May 2012 PSN Top Sellers: The Walking Dead Invades The Charts

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May 2012 PSN Top Sellers: The Walking Dead Invades The Charts


The Walking Dead made a big impression on PSN players this month, with the first episode of Telltale Games’ episode zombie series claiming the top spot in May. You’ll also notice a great resurgence in the PixelJunk series, due likely in part to May’s deep-discount PixelJunk sale that saw many PixelJunk favorites sell for a just buck.

In PS Vita news, Escape Plan’s iron grip on the throne has finally been loosened — NetherRealm Studios’ bone-crunching fighter Mortal Kombat takes the top slot this month. In PS one Classics, Legend of Dragoon’s long-awaited release reshuffled the usual crowd of top performers. Starting this month, by community request, we’re also happy to integrate a new chart examining PS2 Classics performance! In May, Max Payne stole the show just in time for Max Payne 3’s arrival on Blu-ray Disc.

Get the download on all of May’s top sellers below. Did your favorite game make the grade? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Top 20 PSN and PS3 Full Games

1. The Walking Dead – This story-driven series highlights player choice and lasting consequence.
2. Journey
3. PixelJunk Shooter
4. I Am Alive
5. Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode II – Sega delivers another quality side-scrolling adventure.
6. NBA JAM: On Fire Edition
7. Grand Theft Auto IV Digital
8. inFAMOUS Festival of Blood
9. Datura – PSN exclusive Datura breaks new ground for its immersive use of PlayStation Move.
10. PixelJunk Eden
11. PixelJunk Monsters
12. Flower – Thatgamecompany got a big spike thanks to a sale in May….and mega-hit Journey.
13. PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap
14. Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City
15. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock
16. Dead Rising 2 Off The Record – The latest addition to our growing PS3 Full Game library.
17. Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale
18. Castle Crashers
19. Gotham City Impostors
20. Fight Night Champion



Top 10 PS Vita Games

  1. Mortal Kombat – This almost pixel-perfect translation of the PS3 original resulted in a wonderfully playable (and replayable!) PS Vita fighter…and the top slot on the PSN sales charts.
  2. Table Top Tanks
  3. Escape Plan
  4. The Pinball Arcade
  5. Resistance: Burning Skies
  6. Plants vs. Zombies
  7. Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
  8. Pure Chess
  9. Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
  10. Unit 13


Top 5 PS3 Add-Ons

  1. FIFA Soccer 12 – Premium Gold Jumbo – Get more from FIFA Soccer 12 with this top performing Add-On.
  2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Collection 1
  3. Mass Effect 3 – Premium Spectre Pack
  4. FIFA Soccer 12 – Premium Gold Pack
  5. MLB 12 The Show – Road to the Show Training Points (6,000)

Top 5 PSone Classics

  1. The Legend of Dragoon – It takes a classic JRPG to unseat other classic JRPGS. If you never played this game, don’t miss out.
  2. Final Fantasy VII
  3. Final Fantasy IX
  4. Resident Evil 2
  5. Final Fantasy VIII


Top 5 PS2 Classics

  1. Max Payne – Fueled by the anticipation for Max Payne 3, this PS2 Classic got a new lease on life in May.
  2. Need for Speed Most Wanted
  3. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES
  4. Red Faction
  5. Red Faction 2

Top 5 PSP Games

  1. God of War: Ghost of Sparta – With God of War: Ascension’s E3 showing stirring up anticipation over Kratos’s origin story, it’s no surprise to see this PSP prequel resurface in the top slot.
  2. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
  3. Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy
  4. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
  5. NBA 2K12 PSP

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3 Author Replies

  • Nice to see Walking dead getting some love, great game!!

  • Did they ever come out with episode2 for walking dead?

  • the walking dead will keep droping in the charts if they dont let us season pass holders know something about that 2nd episode.Its been three damn months when they said every month.they didnt let us know anything what so ever til this day.thats bad buisness.WE NEED TO KNOW SOMETHING NOW,TODAY,NOT TOMM OR THE NEXT DAY, NOW!!!!!!!! SOMETHING , ANYTHING

  • Why are there no numbers for Minis? If Sony wants the Vita to succeed you need to attract the smaller indie devs. If small devs see that Minis sell well they will start migrating to Vita and the consumer will have the bite size games they can get on iOS. SCEA and SCEJ have done a really poor job of supporting Mini devs.

  • NO,NO,NO, no 2nd episode

  • Resistance Burning Skies came out on may 29th and still managed to be in the top 10 list? very nice to see, the game is great but not perfect if Nihilistic release a patch with improved online functionality, less powerful mule, add top rank, 3 more maps and new modes would be really, really awesome.

  • Huh, I had no idea the vita had 10 games total…
    Also, I’m with mckenzie1021 (which is funny, because of our avatars), telltale seriously needs to deliver on their obligation. And make no mistake, it’s an obligation to season pass holders. We did give them our money upfront. And what they gave us was a demo at e3?! Gee, thanks for the demo of the game they should’ve released a month ago!

  • i guess we won’t see a ModNation Racers Road Trip online multiplayer patch now, such a shame. Gravity Rush is great, Little Big Planet vita beta is ps3 quality, man i’m really impressed by it, loving my vita.

  • at the1free man, i think there are more than 40 games already released for the vita in the first 4 months so that would be a little bit more than 10 games a month, not bad isnt it ?

  • I agree with people about Walking Dead 2nd episode… I thought it was suppose to be already out at beginning of june..

  • yea it is funny the1free_man.Glad you with me on that.Its the total truth..

  • @3 mckenzie1021

    you’re absolutely right! on April 23rd, the day before release, Jake Rodkin, Writer and Designer at Telltale Games posted on the blogand stated “Given that this game is episodic, players can expect a summer-long continuing story of adventure horror that will begin with our first episode ‘A New Day’, followed by four additional episodes, each landing about each month after the previous one.”

    If that timeframe of “about each month after the previous” was followed correctly, we would have had our 2nd episode on or around May 24th, but here we are on June 13th now and nothing, not even a mention. in all honesty, Robert Kirkman is probably more wrapped up with trying to get DISH Network to keep AMC then he is actually getting out the game to people like us that have paid for the series in full. still, it doesn’t excuse the delay or the lack of explanation regarding the delay.


    Hey guys, this is completely off topic but has anyone else noticed that when you change your PSN avatar on your PS3 the changes are instantaneous on and also on ps blog – but ONLY if its an avatar you’ve never used before?

    I find when I change it to an avatar I’ve used previously it does show up the next time I sign into, but not when I sign into ps blog. It’s like ps blog can’t display or update pre-cached avatars?

    It’s not that big of a deal, just wondered if anyone else has experienced this?

  • @DaGimp13 Hes prolly keeping the money we pay to get that dish network…..It just dont make any sense they we dont get no info at all,none, NO INFO!!!!!!!!

  • sonic’s new game is awsome cant wait for pt.5 also any word about dust 514?IM WAITIJNG !

  • @mckenzie1021

    lol prolly is keeping it for himself. I’m currently waiting for a responce back on Twitter from @telltalegames on when the 2nd episode is coming, IF it’s even coming, and why the delay. will post when I find out….if I find out lol

  • EXCUSE ME!!! @SLEEPLESS_KNIGHT….. We are right on topic here.This will be an on going topic until we get what we payed for. Yea ok avatars thats nice ,but we have a bigger dilema here.

  • Yeah great news the walking dead top seller but wheres episode 2? I bought the bundle and starting to feel like i got ripped off -_-

  • @DaGimp13 .Yea you right if they respond to you , might just keep avoiding it.

  • Now, we all realize that this walking dead thing isn’t playstation’s fault, but telltale’s. However, the season pass is a playstation thing, isn’t it? Xbox didn’t have this deal, right? So, that kinda makes it your business, PS. You could look into this for us, ask telltale for an official statement of some kind.

  • YES! All we need is a little info. just a little…….COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am surprised Datura got on the list I heard it wasn’t that great.

    • Datura is VERY interesting, but very different. If you like weird, trippy experiencies I think you’ll like it.


    @mckenzie1021 – Dude I wasn’t saying YOU were off topic, I was saying I was off topic with my question.

  • There’s some good Vita games on that list. Everyone with a Vita should try the Escape Plan demo. Now, let’s get a post about the current and upcoming Move games!


    Regarding mini games, I don’t believe they need trophies, networking capabilities, or other enhancements like recent articles have stated. They’re great little games to play on the Vita. All they need is:
    – A price cap of say, $2.99, and
    – A way to be better organized on the Vita so we aren’t using multiple screens to contain them.


    And just as a test I signed into the EU PS Blog site and posted a comment and my avatar on their website matches my current PSN and avatar. So what gives then US PS Blog?

  • Wonder if some of those games are really not top sellers and they just throw them in to see if they will sell.

  • Glad to see Walking Dead, Journey, and wow even Infamous FoB is still up there. Loved them all.


    Legend of Dragoon PsOne classic is on top of the charts because people love the game. Sony, if you make a sequel it will also sell like crazy


  • oh! well yes ive noticed about the avatars

  • Walking Dead Episode 2, release it NOW, i need MOAR!!


  • yea VG been saying that for a while now.i dont think they hear us

  • @crazy_kracker1 You are a cynic of almost paranoid degree. I like that.

  • @30, well at least for us whom purchased the complete series- it did include a discount. I wonder what happened… perhaps something to do w/ the choices we made in Episode 1 not working on Episode 2. It had to be a major issue to be this late.

  • Yo Morgan Haro, was up man how’s it going, any news on the original Killzone?

  • not yet should be soon is still no useful offense.but we need more

  • Who keeps buying FF7. Doesn’t everybody at this point own that game?

    I hope I didn’t miss I am Alive on sale. Another sale if I did please.

  • Why are actual Numbers never announced for digital sales? I would love an answer to this!

  • Datura did look interesting at first but with mixed reviews and no demo I didn’t want to risk buying a game that I would play once and never again. If only we could have demo’s for every game like how they do on the Xbox Marketplace. It would really be a smart idea and I believe the sales for games will be better if people can play before they buy.

  • what about max payne 3 local justice map pack;anybody know about that.i have the rockstar pass;hopefully its soon.supose to be this month.hope i dont have to hold my breath on that like episode 2 on the walking dead

  • not surprising to see the pixeljunk games on the list , anyone who did not buy them at the $1 price they sent on sale at in May probably owned them already or owned most and got the one(s) they missed . But was surprised pixeljunk shooter was the highest on the list of those games and shooter 2 was not on at all – maybe lots of players had only played shooter 2 and wanted the 1st game ?

    only game I got on that list in May was PJ eden , I had the rest and somehow missed out on buying eden earlier , now just put eden encore on sale for $2.99 so I can get that too please

    please consider as well a dlc sale at some point , we always have bundle sales or game sales but rarely dlc sales
    I want to get the arkham city dlc , mortal kombat dlc and heavy rain dlc but do not want to pay 50% or more of the cost of the full game for dlc alone – all arkham city dlc comes to $25 and the game is only $29,99 so that;s a rippoff I think

  • “God of War: Ghost of Sparta – With God of War: Ascension’s E3 showing stirring up anticipation over Kratos’s origin story, it’s no surprise to see this PSP prequel resurface in the top slot.”

    I think it was the price drop that boosted sales.

    But hey, the more people playing Ghost of Sparta, the better. It still seems like it’s being ignored by some God of War fans.

  • Release Max Payne 2 on PS2 Classics so i can play them both before Max Payne 3 :)

  • Hey in the psn exclusives part of vita games in store it says disgaea 3 is only on psn but that’s not true it’s also on retailer.

  • I have like none of these games….

  • I lied I have Persona 3 fes

  • It’s nice to see that the Mass Effect 3 online community is healthy enough to make the Premium Spectre Pack a top 5 add-on. (I play myself quite a bit.) I just can’t help but wonder if the top 5 ranking is based solely on PSN wallet sales or if it also includes all the purchases made using credits that are earned playing the matches. (The Pack costs 90K credits, which can be earned in about 3-6 matches depending on skill and difficulty level.)

  • Legend of Dragoon FTW!

  • where’s Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS3 ???

    they’re available in other region stores months ago.

  • Happy that The Walking Dead Game is doing well… hopefully good signs for The Last of Us!

  • Can you guys please add Naruto shippuden ultimate ninja impact psp title ON PS Vita PLEASE!!!! i bought it 2 months ago for $39.99 and thinking it will work on the PS Vita a waste of money!!!!!! IM NOT BUYING ANYTHING ELSE FROM PSN!!!!

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