New Games Coming to PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

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New Games Coming to PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

Last month we gave all PlayStation Plus members an Instant Game Collection that included 12 full PS3 and PSN games, and it’s been a resounding hit with gamers everywhere! This month, we’re continuing the free game goodness by bringing three new titles to your collection in PlayStation Plus.

Break out the fireworks for the July 3rd PlayStation Store update, where PlayStation Plus members will be able to download Gotham City Impostors, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, and Renegade Ops for FREE!

PS Plus July 2012

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July 3rd PlayStation Plus Update

New Games Coming to PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

Gotham City Impostors: Previously announced as 50% off in Plus as part of the PSN Summer Sale, we’ve got a surprise for Plus members as Gotham City Impostors will be free for the month of July! Hatched from the twisted minds at Monolith Productions, Gotham City Impostors is a download-only multiplayer FPS that pits violent vigilantes (dressed up like Batman) against craven criminals (dressed up as the Joker) in open warfare on the streets of Gotham City. Since its release, there have been a ton of new additions to the game, including more customization options, thousands of player unlocks and upgrades, and more. Check out Giant Bomb’s review praising its gameplay and outstanding humor. Add this phenomenal multiplayer FPS to your collection this July – free with your PlayStation Plus membership.

New Games Coming to PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX: This edition of one of gaming’s most beloved franchises takes the series in a bold, and incredibly addictive direction. With fast-paced gameplay, countless twists on the classic Pac-Man experience, awesome head-bumping music, and crazy-good leaderboard integration, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is a title that no gamer should miss — IGN gave it a 10 out 10! And now, with your PlayStation Plus membership, you won’t have to!

New Games Coming to PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

Renegade Ops: Last year’s PSN PLAY promotion introduced 4 amazing PSN games to heat up the last days of summer. Renegade Ops was one of those titles and deservedly so. The critically-acclaimed PSN game boasts 4 player co-op, destructible environments (using the Just Cause 2 engine), addictive gameplay, and lots of fun add-ons. This title will spice up your PlayStation Plus game collection with firepower on the back of co-op gameplay, and is a true must-download for all members. Check out’s Renegade Ops review, where it scored a perfect “A” grade.

PS Plus July 2012

Click here to visit the Official PSN Summer Sale page

PSN Summer Sale: If you saw the PlayStation Store’s Summer Sale news this morning, you know that you’ll be able to heat up your PSN games collection by taking advantage of some deep discounts on major PS3 Full Game titles: Shadow of the Colossus, Killzone 3 Multiplayer, and more are all on sale this week with 50% off deals for PlayStation Plus members!

July 10th PlayStation Plus Update

New Games Coming to PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection

Rainbow Moon: This PSN exclusive strategy role-playing game comes packed with strong emphasis on exploration, character development and turn-based battles. And the best part is that PlayStation Plus members will receive a 20% discount when it releases on July 10th! With a classic isometric open world, six playable main characters, more than 20 dungeons, around 100 special skills, fully customizable weapons, armor and accessories; Rainbow Moon is a massive game that offers all the features that you want from a traditional RPG… and a lot more!

That’s it for now! We’ll have another update for you midway through the month with more great Plus content, including offers on a psychedelic racing game, exclusive access to an action-packed beta, and amazing deals on anticipated new PSN releases. Keep an eye on the PlayStation Store Update posts every Tuesday to stay current with all the offerings made available to PlayStation Plus members.

Also, please share your feedback regarding this month’s PlayStation Plus update in the comments. Some of the burning questions we have for you include: Do you prefer monthly Plus free games updates all at once, or more of a steady feed of content arriving through the month? On a scale of 1-10, what would you score the current Instant Game Collection lineup?

PS Plus July 2012
PS Plus July 2012
PS Plus July 2012

Want Plus? Click here to purchase online, or activate on the PlayStation Store.

(Please note that Virtua Fighter 5, Hard Corp: Uprising, and Zombie Apocalypse will be rotated out of the PlayStation Plus catalog on 7/3. However, you can still download them prior to the 7/3 PlayStation Store Update hits, and will be able to keep them in your collection as long as you are a PlayStation Plus member – so if you haven’t added these awesome games to your queue then we suggest you do so now! )

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  • Good point CyberFreak. That’s an issue. Hmm why would they discount it… if they’re giving it away for free? They should have two separate download options (purchase forever and purchase for free).

    I think I might have to agree with everyone on the “Not buying games until they’re on Plus scheme”

    I recently got Flower as part of a sale (as well as buying Journey Day 1) and then they announce a collector’s edition…. Waiting seems to be a big part on today’s gaming.

    Why buy a game day 1 at $60 when it’s going to be $20 in less than 4-5 months? (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

    If they put forward a lot of DLC and it goes down in price fast…. then they could potentially put out a complete edition. I’m seeing a lot of games do this.

    Even with Plus games. You buy a game, and then it’s free somewhere down the line. I have too many games anyways…. so I really don’t need to buy any more… Especially with my disk space (upgrading soon).

  • Also i’d like it better if we got a post at the beginning of each month detailing every single free game, ps1 game, mini, dynamic theme, discounts.. all of it.. and then stagger the release of them, i hate having too wait to learn what we’re getting in the next two weeks.


  • I’m starting to wonder when does Sony actually going to show PS+ members a little Vita action. Owning one and not even recalling a few promo for us on the Vita makes me sad. :/

    On the other hand, great update, would love to know about the Themes and Minis that come this month also.

  • I am pleased at the updates. I was going to pick up Gotham City Imposters at some point. I get to play it sooner rather than later!

  • I already have 2 out of 3 of the new free plus offers. I hope Sony can come up with a solution for someone like myself. Maybe a point system for already having the game and letting me use the points to buy something I don’t have later on.

    Also did anyone else notice Gotham City Imposters was originally listed for $7.49 (for plus members) with the summer sales offer initially but now is FREE makes me wonder if everyone is communicating with each other on upcoming offers

  • ..can u bring nba 2k12 to the ps store…it baffles me every sport is in the ps store except nba 2k12

  • I <3 PS Plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mo cushion fo' da pushin' baby!!!!

  • I have to say that I will probably not renew my Plus sub.. anymore. At first getting 12 games after E3 was cool. It should have just been a promotion for Plus at E3, not a complete change to the system.

    I understand this is only for the 1st half of the month….. but that is lame too. Why not tell us the whole month like before?

    I enjoyed the PS1 games from time to time, but now they don’t give those with plus?

    I also enjoyed Add-on content at times (KillZone 3) but that was mostly garbage.

    Dont get me wrong, I love my PS3, Vita, PS2.. PS 3D display. Just wish it was more stable..

    Also I miss Qore

  • Any chance metal gear solid hd collection will go on sale by titles? Ijust want to buy peacewalker

  • I think it would be nice to show some kind of support for PS+ for the Vita by putting some PSP games up for free along with continuing to have Minis since most of the games for free on PS3 are older/cheaper games and the Vita doesn’t have much backlog of those but the PSP does.

  • i happy windows th pluss overall, but would be nice to have plus for psp vita and movies in other words all things in psn should some type of discount for plus users any where from 5% to 50% and to stay competitive with amozom that matches or beats psn prices for ps3 games the downloadable ones and better make sure ps4 is backwards compatible or it will a disaster at luanh

  • I really appreciate this service. I play games on a couple different platforms but it’s Playstation Plus that pushes me towards whatever fanboyism is.

  • “Do you prefer monthly Plus free games updates all at once, or more of a steady feed of content arriving through the month?” I prefer a more steady feed of content–at least 2 free game updates a month. If it’s clear PS+ is switching to one big update a month, I’ll probably start skipping blog updates until the first/last week each month.

    “On a scale of 1-10, what would you score the current Instant Game Collection lineup?” Following tomorrow’s update, I give it a 8. Been wanting to try Gotham Impostor’s, so that’s a big win, but the PSN arcadey titles are a bit of a letdown. The reveal last month was a solid 9, even though I got suckered into buying the Just Cause 2 bundle pack a few days before it went free.

    I’ve been happy enough with my subscription that I recently renewed for another year, and convinced my brother to sign up last month. I wasn’t happy with the Rayman Origins debacle, especially considering I passed up the Steam deal hoping to get it on PSN, but that’s been my only major issue the last few months. Good work PS+ team :)

  • I’m shocked that you guys aren’t having a PS+ anniversary sale for subscriptions.

  • I have been a plus member since the start and have supported it all the way the instant games download was a good idea but not sure how the games are picked I got infamous 2 and LBP 2 but either have or not interested in the rest and not interested in role playing games. I think there is a reasonable selection but love to know what’s coming at the beginning of the month and also the little surprises during the month that you had sometimes. Mayby you could have a vote on some different games to guage peoples opinion before launching them. Not really interested in ps1 games and been dissapointed in the mini’s would love to see more ps 2 titles such as GTA Vice city and San Andreas and stuff like that as that would be a instant hit don’t care if this is remade as miss my fix of both games since my ps3 does not play ps2 games and my ps2 is long gone. Overall having been here since the beginning I can see the chnages and they are all for the better but a little tweeking needs to be done to make it even better keep up the good work.

  • I’m going to have to pick up another year of Plus so I can actually play the back catalog these free games have created.


    What happened to Sony’s promise of exclusive betas? I registered for the latest beta (LBP Karting), but I thought signing up to PS Plus gets you those “exclusive’ offers. I will be very ticked off if I don’t get into the beta. Sony keeps lying to their consumers. I don’t remember the last beta I’ve got from PS Plus.

  • My god, some of you are spoiled brats. You get free games so you want about not having more free games.

    Phil Fish is right. Gamers are the worst consumers in the world. Just rotten.

  • @billyok Umm, no. What we want is the same or higher quantity/quality we were getting BEFORE they changed Plus. Since the change now we are getting LESS, but still paying the same price. No more minis, no more psone classics, and only these psn titles that we would have gotten with our minis and psone classics before the new PS Plus.

  • Is resistance retribution ever coming back to the PSN i would love to play it on my Vita

  • @97, hrm, in your earlier post (#76), you stated that you won’t buy a title that could be free- & now you’ve claimed the opposite.

    I’ve made mental errors too, especially about the things I like discussing. However, you have to realize that as a business, future sales/discounts/promos on items cannot be advertised early. You’ve just killed your “weekly sale flyer” in doing so. There are other factors, namely Sony does not own the rights to all these games/apps. Therefore, they’re under contract to keep sales/announcements private until the dev. (Sega, Square, EA, for example) or a Sony rep. makes a post on the blog.

  • @114 dude…lol

    betas are NOT that important where u have to question why were not getting them, its on the developer 1 to create a beta for whatever project you would like a beta for, most cases they do them internally. we are the test subjects on some occasions. relax

    we just got beta access to LBP Vita recently, and Dust 514 is still going on..may not be ps plus, but we got betas going live. why dont u try to get into one of those. and all honestly, i think lbp vita beta is already closed. tuff cookie.

  • @116 I don’t know about you but I got some free Minis last month. They just weren’t included in the list of 12 games that were promoted. No comment about this month as I haven’t checked what’s available yet.


    @billyok worst consumers in the world??? sir you need to do some research on what gamers have done that are great. Don’t judge until you do you’re research and get out that guys a**

  • Its time for a new PS3 update to allow external HDD’s
    So many great “free” games :D

  • Hey Morgan a few thoughts on the new ps+…it is a little boring, i mean you get 12 prem games up front and then it is a snooze fest the rest of the month so here is what i think it should be like:
    Week 1 – 3 Prem games, 2 minis, an avatar pac, dynamic theme, free new movie rental
    Week 2 – 3 Prem games, psp game, 1 mini
    Week 3 – 3 Prem games, vita game ,1 free movie to own
    Week 4 – 3 Prem games, dynamic theme, free dlc pac
    This way it gives us something to look forward too. Just my thoughts…

  • i couldnt care less about gotham city imposters i think we should get 1 retail title (i.e something like infamous 2) a month and the other 2 free games be the normal 15 dollar PSN stuff.. I mean getting Darksiders or Motorstorm Apocalypse free with EU got would have been GREAT, red dead redemption would be nice too but Im not gonna hold my breath for that one)..

    As for PacMan and renegade ops.. those are good only because i was gonna get em for 50% off back when they were part of the summer sale before you guy pulled them (lol yeah i saw that.. you couldnt come up with better free games to give so you decided to shorten the sale list and make two games you were gonna sale, free to PS+? lol)

    As for anticipated upcoming games.. well I like how you guys made virtua fighter 5 free (another game I had originally planned to buy only for it to end up free on PS+) in that case Ill list upcoming games that I hope make the free or discounted for PS+ list:

    Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD (since microsoft gets it early as a timed exclusive you should counter than buy giving it to ps+ members as a free game or discount)

    Double Dragon Neon

    Counter Strike Global Offensive.

    hopefully those games will get some PS+ love

  • How about the minis, ps1 and themes? I think we will have to wait…

  • I bought PS+ last month with my new, master PSN–but I’ve had it for the past year now (indirectly, first psn is a sub :/) Anyhow, have loved having it (will miss all the games I got last year, as am not paying for PS+2x :s) but even the months that weren’t quite for me, always appreciate the variety and getting to experience different games, thanks for that
    To your questions though:
    1. I do prefer a steady feed throughout the month, instead of a single drop day. Makes the month-to-month wait seem less, and tbh, it’s nice having something to look forward to (even a “not my week”)
    2. The current lineup, I’ll say probably 7/10. Mostly because I did enjoy the variety of PSN/PS1/Mini titles over the last year—loved the variety of it all
    I like what you guys are doing now, but I do miss looking forward to what PS1 title, etc each month.
    The only big kicker for me was when PS+ was switched to the new model, every game/addon that used to be free, disappeared. But again, I find that mostly disappointing as I wanted to have PSN on my own master, rather than the master of my sub–luck of the draw I guess.
    Anyways, great job and looking forward to the next post (and next month)^-^(gah wordcounts)

  • Decent update Wish there were some games that would occupy my Time a little bit more

  • @DZORMAGEN – Starhawk was the last beta, or maybe it was Ghost Recon. Regardless, we get them.

  • I guess what I said could be misconstrued as saying I won’t buy again if it will become free in the future and I did get a response to my first post, thank you guy’s I appreciate all the hard work you put into the social aspect of Playstion 3/psp/Vita.

    If a game is on my “hot” list such as Rainbow Moon, I will be buying it day one, the fact I am getting 20% off is a great bonus although I would have paid full price as anybody would for a game they are actively looking forward to.

    I also have the money to do this. I can’t imagine everyone is in the same boat.

    Plus offers large discounts on old and new titles every week seemingly and I have up until now taken full advantage of that. I also wish to continue taking full advantage of that, hence the caution I now use towards further purchases on games that might not be a “day one, must have purchase” but that I do have a solid interest in

    From a business perspective surely it’s in Sony’s interest for me to be purchasing my discounted, (not day one) purchases against not purchasing these games at all? As that is the bizarre situation I now find myself in.

    If your still confused maybe you should take a nap, that sometimes helps.

  • I can’t believe the people who actually thought you were going to rotate 12 retail games every month. These retail games were obviously just replacing the Genesis classics and Tik games filler as the constant stable of games available for new Plus users. How many people have finished all of last months games anyway? I sure haven’t.

    That said, this months collection is kind of dissapointing for me. They are all great games, but I own all of them as they’ve all been given plus discounts in the past and plus members were in the Gotham beta. And I was under the impression that we’d be getting at least ONE retail game a month.

    Also, I really preferred the every other week drip of games to the once a month front loaded dump. And I wish you would update and communicate faster. There was a nice schedule going for a while there and it seems like the last couple of months it has all become a jumble, with very little info given until the very last minute.

    All nitpicks though. Still loving Plus. You guys are doing a great job.

  • I should have said Games not purchases but hey ho, you follow my drift, or maybe you don’t?

  • @128, I’m not confused. Your earlier post was a contradiction is all.

  • Well, I think the three new titles are a nice addition to PlayStation Plus. People have raved about Pac Man Champion Edition DX, and I enjoyed Renegade Ops and Gotham City Imposters on PC, so nice to have them here on the PS3 as well.

    If there is a title I would love to see come to PSN Plus, it would have to be Heavenly Sword. It is a game that I think looks amazing, but I can never convince myself to buy it. I would like to get it new rather than via used. Also, I have to agree with most that adding a Vita title in once a month would be nice, as I am still looking for a reason to buy a Vita. Sure, it doesn’t have to be five or six titles at a time, but one title a month.

  • Is it wrong that I actually prefer the old PS+?

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s great that we are getting (somewhat) new games like Gotham City Impostors but I kinda missed the PS1 games, and even though I don’t play them, the Minis.

    I used to really look forward to the start of the month, when the free games are announced in the blog post, and immediately after screaming in joy and thanking Sony, I’d be linking and bragging to my friends what PS+ was giving me for the month. It was one good month after another, with incredible selection of games that ranges from Silent Hill to NFS: Shift Unleashed 2.

    I am a little disappointed by the 3 games announced for this month. And I know Morgan said this is just the first part, but as I remembered correctly, that’s what was said about June too, and we didn’t get anything else other than that one massive update. Again, don’t get me wrong. I appreciate what Sony is doing, but I really like my PS1 classics and is still hoping that Wild A.R.M.S will appear in the list.

  • Finally @118 in reference to Netflix as an example, they do advertise up and coming shows that are not currently available but will be in the future. As a Netflix subscriber I get the choice to rent or buy the movie now or wait for said future.

    I have been given all the information to make a personal choice in the matter. Yes as a consumer I understand they may not have this information at hand, nor made any decisions on the month to month flow of available “free” games on plus. Other companies do however have the ability to advertise future deals and maintain their weekly/monthly advertisements concurrently.

    So in my world I know what games are coming to Plus,,I know what games are not coming to Plus in the near future and can make my decision to own now or rent later.

    You would rather walk blindly into the store, hand over your hard earned cash to then find out 2 months down the road it’s now free with a subscription you already paid for. Good luck with that Sir.

  • And once again this why Ps Plus is a must buy yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • My feedback

    The update is solid. I like that range of content as well. It’s good to mix things up with PSN style games and PS3 full games. It doesn’t have to be the same amount or level every month. AFter last month, this is more than I expected, so spot on there. Great discounts as well.

    Also, as for release schedule. I very much prefer the bi-monthly approach instead of the all in one chunk the first week of a month. Like you said, it keeps Plus in people’s minds, and it’s a more steady stream. I would like even smaller weekly updates even more, but Bi-Monthly works well both for the customer (at least imo) and probably works good for Sony as well. Gives a good amount of time to organize the updates better.

    So yeah. Good work. Just like I though PLus is exactly the same as it was before the instant game collection, it just keeps more at out fingertips at all times. Thumbs up.

  • When you release the PSONE classics for Vita, listen to this. On the same day make sure to release Peace walker and MGS1 on the Vita store. I PROMISE you, MGS Collection sales will skyrocket. I say this because recently I have been playing MGS1 on my PS3(a gift from PS Plus a while back) and I would love to play the trilogy(because MGS4 is Ps3 only) on a portable rather than a console. But since I’m already playing MGS1 on my PS3, Im gonna buy the collection PS3 then buy 4.

  • Well that’s 3 games I don’t own, so that’s good but we went from 12 games in June to 3 in July. And we went from multiple PS3 games to zero. And will now be going through 2 months of no PS1 games at all. And PS2 games….seem to be extinct from our Plus memberships. So I’m kind of on the fence this month. While I appreciate the 3 games we get, it feels really lackluster especially with the fact that it’s the 4th of July and not one BIG free game to celebrate it. It’s like going to a firework show but all they have is a guy with a couple sparklers.

  • I fail to see the contradiction, i see someone who is easily confused, If you re-read my first post, I didn’t say i won’t be making further purchases, I am merely being careful to try and avoid purchases on titles i may soon have access to for free.

    For example I bought the Alien Breed Trilogy yesterday as I know as a follower of game releases on various consoles and software houses that this won’t be offered for free on Plus, my next certain purchases are for GT5 DLC and FallOut New Vegas DLC, all of which will not be offered for free on Plus, I can assure you. Nor will LBP DLC.

    So it is possible with a little time and effort to work out some digital content that is safe to purchase. Unfortunately it’s not that straight forward to discern the rest.

  • Dude, we’re going to need a bigger hard drive.

  • I absolutely prefer all the games at the start of the month, so I can choose what games I’d like to play and play them right away instead of waiting for updates to come.

  • @118, Netflix is not an valid example. The price is static. The PSN store & its promos & sales are different weekly- hence the store update. What was on sale last week will cease the following week unless otherwise stated.

    For instance: I walk into Walmart & I want a particular game. But do not buy it because someone INSIDE Walmart leaked next week’s sale flyer for buy “1x get the 1/2 off.” So I wait. It does happen, but not often. For digital stores like PSN/Live/Steam it rarely, if ever occurs. I don’t walk in “blind,” I’m just an realistic, educated consumer.

  • Lets try getting Megaman X5 on psOne classics :D

  • I regret having my hopes up that we would actually get something good. Oh, well. Lesson learned…

  • @142, my post is in response to #134.

  • mmm But most of the free games were free in June. :(

    How about making a “deal” for people in order to renew subscription?? I miss the buy 1 year and get 3 additional months for free :D

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