PlayStation E3 Live Broadcast Is Live Now!

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PlayStation E3 Live Broadcast Is Live Now!

The press conference has concluded, the cats are out of their respective bags, and you’ve had your minds blown – some might say literally – by The Last of Us.

Now the real fun begins. Over the next 3 days, we’ll be broadcasting live demos of the biggest and best games at E3 for PS3 and PS Vita. If you saw it on the stage – Beyond: Two Souls, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, God of War: Ascension, The Last of Us – you’ll get to meet the creators today, and experience ‘director’s cut’ demos with live commentary.

(If you just see a white space above this sentence, please refresh the page to load the video player.)

Today’s Schedule (Pacific Time):
PLEASE NOTE: Schedule is subject to change.

Don’t fret if you miss any of these sessions live – we’ll be archiving them all on the PlayStation YouTube page. Video games!

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  • Eastern time or..?

  • When will the next wave of LittleBigPlanet Vita beta invites be going out?

  • Nevermind, doesn’t look like it.

  • Thanks Jeff….going to have to watch the replays as work take priority…oh well…

    Great presentation with you and Christina Lee; enjoyed every minute of it.

    Keep up the great work !

  • Show Us Vita games. You may have thought they didn’t deserve even 10 seconds of press conference time, but that was a mistake. Start making up for it.

  • Jeff, my mind was blown by Beyond (God, I bet there’s no living with Greg Miller right now) Twin Souls. Something completely different and tecnologically innovative. Best tease of the presser, in my opinion. Yeah, yeah, Last of Us, everybody knows Naughty Dog is the best.

  • Never Mind, you’re showing 90% PS3 games :(

  • Jeff was SUPER nervous!

    Thanks anyways!

  • I see nothing :(

  • #7 Itäs actually 59% ps3 and 41% Psvita.

  • @ kivi95. Games on Both Don’t count.

  • @7
    What are you seeing? Four out of 12 are Vita games…

    And to anyone trying to watch this right now it starts in a half an hour i.e. 3pm EST.

  • @11
    Well what do they count as then huh? Xbox games?

  • There’s more to the Vita then games available on both the PS3 and Vita(or at least there should be). I want to see that. Sony is not letting me see it for some reason.

  • It’s actually 5 out of 12… (Really wish I could edit)

  • i love Meredith :)

  • @7, the PS3 is the more established console. Therefore devs are going to drop more content for it. The Vita is merely 4 months old. However, the Vita has some cool annoucements such as Sine Mora & Earth Defense Force hitting release soon. & AC in the fall… that really surprised me.

  • All those people waiting in line hoping to hear about the PS4, cloud gaming, vita price drop, and all they got was a wonderbook

  • D*mmit, this live streaming never workd on my AT&T 3G!

  • @10, thanks for the proper math. :thumbs:

    @11, haha, I don’t know what to say to that.

  • @15, yes, I see that now. Wish I could edit posts too. Yet I’ve seen users make editted posts in the past…:?

  • Who is working your cameras? so many issues today and yesterday. I get that it is live I do but this is ridiculous.

  • @18, the only valid rumor was cloud gaming. The other 2x were’t going to happen. & in terms of tech + content, Wonderbook was a good showing. Obviously the demo had some issues but tons of people enjoy the Harry Potter Universe & kids like to read & be like Harry Potter.

  • Mornings With Meredith, that could be something, at least maybe on Youtube, I’d watch that…

    And I’m glad Beyond has real fluent English speaking voice actors.

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Sony has admitted the Vita is dead. Everyone, sell your vitas now while you can still get some money for it.

  • This is highly unprofessional. I have only taken one semester of A/V class a little over 10 years ago, and even I know the importance of TESTING YOUR EQUIPMENT before you start. What is going on over there? You have all these great games to showcase and without fail every minute something is wrong. Either you don’t cut at the right time, the audio goes in and out or is completely out of sync this is ridiculous.

  • @25, wow you sound really bummed out.

  • I hope this stuff goes up on PSN… the stream was a bit glitched for a while.

  • Why are PS Blog streams so bad? This is Sony for crying out loud! I noticed this with the GOW:Ascension reveal. It cuts in and out then I have to refresh and I know it’s not me as I try different streams through other sites and they play fine. Come on guys, it’s frustrating! =(

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    I wonder if it will be like last year where we were completely ignored and all the questions came from twitter.

  • MP_is_for_Chumps

    btw PLEASE remember to add all E3 trailers to today’s PSN update.

    …youtube sucks !!

  • No love for DCUO at E3? :(

  • Really no one is going to discuss this? If they see us discussing it they will know something is wrong.

    Just in the last 38 minutes. Merediths program started 8 minutes late this means a section somewhere had to be cut. It may have been talking to David Cage or Jack Tretton or the guy showing off the Pulse headphones. I don’t know who he was since you cut to the middle of the interview with a robotic frog like voice coming out of him, and…….


    • Hi ShiranaiJittai, we’re running a tiny bit late, but our next segment should begin soon, featuring The Last of Us. The feed should be working properly, when you see the show floor, we are just preparing our next segment.

  • Confession. I am a journalist congratulations you are getting a story written about your incompetence for your own live stream now.

  • @26 & 29, my guess is user access. I doubt it’s the equipment. The production itself, meaning the queing of interviews or when to cut to a speaker isn’t Oprah quality but live streams are a messy affair until the US increases its data thoroughput. It’s crashing. Do you guys/gals recall the terrible UFC promo on the 360? It was glitchy because of user access.

  • DUST 514 should of been in the E3 Main show yesterday instead of half the junk that was displayed

  • @ 34 – ShiranaiJittai.

    At least they are streaming and it’s not only one locations, there are several they are streaming to.

    I didn’t see this available from Microsoft or Nintendo….

  • How the hell does a tech company like Sony screw up their stream so badly? I mean, really…..don’t they, you know, PREPARE for this stuff?

  • @shirana, alot is going on w/ Sony’s multi-cam setup (which was probably too ambitious) but so far the live feed is okay for me. I have to refresh now & then though.

  • What’s with all the tech difficulties? I’m having a lot of trouble watching this smoothly.

  • Sooo… What’s going happening on the live stream right now?

  • Where’s The Last of Us?!!

  • @38, no you really can’t. Did Blizzard host a beta for Diablo 3? Yes, & what happened on launch week? Massive off-line downtime because their servers & their data connection could not handle it. Same issue here.

  • Uhhhh, wasn’t the Last Of Us supposed to start like 10 minutes ago? Why am I getting a feed of the floor?

  • Get a new tech screw. Camera aint showing nothing but the show floor. Random sounds from The Last of Us keep playing….shudn’t u have worked this out?

  • Just me or is the The Last of Us not playing?


    Um am I missing something or was yesterday the E3? I though today was the main E3 day? If it was yesterday then I’m disappointed a LOT. Why was I thinking the big show was today and yesterday was a teaser of what today was?

  • @39 but so far the live feed is ok to me…… do you figure? We are staring at the show floor and mere minutes ago the last of us trailer audio was playing with no video. It has shut on and off countless times. When it crashes that is user related. When they don’t cut to specific transitions at the correct time? That is on them. When their audio isn’t synced properly from one mic to the next? That is on them. The only things having to do with the feed are the feed itself. I can understand a few issues in a live feed I can. But this feed has been going on for what maybe 45 minutes? and there were about 20 something errors in the first 15? Not all of this is user related.

  • StAr_KiLlEr_409k

    i really don’t see anything just people walking around but no video feed of the last of us and its 12:15 anyone has any ideas why

  • Nico Nico stream doesn’t work

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