The Drop: Week of July 30th 2012 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of July 30th 2012 New Releases

For PS3, with an expanded setting, a fresh story and characters as well as an all-new technical foundation, Risen 2 expands on the success of this popular RPG franchise. Set several years after the end of Risen, the game drops players into a cataclysmic world where raging titans have devastated the planet and pushed humanity to the brink of existence.

On PSN, two PlayStation 2 classics return this week. Grand Theft Auto 3 and War of the Monsters are new to PSN. Enjoy this week’s The Drop.

PlayStation 3

Risen 2: Dark Waters — Risen 2: Dark Waters aims to combine the most loved classic RPG gameplay mechanics of the original Risen with a fresh theme and setting on a huge variety of themed island locales. Risen 2: Dark Waters maintains the most immersive features of the original Risen, with multiple approaches to every challenge allowing players to shape the game world based on their own decisions. These choices will serve to unlock new paths, features and additional skills for the character.

PlayStation Network

Ridge Racer: Unbounded — The popular racing franchise takes a hard swerve in a unique direction with Ridge Racer Unbounded, adding a punishing dose of destruction to the familiar arcade gameplay. Get ready to take the action off the circuits and into the streets for one of the most action-packed and destructive racing games ever seen. Players will careen through the competition using their four-wheeled street-racing thoroughbreds as high-octane wrecking machines with a new mantra — Drive, Destroy, Dominate.

Expendables 2 — Four Expendables (Barney, Gunner, Caesar and Yin Yang) are hired to rescue an extremely valuable, kidnapped Chinese billionaire. It’s all business, until all hell breaks loose and the explosive mix of testosterone and kerosene detonates in a massive fireball that never lets up as the relentless action concludes where the new movie begins.


  • Expendables 2
  • Transformers 2: Fall of Cybertron
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

PlayStation 2 Classics

Grand Theft Auto 3 — Mob bosses need favors, crooked cops need help, the street gangs want you dead; so to compensate you’ll have to rob, steal, and kill in order to stay alive, while using your resources to track down the woman who betrayed you and earn your rightful revenge. But that’s all in a day’s work in Rockstar Games’ ambitious PS2 sequel, Grand Theft Auto III. Developed by DMA Design, GTA3 is the first installment of the series to utilize a fully three-dimensional living city with open environments and non-linear gameplay. Additional features include a cast of hundreds of different characters, more than 50 types of vehicles, three hours of professionally recorded music, and a huge array of deadly street weapons.

War of the Monsters — Get ready to embody the soul of a 100-foot tall monstrosity as you clash with opponents in thriving cities, run rampant through bustling streets, pulverize opponents with body slams and fight off military defenses. War of the Monsters enables you to re-live your favorite monster movies with ten different creatures engaging in all out carnage. Ten fully interactive environments offer numerous weapons, including steel girders, radio antenna, moving vehicles, building rubble, army tanks and more. Clobber opponents with thunderous uppercuts, hand-to-hand weapons and destructive special attacks. Use huge hunks of debris as a shield, topple buildings onto your foes or pick up and throw tanker trucks like toys. Take advantage of environmental attacks such as tidal waves and earthquakes to defeat your opponent and claim total domination.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • please put in a future firmware update the possibility of sorting our games alphabetically! if some psn employee would answer this, then I wouldn’t have to keep asking.

  • Well I take that back I can’t be that way and throw aside ps1 support. I mean come sony give ps1 and ps2 support. The vita has to be powerful enough to support both off psn so why hasn’t it been done yet?

  • @ neuropunk

    Bro I’m right there with ya on that question. I have mentioned that a thousand times over the years in these blogs to and never do get a reply. All we want to hear is its never in the works or can’t be done and we would shut up about it but all they do is always leave us in the dark and not ever reply to us on that issue.

  • @ neuropunk

    Oh I thought you meant on our download list of game we bought over the years and I think your talking about the list of games on our ps3 huh. Either way both should be fixed.

  • meh crappy update

  • trafficfurniture

    Is Growlanser still scheduled for PSN release on the 31st?

  • @Jeff

    Why can’t we ever please get a reply with a answer why you guys haven’t released a firmware update to the psn store that makes it were we can sort our download list of bought content so its not like looking for a needle in a hay stack in over a thousand things bought over years and years. My download list dates back to May of 2007 and man I have near 1,200 items in my download list on my main psn account ranging from games, add ons, themes, dynaic themes, avatars, and demo’s and man its a hassle to try and find a item through over 1,200 of them. Please make it where we can sort the list into Games bought, ps plus free games, free add ons minus bought ones, avatar area, themes only area you know just a way to sort things in ABC order on the psn download list. Its a mess guys and really makes going to our download list a stressful task. Please for the love of god fix it in a update please. I beg you.

  • Whoops so sorry Rey I called ya Jeff in my last comment. My bad man!

  • BlackDeathAwaits

    Finally War of the Monsters. Haven’t played it in years, one of my favorite games ever.

  • Never mind Rey, Jeff on the other blog replied to my question above about the psn download list issue. Thanks anyways!

  • Would love to play GTA3 on my Vita. Come on PS2 classics on the vita please.

  • @24 AsiaQatar

    I played the 360 demo, and even though you do only get 1 minute 30 seconds of playing, the game really felt like i was playing an updated version of the old tony hawks. all i care about in this game is the gameplay itself, and i restared the demo almost 100 times. i get what your sayin about how the modes are scraped, but i only play normal single player, and in the old games, normal trick attack and horse (which is gone, and multiplayer). the games just $15, and i wanted a new old styled tony hawk game, so im still gettin it. it was nice hearin superman, when worlds collide, and bring the noise again though

  • @ superstone

    Man wouldn’t that be awesome if they did that!

  • War of the Monsters is an instabuy for me.

  • Zero new portable games not a surprise there seeing how much content we have been getting these weeks (you know…nothing) i still dont get why Sony isnt taking their portable system as serious as the ps3. And the sad fact is people are actually support sony with these little to no content. Its just sad that while i enjoy my Vita itcould be doing a lot better than it is right now, Especially with the inclusion of more psp and ps1 titles, but Sony is never going to help.

    As for the ps3 portion. GTA 3. i gotta say ill be buying it. I remember first playing it on Ps2 at a cousin house. it was fun and enjoyable with all the destruction you can do it that game, trying to out run the police, good times. I believe it was my first M-rated game as well, and have been a fan of the franchise ever since!

    With that i do hope Rockstar makes some GTA games on the Vita like they did for the Psp (San Andreas Stories please?) So all in all bad update as usual for portable side, ps3 content wise great but really only because i enjoyed GTA3.

  • Transformers 2: Fall of Cybertron DEMO baby! It will have MP as well! Sorry Uncharted 3, your 1.13 update in mid August will be too little too late.

  • I already have GTA 3 on Steam, no reason to get it again. Now War of the Monsters is going to be an instant buy for me. One of the most underrated PS2 games ever and it’s my favorites PS2 game.

  • @ #8 Go with Tales of Graces f. It’s an amazing game!

  • I’m selling my Vita tomorrow. This is ridiculous. Aside from a few ports and one good title, the thing is basically a 300 dollar psp emulator (with great games like Ratchet & Clank: size matters and phantasy star portable STILL missing). And the big anticipation (summer ends soon!) is now to emulate ps1 games? You know, that thing we were lead to believe was available at launch?

    Now the Vita is cheaper, and buying one gets you a gift card. Many of us paid full price and got no bonus like that.

    There’s no Street Fighters except an old crappy PSP port, while the 3dS has one, and the next good game is months away.

    If we actually got updates or info on the portable we blew hundreds of dollars on while we sat and waited for coontent, it might have helped, but even the ps1 emulation is secret. Screw this. I’ll go buy another Xbox or 3DS. I really feel cheated with this as an early adopter.


    Awesome cant wait for transformers fall of cybertron demo and i would like to get gta 3, Awesome Drop this Week PSN. =)

  • GTA 3 & War of monsters catch my eye but im still stoked for CS GO

  • @68: 3DS doesn’t have UMvC3, or SFxTekken coming. So I don’t know what you’re thinking in that head of yours to justify that reasoning.

    And you clearly didn’t buy a 3DS at launch, or you just forgot what it was like. $250 for less games in the launch window. Nearly 3 months to get the first “big” first party title (that everyone was lead to believe was a launch title… and should have been). It was an enhanced port of a Nintendo 64 game. Then things didn’t pick up steam until Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D Land came out. Which came out in November and December, respectively. Then it started to get steady announcements and steady worthwhile releases.

    Don’t skew reality just because you’re mad.

    Please do sell your Vita. Then get off here. Tired of people with awful reasoning bringing up the 3DS. As if it fared better. Sure, if you act like the 3DS came out today and magically has all these titles. It’s been out for over a year. Allowing more time for… *GASP* development. Go figure it has more games. Go figure the PS3 has more games too. A SIX YEAR OLD PLATFORM HAZ MOAR GAMZE DEN ONE DATZ NUT EBEN A YAER OLDZ/11!!//? NO WAI


  • WELL SONY its 3/4 of the way into summer and still no ps1 clasics. also when are you gonna unlock remote plays complete potential. at least tell us what the hold up is instead of leaving the sony loyals in the dark. i love the vita in fact i was a day 1 purchase with a pre-order of the 3G-WiFi unit. also if you really want to sell thousands get permission to put a digital download of both crisis core and birth by sleep. wake up sony the vita needs some better content so it can become the best portable system.

  • Finally 2 REAL ps2 classics, well primal was awesome too but anyways, War of the monsters and GTA 3 are both in my list of my fave games of all time. Ive got both for ps2 right now, but its more convienient this way.

    Now consider these PLEASE:

    Drakan the ancients gates
    Mr Mosquito
    Fallout brotherhood of steel
    The Sims bustin out
    The Urbz sims in the city
    Resident evil outbreak file 1 and 2
    Spyro enter the dragonfly
    Spyro a Heros tail

  • why GTA 3 will go good on ps vita the ipad has it were it the ps vita apps

  • man ps plus is kinda getting the shaft this summer, just like bethesda gave it to all ps3 gamers with the whole skyrim situation.

  • Ive got several things to say:

    1. Glad i never bought a vita. No good games, and it seems sony forgot about it.

    2. Im not renewing plus in september if august free games are a joke. weve had the SAME 10 free games since may. Its time to get new ones, like free dead space and gta IV or something. I finally get plus in june, but i get the crap for it. Wow 10 free games most i already had or did not care for. Give us acclaimed games free, like dead space, gta IV, etc. Waste of 17.99

    3. The drops always are a joke. No more ps1 classics, few ps games, but always crap dlc.

  • GTA 3…..OMG. That is a third of my wish coming true. Do you guy know how long ive been waiting for this? Come on psn, all you need to do is hit me with GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. :-) Your on the right track. LOL. Oh yeah, and also add Max Payne 2 and Max Payne 3. Holy Fit Tuck!!!!

  • I love my vita, it’s a great device, too bad Sony is doing everything in there power to destroy it, if things don’t turn around soon it is going to die.

  • Oh and MGS 2 and MGS 3. ………Why yall looking at me like that?……My PS2 Fat and Slim stopped working.

  • Why is sony so slow allowing older games run on their hardware? It’s one of the reasons the PS brand has suffered for years now, why not ps2 games for vita? It can easily handle them. Ps3 suffered the same fate, ridiculous.

  • @AgentPicka: No, it is not 3/4 of the way into summer. It is barely over a 1/3 of the way into summer. I don’t know what kind of calendar you use, but summer started June 21st, or thereabouts. It’s just now end of July. Summer isn’t over until nearly the end of September. >.>

    @mastorofpuppetz: No, the Vita cannot handle PS2 games. Sure, the processor is fast enough, but it would require the exact same type of single-game emulation that the PS3 needs just to play PS2 classics, and the Vita has a different processor, so they can’t just be ported over either. I believe it was Morgan that actually said several months ago, PS2 classics will never be coming to Vita. It was never advertised, never spoken of. Only PSOne classics, and we’re still waiting on those.

    OT: I’ll be picking up Risen 2 and The Expendables 2. Not sure which I’m gonna try out first, but I’ll definitely give each of them a few hours by the end of the week before I choose which to concentrate on.

  • “81, your wrong, Metal Gear Solid HD collection runs surperb on Vita.

  • Bless The 9 Divines!!!!!!!! (lol) GTA III AND War Of The Monsters?!!!! Definitely Classics in my book … Great job guys. Keep the good work coming.

  • I think I speak for everyone when I say: More PS2 Classics please!

    How about:
    1) Champions: Return to Arms
    2) Champions of Norrath
    3) Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2
    4) Gladius
    5) Rogue Galaxy

    There really aren’t any more action RPGs (or a strategy RPG like Gladius) and these were really fun co-op games to play with friends. Plus, Rogue Galaxy is just awesome.

  • i guess we are saving all the big releases for the holiday season. we need more big updates on ps3 and vita. there is so much more you could do with the hardware but refuse to do it. guess ill just keep waiting. the games are nice, but need more.

  • and another thing, why where we shown remote play with killzone 3 being played and we still dont have that functionality? not only has the vita fallen off the boat but you are sailing away.

  • who thinks they should put
    – Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
    -Grand Theft Auto Vice City
    – And Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

    As PS2 Classics On the PSN Store

  • This is a large reminder that I still have a day left to hit the Atlus sale on PSN like a boss….

    Good thing there is nothing but a demo for this weeks update.

  • WOW at all the people mad at the vita and saying they are selling them if this and that isn’t done. I agree with you all and I have said my fair share of mad rants about vita as well but I am tired of venting it gets us no where so you might as well just enjoy what vita currently does cause ranting like I always did and did alot got me nowhere. Oh and Massimodo and Svyne I guess I’m not the ONLY guy in these blogs mad about the outcome of vita. Remember when you two belittle me all the time on here when I was venting on vita back in March of this year and you guys said I was a troll and that at E3 this year Vita would be rolling in games and content well I guess I was right on those rants of vita and you both are still wrong. Its just hard facts I’m stating and not trying to keep a comment war going but where are you two right now? Why haven’t you attacked all these bloggers on venting about their rants on vita but belittle mine calling me a 360 troll when I vented huh?

  • Sony should make a brand new game on ULTRA V! You make think it is crazy, but that would just be two amazing. You already won him and he is bad ass!

    Anyway New SFXT characters too.

  • @Jellis great question about remote play. I think the biggest problem with remote play as it is is the occasional lag, especially if you try to do it over wifi. The direct connection works better. I still wish they would unlock remote play for PSN games, or if it truly requires extra coding on the game that they at least make it a requirement for future PSN games and, without a doubt, first party games. This is another example of something that has already been proven as doable. It is technically feasable and people who aren’t even paid to make it happen have made it work. So Sony is consciously holding it back without any technical excuse for waiting. This is the biggest problem with the company. They need to make official statements and talk to us like we aren’t idiots. Just be honest and tell us why you hold stuff like that back.

  • Why did I buy a Vita? Such a rip off. There’s nothing for it. Give me monster hunter or something or Im throwing it to my son to play with. Waste of money

  • Im selling my vita, Im selling my Vita, IM SELLING MY VITA !!!. stop the madness……Mutant Blob Attack is sweet. Hot shots golf WI is also takin up most of my Vita play time and I just started playing Treasures of Montezuma Blitz and it a blast as well as Free….I can say that yes, we need to get ps1 & ps2 support on the Vita, but sony has stated that before the end of summer, it wil be added. so hear what, why not wait till the day after summer is over, we get back on this Im selling my Vita bandwagon. In the mean time, please keep these negative post off the blogs. It is so not cool to see this every single new blog post. MK, SFvs Tekken, Rayman, Marvel vs Capcom, are all wort playing. as always, Keep On Gaming.

  • I wanna give Risen 2 a try, I really do. Especially since I love pirates. But for some reason I’m still skeptical. It looks like a really plain game to me even though the concept is so interesting, not sure why. I will however, be purchasing GTA 3 for sure.

  • War of the Monster is the shiznit. Used to play that game all the time when it first came out on my PS2.

  • Also, I agree that an HD trilogy of GTA is long due. I just went a bought myself the original copies in a bundle with Bully SE, Midnight Club 2, Max Payne 2, GTA San Andreas, and Vice City for 15 bucks on Amazon, sucks that the PC versions are so choppy.

  • When Tony Hawk’s: Pro Skater HD arrives at PlayStation Network?

  • @84 Oh god, if we get Rogue Galaxy as a PS2 classic I will flip. I love that game so much and mine got all scratched and stopped working. Get it done Sony. It can’t be that hard to do, it WAS published by Sony Computer Entertainment after all.

  • Go ahead and sell your vita’s crybabies…you’ll just be buying one again!
    You guys cry over the craziest stuff why not this, why not that….GTA shouldve been HD, like your actually playing all this stuff you get already! Your just building up backlog…The vita hasnt been out a year yet! It could use some work..sure. But, man bro’s…you want something thats not there yet! It’ll come!

    Ohh…can i request a couple things…
    Twisted Metal on PSN…please!!

    White Knight ChroniclesII on PSN…with a discount!…please
    …and can I have a Job, I almost had a career with you guys…but I had to turn it down cause I had A baby…she’s 5 now!

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