LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta Coming Soon (Registration Live!)

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LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta Coming Soon (Registration Live!)

Update: Sign-ups for the LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta are now live! You can sign up here.

Greetings Sackfolk! The LittleBigPlanet community is about to get another very special treat! In case the opportunity to participate in the LittleBigPlanet Beta on PS Vita wasn’t amazing enough, many of you will soon have the chance to participate in the LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta on PS3!

The goal of the Beta is to get feedback on the overall experience from Sackfolk who understand it like few others – you!

LittleBigPlanet Karting box art for PS3

There will be a lot more information to follow, so keep an eye on the PlayStation.Blog for details on how to register. For now, though, dust off your driving gloves and prepare to experience the most competitive LittleBigPlanet yet!

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  • Well, hope I get the Beta, like everyone xD

  • I already have idea’s for the little big karting create mode. This will be awesome!

  • Awesome!!! hope im in!! can´t wait!!!

  • I hope the fact that I have this pre-ordered and am a Plus member means I’m if this won’t be open to the public.

  • ^^ means I’m in …

  • I want try LBP Karting Beta
    *Sign Up*

  • Plus members get it first right ?

  • An announcement for an announcement . . . . . hmm

    Nevertheless, I want in!

  • Would love to be in on this. Seems like a marriage made in heaven!

  • will beta for PS Vita?

  • Probably not going to get in this, like how i wasnt accepted/wanted in the Vita LBP Beta. ill try, but i know im not going to get accepted.

  • I still didn’t get in the Vita beta :(

  • This game looks amazing. I hope I can be a part of the beta. However, it matters not, the game is preordered in full. I have full confidence in the team.

  • I have never been in a lbp beta so I hope I get In!!!!!!!! I signed up today!!!

  • I WANT IN MORE THAN ANYTHING. I’ve watched the E3 trailer probably 80 times because it just looks sick.

  • i want to get in this soooo bad i loved modnation AND still play it with my friends and i bet this is even better
    cant wait

  • PSplus Beta maybe?

  • cant wait, love the LittleBigPlanet Beta on PS Vita and i have been leaving lots of feedback cuz thats the reason i love to be in beta to give feedback to make the games better, i also have LittleBigPlanet, LittleBigPlanet psp, LittleBigPlanet 2, ModNation Racers and loved them all cuz i could play with my familey in them and we always have a ball in them. Hope i get picked for this beta, and keep the games coming guys, thats why im still a PlayStation Network gamers or should i say Sony Entertainment Network Gamers :)

  • One of my most anticipated game this year…

  • im in lbp vita beta . great vita game . i will sign up to try this. huge fan of lbp

  • Well it should be easy for this beta to be better than the LBPVita beta. That was a MESS! People that didn’t sign up and people without a Vita got in! Anyway, looking really forward to this game and I hope I get in this beta :D

  • I like turtles.

  • Sweet! I’ve just received my free minecraft code!


  • Sounds epic. Off topic but when will PSPlus come to Vita?
    PSPlus is probably the best thing that ever happened to playstation.

  • ps vita is awesome

  • Sackboy FTW!! I can’t wait.

  • Looking forward to it. Hope I get in.

  • My kids are at the age where they want a good game like this… I don’t want to buy the Wii just so I can play Mario Kart with them. I hope it is appropriate for my kids aged 7 and 5!
    Beta Me (and them!!! they’ll give good feedback!) Plz!

  • Please do not pick us for the Beta. My son is 10, has already logged over 1,000 hours in LBP & LBP2 and has dragged me in for over 100 of those. It’s going to take everything I have to hide news of LBPK from him for as long as possible!

  • @daemex01 Currently EU has a sign-up form you must fill out in order to be a potential beta tester if you are picked. This will most likely be the same for US psn members, So if you do not wish to participate in the beta then you just simply ignore the sign-up phase and you wont be picked.

  • Well, I was in the LBP2 beta, modnation beta, and the LBPvita beta and I’d be happy to be in the LBP Karting beta.

  • I want to be too! ^_^

  • I would absolutely LOVE to be able to help find bugs so the devs can squash them. It would be my honor in fact. I have always loved giving feedback that makes a game better for release. I did that for MAG and a few other games.

  • This sounds awesome. Can’t wait to try it. Glad LBP is getting dedicated spin offs.

    Curious, will the game feel slower like lbp or really zippy like a real racing game (but mini! haha)?

    • That’s up to you, kingfoot. You’ll be surprised at the level of control you have in your creations.

  • So… since I’ve played literally every LittleBigPlanet game and ModNation Racers, that increases my chances of gaining access to this beta?


    I would love to participate in this beta ^_^ missed out on the vita one hopefully i get a chance on ps3 ^_^ High hopes

  • I’m just interested about how you guys are going about the 3D object creation bit.

  • My son is going to flip… Beta awesomeness.

  • would like to get in the LBP karting beta please :)

  • That I’m as excited as my daughters about LBP Kart

  • This game seems very fun, having bought LBP2 and Mario cart, I’m looking forward to this game. Has anyone else had trouble with update 4.20, I had Starhawk in my 120gb ps3 slim and right after I updated, weird noises started coming out of the disk drive followed by an ejecting sound,(but it didn’t eject), and now it won’t play any of my ps3 games, just ps1 and dvd, I think the update somehow messed up my laser, any help would be much appreciated.

  • I’m up for it, can’t wait to try it. I didn’t get to try it for vita, but i bet both are pretty awesome.

  • I mindlessly love the LBP concept, and Sackboy. I don’t play as much as the hardcore fans, but I still love it and I can’t wait to buy this one as well as LBP Vita.

  • i’ve been a big fan of LBP ever since i got my ps3. i’ve also love carting games such as mario cart and modnation racers! this really combines the best of both worlds! From what i’ve seen so far i’m super excited to play this game!

    i hate to sound greedy but DANGIT I WANT IN THAT BETA

  • I would love to be a part of the beta testing group. I love how this game is for everyone. I can play it with my niece but I can also play by myself. There is so much to this game that makes it so unique, especially the creation aspect. I also already pre-ordered this game when I saw that it was a Kart racing game. I didn’t need to see anything else. Even if I can’t play until release, I am still stoked and ready to throw down with my awesome racing skills. Lol. I will be waiting for more news.

  • sign me up please
    I’m so excited to try it

  • Nice Im in the drive seat.

  • Dear MM,
    Uhh I Hope LBK will be as good as LBP1&2 Im a Big Fan I have only two levels to ace -_-“.
    On LittleBig Planet 2 Do u think you can do a big favor we apprecianate the water DLC but can You Make A Free DLC or update Called the water-hose to only fill up certain parts of our levels such as bathtubes,sink,and Pools????All of us LBP2 Fan will really love to have it But Please give me credit @ KuRuPt_NiNjA If u do make it please Message me and if u have a PS3 Will u Add me I hope to ave my idea passed throught to a real DLC of the game


  • i want more news on psvita lbp2 add on i hate not knowing when cool stuff like that is coming out and what will the price be i use psn cards and have a low budget and need time to have money for day one perches LOL but yall never let us know before hand unless its like the day before

  • I’m so there ! If you’ll have me :)

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