: A Crack in Time representing the pinnacle of the series, apparently it didn’t sell well either, otherwise you wouldn’t have gone in a different (and unwanted, IMO) direction with All 4 One. Here’s hoping you can release that elusive million-seller without losing the humor, eye-popping graphics and solid gameplay Insomniac has been known for. Not sure that Fuse is the right direction…

  • I am still excited for this game it should be decent that its coming from Insomniac games. I loved the Resistance franchise.

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