Never Stop Playing With PlayStation Collections

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Never Stop Playing With PlayStation Collections

You folks may have read on the internets about our upcoming release of the Ratchet & Clank Collection. Well, we’ve decided to make August 28th an extra sweet shopping day by releasing it alongside the God of War Saga and inFAMOUS Collection!

God of War SagainFAMOUS CollectionRatchet & Clank Collection

Notice the shiny new things we’ve put on the packaging! What does it mean? Why does Ratchet look so good in green? The answer to most of those questions is that we’re officially introducing our Collections line with these releases on August 28th. Over the years we’ve had all sorts of great deals come your way and moving forward, this is how we plan on presenting them to our consumers. From August 28th on out, you’ll be able to easily spot these classic installments at retailers, as well as on the PlayStation Store, and know that you’ll be getting the greatest PlayStation has to offer — at the best prices around!

You should already know what’s in the Ratchet & Clank Collection, but here’s what you’ll find in the other two:

God of War Saga

  • God of War
  • God of War II
  • God of War III
  • God of War: Origins Collection (which includes God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta)
  • Exclusive Bonus Content
  • Voucher For 1 Trial Month of PlayStation Plus
  • Remastered for HD, DUALSHOCK Control, Full PlayStation Network Trophy Support and 3D (3D supported only in God of War III and God of War: Origins Collection)

inFAMOUS Collection

  • inFAMOUS
  • inFAMOUS 2
  • inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood
  • Extra missions
  • Additional character costumes, power ups and weapon styles

Come August 28th, you’ll be able to pick these beauties up starting at $29.99! They not only come with some of the best and most memorable games in the PlayStation family, they’re also packed with a few additional goodies to make it worth your hard-earned cash. For longtime fans who may already have a few installments of these franchises, select titles from the Collections will also be available individually — without the extras — on the PlayStation Store.

Keep an eye on the Blog as we bring you some additional news in the coming weeks, about which games you can expect to get their own Collections this fall!

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  • The 1 month PSN plus trial, if i already have plus, counts for a month ?, or it’s useless for me ?

  • Got really happy till I read it again

    “Starting at 29.99” so that means that they GoW isn’t going to be selling for $30 which makes sense considering how much content you are getting.

  • Great stuff guys! I can see these doing well during the Holidays, especially if there’s a new lower priced PS3.


    One question though, are these collections on a single disc (or two – I’m sure the GoW Collection would take a lot of space)? Or is it more of a boxed set collection with all of the game discs in one box? Kind of like how the Resistance and Uncharted bundles were?

    • It’ll vary by Collection. God of War and inFAMOUS are a combination of disc/voucher. Ratchet and Clank is all on one disc.

  • In the GOW collection it says DUALSHOCK Control,what does that mean?a actual dualshock controller ?

  • “(3D supported only in God of War III and God of War: Origins Collection)”

    God of War III in 3D ? Is this a type O ?

  • I have the same questions as many others…First you say the collections are “starting at $29.99” which I take to mean that at least one of them is more than that and I assume that to be the God of War Saga. How much is the Saga going to be?

    Also, will God of War III be getting a 3D patch or is that only going to be available to those who purchase the entire collection?

    I already have all the games but I only have the PSP versions of the Origins Collection…if this Saga is the only way to get 3D for GOWIII it may push me over the edge to trade in the others towards it so I can also own the Origins Collection for PS3 and in HD.

  • On a side note..It seems that the MGS4 Trophy patch is live~……Your welcome gamers.

  • @54 – they are referring to the two “Origins” games that originally came out on PSP to have fully supported DualShock controls.

  • @51 – the 1 month would be added to the end of your current subscription.

  • Coolio… It would be nice to see the SOCOM franchise get the same treatment, as well as other PS2 classics.

  • @ah ok thanks man,i already bought bought the origiins collection for ps3.

  • What do you mean “Extra Missions” for infamous collection? these better be quality missions and not just missions made with the UCG.

  • Will inFamous have move support or is that just for 2 and FoB?

  • I want the Ratchet & Clank collection on the Vita.

  • Any chance of an APE ESCAPE collection?

    I want one with Ape escape 1, 2, 3, Pumped and primed, and Ape Escape move. PLEASE???

  • Btw, if you want to SAVE the vita, port the R&C collection to vita and port the imfamous collection to vita.

  • At LEAST add ape escape to PSone classics and Ape Escape 2 and 3 to PS2 classics. HOW HARD can it be to EMULATE the games?

  • I’m happy to see these…but really, a Kingdom Hearts collection is what I’m looking for.


    also if so, will it come as a patch to current owners, or is it exclusive to the saga collection?

    this is pretty big news to only mention in a footnote, which leads me to believe it was a typo, and that only the two “origins” game are in 3d. please reply!!!!!

  • awsome hey ps+ members remeber new games coming out this month for us! also will these game redone again on the playstation network? need to know thanks!

  • No one cares about these crap games. Where the hell is our Socom 1/2/3 HD collection Sony?

  • Is that actually correct there’s going to be god of war three 3-D support?

  • On the inFamous collection, will the extra powers and weapon styles just be the ones that you got if you bought the Hero Edition when it first came out?

    • It’ll be all the original DLC that was offered for the games (including stuff in the Hero Edition).

  • Will existing owners of God of war three get some sort of update to able 3-D ?

  • God of War III in 3D? 3____D

  • Even though I already have all the inFAMOUS games, I would totally buy that collection. The boxart is soooo bada**!

  • “Support and 3D (3D supported only in God of War III and God of War: Origins Collection)”
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T LET THIS BE A TYPO. I already have all the God of War games (PS2, PS2 remakes, PSP, PSP remakes, and God of War 3.)

  • hey morgon need to know all these games will be redone on the psn network again right? just asking thanks! also will be geting discounts when these bundles come out right? also will these games be all 1 bundle when you get them off the network? need to know ok! ASAP! because they are really great games that god i waited for the god of wag game all 1 games nice cant wait !thanks again! you guys are really doing a really awsome job! keep up the work!

  • This is the type of news the makes Sony number one:-)

  • i love playstation this is really awsome cant wait for these game collections! really awsome titles! get while there hott!

  • You’ve got to hand it to companies like Sony — offering customers the same exact product they’ve bought three times and they fall to their knees in adoration. On the one hand, I’m impressed and, on the other, horrified.

    • It’s really more for people who’ve never owned these games but hey, we won’t stop people from buying them again. =)

  • I’m hoping there’s a Resistance Trilogy Collection, which finally brings trophy support to Resistance: Fall of Man

  • ill be bloging every day let playstation know what every one wants! ps+ is awsome playstation rules! xbox 360 really lame! playstation free! xbox paying to play fat chance! dont get them playstation for life!
    playstion+ really awsome & great!

  • Quick question… I keep seeing games that come with a month trial for PLUS. For those of us that are already PLUS members does that just add a month to end of our membership?

  • Surely it would be a great sales success here in Brazil, where come here! ^ ^

  • Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for this! hehehe

  • A Killzone Collection and A Uncharted Collection would be nice too x)

  • Will previous GOW3 saves work with the re-release? (I assume so, but no harm in asking :P)

  • God of War 3 got a 3d update? I had no idea- time for a replay!

  • This is great news for people who haven’t played these games however the one the strikes me the most is inFAMOUS as this most certainly means sucker punch is not working on a third installment and that PSABR will be the last time we see Cole this generation. Still great job Sony!

  • God of War Saga will only be available on PS Store? Only digital? : /

  • For $30, the value is pretty fantastic, especially on the God of War set. No excuse to miss out on this if you haven’t played these games. I already have all the Infamous games, but may drop the cash for the GoW set as I wouldn’t mind playing everything from start to finish there.

  • ok …. I want that God of War Collection … even though I already have GOW GOS & COO Digital Versions …. that is just 2 good to pass up …. and a month of PS Plus too? ok yes SOLD lol

  • I would love a DMC collection with all 4 games and trophy support for 4.

  • @diogo_narogy dude they didnt make the box art for show lol its retail and ps store …(at least i think its ps store too)

  • great deal. im geting gow amd rachet and clank hd. i have gow 2 downloaded but dont have the other 4 and i was waiting to get gow1 first beforei play number 2. rachet and clank im geting because i hear its a great game so i gots to try it out. i got 1 question if u know. 5 gow games can one bluray disc hold all of that, or for the first time ever there will be two discs!

  • Doh!! I just bought Infamous 2 and God of War III !!!! Oh well, definitely buying the Saga, Infamous Pack, and Ratchet and Clank Collection! Great games Sony! Keep it up :)

  • yeah Killzone Collection would be awesome

  • even if the gow saga is $60, that’s still a great deal for 5 amazing games

  • How much will God of War Saga cost at retail? All on disc (hopefully) or DLC vouchers?

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