Journey Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Coming to Stores August 28th

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Journey Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Coming to Stores August 28th

Journey, thatgamecompany’s most recent and largest project to date, represents three years of intense collaboration and growth for our small studio. As such, in conjunction with Santa Monica Studio, it is an honor to announce the Journey Collector’s Edition, launching for the PS3. This is our first disc-based release, and will be available at retail outlets across North America for just $29.99 on August 28.

Journey: Collector's Edition for PS3

From the simplicity of flOw, to the beauty of Flower, to the awe of Journey, this special Blu-Ray bundle features thatgamecompany’s three award-winning PlayStation Network-exclusive titles, paired with exclusive new content and previously released digital content.

Journey: Collector's Edition for PS3 (Flower)Journey: Collector's Edition for PS3 (flOw)

The complete set of bonus flOw, Flower, and Journey content includes:

  • Thirty-minute behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of Journey
  • Creator Commentary playthroughs of all three games
  • Three exclusive mini-games from thatgamecompany
  • Concept art and screenshot galleries for all three games
  • Original soundtracks for all three games
  • PS3 dynamic themes and wallpapers
  • PSN avatars including eight exclusive new Journey avatars never released before
  • Official game trailers and developer diary videos
  • Reversible cover art

We are particularly excited about the Creator Commentary play-throughs of all three games, because we get to share with fans insights about flOw, Flower and Journey straight from the minds of the designers, artists, engineers and composers who worked together to make these games so special.

Journey: Collector's Edition for PS3

Another really great treat for fans featured on the disc are the three exclusive mini-games. These were born out of a tradition we have here at thatgamecompany: the 24hr Game Jam. As the name implies, each of these games was created start to finish in just 24 hours. For the first time ever, thatgamecompany’s mini-games Gravediggers, Duke War!!, and Nostril Shot, will be available to play outside of our studio. We share these extra treats as a “thank you” to our players for supporting us over the years. In case the names didn’t already give it away, these mini-games showcase thatgamecompany’s lighter side with screwball competitive multiplayer action. We hope you sincerely enjoy their silliness as much as we have.

Please enjoy the official trailer for Journey Collector’s Edition, which highlights what’s in store for fans when thatgamecompany’s first Blu-ray disc release hits stores on August 28.

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  • Really interested in this. i mean i LOVE Journey, and while i havent played/own Flow, or Flowers i would like to get this, but for 29.99 just doesnt seem right since i own at least 1 title. Kinda makes me think i should hold off on buying products if they are just going to come out with a Bundle later on.

    Still if i can find it on sale ill probably pick it up, but for the mean time ill just stick with my digital copy. i dislike the fact of buying the same game over and over again.

  • Got ’em all, but buying this gladly. Dream come true to have them physical.

    @22: who cares? It has reversible art. :/

  • @51: Yeah, let’s hold of FIVE YEARS for a bundle! /sarcasm

    That’s when flOw released on PS3 after all.

    This is for a particular group of people. If you don’t want it, that doesn’t change that you already have Journey. $30 is absolutely nothing for me and I own all of them, AND all their soundtracks. And most of the PSN avatars too, and the Flower dynamic theme.

    Not sure why people have issue with this. There are people that wanted this dearly, like myself. If you don’t want it, then don’t buy it. If you have the games, this releasing doesn’t change the fact you have the games.

  • can you answer this question, or does it have to do with sony, but the pirating of these games are around the gaming industry and the psn was hacked and made everybody dumbfounded. If your against pirating of these games, then do something about it, you can search up sony jailbreak and the hackers behind it, running third party homebrew programs, these applications are on forums and official hack sites, your games are pirated and downloaded, patched, burned and accessed from the inside out, dev tools of public release and other programs also, can’t you employ something to stop this, even psn games are hacked off systems because they are downloaded.

  • We have all the games and the Journey soundtrack but we’ll be pre-ordering this the moment it’s available, not only to support a fantastic company, but because it would be great to have them all on one disc plus all the extra goodies! Thanks!

    With our HDD filling up from all the PS plus games, I’ve been happy to see more PSN games released in disc bundles like this. I really don’t mind buying games I enjoy again to free up the space (while still having access to them)!

  • 3 games I wanted to play but couldn’t because I refuse to pay for digital only media. Here’s hoping escape plan, swan and various others get a physical release in the future.GG Sony.

  • Sigh, I feel like I miss out by being and early adopter. Will there be a way to digitally upgrade for the people that have already purchased all three games on PSN, bought all three soundtracks, the dynamic themes and avatars? I can’t get enough of thatgamecompany’s stuff but I hate to shill out another $30 on top of the money I’ve already spent.

  • I’ll add to the chorus of those who already own these games who will happily purchase them again. Physical copies will always be superior, and I really want Journey et al to sit on my shelf, not just on my hard drive.
    I’d really, REALLY love 3D support (especially for Flower) but I’m still pretty pleased these games are getting a retail release.
    All we need now is a Sideshow Collectables Journey statue…

  • BossmanCCrowder1

    I want this so bad…. I love getting the retail versions of games like Back to the Future: The Game, but I already have all 3 of these, plus the soundtracks to Flower and Journey. I have a friend I know who is going to buy this day 1. Fantastic deal.

  • I own all three titles but I am sold on this just to have it in disc form. Consider a copy sold. Amazing experiences…

  • While I’d still love to see a physical CD release for the respective soundtracks, this release bundle is a worthy deal.

  • if it has 24-bit lossless audio for in-game assets, the videos, and for the soundtracks, I’m sold. please verify/deny the specifications of said audio assets :)

    if it’s the same AAC/Ogg audio as the downloads, and the video supplements aren’t 1080p @ 20+mbit/sec, this is a waste of plastic and an outrageous double-dip.

    I’m a HUGE fan of these games. flOw was the third or fourth PSN title I bought, I bought flOwer on day one, and I played the Journey beta multiple times through before buying it on day one. please tell me the bluray capacity is being taken advantage of to give me value beyond what I already own.

  • hey playstation will ps+ members be getting a discount? also will it be a bundel on the psn network also? need to know ok thanks playsttion!

  • No need to buy this. I have all the games already.

  • Hey Jenova, its DaGimp13 from Twitter. just wanted to say hi and let you know I’m all over this on Day 1. I still lead others through as often as I can, but I’m still working on the garage to find those materials we spoke of, so its been hindering my availability. I do have one question about the new TGC package, but I’ll DM you on Twitter for it soon, as I wouldn’t want to give any possible spoilers out on the blog ;)

    ps. I’m especially looking forward to the playthrough commentary. There better be a PennyArcade reference in the Journey commentary lol

  • I would gladly support this product.
    Unfortunately, I missed out on flow and flower but I did buy Journey and fell in love. Journey has sparked my imagination like no other game this generation. Every setting, every sound, every story beat resonated with me. I cannot wait to experience the games that have led to the masterpiece that is Journey and future works. The extras alone seem to be worth the admission. To gain insight into the minds of developers, in such a small amount of time, I have grown to admire is priceless.

  • Will some of those bonuses be made available to current owners of Journey? specifically the behind the scenes side of things.

  • I already own Flower and Journey, do it isn’t worth it for just Flow and some goodies.
    It’s a really good deal though.

  • Lamesauce, I literally just bought this last week and would have held out if I knew about the disc version :<

  • This is SO AWESOME!!! I’ll put my hands on it ASAP.

  • Well, now I’m glad I never bought any of these games yet of psn… lol. Will most likely pick this up.

  • testing


  • I can see for the sake of bundling and BluRay to profit cost effectivness this was passed over for a simultanious release as the digital version. Although logical, I cannot say I like this set up.

    Would have loved to have gotten a hard copy rather than a digital in the first place…but…yea, what do I know I’m just a consumer.

  • I wish I didn’t just buy Journey…

  • PLEASE bring this out in the Europe too!!!

  • Retail ! i thought this was coming as digital on psn ? i sure hope it comes on psn aswell

  • Wow Sony and Thatgamecompany have outdone themselves yet again.. Sad thing is only the hardest of the core will even know about this and most of the game community will continue to think that the 360 is where its at for indie games… SMH

  • Awesome because I’ve always wanted to try all of these!

  • Sold!
    Creator commentary playthroughs & original soundtracks for all three games plus other goodies sweet! Dig the music & commentaries should be very interesting.

    Aside, congratulations That Game Company on your new partnership & independence. Great to hear more people will get to play the amazing games you make in the future. Obviously look forward to your next game.

  • I would love to buy the disc and get the digital versions to play.

  • Wow. I only have Flower and this is perfect for me. Will this include the DLC for Flow as well? Also, will the soundtracks be downloadable or are they only playable on disc? I ask because I remember when I got the Limited Edition of Prince of Persia, the box said the soundtrack was included, but it was only playable off the making of DVD it came with. I just want to make sure this isn’t the case with this collection.

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