Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Grinding on to PSN August 28th

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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Grinding on to PSN August 28th

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater: HD on PS3

Hi everyone. Finally, we can talk about Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD for PS3. We are so grateful for everyone’s patience on this, and we want to make sure you all know that everyone at Robomodo and Activision has been busting their butts to get it out there. Now we can safely announce that after a lot of hard work, sweating and some crying (just a little), the game will be released August 28th on PSN in North America.

Game development is probably the hardest form of entertainment to put together, and making sure a game plays well across different machines is way tougher than anyone can imagine. If there was a “Make PS3” button, we would’ve been tempted to hit that a long time ago. But we wanted to take the time to fix a few things and make sure that the PS3 experience is everything it can be.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater: HD on PS3Tony Hawk's Pro Skater: HD on PS3

The wait has been excruciating for us. We know that the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series has historically been very tightly tied to PlayStation consoles. For me, it was a key game in my career. In 1999 I had just left my first game development job, so I and a few others broke off and started a new studio. The day we left, we were at a friend’s house and he brought out Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for the original PlayStation. We popped the disk in, and I immediately felt like this was the game the system was made for. There were plenty of other great games on PlayStation, but it felt like Neversoft crafted this one specifically for this hardware. My statement at the time: “I would kill to make a game like this!”

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater: HD on PS3Tony Hawk's Pro Skater: HD on PS3

Now fast forward 13 years, and here we are with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD for PS3. It’s the best parts of the first two games in the Pro Skater series combined with the polish and technology of 2012 – and online play. Even better, DLC is coming that includes levels from THPS3, new pros, and the revert! It’s truly a game that we feel brings two generations of players together, and both will feel like it’s “their game.”

By bringing this to the PS3, it really feels like we are bringing both the Tony Hawk series and PlayStation gaming full circle. We can’t wait for you to start playing and destroying each other’s scores! If you find us online, please be gentle.

Here is a full list of features for THPS HD and some info on the upcoming DLC:

  • HD Upgrade: We polished and rebuilt the game using Neversoft’s original level models.
  • Classic levels: The style and feel of the seven best levels from THPS and THPS2 (Warehouse, School 2, Mall, Phoenix, Hangar, Marseilles and Downhill Jam) refreshed for today. Tony Hawk himself put a call out to his fans on Twitter during the summer of 2011 to decide the final levels. The levels are exactly the same specs as the originals – every gap, SKATE Letter, etc is exactly where you remember it — but it looks a hell of a lot better!
  • The Top Pros: Today’s biggest skate pros round out the cast including: Nyjah Huston, Chris Cole, Eric Koston, Andrew Reynolds, Rodney Mullen, Lyn-z Adams Hawkins Pastrana, Riley Hawk and, of course, Tony Hawk himself. Each has eight boards, three special moves, and an alternate outfit.
  • Refined controls: The skaters’ animations, tricks and combos reflect the evolution of the THPS games. Animations are improved, the tricks have been redone (and some new special tricks added), and we even added “skater celebrations” for big combos.
  • Manuals and Reverts: Read closely! You can do manuals as part of trick combos in THPS HD. Given the fact that this game combines the best gameplay from THPS1 and THPS2, Reverts will not work as part of trick combos in the initial launch of THPS HD, as that mechanic was not introduced until THPS3. However, reverts will work in the post-release DLC for the THPS3 levels, as those levels were originally designed to accommodate this.
  • Endlessly fun objectives: Players pursue the same global and level-specific goals as the original games, including S-K-A-T-E, Secret DVD (used to be VHS tape!), and many more.
  • Soundtrack: About half classic THPS tracks and half new ones. Includes classics like Goldfinger’s “Superman” and the Anthrax/PE collab “Bring the Noise”.
  • Online multiplayer: Four modes (Trick Attack, Graffiti, Big Head Elimination, Free Skate), plus online leaderboards. eight high score leaderboards (one per level plus one all levels combined). “Target Score” included as well, so you can see next highest score for you to beat to move up in the leaderboard in the HUD.
  • Downloadable content: Coming post-release, will be three levels from THPS3 (Airport, LA, and Canada) as well as new pros including Steve Caballero. The revert will work in these levels!
  • In Game Map View: Pause and see the location of objectives and gaps.
  • Over 15 Trophies
  • Quick Restart: Select button allows you to quickly restart a session. Perfect for the obsessive gamer who is looking to achieve the perfect combo.
  • Facebook Bragging Rights: Friends can see what level you have played and your score in Facebook.

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  • Please release this game on the VITA as well, thanks!

  • Sweeet can’t wait. real old school gaming

  • I can’t believe i never played these games back in the day. Been waiting on the release date. Day 1 purchase for me.

  • Retro city rampage pleeeeeeeeeease

  • Never could get the hang of real skateboarding but I love skateboarding games. I never played the first 3 Tony Hawk games (my first was pro skater 4) so I really want to try this out.

    @Josh Tsui a couple questions:
    1. Price?
    2. Splitscreen multiplayer?
    3. Plans for a demo?

    And like sprice25 said, I know it may not be likely but I would really like a vita version of this game too!

  • ps vita firmware update???? tony hawks hd would be great on vita also

  • Will there be secret characters to unlock like wolverine and darth maul like in the original games? These were the characters I really like skating with. Also is there any word on when Double Dragon Neon will hit psn?


  • @5

    1. 15 bucks (i hope theres a ps+ discount. especially considering how long Xbox has it first

    2. nope

    3. Doubtful

    However I have a question, since this game was “still in development” after the 360 version was released does that mean the PS3 version will be better than the 360 version (i.e the bugs and glitches found in the 360 version have been fixed in the ps3 version), or are we still getting the exact same game (bugs and all) that 360 owners have?

  • FINALLY! Also, I’ll +1 the Vita request. The Vita needs more awesome games, and Tony Hawk would be perfect for it. Syncing progress between both versions is a must too.

  • Awesome now where is socom 2 hd???

  • @9

    I heard that Microsoft paid for timed exclusivity to go along with their summer sale. So it’s likely the exact same game, but who knows for sure.

  • everything but the price… gonna have to check how much it is on xbox…

  • This should have been free for plus. something I actually want and don’t have already.

  • no splitsceen/local multiplayer = no buy

    will only download this game if it is free for plus

  • You MONEY HUNGRY W.H.O.R.E.S. Why did this take so long to release on the PS3? Did you forgot the PlayStation days where we were your customers? Talk about loyalty…. Give us Crash Bandicoot, and Sypro back too we need Superbot to have them in their game!!

  • I’m actually going to grab this, it’s classic, sure hope it plays like it though, any chance of a SOCOM HD? or SOCOM HD Collection?

  • i cant wait it is taking forever :)

  • Intentionally late release on PS3 for extra money + even worse when THPS started on PS + doing a buggy job + poor selection of maps and sound tracks from the originals + over priced + no compensation for delay = go away.

  • Yes, I too vote for Vita version in the future. That sounds almost more perfect than perfect already is.

  • I’m a little disappointed about the lack of splitscreen, but this game looks fantastic nonetheless. I’m a massive fan of THPS1-3. I’ll be picking it up for sure!

  • That statement about delaying the game on PS3 isn’t true at all. Activision chose to put THPSHD as a Summer of Arcade promotion and you weren’t permitted to put the game out on PSN until a month of exclusivity had run its course; this is standard for every game that participates in Microsoft’s promotion. Next time you release a game don’t cave to Microsoft so everyone can play it at the same time

  • Does anyone know price yet?

  • @23 umm ive already said the price… pay attention -_-

  • The fact that they’re making it seem like extra polishing is the reason why it’s taking 41 days for it to be released is quite an insult to the Playstation community.
    -From Dust
    -Lara Croft and the Guardian of the Light
    -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled
    -Beyond Good & Evil HD
    All participated in Microsoft promotions and were delayed for a month on PS3 after being released on 360.

    And no, all the bugs and issues in the 360 version will most likely be in the PSN version, the game was being developed from the start on 360, PC and PS3 but was intentionally delayed for the 2012 Summer of Arcade promotion.

  • @24
    I’m gonna say $15. That’s how much it is on the box.

  • I was really looking forward to this game… until I found out there’s no split-screen. I’m not even getting it now, that’s what I wanted the most, maybe down the road if it goes on sale for like $5 I might consider it, but at launch definitely not

  • liked the first games, wont be buying this. not after the delay. wouldn’t mind seeing a downhill domination hd remake, though. loved that game.

  • When is SOCOM HD?

  • The game will likely be $14.99 to match the XBLA pricing.

    I must second the motion for a Vita version. This would be ideal, right sized game and could take advantage of the additional input devices; sixaxis for balancing on rails, touch screen/back touch for tricks, camera, etc. Make it happen! You know you want to, otherwise some other kid the same age as you in your story above will come along and say the same thing. Then they will be the ones to re-re-port THPS to PS Vita 3.

  • Will there be a discount for Plus members? $15 is steep, hell 20% off atleast and I’m sold.

  • I agree with #1. Please bring this to the Vita. I would love to play some Tony Hawk on my Vita. TH Psone would be great too.

  • I hope there is a HUGE discount for this one on PS+ i’m thinking about getting PS+ soon!

  • Thank you for the update/release date for this!
    Been waiting to play it. My brother got it for Xbox and said it was enjoyable, but hard to go back to after playing “Skate.”

    Loved THPS 1&2 back on the PS1 days.
    But, “Skate” on PS3 ruined any future skateboarding games for me. Feels like playing this would almost be a step backwards now.

  • why would i buy a game that doesnt even support sony fans? pls go back to microsoft and hang out with little kiddies over there with your terrible game while i hang out over here

  • if its for the VITA as well then I would buy it…I agree with EVERYONE

  • SK8 OR DIE!!!

  • I would rather play a hd remake of tony hawks underground which is the best in the series imo. But I will probably get this anyway when it releases. I have all the original pro skater games on the playstation. Actually I just realized I have all the tony hawk games on playstation consoles up to American wasteland.

  • Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Yea… no thanks. You guys screwed the pooch with this one.

  • THPS1 and THPS2 are definetly in the top 15(maybe 10) best games on PS1. I was so excited for this HD remake, counting down the days… that is until at the last minute it came out for XBLA and PSN got screwed. 1 month later here we are.

    You lost out on this sale. I said screw it, I’ll just play the originals. Next time, don’t be greedy and accept money from Microsoft for a timed exclusivity.

  • I have many great memories playing the first three Hawk’s with my friends and we would always restart right away if our run didn’t start good. I am glad that most of the levels from all three games are making the game and I can’t wait to hit my old lines again. I can picture in my head some of the lines in the School and Airport, so as soon as I have the game on my HDD I will quickly remember the other levels best lines. We live in a great time for gaming. Many classic games that were once hard to acquire are now easily downloadable and some of the best games from consoles pasts are brought back to life with HD remakes like Tony Hawk.


  • They realy realy realy realy realy need to make this for the vita sorry for all of the realy’s but im just triying to get there attention and i have an xbox acount and this game is amazing i dont get why they didnt release it at the same time.:(

  • cool, but, can we have a SOCOM HD???? SOCOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Umm, I don’t think manuals were ever implemented in THPS1, but finally Robomondo cleared the launch date.

  • i would love it if they redid the ORIGINAL tony hawk underground for hd like you know how they did sly cooper remkae well i wish if they did for thug thug2 american wasteland that would be killer

  • 2 More days, hopefully!

  • So it’s August 28th!!! Where the hell is THHD??????????????? I have waited all day to download this game and it can be found ANYWHERE on the PSN!!!!

    WHAT GIVES????????????????

  • …im still waiting for the game and its almost 12:00p.m what time is it coming out in Ohio??

  • same here….. still waiting

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