PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Moves to November

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Moves to November

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Hello PlayStation Nation. As you know, we at SuperBot have set high benchmarks for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Our goal is to deliver a fun, well-balanced, and compelling gameplay experience that pays homage to all of these incredible characters.

We also know our fans have high expectations for this title, and to that end, we have decided to move the release date to November 20th, 2012 for North America (including Canada) and Latin America territories. This will let us spend more time polishing and tuning the game, and it will give us a chance to incorporate some of the great feedback we’re receiving from the current limited beta to ensure we are creating the best possible fighting game experience. While it is our greatest desire to put this game into the hands of our fans as soon as possible, we do not want to do so at the sake of quality. The additional time will be well worth the wait, and are excited to know that our fans will have the ultimate brawler in time for the holiday.

Keep an eye on GamesCom this week, as we’ve lined up some big announcements that we’re sure you’ll be excited about.

Thanks again for all of your support and understanding!

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  • This was a given that it would be delayed.

  • KAT is NOT needed to MAKE this GAME only CRASH & SPYRO.

  • I would love to get in on that limited beta, as a fan of another game with similar dynamics, (won’t say any names out of respect) I am eagerly anticipating this game.

  • I’m hearing almost nothing but good things about this games. The few (and only) negative things that I’ve heard are the bugs/glitches expected to be with betas–that’s what they’re for after all, right–and a few comments about user interfaces that are easily fix-able.

    I’ve been following the development of this game since it’s official announcement (actually, even since its unofficial ‘Title Fight’ announcement) and you guys have come to earn my trust in you. Pre-ordering the Vita/PS3 combo as soon as it’s announced.

    Also, hopefully you’ll be announcing a few characters of the marsupial, dragon, and serpentine variety…

  • I can imagine how stressful it would be to have to tell your fans you are delaying your game, but I know it will be time well-spent. I’m having a great time playing the beta and it’s humbling to know you are taking our feedback into account even as the deadline approaches. You’ll have my purchase whenever it comes out. Cheers!

  • Next week gamescom?

    What day will you be revealing stuff. Please reply!

  • DelayStation hits again. I think you should stop announcing release dates until the game is done. This way, you don’t disappoint fans.

    Oh well, I hope this is the last delay, I don’t want to wait until next year to get this game. Somehow, I get a feeling that the Vita version will get delayed even more…

  • If you add a Final Fantasy Character, an Assassins Creed character and Crash Bandicoot to the roster then you are pretty much forgiven :P.

    To be honest, I rather have a good, polished and well balanced game than a rushed one :).

  • Btw, when will you release the public Beta in US and Europe for PSN Plus and PSN members?

    You could get a wider feedback with it ;)

  • Can’t say I am surprised. Look, as long as you guys fix the bugs and add SOLID SNAKE, CLOUD…OTHER MORE FINAL FANTASY VII CHARACTERS :), and Ico/Wonder from Ico series I will be good :)

  • Im super excited for this game and im glad that you guys are trying to make this game perfect. SUPERBOT FTW.

  • i feel the only real problem with the gAme is that u cannt see the score during the match i would like to see who winning during the match that way can adjust how i play.

  • what about Europe release ?

  • This game is going to rock. There are too many good Sony characters to put them all in so here is to hoping for future DLC packs with characters and maybe new stages to fight on. I also hope this game sells well enough to have a sequel produced. I know that is looking a little far into the future, but I see great things for this game if it becomes a new Sony franchise. This game is awesome.


  • you know what grind my gears, games being delayed. this is the only game that got me so excited now im more bumed out then ever thanks superbot.

    there better not be any DLC for this game since you have time to put it in the game.

  • Totally fine with this. Already have the PS3 and Vita versions pre-ordered, I’m just glad there’s a beta to play it beforehand :D

  • This really awesome. A delay PSASBR could mean they fixing Online Bugs, acquire more thrid party characters (Ezio or Rayman, Cloud or Lighting and Crash and Spyro), make new first party characters, balancing at game and polishing the graphics. Worth the wait. Amazing work SuperBot.

  • Yeah, I think it’ll be worth the wait. Quality should always take precedence.

  • Is this going the way of TWISTED METAL? oh boy….

    Why do you keep announcing games you can’t possibly complete in such a short time? WHY? Why don’t you keep your mouths shut until your game is very close to be finished? Why do you hype games like THE LAST GUARDIAN only to fail to deliver them and embarrass yourselves?

  • If ONE MONTH IS ENOUGH then OK. But if you make your fans wait for a delay only to release a still buggy and incomplete product (I’m looking at you TWISTED METAL), then shame on you and that’s completely unacceptable!!!!

  • And they couldn’t had done this with a patch? >.<


    Well a lot of people are now expecting a Vita beta

  • Sooooo worth the wait. The beta is awesome! I’ve got both versions pre ordered and can’t wait to rock them BOTH out! I hope this game gets lots of marketing push from Sony online and on TV, it deserves it!

  • Also if you put one and only one Final Fantasy character in this game, please don’t let it be someone from FFXIII, that game drives me nuts and now there is supposedly a part 3 before Kingdom Hearts 3 or Versus XIII. Please GAWD no FFXIII characters.

    Let it be known that I’m buying the game either way haha

  • I am unironically stating: Unless the beta really impresses me, the lack of Kevin Butler as a playable character will probably cause me to not buy this.

  • Alright, that works guys, thanks for taking time to make sure the game is running as smoothly as possible really. The only thing I have to say about it is please, please find some way to get me a beta as I have been begging for quite some time now haha.

  • Everyone trust me I’m in the beta this game is great beyond great there’s a few bugs to fix that’s why the delay which is find pay 60 and 40 for this game ps3 and vita superbot want it’s perfect for their fans and that’s what we going to get superbot is a great company and want the best they support us I support them cant wait

  • Mr. Park,

    I sent an email to you guys at, which David Yang said will be super helpful. The game was going to come out the week of my birthday (Happy birthday to me…from me haha). At any rate, I really enjoy everything on offer with the game thus far, and I’m super proud of all you. Judging by the work you’ve already put into the current beta build, and all the content you’re adding, I know you will all make great use of the extra month. Plus, I now have more time to convince people to buy the game! Keep up the awesome woek over there, and make sure to give yourselves a pat on the back when all is said and done, you deserve it already :)!

    Joe DelFranco

    • Thanks again for all of your support and passion for our game and studio Joe! Sorry to you and all of the other fans for not shipping around your birthday, but the extra time will make for an even better gift!

  • Received the Beta invite last week. Been trying it for the past days. I wanted to leave my feedback but I kind of forgot how to access the Beta forums. Could you guys help me?!

    By the way, I think it is better to delay than to release things earlier.


  • @78 go to login in to your account click on name when logged into the site you will see a tab that says Psn beta click it then another page will load click message board

  • NO! No freaking way ugh, okay you guys have to make it up by hopefully giving us even more information and definitely adding a lot more content to the beta!

  • Oh and now you guys have to compete against CoD, the Wii U launch etc. sigh I REALLY hope this game doesn’t get overlooked in the fall. :(

  • “Haste makes waste” , now you have time for fixing lag , bugs and balancing issues :)

    I hope you also use this time to add more characters from Ps1 that you have not choose !

    Crash & Neo Cortex , Spyro ,Klonoa , Croc , Gex , Spike and Specter .

    they were the main pillars of Playstation and Icons that comes to mind when someone say Ps1.

    Best wishes ;)

  • Even though I’m sad to see this delayed, hearing you guys are continuing to tweak and improve it before release helps ease my worries. Better to release a complete functional game than a buggy unplayable mess. Now if only I could get a beta code……or demo.

  • Thanks for telling us now that way we wouldn’t get our hopes up later on =3 I am loving the beta and can’t wait to see more! Best of luck to you guys. You have my full support!

  • Hey Chan no worries :D Its good to here this is going to be such a perfect masterpiece!! Oh man I can’t wait to play!! Keep up the awesome work guys!!!

  • You guys should add Kevin Butler as an unlockable character!!! If you do, I’ll buy both versions of the game.

  • SuperBot, you do whatever you need to do to make this game the best it can be. I will support and follow you all 100%. I really hope it’s for more characters, and I’m looking forward to more All-Stars.

    And I’m begging you SuperBot Entertainment. Please, please, PLEASE put in someone from the Disgaea series in as a playable character! Valvatorez from Disgaea 4 would be great.

    Valvatorez could fight with Fenrich assisting him, as well as a sword, summoning bats, and with his special attacks. His Level 3 will be his powerful Tyrant Flughude, and his Alternate Costume would be his Tyrant look. He’s my number 1 choice, and I really feel strong about him.

    There are lots of other characters rumored to be in…but I want just Valvatorez more then anyone else.

    Please SuperBot…I hope you’ll add the sardine-eating, promise keeping, vampiric Prinny Instructor Valvatorez (with his cunning werewolf servant Fenrich) in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal. I’ll never beg for any other character…just add Valvatorez.

    I’d be forever grateful SuperBot. And thank you for your time.

  • Chan,

    Like I said, you add Kevin Butler as a character, I both versions :)

  • if you need this time for adding extra characters then take your time !

    as long as Specter ( Ape Escape 2 version) is in AND playable I can wait and save my money for your game :)

    I hope you announce him soon !

    thank you for your hard working .

  • hopefully we get something out of this, like a new character or stage or a new mode or something, i am pretty sure they are adding a percentage mode of some sort from the all the beta complaints of lack of modes.

  • I haven’t had the beta or anything, but I’ve been paying a lot of attention to comments in regards to it. Are you guys actually focusing on changing actual gameplay aspects or just fixing kinks? Are you thinking about adding things you guys haven’t even thought of? I know sometimes a lot of what people want for change doesn’t actually get fixed just because its not possible or thats not what your going for..I’m just curious

  • Definitely worth the wait. We may get some goodies that were close to being DLC! Or, at least expanded servers.

  • Already pre ordered so it’ll come when it comes, but when are you going to show Cole and Jak & Daxters pre order bonus outfits?

  • Hey SuperBot! Love the way this project is gearing up to be…. while im a bit sad that I will have to wait one more month than expected (STILL no Beta for me) I know this wait shall be worth it…. This is a HUGE project that cant or must not have minor bugs and given all the hype it has you guys know how tough server maintenance will be once the game comes out…. Congratulations on an awesome project. I know the final product Will more than satisfy people even if some characters do eventually get left out…. Cheers guys!

  • Can I have a beta code please. I keep hearing good things about this game and i am itching to give it a try. I have tried every contest and offer so far but keep coming up empty. I know it is unlikely that you guys would give me one just because I just asked but I decided it is worth a shot. If not i will just have to exercise patience until a public beta

  • Thanks for the PlayStation Nation shoutout :-)

  • Its good u guys take ur time to make it a perfect game.
    I am wondering what will this mean for the European release date?

  • Thrilled you guys are focused on turning out the best product possible instead of putting it on store shelves as soon as possible. It really tells me how dedicated you guys are to bringing the best product possible.

    Besides, I would’ve been in school on the previous release date, I don’t want to be tempted to play it until my studies are done. Thankfully, this new release date is the Tuesday AFTER my Fall term ends! XD

    Keep up the amazing work, you guys! I will continue to enjoy this beta and give you guys feedback, and am looking forward to your announcements at Gamescom tomorrow!

  • in the mean time would it be possible to get a Vita version of the Beta out to the Vita owners?

  • i can understand why, i’m loving the beta so far Sly rules them all! will more characters join the beta soon?

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