Media Molecule’s New Project Revealed: Tearaway for PS Vita

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Media Molecule’s New Project Revealed: Tearaway for PS Vita

Tearaway is kind of like a buddy movie. It stars iota, a messenger from a paper dimension, whose envelope head contains an urgent message to deliver… to you! It’s a very special message, and one that’s unique for each and every player. In order to read yours, you’ll need to take up the role of co-star and, together with iota, journey through the vibrant papery landscape — two buddies going on an epic adventure.

You and iota will travel afar, taking on enemies and helping those in need. You’ll conquer adversity and discover magical papery surprises. But in Tearaway, you’re holding more than just a PS Vita in your hands — you’re holding the paper world itself!

Using the god-like powers inherent to someone who can hold an entire world in their giant hands, you can make your presence felt using a wide range of godly powers that take advantage of all the PS Vita’s bells and whistles — some subtle and some epic. You can shake things up or turn them upside down. A gentle breath from you is a gusty storm. You can even poke your fingers into the back of the PS Vita to tear through into the world and help iota complete this very special delivery.

Check out all this and more in the trailer below…

Anything you see in Tearaway’s papercraft world can be created in the real world from bits of paper! See for yourself — head on over to our Facebook page to get the plans to make your very own customizable Tearaway Papercraft Elk. Be sure to visit us on Twitter too, and show us your creations! For anything else, you can check out Tearaway’s official site.

Tearaway for PS VitaTearaway for PS Vita

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  • I want to have this game ASAP,hopefully it will be released on holiday but take your time I want to see this game sell alot of vitas and maybe make Tearaway 2 Revenge of the Cyclops. :)

  • Oh and the message sounds interesting unique and different message to each player,that better not have a troll face on the message.LLLLLLOOOOOOOOLLLLLL

  • Day one! :) MM u guys have a special place in my heart since lbp1! still remember when u had to push back LBP1 bc of the muslims whatever ppl! i was so mad at them! >_<

  • did anyone else get a desire to use their thu’um during the trailer?

    love the song and cant wait to get this.

  • I’m not especially into LBPs gameplay and overall design concepts, and Sackboy creeps me out. But THIS game, this looks EXCELLENT. I was just thinking last night that we needed more main characters who wear berets or headbands. Lo and behold, we get a paper-thingy-guy with a headband. He looks like Paper Rambo, which is indescribably cool

  • This looks amazing! I’m really hoping for a lengthy journey in this game. With all those elements, I could see this as being a 20+ hour game

  • Top notch development once again. This is what Vita was made for. Games should take advantage of Vita as much as possible. When developers do we end up with unique content like this. Good job Media Molecule once again it looks like you have hit a home run. Keep up the great work.


  • Wow! Excited with this! 1st day buy :)

  • psn game?

  • A step in the right direction, keep bringing unique games like this to the PS Vita and I might buy one in the near future.

  • I just wanted to say holy crap! wow!
    definite buy! :D

  • Between AC: Liberation, Sound Shapes, Papo & Yo and now this, the Vita is starting to live up to it’s original hype for me at least.

  • i cant believe this game looks better than COD
    ill also get this

  • Somehow I dremt about this game the night before gamescom…

  • This looks pretty cool. MM guys have a great imagination.

  • I would buy this tomorrow, or today for that matter.

  • Day 1!

  • Thanks Siobhan, MM and Vita are a marriage made in heaven.

  • Very inventive and still has the unique vibe of a LBP game! really looking forward to playing it on my PS Vita.

  • Man this looks so amazing. I wish I had a Vita already. I really want to play this. :D

  • I think there is something wrong with this website. I’m throwing my money at the screen but nothing is happening!!! GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!

  • I think at the end of the game, when Iota brings you your message, it should be a teaser for MediaMolecule’s next “Big Project.”

  • hey gotta say this game look great can not wait to play this but gotta ask is the shouting mandatory im hoping not dont want to shout like that when im in public

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