PlayStation All-Stars: Sweet Tooth Strategy Video

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PlayStation All-Stars: Sweet Tooth Strategy Video

Hey! It’s Paul Edwards, Lead Combat Designer at SuperBot. I’m here to shed some light on Sweet Tooth’s character design, as we continue our PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale character series.

Sweet Tooth has always been closely associated with vehicular combat, rather than hand-to-hand fighting, so when shaping his playstyle we had to rely on his distinct personality and image. Fortunately, we had direct input from the talented Twisted Metal team (including the man himself, Twisted Metal creator/game director David Jaffe), and we were able to get a great deal of constructive feedback from them through rigorous playtesting. We also had early access to the newest iteration of Twisted Metal when it was being developed — we drew inspiration for his level 2 super from the new “Nuke Mode” that was introduced in the game.

Sweet Tooth has always had this sort of campy B-movie feel to him, which led us to thinking we should have him use the PS3 controller as a weapon in his super. We played around with a few ideas for his level 3, and even considered allowing players to drive around in his signature ice-cream truck. We ultimately felt that Sweet-Bot — another piece from the newest Twisted Metal game — would be the best fit for his ultimate attack.

Sweet Tooth is a huge bruiser — he’s all about big, powerful attacks that often make his opponents go flying. He initially had a large degree of combo ability using his melee attacks, but we decided that didn’t really fit with his physique or playstyle. Instead, he likes to pick his battles, come through with a quick burst of power, then move on to the next opportunity (which isn’t very different from his style in Twisted Metal). Moves like the chainsaw, flame breath, and molotov cocktail really fit his character. We took the mines from Twisted Metal and included them in his arsenal as well. We considered giving him the classic freeze missile too, but opted to make it a usable item instead.

Check out his attacks and more in today’s PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale strategy video!

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  • With the recent new leaks, I’m am kind of getting put off about this game. 3 Tekken characters? Ryn from Ninja Gaiden? If these are the last of the characters, and there is no Crash, and Sypro, I might think twice about getting this game.

    This game is PLAYSTATION ALL-STARS Battle Royale, not Tekken with 3rd Party All Star Battle Royale. I think you guys are losing touch on the meaning of the game to be honest.

    I thought this game was suppose to pay homage to Classic PlayStation characters.

    I hope there are more characters that are coming on Day 1 and not DLC…..

  • Loving these videos! I can’t wait for the PS+ Beta to be released!
    I’m also really curious to see how the online is too.

    I really hope that Toan from dark cloud, Lightng from FFXIII, Kite from .hack//, and Kazuma Kiryu get into the final Roster! If not for launch, as post launch DLC would be amazing!

    Can’t wait to pick this game up! Great work Superbot.

  • Oh yes! I love these videos guys. Are you going to do one for every character? Dude i would love a nathan drake one.

  • I actually didn’t notice Sweet Tooth pulling out the Dualshock for his level 2 super. Nice touch!

  • I would like a comment about the recent website leak, as you can tell from the first comment some people are are getting put off but are just making assumptions from photos on a banner and box art, please any comment regarding the leak would take away some of the chaos that has ensued.

  • I love these videos, thank you.

  • #1,

    There’s definitely been a lot of requests for 3rd party characters, you cannot deny that. I’m sure there’s other 1st party characters stowed away somewhere, or let’s hope at least. But when you reach out, you bring more in. There’s still a large percentage of characters from the PlayStation family of games.

    What would be fun is if along with these strategy videos, they just explain a previously-unannounced character as if it were just another regular news day. Next announcement is soon, right?

  • @#1 I completely agree. 3 tekken characters? Really? And no leaked info on Spyro or Crash yet. These are must haves day one, or as free DLC shortly after release since they SHOULD be included day one.

  • this game needs dart from legend of dragoon, tw I still want to see a chimera in this game

  • btw for preps fussin about the tekken characters…cmon, they just cant have 1 mishima

  • These strategy vidios would be really cool if y’all would send me a flippin’ beta code :P

  • Also I want to add that when this game was 1st announced I was really excited, when I went to E3 THIS was the game I was mostly playing. I hope Superbot is REALLY listening to their fans, maybe how they are handling their game is getting out of hand. Enough with the LEAKS, come out on Gamescon and tell us all the characters that come on the game Day 1, then you can reveal them whenever you want before the game releases. The most recent leak has put me off a little. We don’t need 3 Tekken characters, and if we do I want to hear Omar, and Chan’s reasoning. And if Crash, and Syrpo are not in the game, I also want to know why? I know it can happen, but why hasn’t it?

  • this game is looking so good.
    I can’t wait for more character reveals.
    I think there should be more female characters but I guess Sony would have to look for third party for that (besides the femailes from Uncharted and inFamous). Alyx Vance (half-life) would be awesome, Ada Wong (Resident Evil), Shepard (with option to be male or female, like a costume selection), Bayonetta (my personal favorite), Lightning from FF XIII.
    Those are great options. I hope SuperBot gets a chance to include any of those characters or some other that I have surely missed.

  • Can players combo into a level 1 super?

  • Since Uncharted 3’s multiplayer is becoming a copycat of TF2 with the taunts and hats I think Valve should include Heavy from Team Fortress 2. Maybe a guy from Left 4 Dead seriese or one the robot duo from Portal 2.

  • Awesome ! I love these strategy videos what’s the name of the music ??

    Oh and also should I get the PlayStation 3 version or the PlayStation Vita Version ?

  • There is no way that a game company will just announce all the characters on its roster in advance.(1) it takes away all the suspence and antisipation for the title.(2) once you blow your load, thats it. done deal, no more , no need for gamers to keep checking your website about your game. you already know all the characters on the roster…Its a bad idea. And if you gamed long enough, you would know that Tekken 1,2/3 were all ps1 exclusives. and sold weel for the ps1 brand. so that in itself is enough for sony to add 3 from that series. In this time in gaming, DLC IS KING…so fear not, if you dont see your favorite character in the launce line-up, he or she will most likely be in the DAY 1 DLC..Hahahahah Keep On Gamin.

  • This game is showing promise, I would like to see some more of the available features other than fighting, like, will there be a story mode? Also, I’m not sure if Crash and Spyro can be in this game, they were sold off to other game companies years ago, but here’s hoping for the best.

  • please, not three teken characters, one is already plenty, three is just a terrible idea

  • @19

    They can be in the game, it’s whether or not both parties want to agree on terms because it can be done

  • As long as Alisa is a character, I’m happy. Probably not going to happen be she’s probably my favorite so far in Tekken.

  • Superbot could atleast give a final roster count or an estimate so we could still hope on some others.

  • @14
    they could also add Jennifer from Primal. Cult PS2 classic that went on PSN some months ago.

    Ellen from Folklore.

  • This game is pure fan service from Sony to us gamers. It cracks me up every time I think about the other guy’s mash up fighter game and how cutesy everything in that game looks when compared to this beast. There is nothing cute about Sweet Tooth and I love that about this game. It embraces Sony’s more adult lineup of characters but still brings that over the top game play that is expected out of a mash up brawler. I can’t wait for more official character to be announced. Keep up the great work.


  • Still waiting for the Crash Bandicoot strategy video, SuperBot. ;)

  • #1 Hope that leak it’s not real, two more tekken guys and ryu over more requested and popular characters like crash, spyro, snake, cloud or even a classic character like dart from legend of the dragoon or wander from shadow of the colossus? it’s just nonsense.

  • That flame breath attack would have been PERFECT for Spyro. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was originally supposed to be one of Spyro’s moves, but stupid Activision didn’t let SuperBot use him (or maybe they wanted SuperBot to use his Skylanders design, which would have been just as bad as not having him).
    If Spyro was in the game, they probably would have saved the flame breath attack for him instead of having two characters with the same attack, so he’s probably not in, which sucks. =(

  • #28 – Why wouldn’t Activision let them use Spyro and Crash? It would be free advertisement for THEIR brands. But yeah, I agree, they should’ve saved that flame breath attack for Spyro.

  • So, are we going to be able to pre-order this game on the PSN Store and get the bonus costumes?

  • Ty the tasmanian tiger has to be in the game!!! I loved his games!!!!!!

  • I went from excited to cautiously optimistic about this after yesterdays ‘leak’. I don’t have an issue with 3rd party characters but three Tekken characters( all Mishima family members )and Ryu just seem like wasted slots. Along with that I was hoping for characters from games like Dark Cloud, Rogue Glaxy, Parasite Eve, Syphon Filter, Oddworld, Bubsy, Gex you know some of the older PS classic characters( yes Crash and Spyro as well but that goes withou saying ). But like everyone has said this is the age of DLC so they may pull a Capcom and offer more characters for $. Either way I’m not sure about this game anymore.

  • The leak hasn’t been confirmed as accurate. People really like jumping the gun before they know the whole truth. Relax. There are a lot of issues with the leaked pictures yesterday that question its veracity.

  • @33

    Ummm the leak was on their own website dedicated to PlayStation All-Star battle Royale, or should I say Tekken All Star Battle Royale with some PS characters?….sooooo……..yeah

  • @ RedWaltz79 what probably bothers us at least what bothers me is the last leak was confirmed as accurate I can’t help but wonder if this one will too. The last leak had issues as well( Jak and Daxter were different pics from their final in game models for instance )I’m not against the game I’m just more cautious about it.

  • I’m really curious to see Drake’s character video. Keep up the great work, Bots!

  • Sweet tooth and Drake should be rivals! He hates Clowns! XD

  • @33 i saw the pics first hand. i was able to log onto their site for the few minutes it was up. i was even in the middle of making a custom wallpaper. unfortunately when sackboy was selected, big daddys pic would show up. so obviously this was a work in progress.


    Dude Tekken Characters are always synonymous with Playstation.

    They are and always will be Playstation related characters, I don’t know why the big fuss about that? are you guys kids who started gaming with PS3?

    Are fanboys THAT blinded and all they want is first party characters to brag about it ? There are 3rd party characters that represented Playstation throughout the years more than any other consoles in the history of gaming.

    Tekken went multplatform only this generation with only ONE game which is Tekken 6, Tekken 1, 2, 3, Tag, 4 and 5 all were exclusive to Playstation.


    Dude Tekken Characters are always synonymous with Playstation.

    They are and always will be Playstation related characters, I don’t know why the big fuss about that?

    There are 3rd party characters that represented Playstation throughout the years more than any other consoles in the history of gaming.

    Tekken went multplatform only this generation with only ONE game which is Tekken 6, on the other hand Tekken 1, 2, 3, Tag, 4 and 5 all were exclusive to Playstation.

  • Sometimes I wonder if people started gaming this gen ?

  • Cool video. Sweet Tooth honestly has some of the worst supers. Lvl1 takes out 1. Lvl2 leave you exposed and most likely takes out 1. His lvl3 is very easy to dodge if you hide behind walls. Not to good of a character, but his normal moves seem to be good, but in a game like this where supers are all that matters, he will not be very good. Keep up the good work.

  • These leaks are freaking me out. Not three tekken people! Aren’t they making the next SSB lol.

  • @ badman1982

    The issue isn’t about how often Tekken has been on PS, it’s that there are 3 characters from Tekken in the game, and maybe Ryu from NG too. There are SO MANY characters that fans want, and with limited launch roster space, 3 characters from the same series – a FIGHTING game series no less – is a huge waste and a bad decision. Those guys should be DLC if included at all. The launch roster should be more well-rounded than it is. When I saw that leak yesterday my excitement went from off the charts to severely deflated. SuperBot are fighting game fans, but a lot of people buying the game probably aren’t. They just want to play a brawler with characters they know and love – not get spammed with characters already in other fighting games.

  • @People complaining about Tekken characters, they are still PlayStation All-Stars…

  • #43 – People aren’t complaining about the fact that Tekken is represented, but about how Tekken has 3 characters when more important franchises only have 1 or even 0. The two extra Tekken characters take up space that could’ve been used for way better things – like Crash, Spyro, or Rayman.

  • superbot should just cut off the public from what theyre doing until the games is out because if people keep sharting themselves with every bit of info released, theres gonna be a nation wide pants shortage. seriously guys, calm down. its a ps exclusive, that practically guarantees that its gonna be good. i honestly dont care whos in it as long as theres sackboy.

  • just got my beta code and all i have to say is thank you. you guys are awesome to the max.

  • My issues with the pictures leaked are, in the group picture, it seems to be trying to fit all the revealed characters in, but it is missing characters like Heihachi and Drake, and even Raiden & Sackboy, who are two of the new characters we see prominently in the other pictures. Not to mention, all the art is stock art from games these characters have been in, like Jin, Kazuya and Ryu and Cole’s art is from Infamous 1, when all the other art and gameplay of Cole we have seen has used his Infamous 2 outfit. If it were just an alternate costume, it doesn’t make sense, since none of the other characters of alternates on in the picture.

    Something just seems fishy and this might all be a red herring. That is all. That is why it is better not to jump to conclusions till we hear official information.

  • @44 nothing we can do about it. lol

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