PS Vita with 3G and Wi-Fi Comes to Canada October 2nd

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PS Vita with 3G and Wi-Fi Comes to Canada October 2nd

PS Vita 3G + WiFi for Canada

Great news for Canadian gamers – the PlayStation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi model will be available in Canada on October 2nd. We’re putting together a great bundle to launch the 3G/Wi-Fi Vita. It includes a download voucher for two exclusive PS Vita games – Gravity Rush and Unit 13 – and will be on-sale for $299. Rogers data packages will be available on a month-to-month basis.

The addition of 3G-network access is the perfect pairing for the gamer who wants convenience, community and connection on the go. PS Vita systems with an active Rogers data package can use software functionality developed specifically for the 3G-enabled model, including turn-based, asynchronous multiplayer gameplay, instantly updated rankings and leaderboards, immediate access to the latest downloadable add-on content, and real-time community news.

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  • @42 You can’t exactly bring a Wii U with you in a bag or on the subway, so that suggestion doesn’t really work. People are mobile and out and about and they need technology that conforms to that. And as others have pointed out – no memory card too. There are a number of controller/ tablet hybrids arriving on the market and I wouldn’t be surprised to see everyone’s favourite showgirl Apple produce such a product over the next few years (then label it as groundbreaking, when its really just the best marketed). If you have a product that is actively competing with tablets, it should do just that. Flash memory built in, far better app and productivity support, etc. Instead Sony is playing catchup in a race that they can never win.

    Sony are determined to shoot themselves in the foot as often as possible. Its quite sad watching one of my favourite companies drive themselves into a wall.

  • Gravity Rush is my most favorite game while Unit 13 is the FPS game that I want to play the most in the future!!
    This pack will be awesome!

  • at 52 Unit 13 is a TPS not FPS game.

  • Someone needs to make a Scumbag SCEC image.

    Includes download vouchers for 2 games with 3G Vita

    *Hat goes here*

    Doesn’t include memory card

  • As much as I like Sony, they need to stop the Proprietary memory formats. They need to release a SD Micro card version of the VITA. I think the public sees the new memory card format and then the price and looks elsewhere for entertainment. I am over buying the Sony cards, I learned my lesson with the memory stick. I used a SD Micro converter for my PSP.

    And before somebody says it’s to stop the piracy, they can implement encryption like they did on the PS3. Each card is only readable by the vita it was formatted in.

    And yes I’m fully aware of the processing power needed to encrypt. Sure it would be better if they included a custom ASIC for encryption, but I think that processor can handle it.

  • why does it have to be locked with rogers, people perfer different companies, telus, rogers, bell, aliant, eastlink and thats just in my area. i didnt get sony xperia play when i needed a new phone, cause i couldnt get it through telus.(been with them for 15 yrs)

  • It’s funny you know, I’ve had the Vita since a week before official launch since I pre-ordered the early edition and spent over $500 on it and they now decide to do the 3G? Sony should have thought this through. Not getting the 3G model, Sony you wasted your time. If this was out at launch they would have been sold out since the early wifi version was sold out everywhere I went to in Ontario. Big fail on your part.

    Rogers is incredibly expensive not to mention screwed me twice already. NO THANKS! Unless Ragnarok Odyssey is worth playing online anywhere and benefits from 3G this is not a purchase I plan to make in the foreseeable future.

  • @41: The Sony Tablet S is a great tablet and it supports real controllers. Why make an ugly tablet with buttons? :/

  • The vita’s sales are horrible. This is what you need to do:

    – FW update and open up that built on 4GB memory every vita has. Stop being greedy. It’s required for game saves
    – Release PS Mobile next week and incentivate people to actually make apps for it, including every day apps
    – PSVita 2000 with 16-32GB internal memory and some reworked internals, maybe fit a bigger battery in there. If feasible and won’t take you to the red include a better camera, hdmi out, portable projector, etc, otherwise just the first sentence is fine. Price drop to $199.99
    – Release Vita tablet. 7.5-8in screen. Works as a tablet with an attachable pad like wikipad. 16-32-64GB SKUs. Price $199/$249/$299
    – Release Vita phone. Xperia play/psp go design. Up to Sony to figure out the every day app situation for phone and tablet. I suggest getting PSMobile up and running so there will be hundred of apps there day 1. Be on every major carrier in the US (Sprint, TMobile, Verizon, ATT)
    – Subsidize 4G/LTE/HSPA+ phone, tablet and vita SKUs with major carriers
    – Allow gaming over 4G/LTE/HSPA+ network
    – Buy a company known to have system selling software like Take 2 or Square Enix and release their games exclusively on the system

  • @41
    You are absolutely right. Sony needs a 7-8 in tablet and a phone SKU ASAP. By ASAP I mean by yesterday.

    Take a look at wikipad. Sony, being a HW company, could design something sturdier and better. You can remove the accessory if all you want to do is browse, play touch games, watch movies, read a book, etc

    Speaking of reading a book, Sony needs to integrate their book store with the PSN store, bring back comic store, including animated comics this time, and have a video streaming service with monthly fees instead of just PPV.

  • Dear Sony,

    I do not mind that the 3G PS Vita was delayed. I’m sure the CRTC is partially to blame. I like the price too. $299 is a very good price for a WiFi/3G product. I would be lying if I said I was happy with the carrier (Rogers) you selected, but I’m happy to see there is no contract. I would like answers to a few questions;

    1) Will Rogers be offering a 1 or 3 year contract option and subsidize the price? For example, $0 for PS Vita 3G/WiFi, but locked in for a year.

    2) Are other carriers going to be brought on board in 2013? This is a month to month (no contract) so I don’t understand why Bell, WIND, or Telus can’t be the carrier. Bell definitely has 3G.

    3 Lastly, and I don’t know if you can answer this, but will it be possible to unlock the PS Vita so it can be used with a different carrier?

    Thank you for your time.

  • I’d rather have a 16gb or 32gb memory card included with a vita than 2 free games…

  • Jeez everyone wants everything for free. If it doesn’t come with something just buy it. So many complaints with SONY who offer more quality products than every other gaming company. Smh.

  • One thing people need to realize is that Sony has to do a lot to get a service provider to accept the Vita on their 3G network, it’s not like they throw a dart and pick the company it lands on.

    For Video and PSN cards: I talked to Sony before these were available and they were saying they had been working with the Canadian government to have the ability to sell/rent movies in Canada(apparently whoever is in charge of copyright and Digital rights in canada didn’t want to allow it)

    So don’t blame Sony for taking their time. They do what they can but international businesses do run in to problems that take time to resolve. Laws and regulations vary from country to country.

  • How long until live broadcasting with Nicinico? And does this include both cameras and/or a screen-shot of a game you play on your Vita in real-time?

    Calculator app.

    I would buy a 3G model if they incorperated some kind of Unlimited SMS texting plan for $20/mon, the only thing I use a cell phone for is texting, and it’d be cool if I could get rid of that paper-weight, and cooler yet if all I needed to do is purchase a PSN card to pay for the service. Twitter and Facebook only 3G unlimited plans idk. app.

    Does the PS Vita have enough power to use with PlayStation Home, will there ever be an app?

    Wordpad app.

  • Uploading Videos to YouTube with the app?

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