LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Launching September 25th in North America

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LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Launching September 25th in North America
LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Launching September 25th in North America


It’s time. Time to reveal the LittleBigPlanet PS Vita release date! The game will be available in North America on Tuesday, September 25th. That’s right, in just a few short weeks you’ll experience Sackboy’s next adventure, set on the mysterious traveling planet of Carnivalia.

We’ve put together a featurette video for the game, which you can watch up at the top of this post. The video will tell you a little bit more about LittleBigPlanet Vita’s story.

Thanks to PS Vita’s unique features, you’ll be able to play completely new game experiences and share your levels with the world wherever you are and whenever you feel like it. You can take pictures of anything you see while you’re out and about, and use them to decorate Sackboy or customize your level. It’s never been easier to make your cat or dog the hero of your level!

By the way, it’s not too late to pre-order the game and get some bonus BioShock or Knights of Old costumes.

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  • @30
    Still two months left of summer for them to add PSOne support. And no PSP games? Really?

  • Let the DLC (Cash Grab) begin. How many costumes do you have planned already?

  • is this game gonna be multiplayer? cause i downloaded little big planet 2 off store from playstation plus for free and it wasnt even multiplayer. so i hope little big planet vita version will be multiplayer!

  • The same day as One Piece!
    It was the best of times,it was the worst of times…

  • @53 – what?

  • Having played the beta, I am left to wonder if the final game will require a constant Internet connection. A no brainer for multiplayer, but its use in single player was a pain. Any word on this?

  • @55. i was hoping that little big planet for the vita will be multiplayer where you can play with your friends that have their own vita. i was also saying that i downloaded little big planet 2 from the ps store with playstation plus and it was not multiplayer. so i just hope this new one will be

  • I think im going to cry! I love you sony!!! This is the year of the Ps Vita!!!!!!

  • @57
    It’s four player online multiplayer though…

  • LBP 3 for PS 3 in the works?

  • Hell yeah! Been dying to play this again since the beta ended. This is going to be the real showcase for the Vita.

    Theoretically I’ll be getting a free copy from that Taco Bell Unlock the Box contest, but seeing how it took them three months to actually send me the system, I’m not getting my hopes up .

  • I am definitely getting this day one. Are there any plans to bring LittleBigPlanet Karting to the Vita?

  • @57 – Dude, LBP2 is 4-player, multiplayer, both offline and online. Offline all you need to do is turn on the second/third/fourth controller and the player will pop out of the checkpoint if you are already in a level, or out of the air, i believe, in your hub. C’mon guy…. c’mon.

  • If theres a chace to improve AC liberation please dont make it short and Sony I love you!Simon will there be a movie creator too?

  • Is there going to be a bundle? I’m getting the digital version, but a Vita bundled with LBP would make a great present for my nephew.

  • YES finally! Question though… Is there any reason why Europe and Japan get the game a week earlier than us?

  • Just so everyone knows, the pre-order DLC for this game and LittleBigPlanet Karting is retailer specific. Some retailers won’t offer it.

    Do you want to know a store that doesn’t offer it?

    How do you like that!

  • psvita is part of the title? lol?

    hopefully this game will help the vita somewhat. probably won’t do anything, though.

  • @66 I won’t mind if Europe is getting the first wave because Europe is where the game being developed but Japan before U.S. I think they deserve a lesson for not sending us Ragnarok and Persona early.

  • @67, you’d be surprised at how many people have said once LBPV comes out that’ll be when they buy a Vita.

    I think this game itself will do very well, Vita owners have been demanding a release date ever since the game was revealed.

  • @68 Yeah it makes sense since it was developed in Europe. And I guess when you think about it, Sony is a Japanese company. I’m just curious as to why US is last. Would make more sense to ship it across Europe, then to US, then Japan. :)

  • yea little big planet karting def should happen, id love it

  • @70 I know but I think Japan and U.S. release date’s should be the same.

  • @72 I agree. But hey, we finally have a release date!!

    Heard there’s going to be a LBP franchise update at gamescom… LBP Karting for Vita please! Or a totally new game. :P

  • 2 days after my bday! Can’t think of a better present for me. Until then Sound Shapes should keep my level creation fix satisfied. Loved the Beta as well, I truly believe Sackboy belongs on the Vita! Thanks for giving us this awesome game! =)

  • Fantastic!

  • Fantastic. I hope I get a Vita in time for this.

  • @73 You want Ragnarok?

  • If the beta proved anything it proved that this will be nothing less than the greatest LBP game ever!

  • They can release all they want for vita here on out cause I’m now done with that overpriced and bad screen machine. I just spent most of my day yesterday exchanging vita after another vita 3 dang times and each one had its own stupid defect. One had lines so bad it was annoying that went up and down the screen and would show up real bad on dark grey screens and even during the vita resistance gameplay and I took it back, then another had hardly no lines but a spot in the middle that looked like a dead pixel and no matter how much I shook it or rubbed it, it never went away it looked like it was behind the main screen and took it back and exchanged it and then the 3rd one would freeze all the time and the auto off wouldn’t listen to the 10 minute thing and just kept shutting off randomly and I couldn’t get it to stop doing it and called sony and they advised me to return it. Oh I did and I got my money back on it for good. No more vita for me.

  • AWESOME!!!! This comes out on my Birthday :D thank you….I have to get this Amazing game

  • I think there is a giant miscommunication being made here. Up until this post, you guys have always referred to the pre-order incentives being packaged together. For example, Amazon still lists that if you pre-order from them, you will receive 6 costumes in total, meaning both the Knights of Old pack AND the Bioshock pack. Are you telling me now that this isn’t true anymore? I will be devastated, please clarify.

    • Simon Rosenkotter

      The pre-order deals vary from retailer to retailer. If Amazon says that you get all 6 costumes than you probably will.

  • I will buy it.

  • Pre-ordered. Even LBP PSP was much better on my Vita so the new game should be extraordinary.

  • THE WAIT IS OVER…..almost
    Now all I want is a Retro City Rampage release date.

  • September 25th can’t come soon enough. This has been my most anticipated PS Vita game since it was announced. LittleBigPlanet PS Vita is going to be the greatest handheld game of all time.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait! I love the Vita, best handheld ever!

  • Also I love the boxart!

  • I went and bought a vita after the beta was released for this game and even though i didnt get in the beta ive had the game pre ordered and paid off for almost 3 months..

  • Pleeeease release a demo or beta without getting any code.

  • Sounds like the digital pre-order bonuses and timing are still up in the air. I’ll wait until there’s a link I can select in the PSN store before I do anything.

  • Sounds great. A good purchase for me.

    Will this one be having online pass or not???

    If yes then i will go for digital version else i will get the physical version. :p

  • Question:
    What is the difference between the old psp version and the new vita one? Because i am debating abt if i should buy the psp version 2.

  • @93 – Everything. This is more a full LBP experience too, not that Cambridge didn’t make an amazing game with much more limited hardware, they did great actually.

    This is why the naming system for these games suck. No one knew the PSP version was all new, they assumed it was a uber gimped version of the PS3 game. Now people are having issues with knowing Vita is all new.

    Smh… not your fault user, tis Sony’s.

  • OMG! I want to sincerely and excitefuly thank everyone who made this release date possible! I ALMOST CAN’T BELIEVE IT! THIS BEAUTIFUL GAME COMES OUT THE DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY! YEEEEEAAAAH BUDDY!

  • PRE-ordered and paid off at gamestop.on the Gamestop web site they say that I’ll get the two pre order dlcs, hope this is true :D cause I really want the bioshock and the knights of old dlcs but especially the bioshock one.

  • awesome game!!!!! for playstation!!!!

  • Really? You are releasing this on the same day as World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria? Who thought this was a good idea?

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