Pre-Order Bonuses and Release Date for PlayStation All-Stars

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Pre-Order Bonuses and Release Date for PlayStation All-Stars

It’s only been a few weeks since E3, and the Internet has been set ablaze with anticipation for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! We announced new fighters Nathan Drake and Big Daddy, and that PlayStation All-Stars will have a PlayStation Vita release when it launches later this year – so you’ll be able to take the battle with you on the go, or experience cross-platform matches against your friends whether you’re playing on PS3 or PS Vita.

We’ve been thrilled to hear all of the great responses to the news about the game so far, and have been reading all of your questions and comments on the blogs and forums. While we’ll get to answering all of them soon enough, today we’re going to be answering a couple of the more popular ones: “Why pre-order?” and “When is the game coming out?”

Aside from making sure you’ve got a copy on day one, pre-ordering will snag you an exclusive set of costumes for all of the characters in the game! Here are the outfits for the roster so far, but be sure to check back in with us later when we unveil them all.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Pre-Order Costumes

We’ve revealed eight characters already, but you’ll have to wait until our announcement later today to see who else will be in the ring. We will be unveiling two new characters during our Exhibition Presentation at EVO in Las Vegas this evening at 6:00pm PST. So if you’re in town for the tournament, stop by and check us out or tune in to the PS.Blog for more information.

When the game launches, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to unlock multiple costumes for each character, but these exclusive costumes will only be available if you pre-order. And yes, they’ll be available right when you start playing the game!

I’ll leave you with one last update: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be launching on October 23rd, 2012! We’ll have plenty more details on the game — including pricing for both the PS3 and PS Vita versions — soon enough, but we wanted to give you a date to mark on your calendars. Be sure to head over to a participating retailer to reserve your copy today!

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  • Awesome that these costumes were not separated by retailer and who you choose to pre-order from. Also love the fact that these are extra costumes and there will be additional costumes to unlock in the full game. That is how it should be!

    So far you guys are on a roll with this game. The alternate Big Daddy costume is genius! Really looking forward to the new character reveals and eventually seeing the whole roster.

    • Cristian Cardona

      Glad you dig it! We didn’t want to separate this huge roster. Be sure to show your support for the program by pre ordering =)

  • I’m so excited about this game! I can not wait to hear / see more about these characters!
    Sweet Tooth’s costume looks the best , in my opinion.
    I’m not quite sure if you did answer this already , but are people in europe able to get these costumes?
    I live in Germany , and I would so love to play with that Sweet Tooth costume!
    And excuse my English =D

    • Cristian Cardona

      Europe will have an announcement soon on how you can get these costumes =)

      und Ihr Englisch ist viel besser als mein Deutsch!

  • I have no doubt that this game is gonna be epic! Ive dreamed about this game when i first played ssb for n64. I got my Preorder for this already at game stop. October 23 is gonna be epic. Great looking game SuperBot!

  • The People that think there are only going to be ten on the roster need to think. they are not going to announce the whole roster. when has a fighting game ever has. They are a Sony first party company this will be bigger than Smash Brothers and Sony will make sure of that. Cant wait to see the full roster love the game. and great idea with deimonos i love it and i am pre order today.

  • Hey Cristian I have a question for you:

    Do you like a certain game called ”God Hand”? Do you perhaps like the main character from the game, Gene?

  • @ Cristian Cardona. That is good to hear. I can’t usually preorder games where i live so even if I wanted to I couldn’t get these costumes but it is nice that you can unlock different skins in the game as well.I am guessing that they will be for sale individually later on. I am even more stoked for this game and hope to hear that Crash, Spyro, Kat and Sir Dan will be part of the roster. If not all these at least Sir Dan if possible.

  • I’m really curious about the full roster and how many characters there will be they are going to have to start rolling out in bunches with an October release being so close.

  • Guys, of course this isn’t the whole roster. They said a long time ago that Cole McGrath and James Bond will be in it. Plus they haven’t even shown Ratchet and Clank yet, which means they can’t be finished.

    I know it’s a long shot, but I would like to see Lucy Kuo from Infamous 2, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, and above all, Dimitri from Sly Cooper! You can’t have a Sony mashup without the juice!

  • I am intrigued by this title.

    I like the idea of fighting with Sony characters better than that other company that has a similar games characters. On the other hand, I don’t like the bounce ’em out of the arena style of play. Feels too random and harder to keep track of? I like me the old fashioned health bar I guess. I always felt like it should be a game I should enjoy as much as others do, but it always just feels too skill-less?

    But, yeah, that’s theirs.

    Will be keeping an eye on this one. If I keep hearing good things I may just have to get it, and may even have to enjoy the hell out of it. :)

  • Is Kat from Gravity Rush gonna be in?

  • Something ive been wondering ssb has mr hands right? so Could ours be Keven Butler?

  • ANd what About a Demo?

  • Preordered already, though is there going to be any kind of Vita/PS3 Combo?

  • @Christian Cardona See the chaos you create by withholding so much information? What’s the big deal with revealing an approximate number of TOTAL characters for the love of Crash Bandicoot? Yes, it could be dangerous to under-deliver on promises but you could have at least said a long time ago “there will be 20+ characters” or something, geez.

  • If a PS3/Vita bundle is announced for this game, I hope we have the option to get a physical PS3 version and a digital Vita version.

    This is the kind of game that I’d want to have on my Vita at all times, so that anytime someone challenges me to a match I’ll always have the game on me.

  • OMG OMG OMG!!!! I can not wait to play as the QUESTION MARK character!!! I wonder what his special is going to be!!! I am uber excited now that they released a players/character as the ?

    ? FTW

    • Cristian Cardona

      Yeah! Its special attack is when it turns into a ; and punches you in the gut AND eye. THEN it turns into ! and clubs you across the kneecaps!

      Dirty fighting FTW!

  • I heard that the game will only have one character from each IP, is this true? I really hope its not, only having the main heroes from each game but not having any villains or sidekicks along with them would really suck.

  • Thanks for the release date and the skins, but will Sackboy and Toro be playable?

  • any chances of Aya Brea from Parasite Eve/The 3rd Birthday getting into this game. I know u won’t say but I hope she is in it. She has been with the PS family since the PS1 days.


    I’m all for the idea of being able to play the same game on my Vita and PS3, play with any combination of systems in multiplayer sessions, being able to continue where I left off on my PS3 on my Vita when I hit the road etc.

    All great ideas that I believe will be enhanced even further with the eventual PS4 and Vita integration.

    However, If Sony and their studios expect us all to be excited about having to spend $100 per game(s) for the ability to do this, they are gravely mistaken.

    There should be some sort of coupon or instant rebate if I bring both the PS3 and Vita versions of cross-play games to the counter at a retailer. Like say both games for $80 instead of $100. It’s not like it’s a HUGE savings to the customer but it would still be greatly appreciated by most gamers and I think more people would be onboard with this cross-play concept if this was a standard practice going forward.

  • Cristian, please, please, consider these pre-order bonuses for DIGITAL 1st day/week buyers! We are truly fans of a game if we purchase it on release day/week… don’t forget about us! Thanks!

  • @ 109 – i second that

  • We Better be getting Big Boss aka Naked Snake in this game, I really don’t want to play as the OLD Snake =/

  • NO NO NO!!! This is so freaking amazing!!! I was already getting BOTH versions now my excitement is up by 10 fold! I freaking LOVE the alternate costumes and we finally have a freaking RELEASE DATE!!! OMG YES!!! THANK YOU!!!

    We just need Spyro, Crash and a few Square Enix characters to get EVERYONE excited about this game!!!

  • seriously, give me any type of hint if Prinny from the Disgaea series will be in it or not! D: my mind is telling me no way, hes not even that popular but my heart is telling me maybe. lol T-T

  • Nice to know there are more than 10 XD

  • also i dont know if you can comment on this or not but will the game have an actual story mode or just one of those “story” modes where you fight like 6 or so opponents and then a boss?(like street fighter & Marvel vs Capcom)?

  • I second 124–Prinny would be sweet!

    And yes, I’m digging way back in the PSone catalogue asking about Jumping Flash but I have a special place in my heart for JF 1 and 2 (I even did a PS Blog Request for you guys to have that one studio that localizes Japan-only PSone games for US to localize JF 3) ;-) Would fan-girl scream if you guys did a current gen update of JF!

  • Is October 23 the release for both the ps3 and vita version, and plead include sonic the hedgehog

  • Is there a time frame when the ps3/ps vita bundle retail price will be announced (like a few weeks,months). I knw you cant give the date just asking for around about time bc I’m going to get the ps3/vita combo

  • Yes oct 23rd is the USA release for both platforms

  • Hey I just wanted to know, how many 3rd party characters are roughly going to be in the game? Say in comparison to 1st party characters. Also the roster totally has to be 30+ :P

  • I would certainly like the idea of pre-ordering games through PSN, especially for the PS Vita. I bought a 32GB memory cart to download the games as Sony designed. Please do not penalize me working within Sony’s design by denying me the pre-order goodies. Thanks


    @129 Yes, Exactly! If not an instant rebate when purchasing both at the same time, the next best thing would be combo pack with both PS3 & Vita games for like $79.99.

  • Thanks can’t wait going to preorder as soon as the pricing for the bundle is released can’t wait!!! This game is so freaking cool

  • Please, PLEASE, PLEASE! You must put Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Cole McGrath, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter!!!!
    Just one thing, if Parappa the Rapper is from the Ps1 era and he is coming for the new game, sooooooo … I think you guys know what I’m about to ask … Is there any chance of Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon coming for this game? C’mon, Parappa isn’t as important as Crash or Spyro, honestly, I didn’t knew who was Parappa if it wasn’t for this game, so please, is there any chance for those 2 characters to be in this game?!?!?!?!
    Reply please :)

  • So just to be sure.. the bonus will come no matter where I preorder? Target is listed but since their page doesn’t list any details on a bonus, I want to be sure.

  • And maybe Asura from Asura Wrath please

  • Glad to hear pre-order bonuses are cosmetic items instead of exclusive characters. I still expect to see DLC on this game considering how fighting games work. Will DLC characters be voted by the community in the future?

  • Sly looks awesome and slick!

  • Nice =) , hope the online doesn’t have any lag, also i hope there are many stages to choose from with different styles

  • Will there be a live stream for this? I’m really excited for this game, and I don’t want to miss the two new characters that you will be revealing because I don’t live in Las Vegas. Keep up the good work guys! :D

  • I almost feel ashamed sometimes to be a Sony owner, cause that piles me in with you illiterates who are so desperate to hate this game that you don’t even bother reading a blog and immediately assume this game only has 10 characters. Seriously, shut up and go back to school. You’re embarrassing me and making Cristian Cardona’s job harder cause he has to cater to you idiots.

  • I guess i wasn’t clear before. Is spyro the dragon(ps one form) coming to battle royale?

  • Hi Superbot
    I just wanted to know if these costumes are optional to wear so we can flip back and forth between the normal costumes and these costumes BTW already pre – ordered it

  • Come on people there’s going to be way more then 10 I’d say at least 20 or more characters it’s called marketing they don’t want to release the full roster yet they want to build the hype for the game from day they announced it til launch and beyond we get 2 new characters today 2 at comic con and I’m sure more at gamescon next month

  • PLEASE SONY YOU GUYS BETTER ADVERTISE THIS LIKE MICROSOFT IS ADVERTISING HALO 4 sorry for the caps but please sony just advertise your exclusives

  • After the whole roster is announced, and hypothetically we don’t see some characters we want (e.g. Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Rayman, Lara Croft, Ezio, etc.) is there a chance we may see them later as DLC? I’d pay anything to punch Kratos in the face with Rayman’s floating hands if he’s available! :D

  • @146 Kevin butler tv spot I hope

  • will there be other way to score point beside using special?

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