Double Dragon Neon Lighting up PSN in September — New Gameplay Video

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Double Dragon Neon Lighting up PSN in September — New Gameplay Video

After 25 years, the original beat ‘em up is bringing pure over-the-top baditude to PSN. In Double Dragon Neon, Billy and Jimmy are kicking butts and taking names as they search for their girlfriend Marian (she seems to have a habit of getting kidnapped). This time, her disappearance is at the hands of the supernatural scourge, Skullmageddon! Face off against a gaggle of goons, some familiar (Williams, Linda, and Abobo, of course!) and some that are absolutely out of this world.

Double Dragon Neon on PSN

DDN also features 2 player “Bro-Op”, so grab a bro and bring the true power of the Double Dragon to the evil forces that have once again incurred your wrath. Don’t forget to pick up songs along the way for your Mix-Tape, which holds your special powers and upgrades. There are also killer team-up moves, enemy juggling… and some secrets that I won’t spoil here.

Pick up Double Dragon Neon on PSN for $9.99. Oh, and if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll be able to grab the game for free until January! Pretty sweet, huh?

Double Dragon Neon on PSNDouble Dragon Neon on PSN

Push it to the limit in this fresh take on the classic Double Dragon series, coming this September!

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  • I think my only real issue with this is that they made characters/enemies way too large. Someone must have slipped and hit the slider to scale everything up because it’s just too much. They cover half of the screen. I had this same exact problem with Sonic 4: EP 1. It’s a huge waste of screen-estate and just gives a claustrophobic feeling. Kind of kills my enjoyment when devs do this.

  • I was really , really hyped for this because it’s Double Dragon. But, after seeing that video… Let’s just say it’s a good thing we’re numb to all the disappointment by now. That is NOT Double Dragon.

  • cool at first i didn’t see it was free for plus , happy to see this coming as one of sept games.

  • Haha, another free scroller… It’s okay, I’m happy this month since we’re getting Borderlands.

  • May I suggest you get more genre variety for the PS+ IGC? Anything but all these scrollers every month. Try more puzzle games, racing games, strategy games, rpg games, fighting games, retro games, they don’t have to be top tier games, just please more variety.

  • Excelente, y gratis para nosotros los plus, que felicidad HPTA, viva Colombia

  • Not amazed at all, call me a troll if you must but seriously I see this game cheapness and badly colored, did you said neon or a flowery blast of pink? Anyway I did enjoyed the originals on SNES, but for some reason I do not dig this one at all, I would play it anyways to see if it proves me wrong and add some trophies to my collection (hope the trophies are not pink too lmao) I mean is free after all (not really since the ps plus membership is a paid one), but yea free can food is better than no food at all isn’t it? Looking foward to see at least one nice full ps3 game.

  • @SNAKE-EYES73:

    What the hell are you going on about? Not one thing you said made any sense.

    Explain how they “screwed up an old favorite”. The original classic game is still the same. It didn’t change.

    This is a new game. You haven’t played it yet. You couldn’t possibly know if it’s a bad game or not. Videos are not the best way to judge a game. It’s just a small taste. Obviously, playing it will be the true test. It may surprise you and be one of the most awesome games you’ve played in a while… who knows?

    Also, you somehow included 1990, 1991, and 1992 in your “80s”. I’m not sure you understand how it works…

    On top of all that, no one is forcing you to buy it, play it, or even look at it. Just move on if it’s not for you. Damn.

    Honestly, I’m ashamed to know that you’re from my generation after reading that inane rant.

  • this is awesome I will download this day one.

  • I getting this day one. I’m hoping for another PS3 title or Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath HD to be free this month on PS Plus along with Borderlands and Double Dragon Neon.

  • cant wait for this game i really love claissc game okay thanks again looks really good!

  • double dragon in slow mo…pass.

  • @25

    I had that vhs as a kid. i played it so much the tape gave out.
    ah, memories.

  • Release on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita version with Cross Buy, Cross Save, etc

  • This might be okay for a free game. No way would i straight up buy this, considering how boring i thought the original double dragon games were back in the day.

  • i Really want this platinum

  • @58 you pwned that noob like the little Mitch he is!! can’t wait to grab someone by the hair and knee there faces in. oh i would love to grab linda by the hair in punch her in the face i would love to see that from battletoads and double dragon. but is a double dragon for new and hell even old gen fans and i’m getting it!!

  • Majesco: Bloodrayne 3. Get on it! Can be a PSN game for all I care, but not like the current one.. like the two PS2 games. Can be a PSN game with a platinum for all I care

  • i have a question. i understand that it will be multiplayer. my question is what kind of multiplayer. will it be the type where i can play online with my buddy from italy? or will it be the kind of multiplayer that a friend has to be right next to me using the controller?

  • @69
    There will be both online multiplayer and local multiplayer.

  • I GOT IT!!

  • Uhm , so where is the game exactly ???

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