PlayStation Store Update

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PlayStation Store Update

With Independence Day on the horizon, we’re happy to break out some fireworks of our own to celebrate great new games and content coming to the PlayStation Store this week!

PS3 Full Games

Disney/Pixar Brave ($44.99)
In Disney/Pixar Brave: The Video Game, challenge destiny and change your fate! Play as Merida, a Will ‘o the Wisp, and other popular characters, from new Disney/Pixar film, as you run, jump and battle your way through the rugged landscape of mythical Scotland. Help end of a magical blight that has befallen the land while you combat enemies, solve challenging puzzles and obstacles in order to bring peace and unity back to Scotland.
ESRB: E10+
File Size: 3 GB

Spec Ops: The Line ($59.99)
It’s been 6 months since Dubai was wiped off the map by a cataclysmic sandstorm. Thousands of lives were lost, including those of American soldiers sent to evacuate the city. Today, the city lies buried under sand, the world’s most opulent ruin.
File Size: 5.46 GB

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends ($49.99)
Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends is the ultimate driving experience for fans of the Ferrari Brand.
File Size: 2.25 GB

Sonic Generations ($29.99)
Sonic’s universe is thrown into chaos when a mysterious new power comes into force, creating ‘time holes’ which take Sonic and his friends back in time. Revisit some of the most iconic environments of the past 20 years, playing as Classic Sonic in re-imagined 2D side scrolling levels, and as Modern Sonic in all new, stunning 3D levels. Will they find out who is behind this diabolical deed?
File Size: 8.5 GB

The Adventures Of Tintin : The Game ($39.99)
In the Adventures of TinTin, players will experience non-stop action as they investigate the mystery of a lifetime that may lead them to one of the greatest sunken treasures. But the quest won’t be easy and players will need to join forces with the quick-witted dog Snowy and the grumpy Captain Haddock to beat greedy art collectors, kooky arms dealers, and other crooks to reveal the truth behind the Secret of the Unicorn ship.
ESRB: E10+
File Size: 7.06 GB

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 ($59.99)
Tee-off with the most comprehensive swing mechanic revamp in over a decade in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13! Also uncover several more trailblazing features including Online Country Clubs, Coins, Pins Collections and relive first-hand Tiger Woods’ most memorable golf accomplishments in Tiger Legacy Challenge mode.
File Size: 4.79 GB

PSN Games

BELLATOR MMA ONSLAUGHT (Demo Also Available) ($14.99)
Nominated for ‘Best Sports Game’ and ‘Best Fighting Game’ at E3 by Neoseeker. Based on Bellator Fighting Championships, it is a first of its kind, a fast paced arcade style MMA fighting game with easy to understand controls that enable players to quickly master the clinch and ground game. Design your own fighter and compete against other players’ creations and the best Bellator fighters to level your fighter and master MMA techniques.
File Size: 2.77 GB

Dungeon Twister ($9.99)
Two teams of adventurers with supernatural powers are locked up in the same dungeon. Only one team can walk out. Will it be yours? Choose to flee or to fight. Make the dungeon’s rooms rotate to help you advance… or prevent your opponent’s progress. Play alone or confront other players on PlayStation Network in this turn-based strategy game.
File Size: 156 MB

PS2 Classics

Bloodrayne 2 ($9.99)
The Cult of Kagan has unleashed horrors upon the world in their pursuit of supremacy. Only Rayne can take them down.
File Size: 4.4 GB

PlayStation Store Highlights

PlayStation Store Update

Download the critically-acclaimed third person shooter Spec Ops: The Line from the PlayStation Store this week and jump into a provocative and gripping game designed to challenge players’ morality by putting them in the middle of unspeakable situations where unimaginable choices must be made. Set in a war-ravaged Dubai, you’ll use the tactical squad-based Delta Force gameplay throughout a horizontally and vertically-oriented world, complete with devastating sandstorms that have serious impact on combat.

In addition to Spec Ops: The Line, be sure to download other great PS3 Full Games this week including Sonic Generations, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, and Disney/Pixar’s Brave.

2012-07-03 PS Store Update

Visit the PSN Summer Sale website to get all the details on this amazing sale.

The PSN Summer Sale kicks off today as well! featuring amazing titles at stellar discounts. This week-long sale runs from now until July9th and delivers class games like Shadow of the Colossus, inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood, Killzone 3 Multiplayerat great discounts to all PlayStation gamers, with Plus members receiving an even greater discount at 50% (or more) off all titles!

2012-07-03 PS Store Update

Tape up in a fight for the title with Bellator: MMA Onslaught! “Title shots are earned, not given” in this hard-hitting game which squares players off toe-to-toe with some of the world’s top fighters as they compete in authentic Bellator events. Download your copy today from the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Store Update

Dungeon Twister is a turn-based strategy game that some describe as a mix between chess and Dungeons & Dragons. This hit board-game is making its digital debut today in the PlayStation Store . Check out the Dungeon Twister dedicated post to learn more about the game’s tactical, and fun, multiplayer.

2012-07-03 PS Store Update

Today’s PlayStation Plus update today brings 3 new games to every member’s Instant Game Collection! Beginning today, you’re able to download Gotham City Impostors, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, and Renegade Ops FREE with your membership. There are also the fantastic discounts you get with the PSN Summer Sale, new Full Game Trials to check out, and some exclusive avatars to purchase. Check out this week’s dedicated Plus post for more! And if you’re not a member yet, there’s never been a better time to join. Click here to purchase online, or activate on the PlayStation Store.

Here is the rest of the PlayStation Store update:

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus July 3rd, 2012

Instant Game Collection Additions Gotham City Impostors
Pac Man DX Championship Edition
Renegade Ops
Summer Sale Added Discounts Gotham City Impostors – FREE
NBA JAM: On Fire Edition – $7.34
REAL STEEL – $4.89
The House of the Dead III – $3.42
Crysis – $9.79
Closure – $7.34
Jurassic Park: The Game – Full Season – $9.79
Worms Ultimate Mayhem – $7.34
Shadow of the Colossus – $9.79
inFAMOUS Festival of Blood – $4.89
Killzone3 Multiplayer – $7.34
Exclusive Avatars Dynasty Warriors 7 Avatar Pack 1 ($1.99)
Dynasty Warriors 7 Avatar Pack 2 ($1.99)
Dynasty Warriors Next Avatar Pack ($1.99)
Warriors Orochi 3 Avatar Pack ($1.99)
Warriors Orochi 3 Orochi Pack ($1.99)
Full Game Trials Tiger Woods Pga Tour 13 Full Game Trial
The Adventures Of Tintin : The Game Full Game Trial

Game Demos (Free)

Summer Stars 2012 Demo
Take on your friends or play on your own in a huge variety of summer sports & special challenges to see if you have what it takes to bring home the gold this summer!

Bellator MMA Onslaught Demo
Tape up in a fight for the title with Bellator: MMA Onslaught!


NCAA FOOTBALL 13 ($59.99)
Take your team to victory with a former Heisman Trophy winner on your team with NCAA Football 13. With one of 10 former Heisman winners on your roster, see if you have the confidence and poise to utilize his legendary skill set to once again capture the Heisman Trophy—this time for your school.

PS3 Add-ons

Dragon’s Dogma: A Face Of A Different Color
Change your attitude with seven new color variations and six new voice types, and receive the Nameless Armor as a bonus.

Dragon’s Dogma: From A Different Sky – Part 7
The seventh of the ‘From a Different Sky’ series, you’ll need your wits to clear all 10. Check the Pawn Guild to begin!

Max Payne 3 – Classic Max Payne Multiplayer Character
Customize your multiplayer avatar with this Classic Max Payne Character inspired by the original Max Payne.

Max Payne 3 – Deadly Force
Equip the Deadly Force Burst in your loadout to get extra stopping power with higher damage bullets in Max Payne 3 multiplayer.

Max Payne 3 Local Justice Pack
The Local Justice Pack includes the new 55th Battalion HQ, The Imperial Palace and Departure Lounge maps for Max Payne 3 Multiplayer. It also includes the Light Fingers Item for faster looting, M4 Assault Rifle and more.

Max Payne 3 – Pill Bottle Item
Equip the Pill Bottle Item in your loadout for the ability to carry more painkillers in Max Payne 3 multiplayer.

Max Payne 3 – Silent Killer Loadout Pack
The Silent Killer Loadout Pack includes the Light Anti-Tank Weapon, Slippery Character Burst to quickly escape a firefight and Listening Device Item that amplifies player hearing so you can better hear enemies approaching you.

Max Payne 3 Cemetery Map
With a wintry New York City skyline, sniping positions amongst the monuments, circular fighting arenas in a rotunda garden and a looming mausoleum, the Cemetery Multiplayer Map makes a fitting final home for your enemies.

Record Of Agarest War 2 1St Generation Exclusive Pack
Equipment specifically for the heroes of the first generation.
Felicity Blessing (Weiss) x 1, Myumille Wand (Aina) x 1, Mr. Fluff-fluff (Felenne) x 1, Brynhildr Lance (Victoria) x 1, -Their- Bandana (Jainus) x 1, Happy Straw (Fiona) x 1.

Record Of Agarest War 2 Frensberge Specialty Pack 1
A wonderful collection of items made in the image of Frensberge’s most colorful citizens! Oden Dagger x 1, Garden Weasel x 1, Schmootz Paws x 1, Melon Sickle x 1, Gluttony Coupon x 1, Faster! Pussycat x 1.

Record Of Agarest War 2 Overtake Your Rival Pack 1
With the fine items listed below, you should be able to progress through your journey with ease.
STR Up x2, Vit Up x2, INT Up x2, MND Up x2, AGI Up x2, DEX Up x2, Max HP Up x2.

Record Of Agarest War 2 Peddling Damascus Sp Pack
Welcome! Your loving Uncle Duke has wandered the world to bring you wonderful merchandise! Damascus Sword x1, Damascus Spear x1, Damascus Scythe x1, Bracelet of Feicui x1, White Frame x1, Lucky Charm x1.

Record Of Agarest War 2 Right To The Blacksmith Pack 1
For those who lament their ability to gather the necessary materials to truly take advantage of the blacksmith shop Warrior Soul, weep no more! Take the following items and make haste to Warrior Soul now! Element of Flame x5, Element of Ice x5, Element of Thunder x5, Element of Wind x5, Element of Earth x5, Darkness Element x5, Element of Light x5.

Record Of Agarest War 2 Right To The Blacksmith Pack 2
For those you lack the fortitude required to Convert items, or if you simply lack the time, fear not! Take these items and make your way to Warrior Soul with all due haste! Silver Ore x10, Platinum Ore x10, Bauxite x5, Trogtalite x5, Magnetite x5, Dolomite x5, Pileroth x5.

Record Of Agarest War 2 Skilled Hunter’S Survival Pack
Thank you for your continued business. To celebrate your love of unrestrained spending, the Hunter’s Guild has put together a collection of helpful recovery items for you dedicated hunters out there. This wonderful package contains the following: Cure Grass x3, Relief Herb x2, Magic Herb x3, Revitalizing Herb x2, Blessed Fruit x3, Stone of Life x2, Marfile Seed x1, Divine Branch x2.

Saints Row: The Third – Genki Girl Pack
Drive in Genki Girl style with this assortment of vehicles. Sad Panda sports a dune buggy, Angry Tiger has her motorcycle, and Sexy Kitten drives a special sports car. Each of these rides is themed after the girls themselves, and pack a deadly surprise!

Street Fighter X Tekken – Color Palette Add-On 5
The 5th color pack (4-color set) for character color customization.

Rock Band 3
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • GONZO – All-American Rejects ($1.99)
  • Happy? – Mudvayne ($1.99)
  • Satellite – Rise Against ($1.99)

File size: 22 MB – 35 MB (singles)

Rock Band Network v2.0

  • ABSOLUTE – Gatling ($.99)
  • HEY THERE MR. BROOKS – Asking Alexandria ($1.99)
  • I – Before Nine ($1.99)
  • XENOCHRIST – The Faceless ($1.99)

File size: 18 MB – 40 MB (singles)

PS Vita Add-Ons

Hustle Kings Crazy Table Pack: Hex Crazy
Compatible with PlayStation Vita system only. Download this pack and shoot your way to the Hustle Kings Hex Bar for an additional pool table that’ll make even the coolest hustler break into a sweat. To use this download, you will need the Hustle Kings game.

Additional Sales and Deals

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation Content Pack 3 (now $7.49, original price $14.99)
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Pack 2 (now $7.49, original price $14.99)
Call Of Duty: Black Ops First Strike: Pack 1 (now $7.49, original price $14.99)
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Content Pack 4 (now $7.49, original price $14.99)
Call Of Duty: Black Ops With First Strike (Ps3 Full Game Bundle) (now $33.49, original price $49.99)
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Elite Collection 1 (now $7.99, original price $14.99)
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Elite Collection 2 (now $7.99, original price $14.99)
Catherine (now $19.99, original price $39.99)
Class Of Heroes Legacy (now $7.49, original price $14.99)
Closure (now $10.49, original price $14.99)
Crimson Gem Saga Digital (now $7.49, original price $14.99)
Crysis (now $13.99, original price $19.99)
Crysis 2 (now $19.99, original price $39.99)
Cuboid (now $4.99, original price $9.99)
Dead Space 2 (now $19.99, original price $29.99)
Droplitz (now $4.99, original price $9.99)
Gotham City Impostors (now $10.49, original price $14.99)
Hexyz Force Digital (now $7.49, original price $14.99)
Hydrophobia Prophecy (now $2.49, original price $9.99)
inFAMOUS Festival of Blood (now $6.99, original price $9.99)
Interpol: The Trail Of Dr. Chaos (now $2.49, original price $4.99)
Jurassic Park: The Game – Full Season (Episode 1-4 Bundle) (now $13.99, original price $19.99)
Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble Digital (now $7.49, original price $14.99)
Killzone 3 Multiplayer (now $10.49, original price 14.99)
Knights In The Nightmare (now $7.49, original price $14.99)
Madden NFL 12 (now $39.99, original price $59.99)
Madden NFL 12 PSP (now $19.99, original price $39.99)
Magic Orbz (now $4.99, original price $9.99)
Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom (now $4.99, original price $9.99)
NBA Jam On Fire Edition (now $10.49, original price $14.99)
NCAA Football 12 (now $29.99, original price $59.99)
REAL STEEL (now $4.99, original price $9.99)
Renegade Ops (now $10.49, original price $14.99)
Renegade Ops Coldstrike Campaign (now $2.49, original price $4.99)
Renegade Ops: Vehicle Pack (now $1.49, original price $2.99)
Ricochet HD (now $2.49, original price $4.99)
Riviera: The Promised Land Legacy (now $4.99, original price $9.99)
Rock Of Ages (now $4.99, original price $9.99)
Shadow of the Colossus (now $13.99, original price $19.99)
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin Digital (now $14.99, original price $29.99)
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Digital (now $9.99, original price $19.99)
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona Digital (now $9.99, original price $19.99)
Sky Fighters (now $4.99, original price $9.99)
Smash Cars (now $7.49, original price $14.99)
The Cursed Crusade (now $14.99, original price $19.99)
The House Of The Dead III (now $4.89, original price $6.99)
Trine 2 (now $7.49, original price $14.99)
Wakeboarding HD (now $4.99, original price $9.99)
Worms Ultimate Mayhem (now $10.49, original price $14.99)
Yggdra Union Legacy (now $4.99, original price $9.99)


Ghost Recon Future Soldier Ghost 7 Avatar ($0.49)
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Ghost 8 Avatar ($0.49)
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Ghost 9 Avatar ($0.49)
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Ghost 10 Avatar ($0.49)
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Ghost 11 Avatar ($0.49)
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Ghost 12 Avatar ($0.49)
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Ghost 13 Avatar ($0.49)
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Ghost 14 Avatar ($0.49)

Game Videos (Free)

Dirt Showdown – Boost For The Win Trailer
Dirt Showdown Destruction Trailer
Hell Yeah! Wrath Of The Dead Rabbit Monsters Trailer
Need For Speed Most Wanted Announce Trailer
PULSE 7/3 Edition (SD, 1080, Vita)
Resistance: Burning Skies Launch Trailer (SD, 720, 1080, PSP, Vita)
Resistance: Burning Skies Story Trailer (720, 1080,PSP, Vita)
South Park: Stick Of Truth Trailer
Tom Clancy’S Splinter Cell Blacklist World Premiere Trailer
Wonderbook Announce Video (SD, 720, 1080)
Wonderbook: Book of Spells – Announce Trailer
WWE’13 – Mike Tyson Trailer

PS3 Themes

Digital Blasphemy: Desert Dawn ($2.99)
Dynamic Attack Of The Zombies 3 ($2.99)
Dynamic Death Dealer 3 ($2.99)
L5R – Daylight Assassin Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
L5R – Defender of Eternal Sun Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
L5R – House of the Spirit Blade Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
L5R – Shogun Dynasty Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
L5R – Storm Weaver Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
Lindsay Kaye Premium Theme 3 ($2.99)
Lindsay Kaye Premium Theme 4 ($2.99)

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  • Not feelin’ much PS Vita love here.

    C’mon Sony, if you want to move units you gotta give people a reason to drop the money for a Vita. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic about the PS3 updates but you guys should really be focusing on Vita content too! Don’t do what you did to PSP!

  • Morgan & Grace: Happy 4th of July! We are so lucky to be free & safe & so carefree we can complain over what we get for free.

    Since I have been unable to stop playing Skyrim, my PS3 & Vita backlogs are simply impossible to overcome. But I’ll still add to it with this update.

  • would have loved to be able to get rainbowmoon before the 4th here in NA but alas it wasnt meant to, i’ll have to wait till next week in order to get it.not a huge deal mind you, but it would have been nice just to get something to play on my ps3 for the holiday :P

  • max payne dlc not working for rockstar game in shows pack available but will not allow u to click it.just great release it late then now it dont work.

  • Please, stop! You’re drowning me in sooo much Vita content!


    I’m sad.

  • hey Morgan im waiting on the mass effect 3 price drop any updates on that

    • i don’t track status on individual game sales price drops i’m afraid. when and if this occurs, we’ll be sure to post it as the individual publishers determine best.

  • Shadow_Raskolnik

    It’s been three weeks since release and there is still no Vita compatibility for Gungnir, in fact there is barely any Vita updates at all.

    Is it really that difficult to get PSP games approved for the Vita or are you guys just dragging your feet because the Vita isn’t a priority to you?

    • it’s not a ‘drag and drop’ operation to get PS Vita compatibility that’s for sure. I wish I had news on this, but I’m afraid I do not.

  • Victoryismine52

    Are you trying to get my wife mad at me or something? I had it all lined up I was going to grab all my free games and pick up NBA Jam and be done with it. Then you place this Atlus sale up so now I’m going to have to get Cathrine…. What and Crisis 2 is $20 screw you Sony!!! (seriously keep this up I love sales the closer you get to steam the more likely you’ll have all my money and I’ll have a sweet digital games collection it’s an even trade)

  • seems like Sony needs the Hackers help to make the vita great. I hear they got PS1 support months ago.

  • this is a HORRIBLE update for vita owners. we get 1 thing, ps3 owners get 500 things. if your really giving up on the vita, tell me now while i still have my warranty.

  • Notice how it says “This week for Playstation Plus” and it shows those free games. Maybe next week we’ll get another set of free games (not to give anyone any hope or anything). (PS)Plus for #27 the Vita does exist. WHY? for me it’s Gundam SEED Battle Destiny. “For the preservation of our pure blue world”

  • Any chance to see a price drop for saints row the third?

  • Thanks for putting the Renegade Ops DLC on sale alongside the free offering of the main game for Plus members. Any chance the DLC for Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone (which was free for Plus last month) will ever go on sale? I just can’t justify spending $5 for <2 hours worth of content.

  • Of course last week I buy from the psn store Catherine for 39.99 and dead space 2 for 29.99 and this week both are on for 19.99. Can’t help but feel a little cheated, should be like the futureshop and walmart in my area, if game goes on sale 30 days after time of purchase your refunded the difference as along as you have a copy of receipt.. Other than than great update happy plus member her for the most part

  • I want Catherine, Trine 2, & GC Imposters. I’ve already completed PM Deluxe.
    MSG Sent by VITA Power

  • any chance to see Call Of Duty Black Ops II trailer or GTA V or Dead Space 3 or Watch Dogs or Crysis 3 on ps store?

  • No more PS2/PSX Classics for PS+ members? :/

    • it’s feedback i’ve been tracking since the E3 instant game collection debut. if a lot of people feel strongly for including it, then it makes for a good case to bring some of it into the collection. I always encourage anyone who wants their voice heard on these issues, make sure they know to drop comments in these spaces: store update #ps plus updates.

  • Another month waiting for the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC sale to come to our side of the pond…

  • @57 dude, that’s chosing between hacking your vita (which is a big part of the problem), or getting your $300+ back because sony gives up.

    @sony if you just dont care about the vita anyways, than just give up and give us all the games for free.

  • For those of you hoping for more free PS Plus games this month, the answer is no. The EU blog already confirmed that only 3 games will change in a month. They get a new full game tomorrow and another full and a downloadable game later this month. I think they have a set amount of money to spend on Plus content and EU spent more on free games, and US spent more on sales.

    TL;DR – Only 3 Plus games change per month, no more free games coming this month :(

    • Please note that we are not necessarily tied to the same operational schedule as our partners in EU for Plus although we do strive for consistency between the regions. What is stated on the EU blog may not be applicable for other regions.

    • Remember: what is stated on the EU Blog does not necessarily go for other regions. But we do however, strive for consistency with our EU partners for Plus.

  • Any news on when the DLC for Magic 2013 will be available? Everyone else has it but the PS users.

  • CRYSIS !!!! :D THX Sony!! LONG LIVE PLAY! Hey MORGAN, Can we pleaseeeeeeeeee also get Deus Ex Human Rev. ? Ive been DYING to play that game ever since it came out!! Thanks again :)

  • I like the European Plus line up much more than what we have. Especially Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This Vita disaster could be forgiven if you would hurry up with PS1 classics compatibility and better PSP compatibility.

  • is Resistance Retribution ever coming back to the PSN want it on my VITA!!

  • So Gravity Rush DLC isn’t weekly? Just release it all at once, I’ve beaten the game and need MOAR!

  • Woah! I’m loving this update!

    Trust me, no complaints here!

    I can’t wait to play GCI again! The beta was fun!

    I love the Ghost recon avatars too. Maybe ubisoft should learn from them and not release full body shots for the AC avatars. I liked the Brotherhood ones but the Revelations ones were bad…. They got a little bit going on with AC III… somewhat…

    Wait what? The Black Ops DLC is on sale? But the next game isn’t even out yet… us console owners are very happy!

    Oh and I like this early update! (early meaning not 10 pm EST).

    Oh and I do like the fact that you guys reduced the DLC on the games that were given out free (Renegade Ops).

  • Sweet! Thanks for the discounts, and this nice overview page of it all.

  • NBA Jam On Fire Edition $10.49 and Catherine $19.99 – Amazing… wait awesome Update! I don’t know how many people is working to get this prices but I want to Thank you ALL!

  • At the risk of repeating someone else, is this a one week sale? By that I mean will we be seeing discounts on various games all month, or is this it?

  • @80 This is a one week sale. I don’t think there will be any more week long sales this month. I could be wrong, they’re being kind of vague lately. It has something to do with them wanting us to talk about Plus throughout the month.

  • Why are there no prices on add-ons now? You were killing me before because you didn’t bother listing the specific add-ons that were added, but now you decided to not list prices? What’s the point of this post if not to tell us what’s new and how much it is?

  • Once again, Sony shows that they’re allergic to:

    A) Specific release dates
    B) Mentioning any highly-demand features after the initial announcement
    C) Supporting their new console.
    D) The Vita

    Honestly, if you’re not going to support a new console, why bother releasing it? That’d be like if Bethesda released Skyrim in its initial buggy state and never mentioned it again, instead focusing on other games they’re making.

  • There are 2 Call of Duty MW3 Collection 2 packs, is there a difference? It’s also priced at $7.49 instead of $7.99.

  • how about all the americans stay out of the eu ps store. yall cry over spoiled milk..they just gave us 12 games! plus the 3 today…give it a rest yall.

    thanks you for the update. still wish i can get nba 2k12 as a downloadable title!

  • there’s supposed to be a demo for Dungeon Twister, they said so on the blog post where they announced the game.

  • Dungeon Twister is coming up at $9.99 on my store.
    It says $6.99 on this thread, but then is 3 bucks more online….

  • What NO SOUL CALIBUR 5 DLC Today?

    What Gives?


  • Crysis 2 $20 discount?! i effing love you PS!!! i knew i had to wait

  • wow and i thought having over 100$ in my wallet will last me for a while but with this atlus, summer sale, plus discounts, call of duty sale, i need to get more cards. well, keep up the good work.

  • Just bought Modern Warfare Collection 2 $7.49
    Yggdra Union for PSP for $4.99
    Rivieria PSP for $4.99

    Just got my $20 psn card, and poof, it’s gone. (No complaints, happy camper)

    When is

    PSN- Bastion, X-Men Arcade, Simpsons Arcade,

    PSOne- Parasite Eve 1 + 2,

    PSP- Gladiator Begins, Tactic Ogre, Valkyria Chronicles 2

    Going on sale?

  • I was hoping to get retro city rampage this week..

  • Just downloaded Pac man and Renegade ops. I will wait to see what others say about Gotham city imposters before I make a decision.

  • Hi Morgan / Grace,
    Only pac-man for me I guess.

    Why dont you send out a survey via email to ALL plus users to find out what we think the best route is regarding the future of the program?
    Maybe have a 400 character limit comment section at the end?

    Saw the eur plus list and gotta say I’m jealous!

    • Your best bet is to leave comments here in the Store and Plus update posts. We do send out surveys to members who are opted in for email communication so if you have not turned that on, you may wish to do so.

  • Hey Morgan i know that there is just a killzone multiplayer…any plans for more multiplayer only downloads like for example uncharted 3 …. now that would be a killer give away for plus members, or even a low price for admission

    • When and if we have something to announce on this front, we’ll be sure to do so on the blog. I don’t have any news on anything like this I’m afraid, but it’s certainly a fun idea.

  • I really don’t like it when people ask for more games on top of this. “Where’s Deus Ex? Where’s Darksiders?”

    The EU blog people are asking the same about OUR games.

    Just be happy with what you get.

    When they give you those games (if they do) guess what…. you’ll just ask for whatever’s on the EU blog at that moment (that your not getting).

    We have 12+3 games here… for free. They aren’t going to played for 5 minutes….

    Today is a really good day for updating. I would buy a a lot of Atlus’s games if I had a PS Vita. But I still can’t decide which handheld to get or even If I need one.

    Meanwhile I’ll be having a ton of fun playing GCI… I’m sticking with BLOPS for awhile too even though I just switched on BF3 (for 2xp). So I might just buy a Map Pack now and ($10 left in my wallet) buy the 2 other ones when they go on sale again.

    I’m just really satisfied right now. Nothing is troubling me. Maybe some PS+ sales on DLC, but that’s it really.

  • Great update with some awesome discounts. I’m happy with PS+.

    Guess it’s time to feed that horrible and enormous monster called Backlog… again.

    Well, I have a vacation coming, so maybe I will have a chance to hack away at the beast.

  • Ill definately be playing some pac man and renegade ops later.. thanks for keeping me busy until Rainbow Moon

  • Hey Morgan, when MGS Peace Walker will have a price cut? 29.99 is to much costly at this time, in EU PSN Store is € 19.99 and the UMD is 15.99 in some stores. Can you check this? Thanks.

  • Im a little disappointed with the lack of ps2 support… So many ps2 titles I would love to replay and get my hands on again.. Morgan, any chance we will see more and exciting ps2 titles soon?

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