Online Game Save Storage Increase Coming with PS3 System Software Update (v4.25)

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Online Game Save Storage Increase Coming with PS3 System Software Update (v4.25)

At this year’s Gamescom press conference, we announced that Online Game Save Storage will be upgraded to 1GB for PlayStation Plus members, and I’m happy to report that the increase will be available soon with PS3 system software update (v4.25)!

PlayStation Plus

To sign up for PlayStation Plus, go to PlayStation Store on your PS3, or click here.

After you’ve installed the update, simply go to the Saved Data Utility under the Game column of the XMB. From there you can access the Online Storage folder and find any existing game saves already uploaded, as well as the increase in space to 1GB. So set your automatic download to upload every game save for every compatible game you play and enjoy the additional breathing room. You can also continue to use this feature to selectively upload game saves you specify.

Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for the latest info on future updates.

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  • @49 i agree. Wish they were more clear on the release of the new software update. I’m really hoping for it to hit tonight but that would probably be unlikely.

  • Nice update! Btw will there ever be a nickname feature? A lot of people from youtube add me, and it’d be easier to nickname their youtube username or an easier name that i can remember, otherwise i forget who they are

  • can us poor people get 10 mb? That be cool

  • Thanx sony!!!!!!

  • @53 lol. Good luck getting much of anything on there with only 10MB. Though i do think they should give the old 150MB storage to regular Psn members.

  • Was about time, thanks!! ^_^

    I had to delete contless saves from my PS+ account when I sent my ps3 to repair. I was lacking a lot of space. It’s a good thing it’s now 1GB.


  • Really hope this update has some minor fixes as well I can’t download LA Noire for a month now….

  • I’m glad to see this should hopefully be a real ‘soon’ for once.

    Game save space and it’s upgrade are the only reason I haven’t dropped plus.

    3 Months with only 1 game I didn’t own/wanted to play on the New plus, it would have been cheaper to just buy the game (10$~).

    But I worry enough about PS3s dying that the cloud space is too hard to give up even at 5/6 bucks a month, which is odd when you consider any free email account tends to have multiple GB of cloud for free…

    Glad to see it looks like it’s still on pace to come out september (as the original post said) and not just ‘sometime later this year’, a comment people like Morgan have been making.

    Morgan seems like a good guy but also is the most uninformed member of the PS staff it feels like. Or he chooses to hide info. That and since he ‘passes along’ all our concerns, either his word has no weight, or his bosses just don’t care about plus users anymore.

    • =) I love this comment. You have to remember that naturally, I couldn’t reveal anything that hasn’t been announced yet. But everyone here cares quite a bit about Plus though and hears the community loud and clear; evidenced by the increase in PS Plus Online Storage in fact!

  • Very nice, Sony! I read today some jailbroken consoles got access to PSN, maybe Sony is trying to stop them with this update.

  • That is great nice job sony!! :)

  • Can you PLEASE set in place a PASSWORD LOCK on PS3 to keep people off our accounts. In the past one of my kids went through my save data and deleted all my save data…. (Thank god for cloud storage) but it inraged me that our psn accounts cant be password LOCK for safety. Make everything locked with that account as separate from other accounts except the Games,Music and video service tabs. Keep that available for every account on ps3 like it already is already but lock everything else by password. Also give us a feature to sign in invisible when we want to NOT be bugged from anything like playing games or movies. And now my biggest issue is psn store. Please categorize our downloads list. What is the holdup? It takes me hours sorting through mine on my main account to find something add on wise. Then last but not least give us a download list from the movies we buy on psn to redownload them anytime like our game download list lets us do. Otherwise I’ll never buy a movie on there again. Its throwing money away if we swap harddrives on the ps3. It wont accept the movies on a new harddrive. It wants it to renew license so the movies wont work.

  • Any chance this update brings the possibility of sorting games alphabetically now? My library keeps growing, it’s getting kind of clumsy, even using “albums”…

  • Hi Morgan, I have a couple of questions about automatically uploading online game saves from multiple PS3s. I can’t find an answer for this on the support page.

    1. I have 2 PS3s. Can I use automatic uploading for game saves for both systems, or only 1 like auto updates for patches, etc.?

    2. If I use automatic updating for only 1 PS3, will it always overwrite the current online game save, or will it keep whichever save is the most recent? Say PS3 #1 auto-uploads, but I had been playing on PS3 #2 that day and uploaded a more recent save? Will I lose the more recent save when the auto-upload happens?

    So far I’ve only used the online storage manually to make sure it didn’t overwrite my saves, but with the 1 gig storage now I would like to save everything online as a backup. Thank you for your help!

    • 1) You can only set up auto update on 1 system.
      2) Unless it’s a separate save file, it will overwrite the current one that is on there. It will prompt you to be ok with this as well before you do it. But for instance, say MGS4, I have several save files, and it uploads all of them as different files. But if a game has one save file only for your progress, then it will overwrite that file.

      Hope that makes sense.

  • Yay for the storage update!

    No more messages about how some saves could be uploaded but there wasn’t enough space for all.

  • So Morgan what do those of us do that bought a ton of MOVIES over yhe years do when the ps3 is telling us to RENEW the license on psn to all our movies cause I swapped out to a new harddrive? I go to restore all my backed up movies with the feature you set in place to allow movie backup and transfer back but with the new harddrive its saying RENEW LICENSE. I click on that message it goes to the movie on the store and wants me to BUY IT AGAIN to renew license. WHAT? Info please? Why can’t you guys just make a download list on psn for movies to? HUH?

    • Best bet is to contact Customer Service and let them know the situation. Let them know that you need to get access to all the movies you purchased on your account entitled to your PSN ID.
      800-345-SONY (7669)
      7 Days a Week 6:00AM – 10:00PM Pacific

  • Thank you… that is all.

  • I have to say that I’m pretty pleased with PS+’s direction and enjoy the free games we get but I have a few suggestions/problems with it that I hope you will pass along to those at the top.

    1. Automatic Updates shouldn’t be PS + exclusive. Yes I’m a PS+ member but I still think this should be a basic feature for all members of the PSN community. It should be replaced with something else, like the Free Games collection replaced Qore.

    2. I really enjoy the different variety of free games released, it allows us to try and play games we may have never been interested in before, but what I don’t like is certain times where a game for example Trine 2 was released on PS+ for free and I really liked it, so when it went on sale I wanted to purchase it, but because I was a PS+ member it would not allow me to do so. This kind of thing seems a bit ridiculous we should still be able to purchase these games if they go on sale so that if we so choose we don’t lose them if our PS+ subscription lapses.

    To be continued…

  • There’s not much else really that I can ask for but more games discounted that I’d like to see, Ohh and I know it’s a long shot but I missed out on the Plant’s vs. Zombies bundle sale like 2 weeks ago, I hope you guys have another sale on it sometime in the near future. I mean I don’t really care about the other game that was offered with it but I would have purchased it anyways at that price, just didn’t have the funds at the time. :-(

    P.S. Any word or info on the Original Twisted Metal for PS1 being made available to the PSN?

    Thanks in Advance

  • I don’t have a membership to Playstation Plus so I’m thinking this isn’t going to be much for me but will I still have to give up 1 GB for this new update on my PS3?.

  • That’s good news! I kept having to delete stuff with the 150mb limit.

  • @Morgan

    It was announced on the blog for september (cloud space) and then you refered to it as sometime in the fall/future. From the post: “Online Game Saves are getting a giant upgrade in September.”

    Seeing the comments about it being sometime in the future/fall after the original post, that just made it confusing.

    I do agree that this updgrade in plus save storage is a response to what the customers want.

    But the rest of Plus… well the feedback seems to be getting more and more negative with every plus/store update I read. I don’t see more/better/old style of discounts, EU Plus calibur games, avatar/themes, etc… no changes there.

    DD Neon was a nice add I’ll admit. But another FPS and some sidescrollers… where’s the diversity in genre with the last 3 (and previous) games?

    I don’t want to rant forever, but other than finally upgrading the cloud space, all we get is told to ‘wait’ for great things to come.

    I waited 3 months… and got nothing. Hopefully this new 3 month sub goes better… Good start at least here.

  • Thank you guys for the extra storage very much appreciated

  • Holy crap i was right then, i told my friends on PSN from Vita and PS3 that the increase in PSN Cloud Storage was coming Tuesday with PS3 update to be release.

    I much have ESP to read Sony minds if i was right.

  • I’m VERY PLEASED to see that we’re finally getting the increased gamesave storage!!!! This makes my PS Plus membership have much more value for me. Keep up the good work, Sony!!!!

    Is Sony ever going to ensure that each & every PSN game has a free trial or demo (just like Microsoft ensures that each & every XBLA game has a free trial)?
    I think that it’s very important to have this type of policy for Sony customers especially during these tough economic times. I’m sure that there are many PS3 owners who will not spend $ on a PSN game without having tried a demo or free trial first.

  • Finally gonna make a List o’ Demands!

    – Allow non-PS3 saves in the Cloud; most usefully minis, but at least PS2 Classics, since our old PS2 saves aren’t compatible.
    – Fix the Copy Multiple feature so it skip saves it can’t copy rather than stop cold.
    – User passwords, sign-in invisible, and either designate which PS3 receives messages or allow them to be copied.
    – Manual deletion of avatars.
    – Allow PS Home to Auto-Upload.
    – Don’t overwrite manual cloud saves with older auto-uploads (apparently).
    – Extend cloud saves to regular users, if only for copy-protected saves.
    – Allow transfer of specific user accounts.
    – Allow reordering of user accounts.
    – Alphabetical sort lists.
    – Categorized Download List (name, type, game, unavailable on Storefront, etc.).

  • – Faster Trophy loading.
    – Better Internet browser.
    – Redownloads of purchased video content, even if time-restricted.
    – Game categorization by genre, with single games appearing in multiple folders if applicable.
    – Update detection for minis.
    – Volume-capping or muting for Game lists (some seem louder in the XMB than in-game!).
    – Allow Sort By Format for minis/PSP saves.
    – Allow PSP download games to be playable on PS3.

    Some should have happened already, a few are my dream updates, but most are just good sense.

  • Sweet I didnt Need Those 1 GB but now that I will have them it will be a great time to use them by the way I think we are ripping you off with the plus sony keep it up!

  • Mind, though, like Jim Sterling (“thank God for him”), we only complain because we want PlayStation to be great.

    And for those who’ve been confounded by “soon”, that usually means “later today” when it comes to firmware updates, as Morgan’s evidenced in an earlier reply. Likely kept as “soon” to avoid deadline snafus.

  • Hi Morgan, thanks for the quick response. That makes sense, but I’m not sure how it will prompt me to overwrite if the auto update is set for 4:00 am. Maybe it will wait until the next time I turn on the system.

    I guess I’ll have to plan ahead if I upload saves from my second PS3 to make sure the most recent ones don’t get overwritten. I wonder if I can use remote play from my Vita to download the latest save onto my first PS3 before the auto-update happens? I’ll have to experiment and try it out.

    Thanks for the help!

    • Well auto updating on the one system will happen just that way, automatically; so yeah you won’t be prompted to do that when it auto updates. I meant when you were uploading saves on the other system you had; in that case, it’s done manually (since auto update only works on one system) and that it would prompt you then

  • Thanks for the heads up !

    Love being a Plus member.

  • please upgrade the PSOne emulator for PS3…

    – auto assign memory cards.
    – custom screen settings.
    – custom controller settings (allow us to use analog sticks for games that don’t support)

    all of these features are available for the PSP version. It shouldn’t be hard to make it for PS3 too.

  • Stupid. I hope this is an optional update because I hate wasting my time on lame, unrequested features. Especially ones that are of no use to me since I don’t subscribe to plus. In all honesty I wish the updates would finally stop. Fluff features and forced updating are why I stopped using the PSP and why my Vita is following the same path of short-life.

  • As much as I love Playstation Plus, the past three games I’ve downloaded off of PSN have later been offered by PS Plus. It’s not really fair that I would have to wait to see if the games that I want will be offered by Plus maybe a month later. There should be something to do about this. I’m getting tired of paying money for games and then finding out they are being released for free to PS Plus members a month later. And before any person who thinks they’re clever on the Playstation Blog tells me to check the website before I buy the game, I do. I check and sure enough, the game eventually comes out for free. Once again, love the service, but this aspect sucks…

  • Good Stuff, is there anything else included in the update?

  • 1 gig? Awesome! =D

    *Happy plus user became even happier today.

  • when are gonna get it??

  • 1GB will be quite nice…just bought SSX, 100MB save file!!

    Agree with #78…Please add a volume limiter/mute feature for game icons in the XMB. If you watch a quiet video, then scroll to the Madden 13 demo icon, you’re deaf for a couple hours afterwards, assuming your speakers survive!

    Please improve the PSN video store in Canada…they seemingly only sell Standard Definition Canadian horror movies and documentaries…nobody wants those! Also, knocking $1 off is hardly a Sale Price…if you want to have a hope of competing with Netflix and iTunes, there is much work to be done.

    In fact, I should be able to simply ‘hide’ all SD content…I will never buy it or rent it, I don’t need to see it listed. Thanks!

  • Thank you for the reply Morgan!

  • And do not you think it’s time to deploy the PSN PLUS in Brazil?

  • @84 DPsx7, Come on we need more features and these are always welcome, I don’t care to update my PS3 regularly.

  • Excellent expansion to a valued feature!

    Can we also get some better synchronizing between the PS3 and Vita? Those logged into the PSN but on their Vita are usually found at the bottom of my PS3 friends list. Also, it doesn’t show on the PS3 what game they’re playing, but on the Vita it shows that they’re doing if they’re on the PS3.

    Maybe Plus users can also:
    use panels for their profile
    their comment could be seen on the Vita
    and their comment can be seen while offline

    By the way, I hope Christina Lee is doing well! It’s too bad there’s no Pulse around. It was a great show!

  • Better and more betas

  • Free users should get some online save storage now.

  • is the 150mb to 1gig att thats new to the update???????

  • all that’s new to the update???????

  • The thing i hate about the software update for the PS3 is that the automatic update will only download the first half of the update than I have to manually click to the right click accept than download the second part. There should be a way around this. Apparently when calling Sony they don’t see it as a problem.


  • Yes irishboy, the update is for activating the increase but trust me there are always tweeks and other things there to for future timed releases. Enjoy it! :) itll only get better.

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