See Retro City Rampage in Action on PS Vita

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See Retro City Rampage in Action on PS Vita

As I announced in the last blog post, Retro City Rampage is coming to PS3 and PS Vita! But today I bring more great news…

Recently in Toronto we held an amazing event called PlayStation <3 Canada to promote and support Canadian indie game developers. In attendance were us here at Vblank Entertainment, Drinkbox Studios (Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack), Queasy Games (Sound Shapes), ][ Games (Dyad) and more. It was a blast! For me, the highlight was finally giving fans a chance to see and play the PS Vita version of Retro City Rampage for the first time. I’ve been going on for a while about how amazing it looks on the PS Vita, and now you can see what it looks like for yourself.

See Retro City Rampage in Action on PS Vita

Those of you who are worried that the characters might be too small on the PS Vita screen needn’t be! It supports two screen modes. The standard mode designed specifically for the PS Vita scales everything up and ensures that the characters and everything else are easy to see. Alternatively, the second mode uses smaller pixels but displays the entire 16:9 widescreen image and supports the TV/arcade screen borders of the PS3 counterpart, so it’s entirely up to you.

The PS Vita’s touchscreen also adds a nice… touch. RCR is a love letter to the days of the d-pad, for core gamers who grew up with controllers and buttons –but that doesn’t mean that the touchscreen can’t be used where it makes sense. It really makes the menus, minigames and shops faster and more convenient to navigate, going hand in hand with RCR’s overall design philosophy, that is to emit nostalgia while still catering to our evolved expectations of games. This extends from the added touchscreen functionality to the game design and tutorials. For example, you won’t need to flip through a manual or call a tips hotline to figure out what to do ;). But if you’re an absolute purist, you can still play the game 100% with the buttons.

Retro City RampageRetro City Rampage for PS3 and PS Vita

I’m willing to bet that if you have a PS Vita, you also have a PS3. Well, you’re going to be exceptionally excited to hear about just how good friends the PS3 and PS Vita versions are. If you’re like me, you want the best of both worlds. You want to be able to play your favorite games on your nice TV from the couch but still take them with you everywhere you go. With Retro City Rampage, your dreams have come true! It supports continuous play so you can play the game on your couch, save it, and continue where you left off from your PS Vita (and vice versa).

Not only can the PS3 and PS Vita versions share save games, they also share a single set of scoreboards. If you’re rad enough to blast a high score onto the board, your replay will be up there for everyone to watch no matter which platform. Show your friends how a game wizard plays Retro City Rampage!

Retro City Rampagercr_scrn_03

While the PS Vita version of Retro City Rampage boasts everything that its PS3 counterpart does, I had fun making a few tweaks to tailor the experience to the handheld. The PS3 version supports tube TV simulation filters which curve the screen and add scanlines (allowing you to play on an LCD TV with the feel of an old CRT); similarly, the PS Vita version supports classic dot-matrix simulation filters giving it a heavy dose of Game Boy/Game Gear nostalgia. I absolutely love it and it’s my filter of choice when playing the game. If the LCD grid simulation alone isn’t retro enough for you, you can also change the color mode. The color modes let you make Retro City Rampage even more retro with options such as “Brick Handheld” (yellow-green monochrome) and “Virtual Burn” (all red), “Blurst Processor,” “SEE=64,” “PC DOS EGA” and a dozen more. These are also available in the PS3 version!

One question you’re going to ask is “WHEN!?” I don’t have a fixed release date just yet, but it’ll be out as soon as possible. I’m fixing the final bugs and working around the clock to get it into your hands as soon as I can. Keep your eyes peeled here on the PlayStation.Blog!

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  • id love to see it in action on ps vita but i cant this doesn’t play video in the web browser

  • Thanks for all the detailed replies, Brian! Is there a Plat. trophy? Wow, I love cameos & you’ve thrown in just about everything I had on a wishlist! I can’t wait till your next project!

    @49, massimodo, Popcap & Gameloft. 8/ Really surprised… they simply must not have the man-power to release their popular titles. I guess we’re lucky to have gotten PvZ…

  • It’s looking rather nice, I will give it a try, thank you!

  • luvtoseek, I know exactly what popcap games is up to with bejeweled 3. Its called the old double dip. Release on ps3 for $15, follow it up with a psvita version that’s probably already done months later for another $15. Its called greed, plain and simple. Popcap games got a huge infusion of cash with the EA deal.

    “EA announced plans to purchase PopCap for $650 million in cash. The deal, which is expected to close by the end of August, also sees EA paying out $100 million in shares to “certain stockholders of PopCap.” EA also intends to offer some $50 million in employee retention awards.”

    That deal went thru, so Popcap games crying poverty that they can’t find programmers for a vita version is hilarious.

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    I have over 20 psn accounts do you guys really think I’m stupid enough to vent at sony with my main PLUS psn account? HUH? You take me for a fool. I use bogus extra accounts to vent on here. My main account I have over 1,600 trophies and 6 platinums so nice try little guys!

  • @54, massimodo, that point about releasing B3 later does make sense- but what about their other titles like Peggle (which I don’t play) or Bookworm (big fan)? Or even that military COD clone from Gameloft? Odd how they go about on about platform saturation & not jump on the Vita right quick. I’m sure it’s coming though…

    Sorry, back on topic- you’ve got my $$$, Brian!

  • Regardless of how many trophies/plats you have DEMON your negative comments only belittle yourself and not sony. Youre not going to appeal to everyone but unfortunately that small vocal minority are the worst whiners of all. At least produce some constructive criticism instead of lambasting this guys work.

    Jason its you and the people over at drinkbox, and the two guys (shaw and johnathan) at queasy (sound shapes) that make this platform worth while!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!


    WTF man!

  • I hope this is buy it for Ps3 get it for Vita free. Game looks sick can’t wait to play this on my ps3 and vita.

  • :) SOLD.

    and EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S really dude? u come into the psblog and troll about your personal feelings about the vita…and not only did u do it in here, u did it in another post earlier today too… sure it sucks for u that the sony brand dont cater around your personal needs.

    ive had my vita since march and all i can say is nothing but positive things about it, you cant rush games on a new system. every system starts slow then gradually chill dude.

    but back to retro city rampage….yessssssssssssssss lol i cant wait to play this, i cant see the video(im at work, its blocked!) but the screenshots look awesome


    Don’t have 360. Been with Sony since 07. I had four PS3’s once cause I have four kids. We enjoyed them before the five activation’s were put down to two in Nov. I sold two when they did that cause its only two activation’s now. Don’t troll my truth on vita with calling me a troll, I have spent over fifteen Hundred on psn in over five years now so go throw that name calling somewhere else. Venting as a Sony customer on the vita with some constructive criticism is all a sudden a trader of some sort with the Sony worshipers? Get over it! Sony isn’t perfect.

  • if u EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S got 20 psn accounts, thats grounds for being considered a LOSER…. especially if u come on here to troll..i hope the admin filters everything u do from now on…alot of yall that come in here trolling should get a psn ban. im sure sony can do it, they should look into it, cause the bickering is tiresome..

  • I’ll buy this thing day one. I don’t care what the price is. And, probably, I’ll buy for both PS3 and Vita. It looks awesome!

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    Wow had to rewrite my comment a million times since writing X box in my comment wouldn’t post so I guess we only can say 360 in comments lol.

    Don’t have 360. Been with Sony since 07. I had four PS3’s once cause I have four kids. We enjoyed them before the five activation’s were put down to two in Nov. I sold two when they did that cause its only two activation’s now. Don’t troll my truth on vita with calling me a troll, I have spent over fifteen Hundred on psn in over five years now so go throw that name calling somewhere else. Venting as a Sony customer on the vita with some constructive criticism is all a sudden a trader of some sort with the Sony worshipers? Get over it! Sony isn’t perfect.

  • EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S

    lmao, over 20 accounts I have 4 kids and a wife with accounts to. I can use theirs as well. 16 accounts on one ps3 and we have 2 ps3’s so that’s 32 accounts I can vent with. If sony doesn’t like it then I guess they can stop making gaming machines. If they would LISTEN to us and did what they always PROMISE I would never be in the blogs complaining now would I? Huh? That’s what I thought. So go cry in the fanboy closet and leave it be. Sony isn’t perfect GET OVER IT!


    If this was on gameboy in 1980 it would be cool but its 2012 now so make a vita version next time. I wish it luck in sells though!

  • This game looks incredible on the Vita. This video is exactly what I needed to get excited about this game again, and I definitely plan on buying it on day 1, both versions if necessary.

    Brian, keep up the great work; I’m really looking forward to enjoying the game you’ve put your all into.

  • i swear there was a chick(or claimed to b a chick) on here a few months doing the same ignorant non sense that EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S is doing..

  • Please have this game follow the same model as quite a few of the games on psn like pinball arcade and Zen pinball where we buy it once and can play it on both PS systems for the price of one.

  • Can we get some info on pricing please? I’d spend $10-15 at most on this. Sorry :(. I do wish you luck if you go for more but it’s already not my type of game.

  • Day 1 purchase no doubt about it. This is going to be fantastic. Anyone hating on the visual style just don’t get it and probably were still in the womb when games like this were a huge hit.

  • Yeah, looks cool, shame it’s on Vita.

  • This looks really good! Will most likely buy.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Been waiting for this game for a long time! You’re the man Brian! Don’t let these haters bring you down. It’s obvious you’re passionate about gaming, and put a lot of heart into your work. Many of us really do appreciate that, including me. I can’t wait to see how many references to classic games you’ve put into RCR. It’s going to be a nostalgia overload for me!

  • @Hooligantuan Why is it a shame? If you do not own a Vita it will also be on PS3. They even say it in both this article and the video.

  • PrimeroIncognito


    It’s also on PS3, 360, Wii, and PC.

  • Great job doing this on your own bro. Thanks for bringing it to the Vita.


    Princess? Is that the chick LMAO!

  • PrimeroIncognito


    Over 20 accounts? Really? That’s absurd. Even for someone with 4 kids.

    You know how many accounts I have? Just this one. Because I’m only one person…

    It’s also funny that you said: “Sony isn’t perfect GET OVER IT!”, because coincidentally, that’s exactly what YOU should do! Get over the fact that Sony isn’t perfect and stop whining about it! Durrr! Plus, nobody ever said that Sony was perfect anyway! We understand that they aren’t perfect, and neither are you, genius.

  • PrimeroIncognito


    I also doubt you have a main account with over 1,600 trophies. Why would you accumulate any trophies at all on your alt. account? How did you get to level 2? Wouldn’t you want to put those trophies on your main account? So, you say you have alt. accounts for venting (which in itself is pathetic), but apparently you also play games on those accounts too… very strange…

    You also contradicted yourself when you complained about all Vita games being nothing more than PS2 ports, but then complained that the Vita has no PSone support. What?!? And I bet when the Vita eventually supports PSOne games, you’ll just come back and say, “C’mon Sony! We don’t want PSOne games! This isn’t 1995, it’s 2012!”


  • PrimeroIncognito


    How do you look at someone’s account if they’re not on your friends list? (How did you find out that troll was a Level 2?)

  • Huuum. I get the feeling that this EVIL Doush, or who ever he calls himself, it actually Megamixer ..??!! In any case. this game looks vere interesting and the mear fact that this guy seems to have allot of passion for his game, says alot. Hope it sells well. And as always, Keep On Gamin.


    LMAO! Troll huh lol. You little KIDS amaze me with the crazy crap you come up with. This isn’t a troll debate its a truth debate!


    You idiots are trying to defend sony calling me a troll and you two aren’t even PLUS subscribers lmao. I AM! So who supports sony more HUH?


    Hell no I’m not mega mix boy. He complains about ps one and ps2 games on psn too much.

  • This game probably wouldn’t have interested me on the ps3 but on the vita it looks really interesting, I’m very excited to get this, and I’m sure all your hard work will pay off.

    It’s also a bonus for me to buy from up and coming Canadian developers.

  • funny comments today. complaining on a blog will not help anyone now sending it all to support will. calling people names troll or whatever does not make anyone’s point look any better then the other. if you can not have a discussion with out name calling then really your point is just moot.

    why don’t sony fan’s work together?

  • sorry I forgot to add thank you for bringing this game to the ps vita. may not be my kind of game but I am just me there are others out there. so thank you for the option of different kinds of games. the more the marryer.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @Incagneto: (Interesting name…)

    Saying he’s a troll isn’t “name-calling”. It’s just calling it like it is. It’s what he’s doing and it’s obvious. Name-calling is when you label someone something for no reason other than to be malicious and hurt their feelings. But if someone is actually behaving like a textbook troll, then it’s completely fair to say so. It’s not name-calling, it’s simply pointing out the obvious, letting the troll know we see who he is. If a stranger sucker-punches you for no apparent reason, then it’s fair to declare that he’s a jerk. It would be true. It has nothing to do with making our points stronger.

    “why don’t sony fan’s work together?”

    What? You just criticized both sides of an argument you were simply a spectator to, and then asked why we all can’t work together? You just contributed to the problem. Why don’t YOU work with us instead of trying to take the high road and look better than everyone? See the contradiction?

  • you can customize your character – hairstyles, hats, masks, tattoos, plastic surgery
    you can customize your vehicles – nitro on a skateboard or shoot rockets from a shopping cart, haha
    you can buy drinks, weapons, play arcade games, play casino games and more (run over pedestrians to collect coins ;)

    AWSOMEEE, looks like a little version of GTA. please release on psn also.

  • @89, okay, primer, your point is certainly valid. Now let’s all calm down & keep our thoughts & comments on topic. :D

  • In response to Evil_Demons comments, yes, the Vita did have a rough launch, but don’t all consoles do? The PS3, 360, Wii (which I think still is), and the 3DS were all crappy when they first launched, but look at them now. This is why it’s never good to buy a console (or even gadgets) when they first come out. Wants you think about it, a launch is like a final beta test (public beta test). The company launches it’s product, wait for complaints to kick in, and they will release a better model or software for their product. And yes, I don’t think it was smart move for Sony to advertise and show off a feature that wasn’t available at launch (specifically talking about playing PS3 games through remote play) They should of save that feature for E3 this year, so that it wouldn’t hurt its sells now. If you don’t like the Vita because of too many port games, well don’t buy one. How do people expect Sony to do cross features with the Vita and PS3 without port games? (next post)

  • (continued) It’s not possible. Sure, there are many ported games out now that has no cross features in them, after looking these upcoming releases, it looks like it’s going be a near standard feature for the Vita and PS3. That’s was the goal Sony was reaching for this successor in the first place, taking PS3 games on the go. Continue playing were you left off. As for everyone who keep asking for PS1 games, please do some research before you post another word about it. If you all have been reading the updates, the final version of Playstation Suite (the emulator for PS1 games) have not been released on any Sony device yet. Only the open beta have been released last month. You can download the beta from their website and uploaded to a Playstation Certified device (Google it). Some of the devices that listed was the Sony P & S tablet, Experia Play, Vita, and other Sony smartphones. It says its a developers program, so I’m not sure if anybody can still test out the games yet. I’m about give it try as soon as I finish downloading it. So, if you are curious, check it out.

  • @#11, if you returned your vita, why are you here, bit*****ing??? Now, ST&U and move on, go visit the 3ds site.

  • wow…..where is the vita going with retro gamming ?

    I am sorry but even if a game is cool and bla bla bla…. it’s still a 8 bits game…..

    Why did i pay 400$ for a vita, for dual anolog sticks,front and rear touch screens and a monster processor ?
    To play old nintendo games that don’t use any of that ?

    I am sorry but i feel like i was let down !

  • Looks really great, but is it “buy one, get both” for PS3 & VITA ? Or at least a discount when buying both?

  • @EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S the reason why the vita doesn’t have flash support isn’t because of Sony its because of adobe they stopped flash support on mobile device way before the vita was even released

    actually there are tons of great games on the vita now also there are allot of people who like these retro games it and if you don’t like these types of games then don’t buy it they aren’t forcing you to go out buy it

  • @EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S also I don’t believe the bs that you are saying that you have 20 accounts and spent all the money on psn you sound more like a Sony hating troll than anything else

  • @EVIL_D-E-M-O-N-S also this is an indie game meaning a very small team with not allot of money to spend and from a big huge team like naughty dog

    and fwi indie games are about gameplay and not graphics

  • This game looks great, hopefully there’ll be a demo cause I must try a game if it’s digital only

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