Download YouTube for PS Vita Today

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Download YouTube for PS Vita Today

YouTube for PS Vita

Hi everyone! Recently, we announced that YouTube would be coming to PS Vita. It’s the latest application to be added to PS Vita’s growing portfolio of applications and one that takes full advantage of PS Vita’s high-definition and 3G capabilities. Starting later today, the YouTube application will be available as a free download via the PS Vita Store on PSN.

With the YouTube application on PS Vita, you can watch millions of YouTube videos on PS Vita’s stunning 5” OLED screen. And with 3G, you can watch your favorite content – from comedy to gaming tips to viral videos – while you’re at home or on-the-go. The application itself is straightforward and easy to use. Key features include:

  • Recommended Videos: Displays videos recommended from YouTube
  • Search: Search for videos by typing a keyword
  • Viewing History : Displays the most recent videos you’ve viewed
  • Add to Favorites: Displays a list of videos you’ve added to your Favorites list. You must be signed into your account to add a video to your Favorites.

YouTube for PS Vita

Videos will be viewable in two modes – full screen and small screen. In Full Screen mode, a control panel will be displayed on the screen, which will allow you to easily expand or minimize videos. Additionally, an HD button will appear when playing high definition (up to 720p) videos. Simply tap on the HD button to switch from HD to SD.

YouTube for PS Vita

In Small Screen mode, you’ll be able to view a video, while having access to the Like or Dislike buttons, Suggested Videos, Comments and Information.

PS Vita was designed to deliver the best high-resolution portable entertainment experience possible. We’re very excited to be able to offer the content and applications that are compelling to you, and we looking forward to bringing you more as we move further into 2012.

How will you use YouTube on your PS Vita? Let us know in the comments!

Youtube’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Community Guideline will apply when using this application. These terms can be viewed on Youtube’s website or from “Option” > “Settings” > “Terms and Privacy Policy” in the application.

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58 Author Replies

  • Woot! Can’t wait.

  • Caution! Screaming fanboys imminent! :)

  • Of course. This is what Ive been saying. Articles for everything that comes out today to delay the store update lol. Can’t u guys just say its coming tomorrow yesterday and then update the store earlier :D

    All jokes aside of course I’m goign to use it. Can you download YT vids though?

  • PsOne Classics support what?

  • So this won’t make us close other game apps like say, the internet browser does?

  • Will those of us with YouTube accounts be able to access our subscriptions easily?

    • You won’t be able to access your subscriptions directly but recommended videos will be pulled from your subscriptions. I’ll look into direct access to subscriptions with our team.

  • been waiting for this!

  • Will this be in the EU store tomorrow?

  • Thanks for the heads up Don.

  • In the original press release it was made fairly clear that we would be able to access our subscriptions. However, after reading this article it makes it seem like that is not an option.

    I am prayng that the subscriptions option is hiding in the “…” submenu, because a Youtube app without subscription support is really useless to me.


  • So glad I finally get to download this app tonight as soon as I get off from work. Now I can watch some funny videos on the go now. Thanks Don!

  • Been waiting for this for awhile now. Thanks for the info on this! I’m going to make the most of this feature.

  • Awesome :-) thanks

  • I have been wanting this for awile. I hope it dosen’t suck.

  • Sweet, now the next thing I want in my Vita is PSOne Classics and my Vita will be complete.

  • sorry sony for the language but…i just jizzed

  • Up to 720? With the Vita having only 540 why have the option for 720…is the Vita getting video output?

  • yeah about time so happy! thanks sony!

  • YESH

  • Will this app sync with a Google account, or does it keep information like favorites in a cache on the Vita?

  • WHERE IS THE YOUTUBE APP FOR PS3 already??????????

  • Sweet! I’ve been waiting for this since the Psp days ^_^…
    And now awaiting for the ps1 classics to complete my psvita and enjoy it on the go

  • i cant wait this just makes the vita better than what it already is.

  • @SCoopat: just use the actual website

    if it isnt able now, will there be an update to upload videos taken with the vita onto youtube?

  • Why ho Why did this take so long to come out but now that’s its hear Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  • YEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!

    Now PS One Classics on Vita ASAP!!!! Please.

  • Awesome. Now, about those vita game sales that have been going on over in the eu regions. ….We can read English, you know. Do you want me to give them my money instead of you guys?

  • How about Gungir and UnchainedBlades: Rexx (launches today) with actual Vita compatibility?

    Or maybe that remote play that you showed off back in FEB 2011 working as it was initially promoted? PSX backwards compatability? A functioning browser? Just what are the team at ‘handheld product planning and software innovation’ doing exactly? Throwing parties with $10,000 call-girls and blow? I’m honestly confused as to where the money is going.

    I’d wager YouTube is really rather low on the list of Vita priorities for most gamers.

    • We had a few kinks in the process. I know we’re working on Gungir — need to check on Unchained Blades: Rexx. Appreciate your patience with these two.

      What are you most interested in seeing on PS Vita?

  • YES!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks Sony, stay classy!

  • I got a question. Can you access Youtube videos from the Web Browser. I don’t mean directly watch them in the browser. Say I’m reading an article on the PS Blog and there is a Youitube video in the article. Can I click on the video and will it take me straight to the Youtube Application?

    • Unfortunately not. We are working hard on making the browser more accessible/functional — it’s a big deal for us. Hope to have more on this soon.

  • I will be watching some amazing internet shows; The Danger Element, Marble Hornets, Sync, The Heroes of Reason, Kid History, and (of course) Guy on a Buffalo.

  • Eager to favorite all the music videos by LUCIANA! Nothing can get any better!

  • awesome!! i its about time! now when will we get the update to get PS One support!!

  • WHOOOOOOOO!!! It’s finally here!

  • NOw please add a pandora app. Thank you

  • While I hate that sony always make us wait for cool stuff when it launches I usually am very pleased but the youtube app is also somewhat disappointing due to the fact that if they make a youtube app they won’t have to add HTML5 or flash to the browser thus it might mean sony won’t fix the browser which makes me MAD cause the browser should be buttery smooth with flash and html5 and no checkerboards given the Vita has a QUAD CORE CPU and GPU so to finish my comment sony fix the browser because its VERY embarassing that windows phone 7 phones’ single core cpus and single core gps can make the browser buttery smooth and no checkerbaords so I hope this doesn’t end sony trying to add flash to the vita

    • Mentioned in a separate post — we’re constantly working on making the browser a better experience. It’s important to us. We’ll keep you and the PS community updated on our progress. Appreciate your patience.

  • Use my vita to watch, or listen youtube videos and play my online games on my PS3 at the same time.

  • yeah baby!

  • Finally, thank you so much Sony. I always knew I could count on you guys. That’s why I stuck with you guys ever since the original PlayStation 1.

  • I’ve been waiting for this for awhile, and it looks Awesome!!!!

  • Meh. I’ve been watching Youtube videos on the Vita thabks to last months’ “What We Read Around The Web” post. I’ll use this when I know I’m only going to watch a video once or twice.

  • very nice!

  • Thanks a lot for this! I look forward to making most out of this.

    Just wondering, will you guys ever release the enhanced remake of Star Ocean: The Second Evolution on the Playstation Store?
    You’d be making a little girl’s dream come true if you do because I always wanted to play a full-length RPG that would take more than 40 hours and play it whenever you want and wherever you want. <3

  • And to be played and be compatible with the Playstation Vita too, of course.

    (Sorry for the double posting!)

  • Nice add on! This thing just keeps getting better!

  • I really hope that the You-Tube app is usable for sub accounts. Sony is really abusing that. I mean i have to be 18 or older to watch a video game gameplay when i can play it? I would still have to buy the game…

  • Cant wait

  • hello i dont comment alot but i purchased your PS Vita @ launch so im pretty familiar with all the features. i dont know if this has ever been mentioned before but i feel u guys should streamline 3 of your apps into one app. the apps im talking about are Party Chat, Friends, Group Messaging and trophies. So that way i dont have so many apps open @ once, plus everytime i switch from one of these apps i get that annoying singing into PS network screen. Also update the Vita so i can stay singed in until i log out myself or @ least give us the option in the setting s app.

    • Thanks for your feedback. Is it pretty common to have the 4 apps you mentioned opened simultaneously? As for staying signed on it does take up battery life though I understand your point. I’ll check into this.

  • Finaly! :D Thank youuuuu!!! :D

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