Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Out Today on PSN

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Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Out Today on PSN

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 is releasing today on PSN, bringing decks and enemies not before seen or played in any Duels of the Planeswalkers games. Duels 2013 also brings a new multiplayer variant of Magic with its Planechase game mode. Play with your friends as your battle leaps between planes, experiencing excitement and surprise as new Planes and Phenomena cause the game to change unexpectedly.

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 for PS3

With nearly 100 Magic cards from the upcoming Magic 2013 card-set release, Duels 2013 is your first chance to play with these new cards. In addition to new cards, there are new ways to play the game such as a skill challenges and a new format of game play called ‘Encounters’ where you have to overcome a very specific obstacle with your deck.

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 for PS3

If you’ve never played Magic before, or if you are a battle-tested veteran, Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 is a perfect way to enjoy the game. With a simple to learn introduction to the game, you can learn to play Magic for the first time or all over again.

Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 for PS3

In addition, with your purchase of Duels 2013, you receive a code to redeem for a voucher to get a six-card booster pack – including a promo Vampire Nocturnus card – at participating retail locations (while supplies last!) This offer expires Dec. 13, 2012. One booster per voucher. Visit to learn where this offer is available. The voucher is not valid with any other offer, is not transferrable or redeemable for cash, and is void where prohibited.

You can get Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 later today for $9.99!

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  • lets hope the store actually updates at a decent time

  • Huzzah free Nocturnus promo!

  • Question. Does this game/ iteration include all of the previously released content? Or do you have to purchase those extra sets separately. I’d consider trying out the game, but it depends on how costly it would become to see all the content that I’ve missed.

    If Duels 2013 does not include the previous years’ entries, is there any plan for a value pack sorta thing like PSN has been doing for certain games lately (Mafia, RDR, etc.)?


    • Duels 2013 features 10 new decks, Planechase, new puzzle challenges, as well as optional manual land tapping. The decks from 2012 won’t be included, but the new decks are pretty amazing, and the new features really help make the game stand out.

  • smoothboarder540

    I might actually be tempted to get this if they would put the deck packs for 2012 back in the store. What happened to them? I’ve been waiting for months.

  • Here’s a great Idea! Make an Magic AR game for Vita with multiplayer and everything

  • $9.99? Definitely buying.

  • EagleNiteWillow1

    we will see if its out today 19/06/2012. would be nice but not supposed to be out until wednesday 20/06/2012. if anyone that plays would like to add me as friend feel free. i tend to play multiplayer only though. say its about magic if u FR me

  • @3 Each game is a stand alone game. The expansions from the first Duels don’t work with 2012 and I assume the same for 2013. Just like a COD map pack for World at War doesn’t work with Black Ops.

    That said, they have released “Gold” editions of the previous games. Each of the Gold editions include all of the DLC for that game. I’m not on the Store right now, but I think each Gold edition is around $20.

  • PuppetShoJustice

    My girlfriend and I had fun with the previous entries in this series. It’s nice to be able to play 2 Headed Giant especially. I just hope you guys update the store at a reasonable hour this week; I’ll be picking this up just as soon as it goes live.

  • Will this game come to the Vita?

  • Will PSN USA Version feature Portuguese-BR language?

  • Please, update the store as fast as possible I want so bad to play this.

  • 2012’s version had terrible, long load times. I hope you’ve fixed that in this version.
    Also, will we get custom soundtracks this time? The music in the past two, while not bad was so repetitive that I finally had to turn it off.
    The games could be so much more that it’s a shame you don’t bring out the full potential.

  • will this game have playstation home rewards as well like the 1st. one did or not.

  • That promo offer is hogwash!!!! Last time I bought 2012 day one printed the coupon and went directly to my local participating store and was told all promo cards were gone. WTF? I think the store owners dish them out to friends and family instead of fulfilling the customers who actually buy the game. I WILL NOT be buying into the hype this time.

  • need to revise what i said about multiplayer. i meant to say i primarily play two headed giant. been playing magic since it started in 1993 and got kinda sick of playing one on one. if still interested, FR me.

  • Anyone knows if the store already updates???

  • Why does it keep telling me that it cannot be accessed on my account?

  • <—— see this name….jb-is-nutbush…I ranked as far as 17th n the world on the psn network at 2012 MTG…yea I may have no life….today is MINE, play hard and play well my friends

  • Sweet! A new Magic the Gathering game!
    Hopefully this version has some gold trophies and a platinum – people that spend tons of hours on these games should be rewarded just like people that spend tons of hours on other games.
    Also would be nice to have a records page, where you can see how many games you’ve played with each deck, and how many wins and losses you have with each deck. Should also show your record vs other players and your record vs the AI.
    These were the main things missing in the first two games – hopefully they are in the 2013 version!

  • Has anyone else downloaded the game yet? When I attempt to download it gives the message “This content cannot be accessed on your account”. Is the game just not available even though it says it is, or am I missing something?

  • Still no custom deck builder huh? Disappointing. Very much makes me not want to get this. Truly. Don’t get me wrong, I know that you can’t have an MTG game with every single MTG card with a custom deck builder, because then you would never need to make another MTG game again. But at the very least, let us make custom decks with the cards that are available to us in the game. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask, in my opinion.

  • Download is already avaible?? I dont see it on PSN in anywhere

  • The original Planeswalkers was interesting, if for no other reason than that it brought Magic the Gathering to the PS3.

    Planeswalkers 2012 was a joke.

    Despite being a game populated primarily with CARDS, the load times were inexplicably long, there were slowdowns, and no custom music (doubly unacceptable for a PSN game and triply unacceptable for being a game with no gameplay-relevant sound).

    Meanwhile, on the content side, the campaign was practically the same as before, minus the three-on-one mode, the deck management system actually got worse and became more of a hassle, the trailer/opening teased a story that never even started and the decks were still pre-built.

    Clearly, your games aren’t optimized for PS3, but even on PC, you guys aren’t pushing any envelopes, even in terms of MTG.

    Want my money? Revisit Shandalar. That was easily the greatest game MTG’s ever spawned.

  • “Duels 2013 will be available on PSN, Xbox LIVE Arcade, Steam, and iPad.”

    I don’t think that quite answered his question. The PSN service does not just reach to the PS3, it is also connected to the vita.

    I haven’t seen any word about a vita version of the game. So I would assume the answer is no.

    A Vita version of the game could be very cool indeed. Not only could it be the game, but it could have a life tracker option for when you are actually playing Magic.

    I hope to see a magic on the Vita at some point hopefully.

  • Nothing yet?? Please told-me when the game is avaible !!

  • Any one able to start the game? I downloaded it and installed it but when it gets to the press start screen, it just makes a noise when I press start. Nothing else happens.

  • Lol nvm I was on second controller

  • On my PSN dont appear the Game to Download!! The game released only on US PSN??

  • this game looks fun to me it looks like YU-GI-OH but it looks more fun hope it has online

  • so wen does it become available in new zealand and austraila?

  • haha hey add me if u want to too! i’ll definitely be playing multiplayer! but it looks like my store doesnt even show it -.-

  • Its been a few years since i bought a game off the playstation store. I bought, downloaded and installed this game but cant seem to play it. It does not appear under games. the only place i can find a trace of the game is under game utility data: Magic 2013 – Unlock Key.

    How can i play this game?

  • @32 You have to download the beta as well as the unlock key, as the actual game information is included in the beta. The unlock only unlocks the full version, turning the beta into a full game.

  • I have one complaint. It isn’t about the game, more about Sony and the Network’s offerings for the game. If you go on Steam, and look this game up, you’ll find the base game at $9.99…but you’ll also find a Special Edition for $19.99, which includes the game, a soundtrack, wallpapers, a graphic novel download, foil conversions for all ten decks, and an automatic deck unlock. Additionally, if you own Magic 2012, you get another deck unlock.

    Playstation Network doesn’t offer a Special Edition; I personally don’t find that to be fair.

    Also, they do not offer the deck unlock or foil conversions on Day One. I know there are people out there who want to enjoy the game online without the hassle of having to grind through every deck for all the cards.

    These are just minor things, but they are something to consider. Sony should look into offering Special Editions of the PSN games they release as an option.

  • Still waiting for custom deck creation. You give us ten decks or a so per game, so let us mix them up and create our own decks. Improved deck customization is nice, though yes I would like to be able to edit land count as well. And manual land tapping is also a welcome improvement, although with just one multi-color deck and no option to mix and match cards to make our own decks, it isn’t as useful an addition as you may think.

    Still going to buy, you can’t beat that $10 price tag, but there are definitely still improvements and addition to be made. Hopefully next year…

  • It would be great to play it on Vita …

  • @ Dangeel-Es
    I agree that it would be a good game for the Vita, but I’m trying to imagine everything fitting onto the 5″ screen in a comfortable fashion. Seems like an awful lot of view toggling would be necessary, since it would be hard to make out the opponents cards, if it were all squashed onto one screen. That said, the iPad version sounds pretty great right now, but unfortunately I have a Vita, not an iPad. ^ ^

  • Im unable to access graveyards. which makes Chandra’s Deck unplayable. Hope it gets a fix very soon

  • Has anyone successfully used voice chat yet? I seem to recall there were issues with that in the last edition.

  • @akibake

    I think the screen won’t be a problem
    If you have played Yu-Gi-Oh on PSP you must have noticed that it fits really well and it is really comfortable!

  • I just want full deck creation with the decks available in-game, I don’t want full deck customization with every single MTG card, because I know that would never happen. Whether we have deck customization or not, players will always find a “best deck” and use it online to try to prove they are the greatest MTG players of all time. Whether the best deck is Exalted Darkness for example, or if we had deck customization and someone made their own best deck, when certain players find the best deck, they use it, period. I don’t, but you know what I mean. We shouldn’t be penalized this feature because of them. Seems like a cop out to me, basically saying “that’s why we can’t have nice things…” And besides, even with all of that being said, the balance issue wouldn’t really be an issue. Just set up the online so that players using custom decks play against other players using custom decks and players using normal in-game decks play against other players using normal in-game decks. Seems simple enough to me.

  • keeps glitching when installing, called Playstation and they said nothing they could do. I recommend waiting on this one

  • bought it on day 2, so far its pretty good…. basically same as the 2012 game, just different decks – which are a mix of old and new cards…..
    no platinum trophy – bummer :(
    no custom music :(
    and still no records page ? how hard is it to put in a few counters and keep track of how many games I’ve played, and how many of them I’ve won and lost ? unbelievable that this is still not in there….. instead there’s a pointless player status page that show you the trophies earned and lets you pick an avatar, whoop-de-do
    If you liked last year’s model, then you’ll like this one, same model, just a different color of paint

  • Hey
    I know this is kind of a late post (not sure if you still follow up on this thread) but…
    With Duels of the planeswalkers 2013 out is there going to be a price drop on 2012?
    I’m one of the ocd weirdos that can’t play 2013 till I’ve played 2012. I already 100% completed 2011 and would like to do the same for 2012 but the current gold package bundle is priced a little too high at $20.

  • How come that its on the Ipad and not the Ps vita? >.>

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