The Drop: Week of June 25th 2012 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of June 25th 2012 New Releases

On PS3 this week, Spec Ops: The Line unfolds within the destroyed opulence of Dubai. Once the playground for the world’s wealthiest elite, Dubai has fallen victim to a series of cataclysmic sandstorms. The very sand that blankets the city plays a marquee role in altering combat situations and serves as a powerful but unpredictable force that will both help and hinder players throughout the course of the game.

On PSN, bundled or sold separately. Relive or experience for the first time the exclusive blockbuster adventures of Nathan Drake  in UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune and UNCHARTED: Among Thieves as digital downloads. Enjoy this week’s The Drop.

PlayStation 3

Spec Ops: The Line — While most people have fled the now-barren wasteland before the sandstorms swept through, U.S. Army Colonel John Konrad and his loyal squad remained behind to protect those incapable of escape. Unable to reach anyone in Dubai after the storm hit, the U.S. Army feared Konrad and his team dead until they picked up a weak distress signal and launched a rescue operation. As U.S. Army Captain Martin Walker, you and your elite Delta Force team are sent to infiltrate the treacherous region to bring Konrad home. Players will experience “The Line”, that razor’s edge known only to men who deal in war. It is the line they cross when death and duty become one and the same. It is the end — of self and sanity — when their duty is done and only they remain.

The Amazing Spiderman — The web-crawler returns in this Spider-Man adventure based on the Amazing Spider-Man motion picture. Created as an epilogue story occurring entirely after the events of the movie, the game features the return of free-roaming web-slinging all over the city and evolutionary improvements to navigation and combat, as the newly anointed Spider-Man is plunged into an all-new storyline charged with protecting Manhattan from a variety of criminals.

PlayStation Network

UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune — A 400-year-old clue in the coffin of Sir Francis Drake sets a modern-day fortune hunter on an exploration for the fabled treasure of El Dorado, leading to the discovery of a forgotten island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The search turns deadly when Nathan Drake becomes stranded on the island and hunted by mercenaries. Outnumbered and outgunned, Drake and his companions must fight to survive as they begin to unravel the terrible secrets hidden on the Island.

UNCHARTED: Among Thieves — Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is the story of Nathan Drake, a fortune-hunter with a shady reputation and an even shadier past who is lured back into the treacherous world of thieves and mercenary treasure-seekers. The tenth game by premier PlayStation 3 developer Naughty Dog, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves allows players to take control of Drake and embark on a journey that will push him to his physical, emotional and intellectual limits to discover the real truth behind the lost fleet of Marco Polo and the legendary Himalayan valley of Shambhala.

Order Up! — Welcome to Kung Fusion! Whip up your favorite pseudo-arguably-Asian-inspired dishes and meet the new waiter Harry in Order Up!!, the exciting follow-up to the hit game that lets you run your own restaurant. The Playstation 3 version is built to give PlayStation Move owners added access to this crazy game (standard controllers are of course also supported, and the orders come in just as fast either way!) The game also features split-screen cooperative and turn-based competitive multi-player, as well as new gameplay features, new high-res visuals and lighting, a new restaurant (complete with new food and a ninja waiter!), and much more for players to discover.

Resident Evil Chronicles: The HD Collection — Capcom brings both Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles to PlayStation 3 in one terrifying combination for Resident Evil fans.

Umbrella Chronicles takes place from the first person as your characters move through a fully 3D mansion. This action/shooter hybrid reveals the back story behind the fall of the Umbrella Corporation by exploring locations from past Resident Evil 0, 1, 2 and 3 as well as new never-before-seen locations, such as Umbrella’s stronghold.

PS3 Demos

  • LEGO: Batman 2 DC Super Heroes


  • Farm Frenzy Pizza Party

PSone Classic

Disney’s The Little Mermaid II — Everyone’s favorite mermaid is back on the PlayStation in Disney’s The Little Mermaid II. Featuring elements of both Little Mermaid movies, this game finds Ariel and her human friend Melody on a mission to rescue Prince Eric and foil Ursula and Morgana’s nefarious plot. Along the way, you’ll have to find your way to Atlantica saving it from Ursula, conduct Sebastian’s Orchestra, and escape from the castle. Recapturing the Trident from Morgana and searching for clues to your identity are also on the agenda. Everything unfolds with the help of over 30 minutes of footage from the movie. If you’re a fan of The Little Mermaid or if you’re just a casual Disney observer, you’ll flap your fin with joy for Disney’s The Little Mermaid II.

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Oh snap little mermaid i think this won Game of the year back in the day. man i remember back when on the PS1 if you didnt have this game you werent really a gamer.

    In all seriousness personally its not a good week. i mean its nice for the Uncharted games personally i have them (well 1 and 2) so i have no means for a digital version. nothing on the Vita or Psp side…again, dont get me wrong assuming that nothing was going to be released this week, i still dont know why we wont get sales, or some psp content. i mean its obvious that the PS+ content, or ps1 content for the Vita isnt coming anytime soon (sad since they said in the Summer) since they have made no mention yet and probably have no means of doing it.

    If anything the Lego game demo is nice. i would like to get it and playing a demo would be good.

  • @49 Knight

    Yes you can message Vita users from the Ps3 i get them all the time on my Vita.

  • What’s with the low number of replys on the PS Blog recently? E3 hangover?

  • Resident Evil Chronicles HD for me! Hopefully there will be Playstation Plus discount promotion with this.

  • Will Resident evil Chornicles HD have basic PS3 controller support or only with PSMove?
    If I can use my regular ps3 controller I’ll gladly buy it. (I have no real interest for PSMove)

    I know Dead space Extraction worked with just ps3 controller so if it’s like that for RECH:HD I definately buy.

    Amazing Spiderman looks great! The web-rush free roam trailer convinced me to get it!
    Im picking it up at bestbuy to get both game and a free Spiderman bluray movie with the game ;)

    I’d also like to see Spiderman and Spiderman Enter Electro for PS1 classics :)

  • very tired of FPS games…. please do something more creative.

    Wild Arms 5 should be available already.

  • @36

    $26.99 –

    Or starting July 17th you can by them separately for $14.99 each.

  • RE is $26.99 together i saw it on the gameinformer site but i dont know how much with plus discount

  • The Little Mermaid 2 eh? My only comment on this is that I’m not even going to comment on this, because I think anyone’s reaction to that game being considered a “Classic” is obvious.

  • It’s great to see the Resident Evil shooters on there now. I was planning to replay them both on the Wii a while back and instead just sold the things off for just enough cash to pick them up in HD for the Move. I think that my Wii is basically a glorified SD Netflix player now for the other room. If only Resident Evil 4 on PSN had included Move support, I’d get rid of the Wii entirely.

  • Can we get every SCE published game on the PSN please? :D

    Also, I wonder how many gigs U2 is? mmm 25-30??

  • Record of Agarest War 2 comes out this week too and it’s an exclusive none the less.

    You wound me Rey to leave a JRPG out of the list.

  • it’s summer. put up jet set radio now

  • Wow what a great drop this week. You know what would be awesome: Uncharted 1 + 2 and Resident Evil Chronicles: HD collection = Instant Game Collection for Plus subscribers. Just throwing it out there! Became a paying Plus member this month for this reason and all the discounts that my Xbox 360 can only wish for. Please Sony, have these items have Plus discounts!

  • Really? No Walking Dead at the end of this month. WTF mate >.<

  • nah i like resident evil series but i prefer third person shooter no first person like the HD chronicle collection so nop

  • Get the Vita YouTube app out, I’m really getting annoyed with this whole thing…It needs to come out sooner rather then later.

    Oh? you think I am being unreasonable and demanding???


  • Release Wild Arms 3 on PS2 Classics. Xseed said on twitter that it’s up to you to do it. So make it happen. The entire series could be on PSN, and that would be awesome. So get to working on them all. Please and thank you.

    @22: One has nothing to do with the other. smh

    @65: I’d rather have it work properly the first go at it, then it to need a day 1 patch to fix glaring issues because they rushed it out because people whined about it not being out yet. Patience is a virtue.

  • Isn’t Unchained Blades for the PSP coming out this week? I didn’t see it in the listings.

  • I’ll be getting some of those games. You guys also forgot to include that Record of Agarest War 2 is coming out this week. Considering it’s a PS3 exclusive I would think you’d like to promote the exclusivity.

    But for the importing crowd there’s a lot of stuff coming out. PS3 is getting Robotic;Notes (5pb’s first multiplatform release on day 1. They’re finally showing the PS3 some love.), Atelier Ayesha, .Hack//movie + game hybrid, and Japan gets Resident Evil Chronicles on a disc.

    For PSP there’s the Strike Witch’s shmup (it’s a port of the 360 version with all the DLC on the disc), Generations of Chaos 6, and lots of visual novels (I’m actually picking one of them up).

    And lastly the Vita is getting Metal Gear Solid HD, and the White Vita model releases.

    All that is imports for this week. I’ll be getting a decent chunk of those imports.

  • Any new DLC or XP for ghost recon this week.

  • Ooooooooh, Uncharted-y stuffs… why did I buy them used again?

  • @8

    If you are that worried and impulsive you cant wait a couple weeks to a month go waste money on a xbox and stop crying.

  • wow, little mermaid? who did this to you guys? disney?! how dare they!!!!!!!!

  • Uncharted series are the best! I’m glad to see them available on PSN! :)

  • Camon psn team where is the metal gear HD collection on the ps store? i already made a ps blog share request for that but no response from you guys. metal gear HD colletion is a ps store plus must have, i know some countries in asian already have it but what about USA and EU store?!

  • yeah, other regions got MGS HD Collection for months. why only US still doesn’t have it?

  • Record of Agarest War 2 isn’t listed. That’s also coming out this week.

  • why is RE HD collection removed from this entry of the blog? is it going to be released or has been delayed?


  • I’m just curious. Is there any reason why Jet Moto 3 is not a digital download yet? Jet Moto 1 & 2 been the PS Store for a few years now, but Jet Moto 3 have yet to show up on the PS Store. I’m not trying complain about why it has not been added yet. I just want to understand the process. Is there is there a copyright right issue going on with it? And what about other Capcom fighting classics like Rival Schools. How come we have avatars like Batsu (my avatar) but no game to download? Can someone explain that to me? I just want to understand the process.

  • You know this still tells me Sony is holding back on psp titles. If i remember correctly the main reason why Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep isnt out on the PSN is because of Disney, but then you get stuff like this where they have no problem releasing not only digital video games, but movies as well. Also this isnt the first time it has happen. So if Disney isnt the reason, why do we still not have a great game like Kingdom Hearts on the PSN?

  • I think 2007 is the last time I felt like PSN didnt really have anything to offer from week to week. Not so much as a single interesting demo in weeks or longer. I’ve not been thrilled with 2012 overall from a gaming perspective anyway. Its a down year if you asked me.

  • Huh… I thought Little Mermaid II was on the store already, oh well. I’ve given up on any of the remaining PS1 games that actually matter being on the store by this point. (Hi my name is Suikoden II, and I’ll never be on the PSN store because Konami hates money)

    Also what happened to Resident Evil Chronicles HD? It was on the Drop earlier on.

  • LOL little mermaid 2 psone classic. Really sony?

    Anyway i’m thinking of getting spiderman over spec ops for now, I have a feeling it’ll be on sale or a buy 2 get 1 free deal at some point so no need to buy it now. I do like the FUBAR/premium edition thing but idk if it’s worth it. I haven’t played many spidey games this gen so I may as well get this

  • I want youtube app for vita sony!!! when will it come out??? it’s almost end of june!!! release it now!!! please =)

  • Youtube for PS Vita?!

  • YouFromTheFuture

    As shocking as it sounds, there are still many that haven’t played any of the Uncharted series. I have total confidence that playing through Uncharted 1 would make an instant fan out of anyone. With that being said, it needs to be priced right. Older games some as Uncharted 1 and Assassin’s Creed 1, despite their awesomeness, should only be $10 (especially Assassin’s Creed)…

    Also, is it possible that you guys can upload a video showing off how Spiderman will utilize the (exclusive) PSmove functionality?

  • I say forget the little mermaid and give us what we want already. Ps1 playable on vita already, Ps2 playable on vita at some point would be great too but doubt that one happens, DLNA support on the vita in the same fw update that gives us ps1 support on vita, plus support on vita (which is why I’m holding out on renewing because if it’s just for ps3 then no point in my book since I use the vita more than my ps3 right now.) Another thing nice to have would be the remote play for all ps3 games that sony said was going to happen in a ps3 firmware update to make it so most if not all ps3 games would have psp resolution remote play enabled and then game devs would have to include vita resolution if they wanted it. All of this should have been available from launch or shortly after if you ask me.

    Another thing would be lower cost memory cards or at least make it faster to transfer/backup your games. It takes me almost an hour to backup 5gb on my 8gb card using my ps3, longer than that going to my pc. Really? I can copy twice that from my psp go’s internal 16 gb and added 16gb card in in less than half that time to either my ps3 or pc, what’s wrong with this picture?

  • As a PS Vita owner, this drop saddens me with the lack of anything-Vita.

    But I’ve become used to it.

    Why did I buy this device in the first place?

  • LITTLE MERMAID!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!? WWWWWWWWWWWWWWTTTTTTTTTTFFFFFFFFFFFFF!?!?!??! NOTHING FOR VITA??? WHERE IS MY GUN!!!!!!! *pulls out revolver and blows face off* my lifeless body hitting the floor is a better drop than this come the fuqqqqqqqqqqqqq on……

  • Screw the haters, bring on the Mermaids!!

  • This week for the drop is pretty good for those that still haven’t played the Uncharted series.Go and pick them up,And the spiderman the game i’m interested in it but i’ll need to read the reviews on it.Because if it’s a movie game well we all know how movie games are there horrible.

  • Any chance of Every Extend Extra for PSP ever getting a download release? I had this game for PSP and now I’ve got a Vita and I’m wishing I still had it. Same goes for Sid Meier’s Pirates, or maybe the ability to play Sid Meier’s Civilization II for PS1 on there.

  • What about the DLC tables for The Pinball Arcade?!? Are they coming out tomorrow or what?

  • So when are we going to get Final Fantasy X HD on the PSN. It has been almost a year since it was announced and still nothing.

  • YouFromTheFuture

    ABOUT: Spiderman game
    If the games follows the events that come AFTER the movie, then why is it coming out BEFORE the movie?

  • Little Mermaid II FTW!!!.. oh wait, damn dyslexia.. I meant WTF???

  • Holy buttlery milksteak
    how about you guys stop re-releasing fartknockerish
    and give us some more vita release dates

  • so we can still wait for them to come out

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