PSN Summer Sale Starts Tuesday, Bonus Discounts for Plus Members

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PSN Summer Sale Starts Tuesday, Bonus Discounts for Plus Members

On Tuesday, July 3rd PSN begins offering up the hottest deals of the season! The Summer Sale is coming – choose from 11 great titles, all on sale for 30% off and available at a straight up scorching 50% off for PlayStation Plus Members. Go to the PlayStation Store beginning Tuesday, July 3rd 2012 through Monday, July 9th 2012 and beat the heat with these sizzlin’ summer deals! If gorgeous classics like Shadow of the Colossus or fan favorites like inFAMOUS Festival of Blood are on your gamer radar, then Tuesday can’t come quick enough!

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Gotham City Impostors
$10.49, or $7.34 for PlayStation Plus Members.
A 6 vs. 6 first person shooter, Gotham City Impostors is a multiplayer game unlike any other, giving players the opportunity to pose as their amateur vigilantes or villains. Create your own Bats and Jokerz characters using unprecedented customization options.

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition
$10.49, or $7.34 for PlayStation Plus Members.
HE’S ON FIRE! NBA JAM: On Fire Edition from EA Sports is guaranteed to light up the court as you throwdown the craziest dunks in the history of the basketball. Don’t miss out on this reimagining of the classic arcade game!

Shadow of the Colossus
$13.99. or $9.79 for PlayStation Plus Members.
Experience a majestic journey through ancient lands, on a quest to bring a girl back to life. The only way to save her is to slay sixteen Colossi. Explore expansive landscapes and seek out each gigantic beast in its own natural habitat.

inFAMOUS Festival of Blood
$6.99, or $4.89 for PlayStation Plus Members.
Vampires swarm New Marais, and revered superhero Cole MacGrath has been bitten. To save his soul and city, he has just one night to find and kill the head vampire. Be sure to check out this stand-alone addition to the inFAMOUS universe.

$13.99, or $9.79 for PlayStation Plus Members.
Earth, 2019. A team of US scientists makes a frightening discovery on an island in the South China Sea. A massive alien ship reveals itself and now the US and North Korea must join forces to battle the alien menace.

Killzone 3 Multiplayer
$10.49, or $7.34 for PlayStation Plus Members.
The complete Killzone 3 online experience – enjoy fierce 24-player battles using the latest ISA and Helghast weapons and technology. Utilize the PS3 controller or PS Move to take out your foes during firefights.

$10.49, or $7.34 for PlayStation Plus Members.
In the dark and mysterious world of Closure, only what you see exists. Manipulate lights to phase objects in and out of reality in this multiple-award-winning puzzle game. Don’t miss out on this unique indie title.

Jurassic Park The Game – Full Season
$13.99, or $9.79 for PlayStation Plus Members.
A cinematic adventure 65 million years in the making! Experience a brand new adventure from Telltale Games, and see new areas and dinosaurs in this landmark game set during the events of the first Jurassic Park movie.

Worms Ultimate Mayhem
$10.49, or $7.34 for PlayStation Plus Members.
Worms Ultimate Mayhem is the definitive 3D Worms game! Load your weapons and experience a new dimension in destructive turn-based cartoon action! If you’ve never played Worms, this game will surely hook you.

The House of the Dead III
$4.89, or $3.42 for PlayStation Plus Members.
Run fast. Shoot faster. Straight from the arcades, this fast-paced shooting game is more realistic than ever with enhanced graphics and PlayStation Move motion controller compatibility. Get your Sharpshooter ready!

Real Steel
$6.99, or 4.89 for PlayStation Plus Members.
A boxing-style fighting game featuring robots as combatants, based on the hit film Real Steel.

What a list! There’s something for everyone. Check out this link for more details. If you haven’t jumped on the PlayStation Plus bus yet, now is the time! Click here to join PlayStation Plus today.

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17 Author Replies

  • OMG Definitely picking up Shadow of the Colossus!

  • I really would love to see some Vita deals like Europe PSN got. Pretty bummed that the Vita is completely excluded from the summer sale :(

  • Apparently, SCEA doesn’t want my money. It’s ridiculous to have such massive sales clearly published for the EU sectors while not dropping a cent for the US. I u der stand publishing , blah blah. But this is playstation, a Japanese company. The shooting people play cod, or on the Redmond based console. We want vita sales, and RPGs. KNow your true fans apart from the kids who just need free online. Your sale is wimpy. I’ll buy vita games used instead, until you at least somewhat match the eu sale on launch titles and Psp software. GameStop gives you most pf the the online codes anyways, it’s on your receipt.

    I know the rest of your fans are tired of the “vita whining”. Fix your issues with vita software compatibility and sale prices, and research your demographics again. Stop chasing the fps crowd, they’re all about to go PC anyways. Support strong ips like gravity rush, MGS, The entire JRPG genera, etc. don’t let a few dollars now detract the big pic. Rember rock band? Cod will meet it there in the ether realms.

    Sale sucks. Give us what we wants, not rehashes of games that have been on sale withing the last year.

    • Slaysme,

      I’m absolutely listening to your feedback on this. Several other folks have mentioned the Vita in this post, and while there is certainly a clear focus on PS3 games here, I can respect your position. I’ll take this feedback that you’ve provided and make sure it’s heard here at Sony.

  • Not sure if someone asked for it already or if it makes enough business sense to Sony, but a sale price for some of the Vita titles would be awesome. There are so many games that I would snap if only a bit of discount was offered. Well, actually am on the fence, but the discount would make me jump.

  • Ok my guess as to why Renegade Ops and PAC Man are not on the list?
    The podcast guys got their info a little wrong and these 2 games will be free for PS+ members on Tuesday as the other 3 games are rotated out.
    The third free game? Motorstorm Apocolypse.

  • Any chance of getting Vita sales like EU?

  • These are some nice, nice prices, I could get Festival of Blood, Killzone 3 Multiplayer and Gotham City Impostors for only 20 dollars.

  • I hope you make some discounts on the PS1 Final Fantasy games.

  • I’m not angry, or complaining. I actually think it’s kind of funny now. It’s like a running joke how Sony is going out if its way to ignore the Vita now.

  • I just bought Shadow of the Colossus / ICO twin pack from amazon for $20. Better deal IMO, both games and not digital copies.

  • @Paul Sullivan,

    When you bring up Slaysme’s Vita concern can you also bring up the lack of RPG games on sale? It seems every time a sale comes up RPG games are strangely absent.

  • awesome price on shadow of colosus totally worth buying it, but i still want MGS HD collection for PS3 on PSN they already have it on the japan store, we should have it too,any news on that would be awesome.

  • Really NICE!

    I’m hopping to get some more sales! What about Dead Space for a good price as Crysis? Great Deal!

    I’ll problably buy Crysis, 9 dollars, sweet!

  • Have you guys thought about doing a sale for older stuff to reignite interest. Like perhaps Folklore, Valkyria Chronicles 1, and other games from the “before trophies” era?

    Also, I’m still a bit sad that Europe’s PS+ got free Fallout 3 DLC and we never did.

  • I’ll just comment/ask here.. buuut:
    When is Youtube coming to Vita in EU? It’s appearently already out in US and been out there for a few days.. and it was supposed (?) to be out in EU too buuut I can’t download it nor find it from the vita’s store :/

  • @21, Nintendo charges 5$ for NES and 8$ for SNES..
    PlayStation charges 6$ Regular price (10$ for great games) if not free with PLUS subscription.

  • AsiaQatar i hopee that is NOTTTTT true. im not a psn plus member and i actualy like to keep my games FORever and just buy renegade on a discount. will be veryy sisapointed if thats the case. anyways ppl who are looking into CLOSURE should def buy that game with no hesitation. best puzzle game i got in a veryyy long time. has close to 100 Rooms of puzzles.

  • Its been some months that I’m wanting to buy Infamous FoB,I’m really glad that I waited lol….thanks to my low space on the HDD…now I’ll definitely buy.

    @kamisa29 – KZ3 has one of the best Multiplayer EVER.Its really addictive.To be honest is the 2nd best online ever made.I really recommend and if you want a partner to play if you’re a “objective man” then add me.

  • I have both Crysis and Infamous Festival of Blood and they are good, fun games. Easy Platinum trophy for Crysis and easy to get 100% of the trophies for Festival of Blood.

  • Are you guys planning a second anniversary Playstation+ deal, something like you did last year? I have been waiting for that to add to my subscription since 1 year and 3 months is such a good deal. I hope you get back at me.

  • Just signed in to add my voice to those who want a vita games sale. Really sad to see you guys neglect this great machine… Fix up sony!

  • ok i can understand intill today why we havent gotten the hotshots golf update. i to waited the same time between launch and now that japan did for it.l but now i am fed up with waiting. the only reason i got this vita “was for hsgwi” saw it and had to have it. same as alot of people but if u cant even support one of ur launch tittles four months later i really dont think the vita if worh owning. better do something quick or u will loss another vita customer. lov my hsgwi but to boreing to play online with no g tours. GET ON IT

  • Lot of people comparing the Sony America with Sony EU here, saying that the European sale is better etc. However, from the view point of someone living in Japan all I can say is that both America and Europe have got it good. Sony Japan treats it customers like crap. First, there are almost never sales, and when there are they are not even half as good as these ones, which is not saying much because these are not the best sales I have seen for the North American PSN. Second, Playstation Plus in Japan is a true joke. For example, this month North American PS Plus users got 12 free games in NA and 10 free games in the EU, while in Japan we got one free, and I cannot stress the word “one” enough, ps one game. I mean Sony Japan is basically slapping its customers in the face. I just can’t fathom what Sony is thinking. Do they not know the internet exists and that their Japanese customers might just check what is going on overseas?. Look at Apple, it has one app store and one music store for the whole freaking world. (I know this argument might be faulty but it is just how I feel). I enjoy Sony products and want to support them, but I am finding it harder and harder when I see money grubbing at such a level.

  • love the summer Sale !!!() any chaces for psp or vita summer sale?????

  • Hello.

    Will there be new titles on sale every week for a while or is this all we get?

    As a long time plus member I already have these games, just like last summer I already had all of those.

    Please put something different on the list or add more games next week. Perhaps a sale on a game that’s relatively new so everyone doesn’t have it already.

    It feels like as a plus member I’m constantly being punished for not waiting 6 months to buy a game…

    Thank you.

    • boomstick,

      This sale is one week only, but there will also be upcoming news for Plus Members as well. So be on the lookout for that in the coming days.

  • now thats the stuff guys everbody should just put it out there we want our psone classics were tired of waiting dosent make any since im glade i already have all the good Final Fantasy games so dont have to buy em other psp games i have and cant play like tmnt buzz quiz player and a few more im just so ready for my games to say i can download been waitin forever

  • That’s it?!! Sorry to be negative but that list is really disappointing. Where’s Journey? MGS Collection, Jak & Daxter, oddworld stranger’s wrath hd. The only one I’m mildly interested in is Crysis. I already have Festival of Blood and SotC HD, I recommend that to everyone because that’s a great game with a great price.

  • I finished Infamous 1, when you gave to us for free after the hack. I’m currently over halfway done with Infamous 2, after you gave it for free to us Plus members. So now, I’m gonna have to be Infamous FoB!!!

  • ok are there going to be any free games this month because i own all the games on sale and they are all very old.

  • I’m new to playstation plus. Will we be getting a new set of games for july on top of these discounts?

  • Shadow of the Colossus HD will be bought next week.

  • Crysis I am all over buying that one.

  • Now this is exactly why I like PS Plus, awesome discounts you guys have there. If only Journey had 50% off for Plus members.. ;)

    Keep those discounts coming, I really appreciate them. I’ll be getting Crysis and Gotham City Imposters hopefully this Tuesday! Any more discounts coming up soon? Please try to include Full PS3 Games next time. :)

  • To everyone asking about the next Plus update: Morgan Haro said news coming up this Monday. ;)

  • I have just finished Infamous 2 so I will definitely be getting Festival of Blood. It’s a pretty nice coincidence for it to be on sale after infamous 2 was free for PS+. ;)

    I would get Shadow of the Colossus, but I still have my PS2 copy. I’d rather wait for the collection with Ico to drop at the right price for me.

  • I find it funny that after seeing this post and planning to pick up Gotham City Impostors with my PSPlus discount, I receive an email saying it’ll be 800 MP on the Xbox for a week (starting 3 days ago?!).

  • Shadow of the Colossus and House of the Dead 3 for me.

  • Ok I’ll keep an eye on the blog.

    Next summer please consider putting up newer games with the discount, so that people who have had plus since it started have games to buy as well. (stop punishing long time loyalty with discounts only on old games)

    Thank you for the reply.

  • @84 amazon has the collection for 19.99

  • are you guys goin to reveal the new games for psplus user anytime soon?

  • Wow @ the Shadow of the Colossus deal. Getting that and Jurassic Park and maybe Closure. Good stuff.

  • what time are we getting The Walking Dead Episode 2

  • I’ll get Shadow of the colossus for sure.

    I would like to see some psp/ps1/vita games on sale though. My 32 gb vita card arrived in the mail today and I’m itching to fill it up.

  • Might finally get to play the first Crysis as it’s a steal for under $10! Also I like TT Games – Back To The Future was good and The Walking Dead is great. Plus I’m a huge Jurassic Park fan, and have been interested in that game as well.

  • Oh yeah as someone who bought it a while ago for about twice the price:

    Shadow of the Colossus is a great deal if you don’t already have the game and aren’t waiting to get both that and Ico at the same time.

    Took me a bit to get into it, but wow SotC really impressed me.

  • Something for everyone? I have a Vita, what is there for me?

  • I already have ICO/Shadow collection on Blu-ray, otherwise I’d absolutely be all over getting SotC for under $10

  • @93 fyi Jurassic Park is not a good game

  • Wow, not a single item for my Vita.
    Why is this called a PSN sale? Just name it PS3 so I don’t get interested and hopeful.

  • @97 – I know it’s not great, which is why I’ve held off on buying it up until this point. However for $9.79 for all the episodes combined it’s much more tempting. Plus like any game, if you’re a serious fan of that property/fiction to begin with, you’ll most likely enjoy the game more than someone who’s not.

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