YouTube App for PS3 Lands Today

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YouTube App for PS3 Lands Today

Playing hours of Journey giving you cravings to watch Journey on YouTube? Or maybe DiRT Showdown put you in the mood to watch real-life action sports from the Red Bull channel? Give button mashing a whole new meaning with the new YouTube app for PS3, rolling out later today in North America for free from PlayStation Store.


You might have watched YouTube on PS3 before, but get ready for a whole new world of video and features. We have a completely new experience, designed for the big screen and optimized for the PS3. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Search: Finding the videos you want is easier than ever, with search suggestions and instant video results while you type.
  • Your subscribed channels: Sign in to find the latest videos from your YouTube subscriptions, which now also includes official music videos.
  • Your phone as a remote: With a quick pairing process, you can control YouTube on PS3 with a smartphone. Find a video on your phone and with a button it’ll play on the big screen. While the video is playing you can control it from the phone, or keep browsing YouTube for the next one.


With today’s Store publish, you’ll find the new app in the PlayStation Store under My Channels. We’ll keep improving the PS3 experience and plan to bring the app to more countries in coming months.

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  • Great news can’t wait to try it out. Always nice to see native applications for the PS3

  • Think I’m most excited for this feature than anything else. Shinobi had me until I saw this. Great move Sony!

  • O heck yeah! I cant wait to get my greasy little fingers on this app! I really love the smartphone functionality too!!! #amazing

  • yay! Great addition :) thank you! now ps vita and ps3 has YouTube! :D

  • Yes!!! Finally can see HD videos from youtube in my led tv :)

  • Yay! Finally!! :D
    Hope this is much more smooth and slick then the current YouTube thingy on the ps3. ;)

  • Well that’s certainly a good surprise for today! Now we can finally watch youtube videos in HD which otherwise was impossible on the ps3. Thanks for the update guys and keep up the good work. :)

  • Good addition, Now do on ps3 and vita. :)

  • Good one Sony i will definitely be using this app. Giving some feedback I would recommend a patch so we can also watch playlist on the ps3 youtube app.

  • Will there be HD support?

    I’ve been sick of the crappy Youtube XL website as it doesn’t have things like Quality settings, Playlists, etc, and the regular desktop one doesn’t run as well on PS3.


  • Sounds good and all… but how about finally getting a useable web-browser on the PS3, so we wouldn’t need all these apps!?! Come on PlayStation *smh*

  • Y-y-yeah, I’m all over it~

  • This just made my day I love you Sony!!!!!!

  • Finally HD YouTube videos. I did not expect this was going to happen today.

  • This is awesome!!

  • Yes. Finally! Thanks! :)

  • Woo! You see, this is why I love you guys. Always adding new things to the Playstation experience, always taking in user feedback and delivering awesome new features :3

  • This is pretty cool. Not sure how much I’ll use it but at least it’s an option. What would be awesome is if we got a surprise announcement that the Vita update was coming today. Then I’d be super excited.

  • I’m not seeing it yet. Is it out or is it a slow roll out?

  • Yoshi , I love you Sony .Finally you got me

  • Well, isn’t that just Prime! Thanks Sony and YouTube!

  • o_O WOW Sony!!! I didn’t see this coming!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Hi Sarah,

    Is this just for the US, or is Canada involved as well? Thanks! =)

  • @kwiiboy It’ll be included in the Store update.

    You know, I don’t really care about a new UI at this point. Just give me HD support and we’ll call it a day. If this update doesn’t include HD, you’ve reached a new low.

  • Sweetness.

  • That is awesome news.

    The smartphone pairing, does that include iPhone or Android Smartphones only?

  • Hi Sarah. Pairing devices to use as remote is a fantastic idea! Can you use PSVita as remote? It would be amazing if you can because both PS3 and Vita now have native YouTube app.

  • yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • stupid

  • If this lets me watch YouTube videos in 3D on my Playstation 3D display I’m going to be crazy happy about this bit of news.

  • man is is ok i guess but sony needs a new web browser BIG TIME These apps just eat up precious memory that I could use for other things. Game save and so on themes avatars and the list goes on.

  • i like the idea of a twitch tv app

  • Next…Skype, Pandora, and Google Chrome. And I will be happy.

  • And yes someone made a good point.

    Vita Pairing?

    Vita youtube app update as well to include subscriptions?

  • Ok …. I now everyone is thinking it…. but I have to say it.

    About damned time!

    I mean really you got this on the Vita first and we’ve had the PS3 for how long lol. All this time we’ve been dicking around with the crummy browser that couldn’t even do 720p video for Youtube.


  • wtf is a free app -_-

  • Like a good man named Lebron once said “it’s about d**m time”

  • Why doesn’t this article mention HD? Kind of suspicious. Will the PS3 youtube app support HD video now or not?

  • Or you could, you know, make a real browser and just release that. Then none of the apps would be needed to begin with. God forbid you have customers with the ability to play flash games.

  • I hope that in a not too distant future we can see Vita connectivity and 3D. 3D would be awesome since there’s plenty of 3D videos on Youtube now and the PS3 supports 3D, so why not?

  • That’s good if we can see YouTube in hd the less I use my laptop the better now we need is a crackle app too

  • I know it’s like the fattest chance that ever fatted a fat, but a Spotify app for PS3 would absolutely blow my mind.

    But alas, it would conflict with Sony’s music dealie that’s more-or-less the same thing, so I’ll just keep dreaming. :c

    Looking forward to using this, though~

  • I’ve seen some sites say U.S. only and others (like this one) say north america. Can anyone confirm if this is available in Canada too?

  • what about a fackbook or skype app? i like it on the psp systems but how bout the ps3? even twitter whould be nice. the youtube app will be a great help dew to the fact my computer blue screened.

  • Or like neohumpty 40 say make a real browser and we don’t need apps yes!

  • Wow this is awesome, you should also add an option to use the Vita as a remote

  • Keep these apps coming to the PS3. I like apps that are made to run natively on the PS3 because they work a lot better than anything from the web using the web browser. I will test out the smart phone remote control. This feature is awesome and I was really not expecting a smart phone remote for this app. Maybe the Vita as a remote, but not a smart phone. Good job with this and I look forward to more from Germany.


  • I just hope I can watch youtube in 1080p now, as I should have always been able to…

    While you guys are at it, ¿why don’t you update the flash player?.

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