The Drop: Week of June 4th 2012 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of June 4th 2012 New Releases

On Blu-ray for PS3, Inversion is a third-person co-op shooter that combines hard-hitting, adrenaline-pumping action with a revolutionary gravity manipulation engine. Featuring the Grappler weapon, players will be able to manipulate gravity for their own purposes.

On PSN, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown contains a full overhaul of Virtua Fighter 5’s mechanics, balance and animations, along with new game modes, new dynamic fighting arenas, a massive collection of customizable character items and new characters.

PlayStation 3

Inversion — Set in the near future, the tranquil peace enjoyed by mankind shatters with an unforeseen invasion by an unknown enemy called the Lutadore. Armed to the teeth with futuristic gravity-controlling weapons, the Lutadore easily overrun the city’s defenses. Unbeknownst to all, mysterious anomalies have surfaced in conjunction with the invasion. Random regions in the city have entered zero gravity or have suffered vector changes, throwing the world into topsy-turvy chaos. Assuming the role of Davis Russel, a hotheaded 28-year-old cop, or Leo Delgado, Davis’ neighbor, players will embark on a journey through the disorienting war-ravaged, gravity twisted streets of their home town and beyond, to find Davis’ missing child.

PlayStation Network

Virtua Fighter 5 Showdown: Complete Edition — The fifth entry in SEGA’s advanced, realistic fighting game series. Once again, the realtime level of visual detail and character animation has been upped to the most advanced levels, with next-generation lighting and detail on the fighters and environments. Players will be able to customize their characters by selecting from various patterned costumes and a wide range of attachable items that can be placed onto each fighter’s various body parts. Players will not only achieve victory by defeating highly-skilled opponents, but will also compete for prizes and earn in-game money through the match to buy many items at an in-game shop.

Bang Bang Racing — Bang Bang Racing is an arcade-style racing game focused not only on the speed but also on the technical driving skills. The intuitive control system and the exciting tracks provide endless fun for everyone in the family.

This racer delivers fast-paced racing around every corner and down every straight. Drive high-speed, pumped-up racing cars through cones, tires and exploding barrels! Be one step ahead of your competitors, finding shortcuts, repairing your car in the pitlane, and dominating your opponents from the top-down view.

Madagascar 3: The Video Game — Madagascar 3: The Video Game, players must help Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo, and Melman the Giraffe find a way home while working for a traveling circus. In single or two player co-op mode, players will travel across Europe to promote the circus by completing challenging and zany missions given by the Penguins, performing amazing publicity stunts on some of Europe’s most notable landmarks, and dazzling the crowd with fun circus acts fit only for a Madagascar-style circus extravaganza! All the Madagascar friends are along for the ride in this comedic circus adventure including King Julien, Maurice and Mort, the chimps Phil and Mason, the Penguins, plus their new circus pals Stefano the sea lion, Vitaly the Siberian tiger and Gia the jaguar.

PS Vita Demos

  • The Pinball Arcade

PS3 Demos

  • Bang Bang Racing
  • The Pinball Arcade


  • Icon’s 5-In-1 Minis Collection

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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    Welfare? are you joking LMAO. Dude that crap pays nothing man so when if you know secrets I don’t know about that pays well then I’ll quit my job and draw that stuff then lol.


    Dude are you in comedy? Welfare really? I can’t believe you assumed that man lol. How would anyone afford ps3, games, a corvette and a 5 bedroom house and support his 4 kids and wife on welfare? When you find out please let me know man lmao. You a funny guy man lol. Welfare he says. You must be on that to know about it so well huh?

  • I feel like Inversion will be stupid, but fun. The kind of game that should be fun if you rent it through Gamefly for a weekend. Probably a disappointment considering how long it’s been in development, and the fact that Sabre did Timeshift, which was promising and ambitious. And also the Halo 10th Anniversary Edition that just came out last year. Those guys seem to be technically on the cusp of being a AAA developer, but they have absolutely no handle on how to create a compelling, original universe. Inversion’s looks noticeably dumber than Timeshift. That’s a shame. If I rent this, I’ll probably play it on mute and listen to podcasts.

    Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown seems like a really good download considering it’s a better version of a game that came out on physical discs earlier this generation. Bang Bang Racing looks like it could be fun too.

    But overall, not an exciting download week. I blame E3…of course, it would be nice to get some PSN content during the show. Don’t Sony and Microsoft do that “E3 Experience” thing where a game releases it’s E3 demo on the downloadable networks the same time it’s at E3? I’m hoping for some E3 surprises.

  • I guess now’s a good time as any to finally get into Virtua Fighter.

  • @BLUExEYED-SLICKT I have been commenting on playstation blog for a long time and yes I have seen a lot of your posts on here and came to the obvious conclusion that you are one of the biggest tools I have ever seen comment on here. I am glad that the blog has banned your other accounts it serves you right be a troll and you will be treated like one.

  • @+ NASCAR_Rcn8: PS+ is a roulette. You either take the risk of getting content you already own, or you don’t.It’s your choice to do so. So just don’t resubscribe if you don’t like how they do it.

    @54: Last I knew, Square hadn’t even begun development on Final Fantasy X HD. Perhaps they started since then, I’d hope… and it should (in theory) take that long to create. I guess it’ll depend how much effort they go through. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary/Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath route, or the more basic treatment… or they could pull a Konami and outsource and send the developer incomplete source code. lolKonami…

    @64: Dude, Rayman has no DLC… how would they do an Ultimate Bundle? PS3/PSVita digital bundle maybe? :/

  • Anyhoo… The Drop never shows *all* content on regular days. So I’m not too bothered with it.

    Especially considering E3 tomorrow. And after a quick forum sweep, I’ll scamper off to bed to get that much closer to Sony’s conference!

    Even if E3 doesn’t bring anything for us Tuesday, I have tons of backlog to work through anyway.

  • Oops… My 106 comment. I meant to say in my response to @54 “and it should (in theory) NOT take that long to create”.

    Wish we could edit comments!… or I could proof read more, but meh~ ;P

  • As a PS+ member ill agree with Nascar first few post. granted i dont own a lot of PS3/PSN titles. the content we got so far ps+ content wise hasnt been what i expected it to be. Dont get me wrong ill download the games, content they give, bt majority of the time ill just delete later (usually the same day)

    It would be nice to get some choices for the service we are paying for. i dont see why people have to hate on other for expressing their opinions about that. Yes not every update (psn, or PS+ wise) is going to cater just for us, but with the means on PS+ where some people are paying for content they already own, weeks, months go by wasted. Sony needs to understand this. so i hope all these talk about changing PS+ is going well, and like i said in my last post, hopefully it can go in soon since these past couple of updates havent been all that good, and with E3 you would think they’d be taking it a bit more seriously.

  • Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown finally being available in North America this week makes this one of the best updates ever!

    On a side note, I hope this year’s E3 brings lots of great news for us PlayStation fans!

  • Just what is sony doing. They stay with weak updates, if they want some good drops they should stick with ps1 and ps2 classics or some good ps3 games worth a download. This is upsetting.

  • I just shake my head at people who pay $50/year for Plus and then expect the world. What did you think, that you were going to get to pick and choose whatever you wanted off of PSN. Talk about needing a reality check.

    You get free games, plus 20% discounts on numerous psn titles, storage to the cloud, full game trials and automatic updates and early access to betas. Don’t like it, don’t subscribe. Already subscribed and don’t like it, then don’t resubscribe.

    Fed up with the guys who think paying a lousy $50 a year entitles them to some sort of special privilege to bellyache, dictate and basically annoy everybody else with their kvetching.

    Hell, this past month, you got well over $50 worth of free games alone. Don’t like em, too bad. Because a lot of us do.

  • It’s a shame when an honest and polished fighting game such as Virtua Fighter 5 gets no love among the mainstream audience. Especially for PS3 fans, they should be happy with this release, since the PS3 disc version of VF5 had no online play.

    Anyways, I wonder if the lack of PS1 / PS2 releases lately has anything to do with Sony figuring out a way to make the current Classics library available on PSVita. I assume it won’t be as easy as making a new emulator or something, as there are licenses and agreements with 3rd party developers involved.

  • @104/106
    I thought FFXHD was in development? Maybe I’m wrong… I just remember back in February, Square was definitely talking about it.

  • Am I the only one excited for Virtua Fighter final showndown ?

  • Some info about Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD would be nice. Hopefully they’ll give some information out at E3, but I doubt it.

    Oh well, I’ll most likely pass on this week.

  • A really bad fighting game and a movie tie-in game? I’ll pass.

    ….but I shouldn’t be surprised. Looks like I’m waiting until the fall to pick up anything new. I guess I can work on my golf game all summer.

  • E3 is finally going to be here! Hopefully we will see great store content this month, sadly I am not an PS+ subscriber so I don’t get the full discount deals but still, can’t wait.

  • @Nascar_Rcn8

    I get your first point, if you already have a game, then it would be cool to have a second choice of a game you don’t have.
    But there isn’t a second choice, you get multiple games instead, which is cool.

    Also, you said something about how it’s pointless to get it if you own them all already. Well, most of the games I got were either free or had a discount the first day it hit the store. For example, last year I bought Resident Evil 4 for 10$ (50% Off) and it was on sales the same time it hit the store, I did the same for RE5: GE, I ended up saving over 100$ in the 3 months of my subscription. And even with my 18$ subscription, I’m still over 100$.

    Alot of games were released free for PS+ the day it was available on the store, you can’t argue that they were all old games. Got some great free games too.

    In any case, Sony always tell people what’s coming so you know what to expect. But for E3, They WILL announced an overhaul (Or cancelation) of PS+, check the “Last Chance” Both NeoGeo and Creat Games will be gone. They already canceled Qore, so what’s coming? I don’t know.

  • Yeah, rather sad drop. Hoping for something special for Plus to come out of E3. Feels like Sony stood us up and not even answering the phone :P
    Anyone else having trouble with updates? My Amazon app needs an update but keeps failing. If it doesn’t work soon I’ll have to cancel my Amazon prime. There’s other things that won’t update too. I can browse the store and download demos and whatnot, so I dunno what’s going on.

  • #118,

    I sure hope they aren’t cancelling Plus, I just bought another 3 mos. But, Sony has let us down before. Like the 2010 update that removed support for Linux. I had about 60 drawings/digital paintings that I did with The Gimp in Ubuntu that were lost. I have a bunch that I saved as jpg’s and uploaded to my portfolio, but I lost all the multi-layered originals, so I can’t go back and change them. Partly my fault for not backing them up. But Sony could have warned us.

  • I’m sure we will see something unexpected with the update tomorrow. Never underestimate the power of PlayStation. The Drop doesn’t always give away everything that will be in the update.

  • A lot of people here don’t seem to recognize Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown.

    It’s one of the elite releases of the year for PSN, and arguably, quite literally, the best 3D fighting game ever made.

  • I personally can’t wait for the new Virtual Fighter 5. I have been wanted them to port that domesticly for the last two years. I can’t wait. I hope they continue with the tradition of having Three days of digtial content like they have done for the last three years that’s always cool. Finally I hope they do something special for Playstation Plus Members since it’s the second year that the service has been offered. I will most certainly stay tuned!!

  • #122

    I have about a half dozen fighter type games that I never play. Not my cup of tea. And I have even more driving games. Everytime I search for something to buy lately, I tell myself not to get another driving game. Usually there’s a wide selection of offerings so not a big problem. I get more bent outta shape about stuff I already have not working for some reason. I just hope they have a nice surprise around the corner for us Plus folks. We’re usually kept in the loop and get news a week before a new month. Getting free games every month is really cool, it’s hard to imagine it getting any better than free stuff!

    *crosses fingers and awaits for whar tomorrow brings*

  • LOL @ the whiney immature sockpuppets screaming about a guy who wants what he paid for instead of the same lame excuses. Give your heads a shake. Nobody outside your basement cares about some kid who screams at anyone who won’t put sony on a pedestal. Would be better if Rey or somebody in the company started responding instead of leaving it to the clown shoes.

    About the drop itself, it is more than a little weak. I’ve seen a few speculating that its because of E3 this week. It isn’t the drop has always been pretty much about the upcoming week. What we typically see at E3 is 6 months to a year away or more.

  • Since people still seem to be confused, let me reiterate what was already said on the Blog.
    PS2 Classics will not be coming to the Vita. It was never an announced feature, it was never a hinted at feature. They’re only getting them running on the PS3 by recoding them to work with the Cell processor. It would take another complete recode to get them working on the PSV.
    We’re getting PSOne Classics on the PSV because they announced they would be doing it. And it’s likely more of a FW issue with the Vita rather than needing to recode PS1 games.
    Quit lumping them together already. It’s already been confirmed it’s not happening.

  • The wait is killing me!! D:

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  • worst drop week ever

  • Wow.! I am surprised at all the hate at this week’s update.
    Virtua Fighter V Showdown is a game I have been waiting for years to play. Finally, online VF!
    Bang Bang Racing looks great and The Pinball Arcade demo is a nice touch.
    Virtua Fighter V Showdown alone is a great update – everything else added is just gravy.

  • @majicmanj virtua figher 5’s been out years, check out the bargain bin of your local game store, this is just a rehash much like was done with streetfighter 4. If Sega played their cards right they won’t have left the online portion absent on ps3 like they did previously when that other system had it.

  • Free tomorrow on PS+

    Infamous 2
    Saints Row 2


  • 12 things for free.

    Those above, plus

    Virtua Fighter 5
    Just Cause 2
    Choplifter HD

    3 more to be announced.

  • I’m impressed and excited! Glad I bought protocol instead of infamous 2… was a toss up, but made the right chouce. I have LBP2, and excited about it too because it means a huge influx of creators to the community. Nicely timed too since LBP carting is around the corner.

  • During the talk about the new PS+, they said “and new games will be mixed into the rotation later”. Are these games only available to play for a limited amount of time? I guess we’ll see soon.

  • @CaptainJames99, I have VF V.
    Final Showdown is not a just a rehash. It introduces a new character, brings back an old character, updates the balance and adds online play. For those of us who don’t live near arcades this is a chance to play other VF players and against a lot of different human players. And the 360 may have had online play, but this has been redone and also includes lobby and spectator mode all for $15.
    Sure, it’s not another generic FPS game with BFGs and requires skill and has varied opponents instead of a bunch of campers, but a lot of us like these kinds of games. No campers, no QTEs, no mega deaths from 9,000 yards away, just straight up one vs. one, skill vs. skill in real time.

  • Look just cause its not a shooter doesn’t stop it from being a rehash, face it it is. capcom did much the same with Street fighter 4, twice no less.

  • Can’t wait for the PSone library games for my Vita. They better not slowly updated like the PSP library. Hopefully I can play Pocket Fighter on the Vita unlike the PSP.

  • Where is The Walking Dead Episode 2 dattebayo????

  • If most of you really cared this much about gaming, you would have watched E3 last night when they talked about the store updates this month. We’re getting Infamous, Little Big Planet 2, and 10 others totally free! Quit whining, and don’t act like a game if you are gonna be ignorant.

  • Playstation Network where is the great games like: Brave Fencer Musashi, Breath of Fire, Diablo, Dragon Warrior VII, Legend of Legaia, Lunar Silver Star Story, Lunar 2 Eternal Blue, Mega Man Legends, Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Persona, Star Ocean the Second Story, Strider 2, Suikoden II, Tales of Destiny, Thousand Arms, Tomba, Valkyrie Profile and X-COM UFO Defense. These are the best games not yet available on the playstation network. I do not understand the crummy games like Backstreet Billards, Bowling, Championship Bass, Coolboarders, Dead in the Water, Delta Force, Destruction Derby, Dirt Jockey, Disney’s Lilo and Stitch, Extreme Pinball, Ford Racing, Hi Octane, International Track and Field, Jigsaw Madness, Magic Carpet, Mass Destruction, Missile Command, Monster Bass, Motor Toon Grand Prix, One, Perfect Weapon, Populous, Rally Cross, Reel Fishing I and II, Reloaded, Sim City 2000, Sim Theme Park, Sno Cross Championship, Socerer’s Maze, Spec Ops, Star Wars Dark Forces, Ten Pin Alley, TNN Motorsports Hardcore, Tom Clancy Rainbow Six, Virtual Pool 3, Warhawk, XS Racing, XS Dodgeball, XS Football, XS Soccer and 2Xtreme all of these games suck and were not Classics even when they were originally released.

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