PlayStation Plus Update: Free Double Dragon Neon and Scott Pilgrim, Early Jet Set Radio Access

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PlayStation Plus Update: Free Double Dragon Neon and Scott Pilgrim, Early Jet Set Radio Access

We’ve got a lot cooking for PlayStation Plus members this week with Double Dragon Neon and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World joining the Instant Game Collection, among other great perks. Read on to learn more!

September 11th PlayStation Plus Update

Double Dragon Neon

Free for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $9.99, PS Plus Price: Free)
After 25 years, the original beat ‘em up is bringing pure over-the-top baditude to PSN, and it’s free for PlayStation Plus members on its first day of release! In Double Dragon Neon, Billy and Jimmy are kicking butts and taking names as they search for their girlfriend Marian (she seems to have a habit of getting kidnapped). This time, her disappearance is at the hands of the supernatural scourge, Skullmageddon! Face off against a gaggle of goons, some familiar (Williams, Linda, and Abobo, of course!) and some that are absolutely out of this world.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game

Free for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $9.99, PS Plus Price: Free)
This adaptation captures all the fun and style of the critically acclaimed Scott Pilgrim comics, and the humor of the revered movie, and distills it into a retro-influenced side scrolling beat em’ up, complete with 4-player co-op. With awesome 16-bit animation by world-famous pixel artist Paul Robertson, and a hyper-active soundtrack from chiptune heroes Anamanaguchi, it’s hard not to love Scott Pilgrim, and now you can play it as part of the Instant Game Collection.

PlayStation Plus Update

Jet Set Radio

Exclusive Early Access for PlayStation Plus Members and 10% off (Regular Price: $9.99, PS Plus Price: $8.99)
SEGA’s new release of the classic Dreamcast title is hitting PlayStation Plus users first! Get it a week before anyone else, and play all the levels while listening to those classic JSR phat beatz (complete with the original world-wide soundtrack) that made this title a true original. This time, of course, you get it with full Trophy support, sharp HD visuals, and you’ll be the first to play it on current-gen consoles.

Max Payne 3 PS3 Full Game and Bundle

33% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Game – Regular Price: $59.99, PS Plus Price: $40.49; Bundle: Regular Price: $67.49, PS Plus Price: $60.74)
Rockstar’s gritty, action packed noir thriller Max Payne 3 arrived to critical acclaim earlier this year. If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, now may be the perfect time. It arrives on PSN with this week’s update as a PS3 Full Game, and while there will be a 25% discount for all PSN members on the game, Plus members can grab it for an even better deal at 33% off — just $40.49. You can also buy the bundle complete with the Rockstar Pass, a value of $89.98, for $60.74.

That’s it for now, check back with us next week when we’ll have more PlayStation Plus news to share! In the meantime, leave your comments and thoughts on Plus below, or join the conversation on the PlayStation Forums in the Plus section.

PlayStation Plus Update

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  • No no they gave you Canadian Bacon which is just Ham its not Bacon that heart attack is all ours lol.

  • Another disappointing month for me, it’s been a long time since we got anything that intrest us. it’s 2012 stop given us all theese sidescrollers the majority of people are not intrested in them,. im really starting to get frustrated with US plus EU does it way better, oh and please PLEASE stop giving us free full games that you already put on sale for plus members a bunch of times when you do that it increases that chances of people getting anoyed becuase they already got the game. thats why i am frustrated i already bought borderlands with all the dlc hope you read this morgan if you guys really want to please us you will stop doing theese things, heck just be more like EU plus and alot alot more people would be happy so please more full games that we dont already have and less sidescrollers if you cant give us more full games then atleast give us 3D psn games we have had enough of theese 2D sidescrolling games its 2012 not the 80’s

  • hey morgan since next month is october it would be awsome if you guys gave us some good scarry games like. Bioshock,Siren bundle,Resident Evil Code Veronica X or Residint Evil 4,Castlevania Harmony of Dispair,infamous festival of blood. if you hook us up with some of theese i think it would make alot of people happy. BUT please do not give us deadspace or Red dead i already own theese and borderlands lol i do not want to end up beeing disappointed again becuase i already have those games.

  • also forgot to say, i would like us to get more RPG’S we almost never get any for free. you probably will end up getting more new plus members too so it’s a win for everybody so bring some RPG’S to plus please!

  • Another post concerning what us PS+ members are getting for FREE, and predictably, another wave of whining bawwing babies commenting in response.

    It utterly amazes me the sense of entitlement people have. It also amazes me how much power they think a community manager has over EVERY SINGLE THING in the video game industry. Licensing, pricing, etc. Further that Sony apparently is the developer and publisher of every single game ever. Ridiculous.

    Also the completely idiotic unnecessary comments? Such as: “I just picked up Max Payne 3 at Walmart last night for $40 so I think I’ll pass on the inflated digital release.”

    Well pal, I’d imagine it’d be pretty dumb of you to buy it a second time.

    THINK before you comment. You all sound like ungrateful little brats, and those of us that come here for the cheap lulz…. well… You’re all certainly giving them to us.

  • 155 go away fanboy your trolling is weak.

  • Double Dragon Neon got a 3/10 review on IGN. This game will be taking up a spot of our collection til January. Great…

    @155 These games aren’t free. People have the right to complain

  • @155 comment is great, but you left one detail behind, posting a picture of yourself in four legs wearing a mini skirt and a sign reading: “Hey Sony, please insert here.” attached up your….

    Anyway going back to the civilized way of talking, is obvious this month the updates are weak, let’s hope to get some nice stuff in mid-month, yea I don’t mind renewing I will just gamble and see what happens, but hey if you guys want to step up and get more subscribers you should offer nicer games than this awkward collection, because that is what it is no matter how many fanboyz yell at us with their face full of pimples.

  • I just got PS+ today and was really excited to get Saints Row 2. On the PS+ page it shows as one of this month’s games. I don’t see it in the game downloads. Am I looking in the wrong place?

    Wasn’t sure if this was a good place to post my question. If not, sorry.

  • Wow, you would think jet set would be free. Why the hell would I pay money to “save” money on games I buy?

    Was really loving US psn+, but it’s gone so far down hill that I’m now not going to throw them money for it again. Will probably take a look at EU psn+.

  • Oh Razzy & zikky, I like how you called me a few generic insults but provided absolutely NO solid argument against anything I actually said. How…. predictable of you :)

    and in response to Will Smith’s (c wut I did thar) post: … Except if you read what I said, (something you bawwwwwwing kids don’t ever seem to do), heck, if you ever read this blog post, you’d see the games I speak of… y’know…. the free ones for PS+ users…. well gosh wouldn’t you know it? They are. Huh… funny how that works.

    I originally wrote out a whole paragraph explaining the math and all that but then I realized you wouldn’t read it. You know how sometimes you walk by a house and some tiny dog in the window is yapping it’s head off for no reason… Congrats Raz and Zik, you’ve become that… Exactly that… So please, keep yapping.

  • Also, the both of you, please do note: I never said anything fanboyish, just how idiotic commenters can be, and oh look, you came in immediately after to illustrate the point. A+ for effort, girls. Well done. lol ;)

  • Wow, I definitely won’t be renewing my plus subscription now. Was at least hoping jet set would be free, but wow 10% off! I JUST SAVED A DOLLAR!

  • looks awesome

  • I cant see DD Neon when I do a search in PSN using my ps3.

  • Disappointed. The pixelated/retro look is a deliberate feature?? This is ‘charming’???

    No, charming, it is not. I’m tired of getting these ‘retro games’. If I wanted retro games, I got my PS2 down in the basement and lots of ‘retro games’. I bought a PS3 because I actually like games that look like they are from this generation.

    This update is a let-down, seems like 9 out of 10 games we are getting are ‘retro side-scrollers’. I can’t really be excited about these. I can’t even play these for more than 10 minutes.

    Oh well, at least we got Borderlands this month. First thing actaully worth playing since June.

    Let me guess what we’re going to get next month… more side scrollers maybe? I hope not.

  • wow sony , this update SUCKS !!


  • i’m going back to xbox live , i rather pay for a better service than these crappy games , after that june update we haven’t gotten a good a game . . borderlands sucks , walking dead all they do is talk , and the other psn games ALL SUCK !! ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE GIVE US TRIPLE AAA GAMES & YOU SHALL RECEIVE MORE CUSTOMERS & MORE MONEY FOR SONY !!





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