DUST 514 at E3 2012: Summer Beta, PS Home, and a Vita App

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DUST 514 at E3 2012: Summer Beta, PS Home, and a Vita App

Hello from E3! We know you’re excited and following all of the great stories coming out of the show this year, we just want to briefly touch on some of the DUST 514 news that we’ve announced this week and we’ll be focusing on at the show.

DUST 514 at E3 2012: Summer Beta, PS Home, and a Vita App

First and foremost, we have details on our first Beta event of the summer. We know many of you are eagerly anticipating your chance to try out DUST 514, and we’re happy to announce that we’ll be doing a big wave of invites for our first summer Beta event on June 29, 2012, and will run throughout that weekend. This will coincide with an update to the Closed Beta containing what we’ve got on show at E3 and more, you can see it in action in our latest trailer (link below). If you haven’t already, you can register at www.DUST514.com/beta, and players will be chosen at random to participate. But don’t worry if you don’t make it into this first round; this is just the first of several Beta events scheduled for this summer, and we’re going to announce lots of info and chances to join the action in the coming weeks. If you are already in the DUST 514 Closed Beta as of today, you will have “All Access” to the Beta events over the summer.

Next, starting this week as a part of Sony’s Virtual E3 experience, DUST 514 will be fully integrated into PlayStation Home. Our DUST 514 Home Space is a great way for you to get up close and personal with the New Eden universe, and we’re really proud of how it’s turned out. Its a War Barge cantina in the EVE Universe, you can learn about the history of New Eden, hang out, earn awesome stuff like companions and armor for Home, play multiplayer Slay – the incredible strategic board game – and much more. In addition, we’re very excited to let you know that we are making available a wave of 10,000 “All Access” Closed Beta invites that visitors to the DUST 514 Home Space can earn by completing all the activities inside, with access to all the DUST 514 Beta events over the summer. So hurry and get yours before they’re gone! That said, the DUST 514 Space will remain live, and new content will be added, so Home users can definitely look forward to additional Beta keys to be distributed through the DUST 514 Home Space in the future.

Finally, we’re ready to talk a bit more about the DUST 514 companion app on the PlayStation Vita, DUST 514: Neocom. The app brings the feel and functionality from DUST 514 on PS3 to Vita, focusing on customization, communication and trade. Every character you use can be customized via DUST 514: Neocom, so you can create and edit customized fittings (load-outs) with a ton of different dropsuits, weapons, vehicles, items and more. You’ll also be able to use Neocom to access the in-game Mail system and Friends List, as well as use the Market to get new stuff for your character from the DUST 514 Marketplace using either ISK (in-game earned currency) or Aurum (purchased currency). DUST 514: Neocom is rolling out this year alongside DUST 514.

That’s it for now. Be sure to check out the new trailer we’ve released for E3 which features all new footage of Beta gameplay. Please watch for DUST 514 updates at and after E3!

Thanks! We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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  • Great news! I’m enjoying the private beta thus far, hopefully will help shape it into something truly great!

    Looking forward to hearing more and seeing the changes as time progresses.

  • The battle starts soon… yessss!

  • This is awesome! It was a shame not to have at least a little mention of Dust in the keynote (besides the logos in the slides).

    Now an android neocom client would be nice too…;-)

  • So ready for this Beta! Signed up awhile ago. Gonna get a sure Beta code from PS Home!

  • I got invited to the beta on the weekend, and this really is something special. I’m kind of uncomfortable with how money works in the game, but I’m sure that will change as the game gets closer to release.

  • Signed up for the beta! Should be a whole heck of a lot of fun!

  • Just got the beta downloaded waiting for the servers to come on to try it out..

  • Already in the Closed Beta and glad to see others getting in to join us. All I will divulge about the beta is {NDA} and some really awesome {NDA} with {NDA} and {NDA}. Lol. Loving it, think that sums it up.

    But ugh..Home. Guess only a Dust514 space is the only thing that could get me back in there.
    Really looking forward to the next update integrating E3 stuff..Dust514 is what I wanted t see most from E3, keep it going #tweetfleet!!

  • Ok, is the Dust 514 PS Home space already available?? If so how do I get to it? if not, when will it be available?? Also, I’m already a part of the Beta, but I’ll be checking out the Home space for Dust 514, and I don’t wish to receive another beta code, I rather have someone else have it.

  • I’m going to download PS Home so I can try to get into the beta. I want to help make this game as balanced as possible.

  • CmdrWang, where we can see the expo of DUST 514? According to PlayStation, they put a schedule for the games, and DUST 514 is scheduled at 2PM PT today. Do you have any additional information about this?

  • I already have signed up for beta when registration went live but haven’t received invitation code as of yet. If someone has spare invitation throw it to me.

  • when i click on the beta site to register it takes me to the Battlefield 3 post on here

  • I’ve been so stoked about this game since I heard of it at last years E3, though I still wounder how the EVE and Dust players work together,if clans are possible, how deep the customization goes, and if its possible to own your own planet. I have already registered for the beta but to help my odds of getting in when is the PS Home space going to be available.

  • Thanks CmdrWang for the info, am looking forward for the new build this THU.

    @13 try this link: https://secure.dust514.com/

  • Really, really, really, really would like to see the companion app made available for iOS devices so I can do this same stuff on my ipad on the go. This stuff needs to be available like that. Make it happen please!!#$#@! Now if only I could find more time to play in the BETA!

  • i was really shocked that Sony did not put DUST 514 on the main E3 show yesterday. i believe Dust 514 is the first Free to Play on ANY console to date. its just another marketing blunder by Sony

  • InfinityAbsolute

    @Shrapnel do you own a PS3? DCUO? Killzone 3 MP? i guess free realms.. but yeah. GO ACTUALLY BUY A PS3.

  • as a beta member of Dust 514 and an eve online player I welcome you to the cold, and harsh universe of new eden, I cannot wait to shoot all of you and make you lose your stuff.

    I would recommend beta members to ask for help on the private dust 514 beta forum before buying any skills or weapons and stuff.

  • i got my beta key

  • @18, sound advice. Just saw the live interview on Dust 514 here in the blog. PSYCHED. I don’t mind spending $$ on a living, inticate universe of Eve. Here’s hoping for a Beta key!



  • How do you get the beta key from the space? I got into the space around an hour ago and never got a code.

  • @22, They will pull your name out of a hate at a later date. A random 10,000 will get keys.

    Where is the Dust PSHome space? I cannot find it anywhere. They said it’s up on the E3 expo, but I still haven’t located it anywhere. I’m gettin’ annoyed, lol.

  • The beta link takes me to a page about Battlefield 3

  • @InfinityAbsolute how dumb are you? I can tell all you are is try hard.

    KZ3 was NOT F2P and Dust514 is.

  • http://www.dust514.com/beta

    Copy that into your address bar.

  • Maybe it is a super secret way of keeping out people who can’t think?

  • @23, Thanks for the response! Also, the Dust 514 space is inside the e3 Booth but to access the space, you have to complete the challenges in the booth.

  • http://www.dust514.com/

    right in the middle of the page… relax.

  • can’t wait for this game to be out im just waiting to play the beta i did everything it asked so hope to play you guy in Dust 514

  • What is the release date for Dust 514?

    Will there be ocean planets with submarines, swimmer delivery vehicles, weaponized sea scooters, etc?

  • Ok, so I got into the Dust space, won a game of Slay (very tricky btw, played on the first map), and interacted with everything I could find including the useless bartender. My question is how and when will I get the key? I’m really hoping I’m one of the first 10,000 since it’s only been a few hours since it started. The entire process was a little vague… good luck to everyone else and I’ll see you guys in the beta!

  • Can’t wait for the game and will you be making some Dust home content that would be cool

  • foxfirerider343

    it looks a lot like halo if i must say so myself although i have signed up for the beta and cant wait to get my hands on it

  • Day one me and my amazing wife we be playing this now all we need is a new Everquest 3 for ps3 : ).


    I have already been playing the closed beta for about a month already. I’m glad to see that we will be getting some new recruits.

  • @ Shrapnel_
    you really should try thinking before posting…

  • Wheres the DUST 514 home space? I cant find it

  • in order to access the dust 514 space you have to complete the 12 quests in the E3 space.

  • I’ve been playing the Beta a bit since last week, it’s really something.

  • does anyone know where i can get a Dust 514 t-shirt in PS Home? i saw someone wearing one and would love to get one. thanks

  • I know DUST 514 will be a great game. Hope to get in the beta I signed up for it like day 1 anyways I’ll check
    the DUST 514 space out in home bet it looks great.


    Since a lot of people don’t understand how to go about getting a beta key mentioned in this post (there should still be plenty left as of this writing), here’s a step-by-step guide on what you need to do:

    1. Go to PS Home. You should spawn in the E3 area. If not, head there.

    2. Find the Dust 514 kiosk. There should be a really big Dust merc right outside the kiosk, near the stairs. Click on him** (**note: you may or may not need to complete the 12 E3 mini-challenges (found around that location) to unlock the ability to talk to the large Dust merc).

    3. Download the Dust Warbarge room when the box pops up (called Event Horizon Lounge or something similar).

    4. Talk to the recruitment officer once in the Warbarge who will tell you that to get a beta key, you’ll need to watch every video and win a game of Slay (the game of Slay does NOT need to be a multiplayer win). You might not technically need to speak to him first, but he’s got some game info you can browse through as well.

  • 5. There are 4 videos right around the recruitment officer that give a short explanation of each of the 4 races–watch them. There are 2 videos above the bar on the side closest to the window facing the planet outside–watch them.

    6. Go to the big room on the side of the bar opposite the recruitment officer (you’ll probably see a lot of players through the hallway). This is where the game Slay is. Play a single-player match and win (it may work for multiplayer too). It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, and reading the instructions first is recommended.

    7. After you’ve won, go back to the recruitment officer. Don’t click on him, but instead look just behind and to the right of him (as you face away from the bar) and you should see a little area that looks like another video section. Go there. You should see a pop-up when you click on it that tells you that you’ve qualified for the Beta and it will give you a voucher code.

    8. Go to the PS Store and find “Redeem Code” at the top right. Input the code you received in Step 7. Download the client.

    Hope this helped. If you want to mention these posts (or copy it verbatim) in yours to let people know how it’s done, please feel free.

  • OK, I got my Dust 514 Beta key from the Dust 514 Home space, I entered the code on my PS3, then downloaded and installed the game client. I tried checking out the Beta forums on Dust514.com but access was denied. Do I have to wait until I actually create my character before I can access the forums? and if so, when exactly does this weekend’s beta test start?

  • I have no grasp on how hyped gamers are for this thing. People seem skeptical, to say the least. Even though it’s a F2P game, people seem bummed that it isn’t up to the standards of Battlefield 3 and Tribes Ascend. I don’t know about that personally, as I haven’t played it yet. But the EVE Online Connection is something I’m VERY cold on.

    As far as I can tell, EVE’s infamous community is one of the worst ever. I mean, I’ve heard of people IN REAL LIFE sabotaging other gamers’ lives to get a leg up in the game’s economy. I’ve heard of groups of players conspiring for months to take down a large, neutral port in the game and grief other peoples (the “Burn Jita” event). Is the fact that those psychos can mess with us using orbital strikes supposed to be a bullet point that SELLS this to anyone? That community should be locked up and limited to just ONE game, if you ask me. Anyone attracted to something that hardcore probably considers gaming a job; their last fix on PS3 was probably MAG. And that community…wasn’t very large, last time I checked.

    I don’t know. Dust is one huge question mark. I’m eager to see how it all plays out, but I’m not necessarily eager to play this thing myself.

  • @43
    I’m not sure if Beta events are every weekend or not. The only confirmed (at least right now) event I know of is the one on June 29th. I’m also not sure about the forums, it may just take a day or so for everything to process.

  • @43
    According to the screen that pops up after you launch Dust (and update), servers are up from 11:30 UTC Thursdays to 11:30 UTC Mondays, so apparently we could be playing by this time tomorrow.

  • Slay is hard as s@^#%! But i finally won lol, got my beta key =)

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