DIRECTV’S NFL Sunday Ticket Returns to PS3, Launches in September

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DIRECTV’S NFL Sunday Ticket Returns to PS3, Launches in September

NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3

Hello PlayStation Nation!


NFL SUNDAY TICKET is returning in time for the NFL‘s regular season opening weekend on September 9th.

All existing DIRECTV subscribers who have the NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX plan will be able to download the PS3 application from PlayStation Network for free, and live stream every out-of-market NFL football game every Sunday afternoon this season in full HD.

In addition, you will have access to DIRECTV’S the RED ZONE CHANNEL at no additional charge. RED ZONE delivers the final yards of every scoring drive and other exciting moments from all Sunday afternoon games as they happen, and it’s a great way to stay on top of the day’s highlights.

For all of you fantasy football aficionados, the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app also includes up-to-the-minute stats to help you keep track of every play on the field. If you play fantasy, you can follow your fantasy team in real time while watching games Sunday afternoon.

PS3 owners without access to DIRECTV will also be able to receive NFL Sunday Ticket and live stream every out-of-market NFL football game this season for $299.95.

We’re very excited to see the return of the definitive NFL football app on PlayStation Network. Keep an eye out for the launch of NFL SUNDAY TICKET with the PlayStation Store update on September 4th.

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7 Author Replies

  • Yea, Tekno, thats why Im mad…like Phil big payment now, is too much for most of us at one time..Guessing Phil is a PS3 rep?

  • 300 dollars???? o_O Yikes. I enjoy a game of football now and then but crickey.. I’d rather put that kind of money towards my videogames!

  • Irritated that just last week it was being advertised for $149. (that page has conveniently been removed, I did take a screenshot). I actually called and they refused to actually look at the page so they wouldn’t have to honor that price. Now it’s back up to $299 without a payment plan. I can get six months of cable programming from AT&T for that price. Sure, I won’t get the epic showdowns like Browns vs. Chiefs (sorry Cleveland/KC fans), but big deal, Yeah, I’ll pass…

  • Finally there a solution (some what costly @ $299 for the NFL 4 month season, but a solution never-the-less) that I can watch my Jets play every game. Yes, my wife says I must enjoy pain (0 3 thus far in the pre-season) and who’s the quarterback?

    I moved to the Bay Area many years ago and my profession demands high-speed internet…I have Comcast triple play (internet, phone & HD TV). Direct TV doesn’t provide the same functionality and AT&T is a joke.

    Now with my SP3 game & 3D Blueray player plus this package, I am a happy camper.

    Go Jets!

  • I’m ready for some football!!! I didn’t buy it last year but I will this year(season). I want to thank the customer support folks at Sony. The past two months I’ve been calling and asking questions on the NFL Sunday Ticket app. They have been very helpful and courteous….THANK YOU!!!!

    I was hoping Sony would knock the price down, like DirecTV did. Oh well, I’ll get it any way!! I’ll save money on staying home watching the games I WANT, instead of going to the sports bar and watching whats on and buying drinks and snacks.

    I live in Oklahoma, and all I have to finish with is; GO TEXANS!!!

  • Lol the bars have the games for the price of a drink . But 299 get real losers with corperate greed.
    You poor sad fans that will pay. If you don’t they will be forced to lower . DON’T BUY DON’T BUY
    DON’T BUY DON’T BUY $149.99 IS FAIR .


  • If it will be one big payment, does that mean we have to pay by credit card? I thought the limit for your wallet was $150, but I would rather pay by PSN cards than register a credit card. Will this be possible?

  • I had this last year, and the first weekend was extremely buggy, but I’m guessing part of that could be because of the free trial they offered increased the number of users greatly. As the season went on, the service was great. Getting to see every Bears game streaming in HD in Massachusetts was fantastic (at least until Cutler got hurt).

    This is well worth it for true football fans. I don’t think I would have seen Cam Newton play at all last year, since I don’t think the Panthers had any national games last season. He is extremely exciting to watch, and made the Panthers a priority for me on Sundays, even though they aren’t my team.

    As for the cost, this is much cheaper and far more convenient than signing up for DirectTV with a 2-year contract or going to a bar every weekend to see more football. It also doesn’t make sense for DirectTV to offer this at the same price to non-subscribers, so you’ll probably always pay more than the subscriber rate for this. Thanks Sony and DirectTV for offering this again, and dropping the price a little.

  • Any chance of DVR functionality? My wife and I have our own favorite teams and if the games are on at the same time one of us will miss out otherwise…and I definitely have the harddrive space.

  • Is this available outside of the United States? I’m living in Brasil currently and want to be able to watch the Pats.

  • @Phil Rosenberg

    I am sorry but the $300.00 up front is going to push people away from this. You gotta have the payment plan like last year. Some people dont want to use their credit car in fear of hackers taking their info. Alot of ppl like myself like to use the PSN cards. Please re think the one time fee. Especially if the service goes out one week, then you wil have to refund people. Please re think.

  • Now we just need NBA League Pass…

  • $300 sorry gonna pass even with a payment plan, $150 was the advertised price the first time around so you better get back to it , or face a lot of angry playstation fans

  • for those who are strapped for cash, u may want to consider getting nfl game rewind, u have to wait until the game is over to watch it, but its only like 30 bucks for the entire season, oh well just thought i’d try to help a couple guys out

  • I had this last season and week 1 was riddled with technical difficulties (you guys refunded a prorated amount and made it right, so good on Sony/DirecTV there).

    Are you prepared for the number of simultaneous streams with some elbow room this season? I’d really love a true Full HD (1080p) experience with no major hiccups. It really is essential to launch smoothly this year to get me back next year.

    The interface allows us to pause games, but last season if it was paused while the real-time game had ended, we couldn’t play the rest of the game, it would display “This game has ended” after hitting play. Are you aware of this and has it been fixed? That was a big surprise when it happened and a huge bummer.

    Sorry if I’m complaining. But hey, it’s not like it’s $99, it’s $300. I want it to work right so I can enjoy my team as I did when I was able to purchase from DirecTV every year.

    Having said all of that, THANKS FOR BRINGING THIS BACK! I’d be in bad shape without it!

  • I have been eagerly waiting for this but $300 without any payment options with only 2 weeks notice is a budget buster. You had to know you were doing this for a long time. I guess you figure everyone just has lots of extra cash to throw around.

  • C’mon man…….need the return of the payment plan. Cannot/will not, do without. Game rewind comes into play.

  • I was all ready to purchase this, as I did last year, even with the problems it had. And although I do appreciate the little price drop, if you want $300 in one shot you’re gonna have to increase the limit on the PSN wallet. There is no way on Earth I would trust Sony/PSN my credit card info. It’s PSN cards or no sale. Come on Sony get your act together!

  • If I purchase this for the PS3 will the username/password work also for the NFL Sunday Ticket app on the Iphone, Ipad, and other mobile devices? Since NFL Sunday Ticket Max customers have the mobile access and get the PS3 version for free it would make sense for $300 we can watch it on PS3 and mobile devices.

    Thanks in advanced,


  • Had it last year and it didn’t seem to stream in HD. Will it be in HD this year?

  • Yes, the $300 is cheaper then what I paid last year, but I couldn’t have done it with out the payment plan, please bring it back Sony or no football for me this season

  • You know what would be awesome …

    ::: some NFL PSN iD Avatars :3 ::

  • Really, Phil? $300 one-time fee is EASIER for me (us) to manage instead of 2-3 payments? Please, explain to me how that’s EASIER for me. Jesus f**king Christ…..

  • The $149 price was a left over ad for the end of the season last year. If you got it last year or even watched the prices they changed as the season progressed. If you missed the first 2 months of the season and still want to sign up they gave you a lowered priced, though not as good a deal as the full season price. Also any pricing given by DirecTV was probably for people who are already DTV subscribers.

  • Phil, any replies to bringing back payments? Phil……BUEELLER….BUUEEELLEER?

  • I also want this but would probably need payment plan OR increased wallet size.

    I will not use my credit/debit cards to buy anything on any videogame systems.

  • Add my voice to those objecting to a lack of quarterly billing. After last yr’s fiasco of a debut, I have little confidence that the quality will be acceptable. I would be willing to gamble $75, but not $300. Very disappointing.

  • For those of us who think the 300$ price is ridiculous… just go to and buy NFL Rewind for 40$ and you can watch all the games this year and all the games back to 2009… only setback is u cant watch the games for this year Live but u can watch em the next day. so do the math 300$ to watch live or 40$ to watch the games the next day….

  • SS116……

    Will the NFL rewind stream through PS3’s limited browser abilities or do you have to view via desktop for a “big” picture experience?

  • if u have a laptop just connect to TV via HMDI to HDMI or if ur HDTV has a PC VGA port use that….ortherwise watch on desktop or laptop… its in HD if u have a fast connection. i use my HDMI port on my laptop to my tv and its in HD with no issues

  • Will it be on the VITA

  • Thanks for the info SS116…..

    definitely an option if PS proceeds with only “one payment” required.

  • Why did PS3 wait until Sept.4th to start up? I’m going to miss the first game of the Texans!! Surely its not because DirecTV is still trying to suck every drop of money they can on their program.

    Just wish it was ready today and watching tomorrow…..price drop for this?

    Texans-vs-Dolphins…CBS and DIRECTV: 709. Hopefully CBS in my (Oklahoma City) area will cover it.

    Come on PS3…at the begining of the season!!!

  • This is absolutely ridiculous.

    Three hundred dollars is foolish enough, but to withdraw a previously offered way to make such a back breaking payment somewhat manageable.

    This is the deal breaker for me. I was going to order this, but I can’t swing that, and you know what? Even if I could, I wouldn’t, because of the way prospective customers are being treated here.

  • I was looking forward to buying this service but without a payment plan it’s going to be hard to do so.

  • Let me know when it gets to $199. Was so excited when I heard about this months ago, now I am so disappointed.

  • It’s not hard to figure out why there is no payment plan. Better to take the full $300 up front regardless of quality then risk a payment plan where the consumer can cancel if the quality of the feed is poor.

    Last year promised to be an HD feed and for most of the season it looked like I watching something on YouTube.

  • This is a shame i bought my ps3 mainly for this. Was reading up on information for this before I bought it everything was last year it seemed great all the games for monthly payments. Now a week before the regular season we get information for this years to find out its one payment of $300. Im sorry sony not all your customers can afford a single $300 payment in a weeks notice. Way to think of us little people in a still tough economy. Im sure direct tv is the reason you could not announce it until so late with them trying to get as many people to sign up for their service, but come on why regress. Its a shame i may not get to see the Rams play week 1 because of this.

  • As a Bears fan in Portland OR, it’s a tough call to purchase. There will be six Bears games on TV this year for me (we get SEA games) so that equals $30 a game. If I spend less than $30 each time I hit the bar I save money. If it was $200 I might pull the trigger. I do think it’s a fantastic alternative though.

  • Playstation users! What is with all this complaining? Are you not aware that corporations are people too? You may hurt the feelings of two giant greedy institutions with your moaning and whining. Can’t you see how much easier it is to change coding that is already in place, than to make a one time payment? Think of the company goofball who recommended this move and the kudo’s he is sure to receive at the stock holders meeting.

    Last spring, I convinced my 83 year old neighbor of the benefits of having a PS3. The poor guy had been stuck with Direct TV for years, for one reason….NFLTicket. Additionally, my friend had been a life long lover of the game of Golf. He is physically unable to play anymore on the course, but how cool is it having a man that age, firing up Tiger Woods Masters edition? Now his first football season rolls around and guess what? SONY raises the price out of reach of his fixed income! Egg on my face or what? For years I have stupidly acted like someone on their sales staff. Do we sound like your 8 to 35 target demographics?

  • SONY ought to be ashamed. Did you not have an issue last year when you ignored your customers? What marketing genius suggests changing your product and services for the worse? Ibuka-San and Morita-San would be considering Seppuku if they were still with us. In Japan, service comes first, a custom apparently disregarded by it’s American management. This type of behavior causes my brain a reboot, to ask myself how much of a slave to I want to be to Corporate greed? Do I really need to see my favorite Football team that is on the opposite Coast? Yes, but maybe a day later if I do not head to the local Sport’s Bar, through NFL rewind. Making your services and applications less appealing will drive your customers to other platforms. Thank You SONY!

  • Phil, I would feel a lot better about signing up again this year if you would comment on the quality of the feed this year. I know you have to be careful because if you say something, people may say “But Phil PROMISED!!!!” etc. but last year I signed up, and the first weeks were unwatchable. I have a very high speed internet connection, I’m a writer in the computer world and know my systems and how to tweak things, so I checked on my end first. But it was on the feed end – the compression was so bad that at times I couldn’t read the names on the back of jerseys.

    Has there been any changes at all to ensure the feed is higher quality this year? I know the feed is not 1080p (and for those of you who are hoping “HD” means 1080p, it will not be even close.) But it shouldn’t look like medium to poor Youtube feeds.



  • Waste of money

  • Seriously 300 dollars to watch football on tv is a bit much for alot of fans ouht there. Thats to bad I consider myself agreat football fan but at 300 dollars to me thats a car payment. Sorry Sony but myself and other fans can’t find a good reason to spend so much money to watch, BUT I wish I could.
    signed a great football fan

  • I waited all year to have this on my Ps3 since I don’t have cable TV or Dish. Sucks that its $300 up front. I was expecting a monthly fee option.

  • I just talked with sony and they told me the whole 299.95 has to be paid up all at once there not going to offer it in monthly installments. i know that wont turn me off from getting it but i am guessing it might turn some people off from getting it. i can hardly wait to get this i wish the 4th was here already so i could down load the app.

  • Just a hunch, but I suspect a lot of people tried to cancel after the first payment last year due to the poor quality of the feed. I did. They refused, even though the picture quality was much poorer than I expected. I heard of some people who canceled/stopped further CC payments or tried. One up front payment avoids that. It is the only reason I can imagine them doing it this way, since they know they know they’ll lose a lot of people who would sign up if they could pay in installments.

  • I think some of you who are complaining about the price, don’t fully understand how inexpensive this really is compared to attending a game in a person. 2 tickets, parking, food, beverage & being outside in the elements probably $300 for one game. I’ll pay $300 for every game every Sunday and be comfortable.

  • “I think some of you who are complaining about the price, don’t fully understand how inexpensive this really is compared to attending a game in a person. 2 tickets, parking, food, beverage & being outside in the elements probably $300 for one game. I’ll pay $300 for every game every Sunday and be comfortable.”

    Apples and oranges.

    I was going to get this because I thought it would save me money from having to go to the bar on the weeks that the game I wanted wasn’t nationally televised. I wish I could set a price alert for when this drops to $199. Until then I will go out and get some beer and wings each week.

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