The Last of Us: Bill’s Safe House Cinematic

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The Last of Us: Bill’s Safe House Cinematic

While we’re still processing the awesome and inspiring reception from fans and critics at E3, we’ve been heads down working to make The Last of Us something to get really, really hyped about. To that end, we’re excited that our San Diego Comic-Con plans afforded us the opportunity to discuss our mocap process and share some new content. It was really just a small glimpse into what we’ve been hard at work developing but we think you’ll enjoy it greatly. Take a look:

The Last of Us: Bill’s Safe House Cinematic

We first showed this video during our San Diego Comic Con panel. If you listen carefully at the onset of the video you’ll hear the sounds of Infected hunting for Joel and Ellie. The pair manages to escape into the house of some guy in a gas mask. But are they safe?

The masked man is a new character named Bill. Bill knows Joel somehow and he owes Joel a favor. What for? Well, we’re not talking about that yet but you’ll definitely be hearing more about Bill and what makes him tick in the months rolling up to launch. For starters, we also revealed that Bill is voiced by accomplished Hollywood actor W. Earl Brown, who has appeared in numerous movies including Vanilla Sky, Scream, There’s Something About Mary and the upcoming movie The Lone Ranger. He also played Dan Dority in the acclaimed HBO series, Deadwood. There will be much more information to come.

It was a joy to talk with fans at SDCC about our mocap and performance process and to go behind the scenes on The Last of Us. Get ready for us to fire out more notes from the workshop as development progresses.

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  • Eric, remember when I said I was going to marry Uncharted 3? I’m glad I held out, because I’ve decided I’d rather marry The Last of Us.

  • Looking forward to this game even more & more. Can’t wait,

    Keep up the good work Naughty Dog

  • Don’t tell my wife (ratchet and clank) but i think i’m cheating on them with The Last of Us

  • Amazing.

  • Ellie’s awesome! Can’t wait!

  • Man she’s got attitude. :P

  • Her voice actor is pretty good, but the model looks too young for that voice. kinda breaks the effect.

    • Ellie’s wise beyond her years. As you see more of her character her tone and her talk reveals itself.

  • I love this….and possibly Ellie.

  • LOL I luv Ellie’s character. She always brightens up the story thats so dark :D

  • I cant wait for that game!!! It looks even more interesting each time we see more infos.

  • You guys really should be proud of the games you create. Not just because they win awards, or because people love them….but because at the end of the day, you KNOW you made something incredible. Something that no one else even comes close to creating. I’m very pleased with what I’ve seen so far of The Last of Us. It will be a day one purchase for me, and I want to thank you for all the hard work I KNOW goes into making a game of this quality and caliber.

  • I love this cinematic and I really can’t wait to get the game. I’m hoping there is a collectors edition before I pre order. Also, I tried calling for the private guitar lessons and the phone number is a fake!!

  • Looks really awesome!.

  • I really hope they don’t reveal too much of this game before launch, cuz i want to be surprised. But MAN, this video looked g o o d !

  • Now this is a true combination of cinema and electronic gaming, very impressive! My only wish is this game is as open world as it can illude to… imagine the next section of this game sending you on a hunt for these supplies in a large area of the game world (a la RPG). I could only hope, but in the hands of these developers I will still be impressed none the less, keep it up Naughty Dog; you are giving us gamers hope for innovation still left untapped. Thank You.

  • can’t miss it :P

  • Absolutely Amazing!!!!! ND best developer ever!!!!!!

  • So awesome

  • This game keeps looking better and better and it’s really exciting, the only thing i’m unhappy about is that we have to wait untill next year to buy and play it.

  • Game still looks amazing since the last time I saw it at Sony Conference in E3. I will possibly Pre-order it if there if some cool incentives.

  • Looks like it’s turning out to be a great game, and the graphics are really nice!
    One thing though, will there be a way to turn of the coarse language? It’s not too bad but sometimes it’s awkward when people hear it and especially little children, so I was just wondering. Other than that, this game is shaping up nicely!

  • Best in game cinematic’s I have seen… your work is fantastic.

  • @21

    it’s not a game made for little children

  • I fell the language is just right, the girl is being threaten. And I fell this is most believable, sure It can be sought out as something bad… but this is a M rated game. Please do not change bad language when the script deems it necessary.

  • At first I wondered why Ellie sounded so much like Gwen Tennyson. It then dawned on me that her voice actor was Ashley Johnson as well. Also, Bill vaguely reminds me of John Marston.

  • Do you think you guys could implement some sort of *OPTIONAL* language filter?

  • Game looks incredible, can’t wait to play this sometime next year (please be early next year!)

    @ 26

    Why would they include that? It’s an M rated game, you shouldn’t buy an M rated game if you don’t want everything that comes with that rating.

  • @27

    OPTIONAL. And it would cater to a larger audience.

  • @27 Gears 3 did it. It’s not a lot to ask

  • damn first Ellie with a brick, now Ellie with a pipe lol GREAT! ps. i hate censorship but i guess for people who want it shouldn’t be to bad but one thing i’m sure about it that developers don’t like their creations to be censored it is a M rated game after all. ( i know i would hate to censor things if i was force to) can’t wait to buy the game :)

  • @ 26, dude please tell me that your joking… dont start this language filter tren bull. M rated means anything to you ?

  • First time I stumbled upon some news about this game I sort of thought it were going to be an short PSN download-friendly indie-like title.
    Well, now I’m sure it’s gonna be a full AAA BD game. Well I’m glad, and a bit disappointed at same time.

  • 2013 is going to be amazing!

  • @29 You know that would involve a lot more work on dialog, this game has a lot of dialog, I would rather prefer for them to spend the time making the game larger or better..

    You can always put subtitles and turn down the volume, or play it when there are not kids around etc..

  • Ahh, good to finally see a friendly character. I’m assuming this cinematic occurs after the demo from E3.

    Anyway I’ve already got a feeling Bill is gonna end up dying.

  • Wow, I can’t believe how good this game looks AND moves. It makes Uncharted 3 look like a freaking cartoon! (no offense to Uncharted which looks insanely amazing but TLOU has far superior character models and animation!) this is even more astonishing when you consider this game comes from the same developers who released that graphical marvel just last November.

  • So when will you be announcing the amount of PS3s we need to run this? I suspect a whole render-farm’s worth.

  • oooohhhh… i sense a bit of tension

  • Games like this are why I love PlayStation.

    I can’t wait to play it, I think I may stop myself from watching more videos though. Already seen enough to know I’ll love it, and I don’t want to spoil too much for myself.

  • this game looks so sick, i honestly cant wait to play it. weirdly tho i still think of the little girl as ellen page- tho she is in beyond haha

  • Bill: “Whatever favors you think I owe you, ain’t worth that much.”
    Joel: “Actually Bill they are.”

    I really hope they go into detail with that. As in show us why Bill owes Joel.

  • From what ive seen of this game im not impressed, it has nothing to do with the graphics or anything like that, its the cursing. I dont usually mind it but it seems too excessive like you guys put it in there just to have it there, that really repels me away from games.

    Also after the Uncharted 3 disappointment im not sure I even want to consider buying this I know different teams worked on them but U3 was so bad compared to the previous games I lost a bunch of faith in naughty dog so much so I dont even bother capitalizing the fisrt letters in thier name anymore. Hopefully you guys release a demo for it before release unlike you did with uncharted 2 and waited about a year later to do so.

  • AMAZING, AMAZING, SIMPLY AMAZING… Can’t wait to play this game!!! Naughty dog you guys make some of the best games in the world!!!!

  • The tone and atmosphere of these cinematics are fantastic. If the gameplay is as good, this will be a day one buy! Also, Pittsburgh is a great choice for a setting.

  • love it, naughtydog has always made great games


    Naughty Dog reminds me of how RARE used to be. Everything they do pushes boundaries and sets new standards for consoles. They can make kick-ass platformers like Crash Bandicoot Jak & Daxter, or awe inspiring 3rd person action games like Uncharted and The Last of Us. I feel like ANY genre they wanted to take on they could and it would be the BEST game in that genre – like if they made an FPS for example.

    Can’t wait for this game, it looks incredible!

  • @42
    Uncharted 3 was awesome, it never was a disappointment. Sure, the first time I’ve played Uncharted 2 it’s probably the best game that ever was made on any consoles ever, but Uncharted 3 held it’s value as equal. The difference between Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 1 was immense while Uncharted 3 compared to Uncharted 2 was just more of the same in terms of graphic.

    Also, the length of Uncharted 3 is as long as Uncharted 2, it’s just in Uncharted 3, they don’t count the time you spent losing.

    If there’s a game you MUST play in 3D, it’s Uncharted 3. I have 0 regrets buying the PS 3D display…
    Since I didn’t pre-order any Uncharted games before, It’s possible I won’t pre-order this game since I prefer by far the Uncharted games. I will buy The Last of Us and all my friends are hyped on it, even the Xbox players…

  • I like to watch it but i am not watching anymore Videos of TLoU because i don’t want to spoil my fun when i play it :P

  • @42: Go play Killzone 2 then, because that is excessive and made the story crap. That is the perfect example of doing it wrong. This is fine.

    Don’t confuse, “I don’t like it” with “excessive”, because it is not.

  • @ ohiostatedog:

    So, horrific violence and adult themes are okay, so long as there are no naughty words? Are you affirmatively trying to raise little serial killers at home or something?

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