Two WipEout 2048 DLC Packs on PSN Today

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Two WipEout 2048 DLC Packs on PSN Today

UPDATE: Please be aware that all DLC will appear once the WipEout 2048 Online Pass is installed. For those that already have the Online Pass installed, you should have no problem seeing the DLC.

WipEout 2048 WipEout HD Add-On Pack

PS Vita owners, get those engines ready: WipEout HD and Fury expansion packs are set to hit PS Vita today. For the first time ever, the most jaw-dropping, adrenaline-fueled anti-gravity racers combine — WipEout HD Fury and WipEout 2048 are together at last! For those of you who are fans of WipEout HD on the PS3 we have some great news for you: WipEout HD and WipEout HD Fury have been reimagined for PS Vita and are ready to be unleashed as expansion packs for WipEout 2048. Now you can experience the freedom of WipEout HD Fury on PS Vita and compete against pilots across the world whenever you want, wherever you are.

Starting today, two new WipEout 2048 DLC packs will be available for PS Vita on PlayStation Store. The first pack is the “WipEout 2048 WipEout HD Add-On Pack” for $7.99, which includes the full single-player WipEout HD campaign mode and all of the WipEout HD online multiplayer tracks. With 12 new tracks for your PS Vita (including eight reverse tracks), 12 additional ships, and a Zone Mode Ship, you’ll be put to the test after conquering WipEout 2048. As an added bonus, you’ll have access to an additional 12 crossplay tracks outside of the original four tracks included in WipEout 2048 for simultaneous multiplayer action on your PS3 and PS Vita.

WipEout 2048 WipEout HD Add-On PackWipEout 2048 WipEout HD Add-On Pack

Also launching today is the “WipEout 2048 WipEout HD Fury Add-On Pack” for $7.99, which includes the full single-player WipEout HD Fury campaign mode with all 12 tracks (including four reverse tracks and four Zone Mode tracks), 24 ships to choose from, and a Zone Mode Ship. The HD Fury Add-On pack also gives you access to another 12 crossplay tracks, granting you a ton of options when racing against your friends online.

If you’d like to own both of these new DLC packs, we’re offering a special bundle package for a value price of $12.99. With the “WipEout 2048 WipEout HD Fury Bundle,” you’ll receive all 24 beautifully designed WipEout HD tracks, 12 reverse tracks, four Zone Mode tracks, all 24 ships from the Wipeout HD titles, plus a Zone Mode ship and full crossplay access.

WipEout 2048 WipEout HD Add-On Pack

To make this deal even sweeter, we’ve got a special promotion that will let you experience WipEout’s exhilarating crossplay action on both PS3 and PS Vita. For those of you who already own WipEout HD or WipEout HD Fury on your PS3, you can automatically download the PS Vita versions for free! And the same works vice-versa as well: Anyone who purchases these new WipEout HD expansion packs from PlayStation Store on their PS Vita can download the packs for free on their PS3.

With two full games’ worth of new expansion content, and free content for existing owners, you’d be wise to jump on PSN later this afternoon and download this great new content. We look forward to seeing you on the track!

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19 Author Replies

  • Michael Pulst,
    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I appreciate it.
    Lets hope “never say never” actually means, coming soon!

  • + DarthDanMan
    It is Command and Conquer Red Alert Retaliation for Ps1. But you could purchase it on the PS3 and it came with a PSP free download as well.
    Makes me think, aren’t Ps1 games not available yet? Even so, wouldn’t it still show up in my download list since I bought it from the PS Store on my PS3??


    I bought 1yr ps+ when it was first available a couple years ago and I got Wipeout HD free from ps+, and then for one of my “Welcome Back” games I got the Wipeout HD/Fury bundle for free. My ps+ expired and I didn’t renew it. And now I can’t play the Wipeout HD game and it says I have to buy it but the Fury add on it shows I bought. When I try to re-download the bundle it says the content can’t be accessed on my account, I can’t download the Wipeout HD demo either.

    I’ve looked through my download history and I see the Fury add on but the Wipeout HD and full game unlock is completely gone from my download history! I tried to access the both Wipeout 2048 dlcs (which should be free for me) but it says the content can’t be accessed on my account. When I tried to download the dlc from the vita ps store theres on button to tap to download it.

    Where does it say the content can’t be accessed on my account? Why can’t I play Wipeout HD which should be the full game that I own? And why can’t I download the Wipeout 2048 dlc?

    • You need to contact PlayStation Customer Support, they will be able to help you out. Don’t worry :)

  • Can’t edit my last post but I meant….

    theres no button to tap*

    Why does it say not where*

  • The only thing missing is a Free Play mode for practicing and learning tracks. I spent more time in this mode than any other on the PSP versions. Just going around and around and around… shaving hundredths of a second off my lap times… sooo addictive…

  • Sony, Studio Liverpool, I love you guys. I’ve been playing WipEout since the original PSone release, and now already having WipEout HD and Fury, along with 2048, I really appreciate you guys giving the DLC for free. Thank you!

    • You’re welcome :D
      We absolutely LOVE hearing from long-term WipEout fans like yourself. That is why we made this content available to Veteran Pilots for free- it’s a big thank you from us for the support. We really do appreciate it


  • Trophies! You can get at least one (haven’t played Fury yet, so I’m not sure if it’s one or two) just for firing up the game and playing the DLC.

  • If you got Wipeout HD and Fury as part of the “Welcome Back” package can you still get the free 2048 DLC? That’s how I got mine but it won’t let me download 2048’s DLC for free. I clicked on “Buy Now” and “Confirm Purchase” but it says my wallet does not have enough funds. I just tried playing Wipeout HD on my PS3 and it worked, and I tried to see if I could redownload it, but neither Wipeout HD nor Fury appear in my download history list.

  • Hey So i downloaded my both DLC for wipeout but i cant find it :( its not cross play only is it because i wanted to play it offline

    Ps how do i access my DC Tracks in wipeout 2048 offline?

  • @47: I don’t see what’s bad about it… at all. People didn’t buy Wipeout HD at launch for PS Vita DLC… because the Vita didn’t exist. People didn’t buy Fury expansion for that reason either.

    The DLC is for Wipeout 2048. Why would it NOT require you to have Wipeout 2048? It’s not stand alone Wipeout HD/Fury on the PS Vita. It’s DLC for 2048.

    And even it if were stand alone, you’d then say, “Let me get this straight. Wipeout HD/Fury owners get Wipeout HD/Fury on PS Vita if they buy the game….but Wipeout HD/Fury owners have to own a Vita already to use the Vita versions of HD/Fury. Wow… just wow.” because you’re probably just a troll, that will never be happy with anything.


  • Sorry i’m super confused. I only own Wipeout HD on my PS3. Do I still need to purchase Wipeout 2048 on the Vita to take advantage of this, or am I just doing it wrong?

    • Hi AcrobatSausages. You will need WipEout 2048 on the Vita. These DLC packs require WipEout 2048 to run on the Vita. Although since you own Wipeout HD you will be able to download the Wipeout HD Add-on pack for WipEout 2048 for free. Hope that helps!

  • Wow, now this is what you call fan-service!

    I was hoping this would happen sooner or later but when hey priced 2048 at $40…I was very skeptical…but wow! Majore bonus points for the Devs :D

  • Is anyone having the same problem as me? I can only download the fury pack for free, even though I have the full game AND fury on my ps3. How can I fix this??

  • @63 I can’t download either one (for free at least) and I also have both for PS3 :(

  • Never mind I found my mistake, my brother (using my ps3 but his account) got it as his Welcome Back gift…which explains why I can still play it but it doesn’t appear in my download list. Oh well looks like I will be actually buying this. But thanks for the promotion anyway Studio Liverpool and Sony!

  • The best thing for people to do is dl the dlc pack on your vita. The ps3 side of things is just flat out confusing. On the vita, you have 3 choices, dl wipeout HD, dl wipeout HD Fury and download the two as a single wipeout HD/wipeout HD Fury pack. Total memory needed for the two packs is 580mb. Not too bad.

    Your online pass needs to be enabled. Accessing the content is from the main menu in the game. There will be two separate icons for wipeout HD and wipeout HD Fury. Load times seem improved over the 2048 tracks.

  • What if you got the Wipeout HD game and Fury on a banned account? How am I supposed to get the PS Vita game? My banned account is gunhaver27 and I got the game there.

  • Thank you for a great DLC guys. I was wondering about the file size. Thank god it’s not 100k, a few of greedy developers/publishers seem to prefer that filesize lately

  • I bought Wipeout HD Fury for PS3 as a Disk, am I allowed to get Wipeout 2048 DLC for free still?

    • unfortunately the Store does not recognize that you own it if you have purchased the disc-based version, as it doesn’t appear in your download/ purchase history

  • I could have sword that when I bought Wipeout HD it was a bundled version…

  • sworn, not sword, ugh I clicked too soon.

    After doing a quick email search, guess I didn’t as I apparently only bought HD back in 2010 and not a bundle with Fury.. Oh well, I never got big into Wipeout anyway and still have barely gotten through 2048’s stuff.

  • Hey guys! I have both HD and FURY on my ps3 but i can’t download they for ps vita (for free at least) how can i do it?

    • Did you purchase them on the same account you are using to download on Vita? If you didn’t purchase the content on that account, it will not be recognized as you owning it

  • Hey ami, any FREE DLC packs with Music themes from HD/Fury in any time?

    this is a great detail for the fans please think about it.

    Thanks for the HDFury on Vita, is really fantastic, but soon museum AR and any free track is needed, and any enhancements

    -Create Online lobbys and tournaments
    -Custom controls and music tracklist
    -Replays of Race and save this

    with this adds, this game would be amazing

  • @72 Did you make sure you downloaded Wipeout HD and Fury with YOUR PSN account? I had the same problem but found out that it was downloaded to my PS3 with my brother’s PSN account, so I couldn’t get the 2048 DLC for free

  • @BlueBl1zzard Yes i have downloaded them with MY account on MY console and i have also the blueray disc with HD and FURY that i have bought with my PS3 P.S. Sorry for my bad english!

    • These are only available as expansion packs to WipEout 2048, if you own it on Vita it should appear in-game on the main menu

  • @gagasluga Do you have the PSN version or only the disc-based version? Because it might be your problem. I don’t know if Sony gives the DLC to those who only have the disc-based version.

  • @Dessron I have both disc and PSN version!

  • Hey Michael.
    Downloaded the packs today and having great fun playing through HD and Fury again.
    However i went to then play 2048 campaign, and it is essentially completely broken.
    After completing one lap of any race it always says “Bronze medal awarded”…there are no medals in 2048…
    And then after two laps the race ends, no matter what (especially annoying in Zone events because I can’t even finish)

    Any plans on fixing the issues soon? It’s very broken right now.
    I’m running the latest version.

  • After downloading and installing the DLC and updates. I was a bit disappointed I could not connect with my ps3 for local games. I was really hoping I could use my ps vita to essentially play a 3 player local game (2 players split screen on ps3 and 3rd player on vita. But since my ps3 and my vita share an account it will not let me add myself to a game.
    Is something that is an oversight or is this just never gonna happen?

  • This is a great DLC :D Purchased the add on bundle when I saw it available on the PSN :D

  • I own Wipeout HD/Fury(PS3) and 2048, but when I go to download the HD/Fury DLC for the Vita, it isn’t free. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.

  • ^ nvm

  • Hi Ami

    Seems to have some specific performance issues(frame drops), only happens on occasion, seems not to have a pattern, maybe a bug

    I would also like feedback as I hope to improve some tracks, and the ships, that do not have the level of detail how in 2048, are a little below and be nice that would improve a bit, and also add reflections on ships etc.

    deserve the best, I hope to continue improving this great gem. regards

  • ok, i dont get it. do you need the wipeout game to play these? or is it enough to buy the network pass to play? i downloaded them because it never said on the (german) store page that you need the wipeout game. if this is the case this should be fixed ASAP. and in this case i am very disappointed that i just wasted 12 euros. and another thing: how do i delete the content even though i dont see it on the home screen?
    looking forward to a reply.

    • Hi DJAkbar. You will need WipEout 2048 and the online pass in order to play the Wipeout HD and Wipeout HD Fury DLC content on your PS Vita.

      For your last question, you might want to consult the consumer services group for your region. They would be able to help with that.

  • Hey thanks a lot for this! I hope you keep the DLC coming. A racebox-type mode would be very welcome!

  • well that kind of sucks! i guess there is no chance of a refund or anything? well, can you make sure that it says in the shop that you will need wipeout to play it because its really not obvious that way and others might be fooled too. btw: when i delete it now and decide to buy wipeout later will i be able to redownload it for free?
    thanks again

  • oh, ok, sorry, just read that i have to contact consumer services to tell them to fix the store… will do that now

  • I own both Wipeout on my PS3, But Wipeout 2048 DLC won’t install on my Vita? AndI I bought the Wipeout 2048 Online pass too! I’m able to Download on PS3 and PS Vita but still won’t install on Vita. Please help! Thank you in Advance!!!

  • i have always been a big fan of wipeout ive owned them all i especially love to play HD fury in 3D its awesome as a matter of fact i was not even going to get a vita day 1 until i saw that wipeout was coming to vita needless to say i got my vita asap and wipeout was my first game i love the crossplay but thought that it sucked that there was not more integration of hd and fury packs but this is great now im fully satisfied with my vita i know alot of people talked alot of poop about sony not delivering on its promises but i knew it would only be a matter of time look at what weve got its got skype and for those who dont know if u have a 3g u can buy a phone # from skype like a real phone and use your 3g plan and guess what now your vita is a cell phone works great buy the way plus were getting ps3 remote play youtube we already have great apps and there are many more to come with games like uncharted, wipeout, gravity rush, assassins creed 3, need for speed, resistance, and yes even call of doody (LOL just to mess with the die hards) its sure to be the next big thing in gaming

  • now hopefully once the wii 2 comes out well have even more integration of remote play wich will hopefully show nintendo that they need to bow out of the console market gracefully like sega did and just make great games for all systems but thats just my dream (ah to play a zelda game with uncharted graphics and cinematics and playstation move and 3D…sorry had to change my underwear) i know im not the only one whos thought about it… but the point of all this was to say i love you sony im a die hard sony fanboy i own all your systems and believe it or not all your accessories and most of your games i think i personally made you rich and i dont mind because you guys do great things like this thanks for keeping me happy and i cant wait to see whats next

  • Wow, this is one very sweet deal you guys give us. Recently bought a Vita and purchased in the Store WipEout and this DLC and now I get it on the PS3 for free? Awesome! :D That is one sweet deal but yes, I have to be ashamed of myself for not owning those two titles yet, I know that ;-).

  • so your saying i Dont get the wipeout 2048 the reason i bought the online one is so i could get the vita version free and i cant play the vita Dlc because i dont own 2048 what do i do

  • @jai0003 – just buy 2048 and all your problems are solved its well worth the price if u think of it as buying one game for vita and getting 3 games worth of content besides ive seen a few places like toys r us have it on sale for $30

  • this is a great DLC , i’ve been playing Wipeout HD and Fury campaigns and cross platform play , this is great, thanks.

  • thanks SpiderSurfer im going to buy it now

  • Been playing HD and Fury through 2048 and I gotta say that this is some of the best DLC ever. Even if you do not own the PS3 versions and only have 2048 go and buy the DLC now. You are getting way more than your money’s worth. Having the entire Wipeout HD game and Fury add-on on the go within 2048 is fantastic. Hell, the DLC alone is bigger than 2048 by a good amount. I repeat; Best game DLC ever. Totally worth the wait.

  • Awesome price for an amazing DLC pack for WipEout 2048 Ami. It has been my dream to play WipEout HD and WipEout HD Fury because I never got the chance to play those two WipEout games on PS3. I’ll be getting my PS Vita on July 6 along with WipEout 2048. I hope I can get the chance of honor to race you for fun. I really don’t care if I win or loose to you. I’m a pretty good Ag-SYSTEMS pilot if I say so myself.

  • Will the Triakis team make the cut? I was surprised they didn’t make the initial cut.

  • So let me get this straight, if I own the PS3 game on a disk and the Vita game I don’t get the DLC as its not in my purchase history???? Great way to really annoy the early PS3 adopters Sony!!!!

  • @Daxxa99 You realize there really is no way possible for them to know you actually own the game if it isn’t digitally right? What would you propose they do about it?

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