PlayStation Plus Update: Free Double Dragon Neon and Scott Pilgrim, Early Jet Set Radio Access

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PlayStation Plus Update: Free Double Dragon Neon and Scott Pilgrim, Early Jet Set Radio Access

We’ve got a lot cooking for PlayStation Plus members this week with Double Dragon Neon and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World joining the Instant Game Collection, among other great perks. Read on to learn more!

September 11th PlayStation Plus Update

Double Dragon Neon

Free for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $9.99, PS Plus Price: Free)
After 25 years, the original beat ‘em up is bringing pure over-the-top baditude to PSN, and it’s free for PlayStation Plus members on its first day of release! In Double Dragon Neon, Billy and Jimmy are kicking butts and taking names as they search for their girlfriend Marian (she seems to have a habit of getting kidnapped). This time, her disappearance is at the hands of the supernatural scourge, Skullmageddon! Face off against a gaggle of goons, some familiar (Williams, Linda, and Abobo, of course!) and some that are absolutely out of this world.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game

Free for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular Price: $9.99, PS Plus Price: Free)
This adaptation captures all the fun and style of the critically acclaimed Scott Pilgrim comics, and the humor of the revered movie, and distills it into a retro-influenced side scrolling beat em’ up, complete with 4-player co-op. With awesome 16-bit animation by world-famous pixel artist Paul Robertson, and a hyper-active soundtrack from chiptune heroes Anamanaguchi, it’s hard not to love Scott Pilgrim, and now you can play it as part of the Instant Game Collection.

PlayStation Plus Update

Jet Set Radio

Exclusive Early Access for PlayStation Plus Members and 10% off (Regular Price: $9.99, PS Plus Price: $8.99)
SEGA’s new release of the classic Dreamcast title is hitting PlayStation Plus users first! Get it a week before anyone else, and play all the levels while listening to those classic JSR phat beatz (complete with the original world-wide soundtrack) that made this title a true original. This time, of course, you get it with full Trophy support, sharp HD visuals, and you’ll be the first to play it on current-gen consoles.

Max Payne 3 PS3 Full Game and Bundle

33% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Game – Regular Price: $59.99, PS Plus Price: $40.49; Bundle: Regular Price: $67.49, PS Plus Price: $60.74)
Rockstar’s gritty, action packed noir thriller Max Payne 3 arrived to critical acclaim earlier this year. If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, now may be the perfect time. It arrives on PSN with this week’s update as a PS3 Full Game, and while there will be a 25% discount for all PSN members on the game, Plus members can grab it for an even better deal at 33% off — just $40.49. You can also buy the bundle complete with the Rockstar Pass, a value of $89.98, for $60.74.

That’s it for now, check back with us next week when we’ll have more PlayStation Plus news to share! In the meantime, leave your comments and thoughts on Plus below, or join the conversation on the PlayStation Forums in the Plus section.

PlayStation Plus Update

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13 Author Replies

  • Just a one week preview instead of the usual two week preview? =)

  • sony sure knows how to treat its premium subscribers right. so glad i’m a plus subscriber.

    • Glad you feel that way, I agree! And we’re on a continual quest to improve and bring more and more good stuff to Plus.

  • Some day I will become a plus member.

  • is there anyway we could get Journey in our instant game collection?

  • Does this mean that you guys will be releasing the Wallace Wells DLC soon, or is it just a coincidence that this game is featured in PS Plus immediately after the new DLC was released on a certain other major game system?

  • Nice update guys! Excited for DD Neon. Picked up SP during the Ubisoft sale back in the spring. Totally worth it. One question though… There aren’t current plans to give out Bioshock for free next month for PS+ as a prep for Bioshock Infinite, are there? Figured this is what the plan was for Borderlands this month. I’m hoping for a newer game in October! Thanks again!

  • Morgan, it would be great if you could add to the update a list of new PSP and PS1 games that have become compatible for PS3>Vita transfer.

    Thanks and keep up the great work! Feels good to be a Plus! :D

  • I love randomly checking the blog and finding these types of posts! For example, I was debating whether or not to pick up Double Dragon. Looks like you guys made my decision for me! I Thank you! I also found that many of the Japanese PS1 games work with the Vita, I don’t know if this was officially announced or not. At any rate, I thank you once again! It’s a lot of fun playing Mega Man on the Vita.

    • We’re always bringing new stuff to Plus, so make sure you’re always tuned into the Blog for the latest announcements.

  • Sadly this update wasnt up my alley but it pleases people for the most part no interest in the DD fighting game Scott Pilgrim i played demo for and i guess it was alright but ive never even heard of Jetset so ill look that up overall i think most people will be happy with this but i was really hoping for more games i could explore around and joke and play with friends on but im still hoping that at some point there will be more cute avatars since im constantly switching them with all the cute plus ones…oh yeah forgot what I came here for i was gonna ask if updates mess with full game trials cause I just couldn’t get it working

  • Two 2D sidescrollers following a month in which we got… two 2D sidescrollers.

    Put me down as disappointed. I get that every game every month isn’t going to be for me, but I’d expect that it’s not going be for the same reason four times in two months.

    Can we get more than one game a month that takes advantage of that newfangled third dimension I’ve been hearing so much about?

  • Another disappointing update thought that at least take another full game saint row removing and putting a psn game go last.

  • Is the 1GB online storage upgrade due to come to the US this month?

  • It’s pretty nasty that the European PSN has a 25% discount to resub to PS+ that other territories are not offered. 25% off for all!

    I mean, isn’t it enough that PS+ stealth renews under your nose? Like it isn’t 2012 and it is possible to remind people of their upcoming subscription renewal? I was going to go for a year membership, but the damn thing renewed on me just because I had put some cash aside in my PSN wallet earlier. I bet there is some deliberately fine Fine Print in the EULA for that crap.

  • Here’s another idea – let folks upgrade to a year membership by just paying the difference between the 3-month sub and 1-year sub.

  • Wait so if we get Jet Set Radio HD early, does that mean when our PS+ subscription is done, we can’t get acces to the game until we renew it?

    • Only the games that are free in Plus membership are tied to your sub. Since JSR is a discounted game and an early release, it’s yours to keep, regardless of your membership status,

  • Any idea if we’ll see any Jet Set Radio avatar icons? I’d like to decorate my profile in style and promote this awesome release!

  • @64 No. Anything you buy from PS Plus is yours to keep.

  • why didn’t you post this earlier , we had to learn about this in the double dragon post and playstation blogcast. crap i already got borderlands and scottpilgrim , but will gladly take double dragon. it would be cool if sony did something about people that already own the games.

  • Yes this going to be a good week. Jeff do you have any idea when GTA 3 is going to come and when is Red Dead Redemption going to come to the U.S or is it E.U release.

  • Well this was a big disappointment!!! Morgan why would you replace a ps3 full game with a junky side scrolling psn game. When are you guys going to get a clue on what’s good and what is crap. I am seriously done with plus NA. Im going to get ps plus on my European acct. now because Sony North America is a joke. It’s quite obvious the people running the NA store don’t read these blogs, if they did these issues would have been fixed by now. I have alot more to say but I will not waste any more of my time on the fools in charge of the psn NA store. Just know this… Europe is ruling over NA in all aspects.

  • Morgan, is it normal that my store is currently under maintenance? It’s been like this all day. *sob*

  • From what i see everyone got scott pilgrim awhile ago including me.I hope double dragon doesnt lag.
    Morgan can you get us Darksiders next month?? Can you do it like europe staff does and look out for
    its community??Or is this the way scea is going to keep treating its community by giviing games that were on sale
    in the past , less ps1 games on vita then the rest of the world , delayed apps that have been out for months
    in other regions and false advertising apps for vita that are not available.If you don’t know what i mean look
    at scea official ps vita page for apps ( frobsher says , wake up club)??.And saying we will have news on
    this soon is like saying how do you keep an idiot waiting? I will tell you tomorrow and if you ask me again
    tomorrow , i will give you the same answer tomorrow ( or Soon) .

  • Did you miss something???

    No videos, no price change, no add-ons, no new things detail????

    Are you changing the Update Blog format???

    I was looking for all this things.

    Best Regards

  • @33
    The games leaving IGC are Choplifter HD and Saints Row 2.

    Then Everyone would buy a 3-month subscription. There’s a reason it ends up costing more than the year-long subscription in the long run.

    That’s all posted when the store updates on Tuesday.

  • By the way GameStop has Max Payne 3 for 34.99…Just to let everyone know not to waste the extra $25 on the psn store. If you want it go to GAMESTOP !!!! The PSN store is always trying to rip everyone off!!!!

  • Super excited for the update tomorrow! I love the Scott Pilgrim movie and have always wanted to try the game. Double Dragon Neon looks cool too :) Thanks!

  • So, let me get this straight, PS+ EU gets Dead Space 2 (Full Game), Deus Ex HR (Full Game), Motorstorm Apocalypse (Full Game), Darksiders 1 (Full Game), Red dead Redemption (Full Game), Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath and Machinarium (at the end on the month), on top of everything we got on PS+ US too.
    So their collection got 8 NEW full games and we got borderlands and a bunch of PSN games (not good ones, except maybe Outland). Oh and they got Retro/Grade free too, while we have to pay for it.
    I’m not counting those 2 episodes of Walking Dead because that was obviously a rip-off, giving plus subscribers only 2 episodes of an 5 episode story. Right, see what you did there sony….

    Really guys, give me back my money or give me a reason to stay, Europe got 8 new reasons and counting. I’m tired of being dissapointed…

  • Jet Set Radio is not buy it on PS3, and get the Vita Free? I thought that how it was for almost every game? Please tell me I don’t have to buy this game twice…..

  • So Borderlands, Double Dragon Neon and Scott Pilgrim. OK, if Double Dragon Neon lives up to the original, this will be my favorite update this year.

  • @Morgan Do you think October will bring some FREE Survival Horror Games? RE 6 releasing but I love me some horror games.

  • How about giving us red dead redemption just a thought it would be nice this month but maybe next

  • psn is down?

  • Decent update this time, but the IGC is still disappointing as a whole.

  • @dzormagen
    Well from what Morgan said or lack of saying it seems like we will have to pay for jet set radio twice :-(

  • yeah yeah!!! can’t wait to download DD Neon. already beat scott pilgrim and it was a excellent side scroller fighting game! keep up the good work psn

  • It’s kind of messed up that PlayStation Europe gets all these full games and we get PSN titles why can’t we get all the games they got we only get borderlands! the same month the borderlands 2 is coming out seems kind of fishy more like you’re setting us up to Buy borderlands2 on PSN

  • it was announced inplaystation lifestyle that Jet Set Radio for ps3 and vita will be Seperate purchases.
    No Cross Buy!!

  • Not mad at the JSR discount as I was gonna pay full price for it. Loving the free games this week. I wish we could get more PS2 games, maybe even a la plus? hint hint nudge nudge

  • Also I do wish that we could get some of those EU PSN Plus freebies

  • Any news on when PS Plus will come to Vita? Really looking forward to that

  • Store has been down all day. I hope the borderland add ons will still be on sale tomorrow. Does this mean the Plus stuff will be ready to download when the store comes back online?

  • @ dopemunky3
    I asked that question earlier on with no reply :-(

  • It sure is easy to feel cheated when I look at what EU gets for PS Plus. Sony just loves them more than us.

  • @snakeeyes211 that sucks

  • Damn Scott Pilgrim looks really great…Damn..!!!

    I lost access to a PS3 hahaha…I freakin need to buy my own..AHHH!!!!

  • Minor complaint – these two games seem very similar to me and not really my kind of game, which is just like last month. I’ll give them a try and enjoy getting to play games that I would not have tried, but I’m not expecting to like these very much. It’s still hard not to compare to the EU store, which has a much better selection.

    Anyway, if we are getting updates with 2 PSN games, I would rather see two different styles of games.

  • How about giving PS Plus people GTAIII? That game was supposed to be out almost two months ago and still not one peep about it. We at least deserve an explanation. I can’t believe this. The story was one song wasn’t approved. Tell whoever is in charge just cut that song out and release it lready. One song shouldn’t hold a game up this long. The least you can do is get that person back on the blog and tell us what’s going on. I see people asking about this all the time and never any answers.

  • “By the way GameStop has Max Payne 3 for 34.99…Just to let everyone know not to waste the extra $25 on the psn store. If you want it go to GAMESTOP !!!! The PSN store is always trying to rip everyone off!!!!”

    Always be careful when you buy older games on PSN. Assassin’s Creed Revelations is $40 on PSN. I recently saw it for around $18 on sale at Target and it seems like the standard price now is $29.99. I think Sony needs to go through their store and update the prices. Stores do it so Sony should too.

  • @97 if you want to keep the game downloading games is the way to go but other wise you can trade it and get less money for it. but anyway is there any world on scott pilgram DLC for online mutilplayer?

  • Playstation Store is back up, but with no update.

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