YouTube Coming Soon to PS Vita

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YouTube Coming Soon to PS Vita

YouTube for PS Vita

Hi everyone! PS Vita was developed with the idea of creating and delivering compelling content for gamers. With the recent announcements of applications such as nico nico, Treasure Park, Wake-up Club, and Skype, we’re continuing to build out PS Vita’s portfolio of applications. Today, we’re very excited to announce the latest application addition to PS Vita – YouTube!

Coming at the end of June, YouTube will be available as a free downloadable application for PS Vita via the PS Vita Store. With the YouTube application on PS Vita, you can watch millions of YouTube videos on the stunning 5” OLED screen, from comedy to gaming tips to today’s viral trends. The YouTube application features many of the functions you’re already familiar with – you can easily search for videos, choose favorites and make comments, and your personal YouTube account is available right on your PS Vita.

As we move further into 2012, we look forward to introducing you to more unique, social and immersive experiences only available on PS Vita. How will you use YouTube on PS Vita?

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  • Keep up the awesome apps Sony. Now people can complain about something else for a change. It was only a matter of time people.

  • The only reason i care for this is that now people will stop posting “Where’s YouTube” topics on the boards.

    Unfortunately as no one is ever happy i expect a lot of “Why cant i _______ In the YouTube app!?!?!” topics… Sigh.

  • Good news.

    In game recording and upload to youtube can’t be far away.

    Any chance EyeCreate could be optimized for the VITA?

  • Best news ever !!! Thank you Sony,.. This just makes me love Vita even more !!!

  • Pues ya iba siendo hora que se pusieran las pilas los de PS .
    Las aps van caendo a cuenta gotas! :/

  • This is great news!! Can’t wait. I use my vita everyday on my hour lunch break. Sometimes its games, sometimes its watching a show on netflix. Now I can add Youtube to my rotation. Just hope the ps1 support will be coming soon!

  • does this mean HTML5 for ps vita?or just youtube?hope i can watch videos posted in facebook….

  • Notice the perfect 5 rating for this post?

    People want this app very badly.

    Thank you.

  • That’s Nice!!

  • YES! YES! YES!

  • no regrets!

  • lets see if i get this right you make a app for something that shuld just run threw the web browser from launch so i half to fill up another slot in the vitas gui that can only have a max of 100 icons 15 that are set in stone that leaves 85 plus a game in the console so now you only have 84 i dont get this why dose it seam like the psp was a better hand held console to me it looks like every new thing i read about the vita and experianc owning one makes me think what is sony thinking thy tryed to re invent the wheel and mace a squer and every one is like ya what a go sony am i like the only one that sees that the vita gui just is one of the worst things sont thoght of the xmb with all its probloms is a way better gui thin what ever it is thy want to call this gui on the vita

  • who wants a iphone cause i don’t need it anymore. i wanna dowload resistance burning skies but my question is how good it is to 1 to 10?

  • @BUD_TOKER_13 : Gui is pretty amazing,.. it is fast and functional ,.. (I understand potential lack of bubbles,.. maybe they could cram more of them later on,..) But it is pretty functional as it is

  • Resistance: Burning Skies is about a 4/10. Below average.

  • Finally people will shut up -_-

    But now they will find something else to complain about.

  • Lol yall mean. I posted it at the same time others posted, but I thought I was gonna be first. Damn it all.

  • @puamdefoke how funtional is it i half to start a app to play music look at pics or play a vid i half to run a app to use fb and if i wast to mess with my settings i half to start the web brouser when its all sed and done we aer going to have more apps then games why cant i make folders for my pics music and vids the gui is half baked i miss the xmb it just worked and you know what thy say if it ant broke dont fix it the xmb was the best gui on a game consol i have ever seen IMO and it can work just fine with touch left right up down tap to select not brain surgery

    I GOT A APP FOR THAT is what ther moto shuld be what is this a iphone

    thy shuld work more on bringing us the stuff that shuld be ther right now like remot play it works no better then on psp wasent ther a comershal saying start you game at home take it on the go showing remot play

  • I want WWE13 on the vita!!!

  • @62 i just finished playing multiplayer for like an hour and im addicted. guns are so much fun. for me as a portable fps i give it 8

  • Hey Sony nice job by getting us a YouTube app for the Vita. But what the Vita is really lacking are the games, not just first party but third party exclusive games. It’s great that we are getting Sly Cooper (Day one for both systems) and maybe PASBR(another day one), but we need games that are unique that will make us pick up our Vitas and not our 3DS when it’s time to leave to head to work.

    I want PS1 support for the Vita like how it is on the PSP. I want to play Legend of Dragoon on the go on my 5in OLED Vita. I want Soul Scarfice to come to the US. I want RPGs, action, shooters and, I want the experience that I can only get on my Vita and not on my PS3 or any other system.

    Sony, I know you can deliver and I’ll be watching your E3 conference. I don’t have high standards, just the heart of a gamer.

    I also want to say that Resistance is one of the best games I’ve played so far since I’ve own a Vita. First edition owner.

  • sony made the right choice one thing down a few more things needed . the main problem i have with the vita is that we dont have folders?

  • @67 xmb is the best gui? wow ihonestly never thought id Hear that. best announcment for me at e3 would b a xmb revamp

  • Awesome app. I hope sony can come up with dial number apps. So we can slot in sim card and make a phone call. Plus text msg… To text a messages.

  • Sweet!! I knew this was coming just wanted to know when! And less then a month away it feels great! finally i can watch all the sweetness of Youtube on that awesome screen!

  • vevo

  • @73 the app u want seem to be text now

  • @kiikooo can you name a better gui for a game console every thing is just there theirs no need to flip threw screens open apps it is simple eligent an most important IT JUST WORK AS IT SHOULD i can skip between videos with it without backing out of vids i can make folders to store tv shows or movies or adult content same with music and pics i can make folders to have my games more organised one of the complaints i always hear about the xmb is it looks to cluttered no the vita gui is cluttered and if you have more then one mem stick it misses up all you icons/bubbles what thy could not put a settings file on you mem stick so it knows wear you like your app/games for each stick i swear the first chance i get to go CFW on vita im there and i only run OFW on my ps3

  • Great !!!

  • hope youtube works good with no problems and all features working. skype came out but it needs more features hoping for a update on that app soon. anyways happy for youtube. im guessing this is sonys way to not add HTML5 full support oh well. thanks again sony.

  • I want you to achieve this in ps vita.
    ・adobe flash player 11.2
    ・ustream Application
    ・dailymotion Application
    ・veoh web player Application
    ・ Application
    ・Livestream Application
    ・OS switching function(android 2.3.7 gingerbread)
    ・Corresponding to the Google Play
    ・adobe reader 10.2.0
    ・adobe air 3.3
    ・es file explorer
    ・google chrome browser
    ・dolphin browser hd
    ・boat browser mini
    ・galapagos browser
    ・adobe photoshop touch

  • @star_7s do you also want a app to request apps LOL you forgot a qr code app

  • Mr. Don Mesa,

    This news could have not come at a better time! Now I can watch hamsters run in their wheels and get thrown off and laugh on public transportation on my way to work!

    I also love that I can now watch walkthroughs for games on my PS3 or PC without having to Alt+Tab back and forth between software!

    Thank You!

  • you might as well make a app to emulate a iphone so you can buy iphone apps what about games thats what i want after all it is a gaming device

  • @Bud_Toker_13 I def like the vita gui more than the ps3’s. Yeh we need folders but it will be easily added. And also other thing that bugs me about the vita is how it connects to the playstation network. I don’t really need to keep seeing a message pop up a couple of times saying please wait. But still can be fixed.
    What i hate about the xmb is that it feels like I’m using a camera or a tv and not a gaming console. Yeah its perfect for bravias or cameras but i don’t just want simple for my game console. I want it to be more about games. I want better visual gui and animations to show my Psn Id and trophies. Better gui for comparing trophies. Better for video content so i don’t have to go to store and download a video and can just stream it.
    There are so many things i cannot stand about the xmb but like u said it works so i guess no complains. I just really wish they’d do a revamp to the whole thing.

    I don’t have a 360 i just have a live account coz I’m a game developer and i publish games on wp7 but it is actually so cool to have your avatar and how customized your live profile can be to make it urs.

    so the psn id thing need to def get revamped

  • Great news!
    Vita is looking better and better, though battery life is still my main concern.

  • @kiikooo i use tversity on my pc and stream movies from my pc to my ps3 and you can streem most content on the web with the web browser it has net flix vudu for streaming ya graphicly its not to pleasing to the eye but then again its about the games and with the xmb you can hold hundreds of games and make it look good the gui on the vita seams to be about the apps i personaly would just like one more app added to the vita gui a games app it would be like the photo/video/music app with folders for the diferant types of games say vita psp minis and that way you can save the gui for all the apps your harts content and no limet the number of games yop can have

  • Awesome. Time for the next complaint on the list.

  • @84: I hate that about connecting to PSN too. Do it in the background, and have the little circle thing in the corner. I can put two and two together. I don’t need to be forced to watch the same dialog boxes pop up every time I switch apps… bleh.

    @70: People that make apps and people that make games are usually not the same.

    And you need to put things into perspective. Remove all the games and announcements from the 3DS that occurred after the PS Vita’s current worldwide life on the market. Took 3 or so months just to get Ocarina of Time 3D. Which was the first actual big game on the 3DS… and it was the same price as the Vita…

    You can’t compare the announcements and game releases of something that’s been out for over a year with something that’s not even half a year old yet. Compare the Vita’s life right now to the 3DS’ life at the same time frame. Then you get an accurate comparison.

  • Thanks for finally announcing one is being worked on. Tired of people whining about it. It was a safe bet we’d get one.

    Some apps I would like;
    Notepad of some kind

    And most important of all… PlayStation Blog app. I can’t be arsed to sign in on my PS Vita when I check the blog. Too tedious when I’m on a device where I’m signed into my account already… xP

  • @thebadnews this just might be me but i use the bus to get around i got my vita for that i used it yesterday as i was doing my errons i was out for 3 hr i played some reality fighters demo moterstorm rc and the whole time nonstop played music and only used 1/4th the battery now i only have the wifi modle so i was not conected to any network which might have something to do with it cus i know when im at home and have it online i only get 2 hr till the battery dies so the battery life will depend on what you use it for

  • Was referring to the browser in my last paragraph if that wasn’t clear.

  • Hella YEAH, This has rekindled my excitement for the vita, and to think i was about to sell my vita to gamestop or eBay as soon as E3 was over if I didn’t see anything compelling. Keep the good stuff coming Sony. I need some more great games to justified this expensive toy.

  • one thing i find funny about the vita is thy have no voice recorder it seams like a simple thing but would be nice i guess i culd just use the vid recorder but hay

  • FINALLY! Will we be able to choose what resolution to watch the videos as in we won’t be stuck watching videos in SD?

  • That’s nice… I guess. Support for HTML5 video in the browser would be way better though.

  • @BUD_TOKER_13 You can do so many things with it I’m not saying it bad but the whole feel of the system is just that its not really a gaming console. Don’t get me started on how i deal with messages hehe. Anyway to each his own i just like visual and fancy gui’s i guess.

    Back to kicking ass in resistance.

  • @kiikooo you can polish a turd but its still a turd don’t matter how pretty it is it still smells and a board might not look pretty but you can do more with a board then you can a turd LOL

  • i like my gui utilitarion in nacher all i need is for it yo do what it needs to do all this pretty just takes up prossesing power and with the vita its obvius the gui is alwas running in the background and all that dose is take power that culed be used for games a gui is just for starting your apps/games dont need to be fancy just my opinion and you know what thy say about opinions ther like a holes every one has one and thy think thers dont stink LOL you

    you can pleas som of the ppl some of the time but you cant pleas every one all the time

    this is just one more thing i will need to just get use to thy wont change it just for me and i dont expect them too i just see to many limitations in the vita gui now the avrige person will never notice them but im in no way normal LOL

  • YAY!!! I have a reason to activate my 3g again… Bout time! Thanx Sony!

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