Ragnarok Odyssey on PS Vita is a Giant-Smashing Good Time

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Ragnarok Odyssey on PS Vita is a Giant-Smashing Good Time

Ragnarok Odyssey for PS Vita

Hey guys! How are you? You’re doing awesome, you say? That’s pretty awesome, I’m doing awesome myself. And you know why? Because I’ve been playing Ragnarok Odyssey for PS Vita. In English.

[Insert gasps of excitement here]

Are you ready to stand taller than giants? You should be, because that’s what this game is all about. One day, a passage along the Millennium Peaks gives humans access to the long-sealed off Sundered Land, and because they’re really lucky, it’s filled to the brim with mighty beasts that seem to want nothing more than to destroy mankind’s territory — Trogdor-style. Only they’re not dragons with handsomely chiseled arms, they’re ugly Giants. Giants who like to smash things.

Ragnarok Odyssey for PS VitaRagnarok Odyssey for PS Vita

That’s where you come in. You’re a mercenary on the front lines, and once you choose your sex, job class, and how cute you are (by way of hair style/color, skin color and voice type), you’re ready to drop in on Fort Farthest like a bat out of hell. And don’t worry, you’re only restricted to your default job class for a short time — you’ll soon be able to go from hacking and slashing as a Sword Warrior to creating miniature explosions as a Mage with a mere wardrobe change. And even that won’t be a limitation soon enough, because I’m sure some of you would prefer to be dressed like you just walked out of a western while whacking things upside the head as a Hammersmith, right?

Ragnarok Odyssey for PS Vita

There are myriad lands with different environmental themes to discover in the Sundered Land, each with their own badass brand of monsters and Giants waiting to put their jaws (or slime — actually, that sounds kind of wrong, just go back to jaws) around your pretty little head. Accompanying these landscapes is a combat system that’s fast-paced and all-over-the-screen in the best kinds of ways. Battle your enemies using an arsenal of weapons at your disposal depending on your class, building what the title calls “tension” — the more tension you build, the more powerful, flashier and just all-around more awesome your specialized attacks will be. Thrust your enemies into the air, leaving them defenseless to your blows, or use the knockback ability to drive them clear off the screen.

Ragnarok Odyssey for PS VitaRagnarok Odyssey for PS Vita

What else does this game have? Well, there’s certainly more. Way more than I could possibly explain in one blog entry. But for now, I’ll leave you with one more fun fact: remember the beloved Porings in Ragnarok Online? They’re back. And you can wear them. On your head. So now that that little gem’s been unveiled, be patient girls and boys and we’ll talk again soon, okay?

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  • thinking about getting this imported from the u.s on amazon will i be able to use the dlc if i buy it on my u.s psn account and then try play it on my e.u version i got netflix using u.s account but not sure if works dlc wise

    • That might be a better question directed towards Sony, but theoretically, if the account you have on your Vita is a U.S. account, you should be able to download and play North American released DLC without any problems. Don’t quote me on it, since like I said, it might be better to ask Sony about that one!

  • I’m very happy to see that there will be a demo for this game!!!

    I’d like to see more RPGs for the Vita – especially a sci-fi RPG similar to the Mass Effect series.

    • The RPG lover in me also craves for RPGs for Vita :> We hope you enjoy the demo and the full game!

  • when will the next line up of psp games hit the vita and wats the word on psones coming to psvita plz let me know

    • I’m not sure about that, but our PSP title Unchained Blades is now up in the Vita store as of August 7th!

  • Are there any plans for a limited edition for the game? Will pre-order once I know!

  • I have one question, GameStop and EB Games are doing pre-orders for a “limited edition” of this game. Is this game really going to have one, or are they doing these without a confirmation from you guys?

  • @!Brittany Avery
    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my question. Just to let you know, I will be getting the digital release.

    One question regarding the digital release. Will there be a pre-order program for the digital release?

    • No problem! I like being able to answer questions.

      As far as we know, no pre-order programs for the RO release! That’d be completely up to SCEA.

  • I have been waiting on this game since it has been talked about! as a fan of the series its something i have been wanting for awhile! Anyway while its nice and all im a bit sad that the demo is coming after the release of the game, i honestly dont understand the point in that. i really wanted to get the fell of the game/controls before actually buying it, but oh well. Also i hope the release isnt too far off of the place holder dates. i dont think i can wait say end of 2012/2013 just for this game.

  • Can you play this game Solo like a SP RPG? I like single player story experiences with my RPG’s not online or co-op.

  • RPG’s are great but Vita needs more western RPG’s like Skyrim, good dungeon crawler, dark souls would be epic.

  • if you respond to my question il buy this game day one! Are we still getting the other legend of heroes games?

  • Awesome ! Really can not wait for this game to come out !!!! Zomg I want !!

  • XSEED, you have my support! I look forward to this & future AAA releases.

  • I tried the JP Demo this morning and I am now thoroughly excited for this game. Hopefully we get a US Release date soon.

  • @ Brittany Avery : Congratulations for the awesome demonstration of CALM even after being asked 2435343 times when it will be released. And you didn’t even copy/pasted anything, that’s epic.

    • Trying to re-word things using my minimal knowledge of the English language is a fun challenge. :D

  • How will the level up system be? Also, how far can we level up?

    • There’s actually no level up system in the conventional JRPG sense! Your weapons, clothes and a card system which allows you to equip cards to upgrade stats and gain new abilities are what saves you throughout this game. It’s pretty fun!

  • Got to play this at San Diego Comic Con this year. Was a lot of fun and the game plays great. Can’t wait for this to get a release date so I can plop down a pre-order.

  • This is the perfect game for the Vita!

    PLEASE tell me this game WON’T be having an online pass!

  • I have been playing the Japanese demo of this for a few days now and it is AMAZING!!!! The Assassin is my favorite so far of the 3 you can choose. I look forward to the other 3 classes! Please let us know ASAP about release dates, I was hoping that 8/21 was the date.

    Any idea if you will be bringing Dokuro to the US as well? It’s by Game Arts as well and is quite a fun game too. Hope for a reply and have a wonderful day and keep us posted!!! :)

    • I can only answer Ragnarok Odyssey related questions here, but you’re welcome to bring other game-related questions to the XSEED Forums! And we’ll try not to keep you waiting too long for a release date!

  • Another Vita RPG? The only question remains, when will you be taking my money by releasing it? Because this can only end in one way, with me poorer but having another Vita game.

  • I actually Imported this game way back in February. This game is exactly like Ragnarok Online meets Monster Hunter.

    It’s more straight forward than Monster Hunter in terms of going for the next rank of quests instead of farming for materials but its a hell of a good time.

    Highly recommend as a Day 1 Purchase

  • Hey Xseed game looks amazing, i can’t wait to play! I got it pre-ordered to. One Question thought will there be a Limited Edition for the retail copy of the game? Because i was able to pre-order it a EB Games. Thanks Love you XSEED!

    • WE LOVE YOU TOO (and not even in a friendzoned way, this is real love here)~

      We’re looking into the possibility of a Limited Edition release! No confirmation yet, but keep your eyes peeled!

  • I’ve been seeing lots of people talk about this and that it was coming out in English, but I hadn’t heard anything official, so I was kinda scratching my head. After checking out some gameplay vids the other day, I suddenly wanted this. Badly. And now here you are, XSEED/Brittany, letting me know that it is indeed coming out, and soon. I couldn’t be more excited! Action-RPGs are right up there with Open-World Action as my favorite genre. Can’t wait for this to come out, and I’ll be eagerly anticipating a release date announcement!

    PS> Please don’t forget about Legend of Heroes! And are you guys considering bringing over the newest Ys game for the Vita? That would be ace!

    • Ragnarok Odyssey is definitely full of action, so if you love that, then you’ll loooooooove this. But I can only answer questions about RO in this blog. :> Try the XSEED Forums!

  • Blah blah blah fluff piece. No one cares about this stuff. We all know about the game. We only care about a release date. Just announce one already.


      But really, we’re working hard! We just want to be very sure of the release date before we announce it, rather than have a problem between and have to announce a delay. No one likes that. We’ll let you know when we’re absolutely sure! And hey, lots of people like the fluff! :D

  • thank you for making a great game and please continue to support the vita

  • i would love to see The Last Story be created for the vita

  • This and Persona 4 golden are what will make me buy a Vita, but i’m much more excited for this game since i already played persona 4 on the PS2 before.

  • hmm…

    Action rpg – Check
    Made by a favourite company – Check
    Game that make me want to play my Vita – Check
    Vita game price – Very Affordable.
    Media so far – Impressive.
    Responds to fan comments – Very much appreciated.

    I have to admit this game flew under the rader for me until now. Now that I’ve seen this (and checked a couple other sites for more info) I’m feeling very happy to be a Vita owner. Just need to figure out how to afford all the games during the pre-holiday season release insanity heh.

  • Spanish subtitles will have us version

  • Spanish subtitles will have us version???

  • Can the game be tackled as a single player one or is just too difficult without playing it on online Co-Op?

    • The difficulty spikes pretty high in the later chapters during single-player, but it’s still always playable to the end. The game actually has two different entrances- co-op mode has stronger monsters, but single-players can choose the same difficulty to give themselves a challenge!

  • I NEED this game ASAP. I have been getting myself hyped time and time again in anticipation of this game. I really just wish we knew the release date so I know when I can get my hands on this masterpiece. I will get this game the very same day it is released in the U.S. Cannot wait, been a huge fan of the monster hunter series and this game seems like it will feed my need to kill monsters. I seriously cannot wait for this game.

  • Any news on Orgarhythm while we’re at it?

  • Any idea if we’re getting the same demo Japan had or will it be a new one? Either wasy VERY excited to get to play this.

  • @Brittany Avery I know you cant tell us a set date (I understand) but why not XSEED show a little more love with an english demo perhaps? I heard that the japanese demo had over 100THOUSAND downloads. I would love a to get a sample of how AMAZING this game will be. Can’t wait! Pre order copy fully paid off :)

  • Dont you find the game repetetive and what is the pre-order bonus for NA?

  • Will you continually update the game for more missions and monsters or something?

  • I have loved every game XSEED has brought over and this will be a no brainer for me! (as soon as my AC Vita bundle is released anyway…)

    But I HAVE to ask… is there any word on Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky – Chapter 2?
    Trails is probably my favorite PSP game and I’m dieing to know about the 2nd. Can you at least let us know if it’s in the works? I know it has a TON of dialog and will take time.

  • This got my hopes up cause I thought there was a confirmed release date. Now I’m back to crushing despair. RO is the first MMO I played and my first real foray into online gaming (on dialup no less, long story). I can’t wait for the nostalgia rush that will come when I play this with some friends. I just wish it was soon. :(

  • I guess I should specify when I say RO I mean Ragnarok Online, since Ragnarok Odyssey uses the same abbreviation lol.

  • I just now read this blog post and, hearing about this game for the first time, on my laptop saying, “When is the release date? WHEN IS THE RELEASE DATE?!?” O__o

    Looking forward to this game already! :D

  • I am VERY excited for this game! Another stellar title in a fall/holiday lineup of “Only On Vita” AAA content. Between the retail releases, and digital content, things for the Vita should really start heating up! The list of titles this year that already have release dates, and have tentative dates is NUTS.

  • @Brittany Avery
    Fine, than do you know if the PSN price will be $35.99 like most Vita games have been that are $39.99 in stores?
    Thanks in advance :)

  • .. will the online features work with Type 3 NAT wifi? Thanks!

  • I will definitely be picking this up. And The Last Story.. and WotS4. I love XSEED.

  • Is the demo going to be released any time soon for those people who want to try out the game hands on?

  • Can’t wait!!!

  • I’m more than happy about the news. Been waiting for this game for quite some time now.
    Wanted to ask however, if there are planes for Rangarok Odyssey related PSN items? Like avatars, themese…

  • Looks awesome, Xseed! Cannot wait for this game. A friend of mine told me about it and i was skeptical until i saw video of the Jappanese version and i was like: It looks awesome!
    Plus, the Vita needs some games! Especially some RPG love. But for those who don’t know, there are a ton of RPG’s on the PSP that can be downloaded to the new, shiny system. I won’t name any because not all of them are published by Xseed, and it wouldn’t be very nice of me to do that since it’s also Xseed’s article. That being said, there are a metric TON of awesoem RPG’s still coming out for PSP in Japan. I’m especially interested in Image Epoch’s ‘Sol Trigger’. Any chance of localizing it and making it a Downloadable title? C’mon, Xseed, be a pal. Look, if it’s bribery you want, then i’m willing to throw wads of money at you!

  • what is that thing that looks like one of them dragon quest angel slimes that floats next to the bed. my guess is he heals you up

  • Who should we turn to for a European release? Or could you PRETTY PLEASE secure European rights? We want this game over here, too!

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