Zen Pinball 2 Scores on PS3, Vita September 4th With PopCap Table

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Zen Pinball 2 Scores on PS3, Vita September 4th With PopCap Table

We here at Zen Studios are happy to finally share Zen Pinball 2‘s release date with you — the game will be available for download Tuesday, September 4th on PS3 and PS Vita!


Street Fighter_2In addition, we have a great surprise for you! Our latest table creation, based on a PopCap Games mega-hit (and I do mean MEGA), will be releasing as new DLC content the same day! What might this table be? All details will be revealed later this month during PAX Prime! If you are at the event, we invite you to stop by PopCap’s booth and get first hands on with the table!

As you all probably know, we take pinball very seriously here at Zen Studios, and we see pinball development in two different parts. On one end you have the actual pinball table, which had better be fun and entertaining. We have worked hard to make sure you have an awesome selection of themes and table designs, the most advanced physics, and stellar-looking tables.

On the other end, you have the game presentation, features that make it competitive among friends (beating your own score over and over is fun, but beating your friends is SO much better), and the overall experience. We have worked really hard to make Zen Pinball 2 the finest pinball platform available!

  • Zen Pinball 2 is cross platform entitled. Any content you buy will be playable on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita at no extra charge!
  • Zen Pinball 2 is a free download for everyone, with trials available for each table so you can try each table before you decide to buy.
  • For those of you who already own Zen Pinball or Marvel Pinball content, you will be able to import your purchases into Zen Pinball 2 for free, receiving graphics, physics and social system upgrades at no extra cost!
  • Zen Pinball 2 will launch with 26 different pinball tables including the mystery PopCap table!
  • A beautiful layout and design featuring all Zen pinball tables under one roof.
  • New trophies for all tables!
  • New social system with in-game score notifications, challenges, Facebook posting, ProScore (personal performance across all tables) and TeamScore (a combined score ranking you and your friends).
  • New rule sheets to help you better understand the tables, while still providing opportunity for discovering the secrets of the table on your own.


As you can see, Zen Pinball 2 is set to take pinball games to the next level. Any guesses on what PopCap game is coming to pinball?

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  • Hope it’s not a ripoff like the first one u only get a few tables a tons of DLC to buy damn milkers.

    • The initial Zen Pinball 2 download comes with trials only, you have to buy the tables to totally unlock them. But, you do get them on PS3 and Vita with one purchase. Technically, we give you the platform / features for free, you buy the content you want. Hopefully this is a fair, flexible solution for everyone.

  • Hey Zsolt, can’t wait for Zen Pinball 2 on Vita!

    Quick question, a few weeks ago on Zen’s facebook page, it was said that while all Marvel tables are coming to the Vita, the Fantastic Four table would be delayed a few weeks (for “extra love”). Is this still the case? I’m a huge Marvel fan, and would love to have every Marvel table from Zen on Vita ASAP.

    Congratulations, September 4 cannot come soon enough!

    • Right now we are planning for all tables to be there at launch. There is a possibility that Fantastic Four will not be ready, but we have some time before we know for sure.

  • Great! It’s finally coming out! I tried marvel pinball 2 and loved it! I have one question though, will there be platinum or only gold trophies? Thanks.

  • This is awesome news! I was hoping we’d hear something soon, but September 4th? That’s right at the beginning of my two-week vacation! Gives me tons of time to play all the tables on my Vita!

    Also, I see mrk1976 had the same question as I did. I noticed the image of the Dashboard didn’t show the Fantastic Four table, but that is one of my favorite Marvel tables. Will this table be coming to ZP2 eventually?

    Lastly, I just recently bought the original Zen Pinball so I could work on getting those trophies, but I haven’t bought the DLC tables for it yet. Is there any chance you will be doing any kind of general discount or PS+ discount/free promotion on those tables? And if not, if I buy them from within ZP2, will they still work with the original ZP?

    Thanks in advance for any responses!

    • Right now we are planning for all tables to be there at launch. There is a possibility that Fantastic Four will not be ready, but we have some time before we know for sure.

      There are not any planned PS+ promotion or sales at this time, and I do not think you will see any before the release of Zen Pinball 2. If you buy any of the older tables from Zen Pinball 2, they will not work within Zen Pinball 1, however, they will work on Vita at no extra charge!

  • yes finaly have a date have been waiting for this hopefully the popcap games a peggle table or chuzzle

  • Tables I would love to see are Bioshock, Batman and Shadow of the Colossus. God I wish these really happened. But one can only dream.

  • I love developers the take extra time to answer questions on this blog! I already own all Zen Pinball/Marvel tables but this sort of QA makes me more likely to buy a product. :-)

  • Thanks for the quick response, Zsolt! Guess I’ll be grabbing all the other ZP tables before ZP2 releases, then the new PopCap table when it launches. You just earned Zen Studios a few more sales. :)

  • +1 to the voices wanting an All-Stars table.

  • I see what you guys did here, I’m calling the police on you…The Chemistry, The addiction,and The upselling, I never cared about Pinball games as much until you guys started walking around these streets selling this stuff…

    I need to go to pinball anonymous @-@

    …or do I? Because I see myself buying everything from you guys :0 lol

    • Once you start you cannot stop. It is true of real machines as well. I started with one, and now I have…12. We are moving into a bigger office just to accommodate our pinball problem, habit, addiction…

  • We need an exclusive table like the “other” platform.

  • Oh yeah and one more question, if I already have Marvel Pinball and Zen Pinball for PS3, will the tables transfer over to my Vita as well?

    • They certainly will! Any tables you own, Zen Pinball or Marvel Pinball, will be playable on Vita at no extra charge.

  • so is it releasing with 26 tables plus the imports or are all the imports 26 tables that you start with?

  • Hopefully you guys make a discounted bundle including all tables! I would definitely buy that in a jiffy! Cause buying all tables individually can get expensive.

  • Thanks for the awesome news Zsolt! I’ve been holding out on buying any Zen tables until this release. I can’t wait to play the Street Fighter Tribute and Tesla tables.

  • when will my “Pinball Heroes” be Vita compatible! i personally think Pinball Heroes has better physics than any Zen Pinball game…..and Pinball Heroes is a PSP Game!!! says alot.

  • Obviously Peggle? It just makes way to much sense. CMAAAAAN!

  • wow i missed the infinity gauntlet tournament , it was posted in pinball fx section on the zen forums , why wasn’t it posted in the marvel pinball section which i checked to see if a tournament was going on and also that week i updated my internal hard drive and had to redownload all my games so i didn’t even had marvel pinball installed yet.

  • I respect you guys for your Vita support. Two awesome looking games (this and Kickbeat), and I will be sure to purchase both!

    • Thanks so much! Look for more information and a new trailer for KickBeat next week. Funny thing, my guys in the US are on the same flight to Germany for GamesCom with Sid and Jeff, they are going to play some KickBeat on the way over.

  • @13, beast- excellent question!

    @ Zsolt, thanks for giving your fans some in depth responses! We love the V2 upgrade & your support of the Vita platform! Question, will Zen ever decide to run a poll on what your next table will be designed around? Not that your past themes have been poor, it’s just that Zen is quite talanted in producing amazing tables & it’ll be great if you gave your fans a choice to select the next round of DLC.

    • We actually tried to do this one time for Marvel DLC, and ran into a bunch of problems. Development is very tricky, and trying to match a poll with development creates a lot of challenges. What we might do is run a poll for tables that are not yet designed and then design the winning choice. That might be easier than polling for tables already in the works.

  • @Zsolt I just have one more thing I’m not 100% clear on. I know you said that our personal high scores and trophies are kept separately on the two platforms (something I really like by the way, because I’m not fond of the earn 1 trophy get it on both platforms model), but I just wanted to clarify if this means that we won’t be able to view other people’s PS3 scores from our Vita. Just curious.


  • @51 I don’t see how $2.50 per table is a ripoff, especially given the quality put into each.

    Excellent news, Zsolt! It’s great to have a solid date on this :) I’m sure the delay was as teeth-grinding for Zen as it was for us fans, so we’ll all be rejoicing together in less than a month!

  • Excalibur is the best table, followed close by Epic Quest. Can’t wait to play these on my Vita!!

    • Did you like the progression system we added to Epic Quest? Would you like to see more RPG elements?

  • Yes YES, YESSS! I am very excited for this game to drop on Vita! I am only missing a few tables. Pinball is a perfect game type on the Vita. Kudos to Zen Studios for great work. I can tell these folks really care about their product. Sure, it was mentioned to have an earlier release date, but we are getting a free update to the original game, and best of all Vita play!

    Great stuff coming out for Vita in the next few months, the fall schedule is really filling up with a nice steady stream of games! Zen Pinball 2 is at the top of my list!

  • Zen Studios is great and I am glad to see that all the tables will be under one PSN Game instead of the current system of two games. If I am reading everything correctly then the tables I got through Plus should unlock on my Vita when this launches, and if so then that is awesome. I hope Sony continues to work with this company so they continue to release good content on PSN. Man I can’t wait for more games on my vita. I need to start saving for the 32GB memory card.


    • You are correct! Tables you downloaded via PS+ will be available on your Vita at no charge. Enjoy, my friend!

  • Salvy35z:

    Zen Studios is THE LAST of all currently active game studios that you could call “damn milkers”.

    Coincidentally, it’s all the brats who want everything for free who are actually the “damn milkers”.

    Two and a half bucks per table isn’t even close to being a “ripoff”.

    Realistically, they have to charge something, otherwise they wouldn’t survive. Besides, Zen Studios’ work is of very high caliber, and they deserve to be compensated for it. But here they are offering a completely FREE upgrade with 26, possibly 27 table demos included within, and you’re complaining…

    Zsolt: “Hopefully this is a fair, flexible solution for everyone.”

    You guys have already been the fairest of all. There was no need for a solution because you didn’t do anything wrong in the first place. You don’t have to cater to those like Salvy35z. He probably wouldn’t support you guys anyway.

  • Hell yeah, about time!

    Though I admit I’m kinda miffed that it’s taken this long to get it, I’m also just glad to finally hear something definitive. I’m been so psyched to hit up playing Zen on my Vita. I even had to break down and buy Pinball Arcade just to see how it would feel (sorry I was trying to hold out but y’all took too long, lol), but I have to admit–while I like it and the table are cool–the lack of table selection, even for purchasing, leaves a bit to be desired.

    Besides, I’m ready to get my Wolvie (Marvel Wolverine) fix on my Vita now…..lol.

  • Yes, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time! Thanks for making my day! :-) I can’t wait to play ZP2 on the Vita. That’ll be just another reason to play it a lot more.

    As for the Popcap table, that is awesome news! I really hope that it’s Plants Vs. Zombies. :-D

  • Bundle those Marvel tables and I’ll buy ’em!

  • Make a Tron table please.

  • I completely understand implementing this would be a long shot as it would not be used by the majority, but those pinball fanatics. You had answered a question about a portrait mode for the vita version. Has the team discussed giving the full console version that option? With Zen Pinball and Pinball Arcade in full swing, it would step up the experience on playing a full size play field on a widescreen LCD. I think the die hards would have a dedicated LCD for gaming pinball mounted vertically if the option was available.

  • Correction on my post above. I meant a landscape option as opposed to picture layout.

  • you guys are awesome

  • Thanks for the work on ZP2 who seems a very good product on PS Vita and PS3 in S3D !
    (I love already my ZP and Marvel PB tables)

    I can’t wait to play in S3D on my PS3, I had loved the 3DS version…

    About the ORIENTATION (landscape/portrait) of the ZP2 Vita version, you have already said that it will be present and that your prefer this portrait mode :

    But, in PORTRAIT mode, will it be possible to play with the Vita “REAL” BUTTONS (which ones?) instead of “virtual” buttons on the touch screen?

    (see next post for last part)

  • (see previous post for 1st part)

    I have now the experience of playing in Portrait mode on the Vita with Pinball Arcade, and it is not at all the same feelings with the virtual (touch) buttons on the screen.
    And the playability (quality) of the game is pretty bad in Portrait mode ONLY due to the use of the virtual buttons (no other possible choice for REAL physic buttons is possible in the menu, only virtual buttons in Portrait mode).

    I’ll hope that you have had the great idea to propose the use of REAL buttons in BOTH Landscape or Portrait mode, because it is very important to have a good feeling that only a real button can give to you.

    Of course, as you mention, it is more pleasant/enjoyable to play pinball in portrait mode on the Vita, but if it is ruined by the playability problem due to virtual buttons, it will be a very bad point…

    Thanks in advance for your answer…

  • Ok, zen studios, you are THE BEST on pinball games, so i have a very special request to you, since this is a place that seems connected to the developers. In the past genesis era there was one that i consider the best pinball game never made: DEVIL’S CRUSH. I know this is just a fan dream, and that there are lots of copyrights involved, but i think that this game, with your engine, could be easily the best game ever!!! please take a look and consider something like that! I’m here on the countdown to acquire zen pinball 2!!!

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